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December 12, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-12-12

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i ia rj u.- %.-;
of 'n . [ . he Poptof Ann arbor who want to
Ji* . ~ ii 4t~l'. i ar firt lass conedia will have an
excellent opportnity in the next two
I'uhistrcd nav Csuaays xcepsliowurin to visit their town. The first
Piltitto itlt Istas rop-ilitiri tone ie le, tir m, Her Compnyoi, is a
tb e Col loe ea r, by great it al oei- the onitry aol of it
THEU. r . IDEPNINI'AsSITIO. tieN. Y Evening Ssii says: 'it is
THEU. r M IDEPNI(NT SOIATON. teliii seli st kind of life fromi start to
finsh(andif the ncos are as tiedt
--with tir n itis as tir audience e-
Sut,?Cro too tprieS-150 per }'arevariably.t-ei aine;s'witlaigter, ia godt night's
in adance. Sitgle otos:3cenit. oil stilet it-sten t lere. Go. i. Adans
tihen's11n13 lost Otie e w t uitCtretry 'as a c--uitl lad .arIntI off the hiet
evening ir a olock. Sotseerip it miiiy honiortts, butileverybodyiill at tll tattwas
left attthe otieof (itir vOp r It oue i e eii- id iodthe iemitndits of the i-
bleek, at Sheetiiiii 'tt Stiets ,r i ti anft-iii'eitsitiiosswere stiheieitly tak-
lie thie editors. Itig to do upttsexeriatorinitary ctutu'
isA.Di'taete irolesitlapptari theiiiame dayi3 hIothe omdiijheSapBh
Address aitt mat ter iii tt r ti ti i lt'to ii..C0litis tiriitpen a olidei-than lie
ihe Mnagtintg Editor. All tiiinommon- Slit'IIii Ir,ad aills a iatioa el t-
ictsetee0uiiid to' sentitoliite iiticW W- to. talot. It ts ittfatrtthe origin at
alter. (lotit-iy of its ctarater, aid will sii e-
Ittttsrt all uatoteot iii le pret it i lode te 3tenjiy tilargi' adientcei.
the Coty Ciriuator x.1,it'ilo. (=tEAi' Mi' CtA t'tOsitts. Short
THE U of M. DAILY, ir.1isp.tiachalie iiogiaphies, cimpete
Ann Abritee, ink. otte voluiiii, 50l. Al. . & O. Co.
- ~ - SliMesrs. Seian &t Coi. itvite ttt
^° "'« - "y raiers of the DAILY to visit their
- ~stiiedit'ins-tg thit holiiay seasot. Ar-
iithtthis issuet'Avi' iease puli iiiit tisti' atidlattactie artils iti oks
tio unilaftr acaio, wshng II Siititiis, Oxrcoatitgs atitiT-titser-
itir rraidrrs a Metrrv- Ciiiistmtas andinlgs at rt'idtceiries at Staffirt's.
a gctneral goiitt inget. Hltli,tBoys We stld stil9sworti o
Guitars last Friday sd Saurday. ( Wr
55 ot iu ii iterpi-atgoos anii prices do it. See stock o
WE ircut nwtna itiialGitarsIBajos Madolits; etc.. I te.
pieriodiofiii li idev-ielopmentt i.Ctt prices. A. Wilsey. 25 So. 4th Ave,
the nivrsit. CHit 1 atio on AttttArbor.
ttt' tlilirsli I itii ation00 Nobby Box Coats made to order at
the part o t(litassoiauitiotns and Stafford's.
tif ollt stuiilent'stiiis, tr tr te Buty coal antd wool of Judon, State-
last fits weteks Ihas 'ite'iitei, a.posiiO- Go to E. B. Hall for coa.
blie aicihil ient. liih'si-it-ss rit Stiplt ti (]'lit'idisplili:l a rtitt
totly ofi tllrIathlletic-iintts, b ut Iile's uitdots.
of-ctin. . 0. News Roiotm.
of ~A stlniitlinhe of Hotliday (Gods at
It ws tsthelenit-t hpet'naosis 1Mt-inl iallr's.
tttat partisani spirit wouiiitnol.tiltws ( tittixart hBanjtos it WVis'y".
1lt1o it Mtlslieileacthitr lftiucit.,
state itroiws ti-ry itipgito ult-tliI- hBay Statite ii ohier- Guitrs,;. Banjos
izaton.''hi slte, o dubtc tnandMnolitso shises.'
be atthrougs;l;btwitowhtlit,- testStritgs at Witays.
sit? pT tlireghi usithltics-~hlta t- Norties iti Desks C(hairs, hotkers.
stttti' lt' Oi tir' otiltt - Disil, Sfas, etc., at Martiti daller's.
sill ti ciritppledtt. WATtI.--Flifteent Yontg Men au&
'he 'it'pt'iidt-its liaieinoil Ire Ltdiehis tut cavatss. Gooid py. Atply
ateth otr aty'dissetsionis, bitt hase at 11. . News Rtoomi at once.
accepted coindiiitiiins firi-t'ih on Have yui seen thie atst sitve' P. O.
tanulutuox, itt fomto f enseotewitht
tem.et-'Ity- hasve nt takte'nia sry- cattcellidpostgel stmplni t frntt aid
artist'interet iti the lih urgools--eteiig tsitap oti atkWith iii
ions, Itecatite of thteir tinfair 31a11- sWithoutiladres. tFori sa11e lily t
agetet;r tnir swillI thuey, i it'e Ie Wnum.Aitiolu'sJeexly stoi, :11 Mi
if tht'y are igniirt' it o electio f street.
After thin Holidays-'-Ty thin Toeuo
officers. Nor are all thtt fratetrnity- Stear uinittlry -
nmen it fatvor itt teslate. Sote of Nie Styex i Nekwxeai, ltl'5
tte ftirtr mitttedi of thest' say thiey anditGlotesc-Wagner ,t Co.
itill nolg to 151tetassoiaitoiiiit f Twsety ter cent. udiscont (oii tlt
is to Sit, s ithr slatt'iiditatt's, ttHlidahy hooks at Wahr's.
"fraternity rtgimeit."' Wewoutd itt' Eerybtuty gets a gtess this week at
vise the matkers tf this slaeSio fttlly Te TooSalhsttihany article purhaseit
conisidherSt ithe tt'iefirt running iiithehiuse.enetmiberally sitie ill
it on etetiotidayiTti-'his is just hie'aiy Departmentut
tinte whetiset'wsant no strung party Special stle of Holitay Goodsatt
divisiotis, if se are to siccedt Walie' bookstore
at ll.Thoe hvig te iterstsof The Toed Att Arbor t North
aheisandh the gymniasiumro at a1111.ote-tirrd fare for terround trip as
heart can nolt but condemin subhti folows: Thursday p. m. the 18t, all
premature stiow of partisanishiptt. passenger trais, the 19ith and 2tth,
gol returning to ant icudig Jati,
Go atid see Sheehian's holiday open- TET ~~lusI
able. Batiu odtic esn THE UNDERSTAi DING OF MUSIC
Whent you go home for the holidays, Eary Saturday for Twety weeks, at4 p. in
take with you an Ann Arbor Souvenir as 53 south Fif1th Street. egleete6 Nov. ii.
Spoon. Can be obtained only atit Win. Tachrssngrs and avanedria.
Arnold's Jewelry Store. Tuition, M.t. ORIN CADY.
JIOLIpARY j3001(.%.
Visit, Shoh an's Amn1 iChrisImas SHI
Of Elegatit Gift Books ittCitoice lBindintg for Yountg and 01'
All tihe Now atnd Beautiful N\ovelties tnose on exhibition'
{ The Iliaga~ru Facts Route.
HI Yll T HNE I I''oo f oI
-T HE BE ST.--
Srrrueii itehero. tBoard nith h'urniih(Iit
R300111 3125 tierwe etki Circulars uipon atitul-
P. R. CLEARY, President.
James W'. Brine,
10 anii1liltrvrdiRotit. Cliii lei, Ci'
Haorvard, Sate. Pricieiu-toadut tiiiert lCut-
ig nfte In e feoutu t
;! SOTHinSTiAiE Sr.
wit tfni linoutft Stuiitittltoed Alhtieoro ut,
Spurintgt andiiuSommier eatsonts turutourt-ut
ti ole oirders flete tsuame
Do nsit taate yourorert'r cegoodisuittil yee
uiat'rexainetud thisieine,,
Nit1. hitrtrigh&Jtolly ore theronly auttiorlo.
rni aerlito ini AntiArbor lute Jaiiisi W. Brine,
Fit Brain-Workers Z5 Sedentaty Peole:
GirteuituLadiesoutouius; t
% oeuuueoI nvu 'aid.euti npct
w-vii uTktsupubuti o in.
5.« 5. I tquare lr eroo, ntili cietifc
nusing itii'gi od tor ill'dtuitti
L.iO Dowd, ScE~t ienEif'S i-sit n
F ::CtJtl l [."ih .llvl. I'i' t 'IiIR Fs-t t:tI
71 Fort St., West, - Detroit, Midi.
los. 13 aid 16 Wothingtcn St. - y7;itittMihk.
Firot-clase Rugs aidii Styhioti Saddlie Norse
cur tlire. _______________
Grand Opera House !
Wedensday Evening, Dec. 17 '90.
Living '. "Pictures
A Boome in Jollity.
Seats ntow can sale.
PRICES --35c., 50c, AND 75c.
- oW o c t- t
h4na- YIe 't- J
{c3 I -
_ ,Ilnn,13 a
I ohEaT
I'^C ' I 005 10
1 klly. iII}1t3 f Cep01'
0.W.3'Ri;GGLES, hi.55' HAtJ''
G. P.&hT. A.Ciao. Agut AnIiA.t
Toledo, Ann Arbor and N00'~
Michigan Railway.
Thre Te ugoinegieta tfect, Monday", N"'"
Goineg Nrith.-TIN. t 3 ns oeing aal
'tan. Iii Cad'StadardTime. jlDi!e I al
..t... Pat.AStillv itArP, . 5e
4 i2 6 4iItonros Jeet'el12 2hIi 32"
- ii6(471 - t......D ne -.... 1216 1 2hI.
-a31 i W .his -..ilain -...11hi10tt'"'
45t 7 27..P'ittieltd-11537 9I0"
. 5 07113 401-ANN ASIIOC u1u2,'9=o
1555171 - Ls..... ea d's.. 1 1:1 9I
..539853.....WhitoeLellI 00 8t"
'180 It15....C ateee... 1055,811
3111. . 6I2s55.. . oeeie-...1921 518
o ga15053...... CAttee...... 9'55&3(
97 12 130 o .HItaca.... 7 ii4 33
20 711 5 ...t.dLoui.- 2
7111320t ...Plesnt...4641
hid" 10 4517......Cle...-t5ot4
8 1 8 0 5pmsh 5
11 6 2uii-. Pour. 40
12 27.....1 . .-t a istAse...11725 --""
1 '30...-6054.-Ouwrad,., S. 7..
1 45 . .115 lR rl.Faanfr. . 6 10
S r-... W. SLY, L~ A. M.A ---~
7 8 ...9 rl DurandB.. 9a05 "'
GlEO. H. BAZLEWOOD. Local Agnmt.

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