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December 16, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-12-16

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Los-r.-A lady'sgold watch ipAt
:._tof ____ . lilioi I 'tll ii.tM.liWV ,o ac. itnde O I
ple.ase R seturn ( hcE.1swins hort, t Y isil liohaI's Au
taii sSalx i 4111 r eialborpis iiilhe liiCoreeaercicby iii one oumeie O. All. 1. & o O.EcaltGitBokoi lij
THE U. or hiINDEPENDENT A)SOCIAT.IO. r s.lifS lfal ('o. iA t tllteheeii eatf
____soicli iviiug Lie hlidtiay sasn. Ars
istli andl ttratix c articles ii books
"-;ges io rorf dlprear nvralygr bl-lblarc. SHEEH.AI"
li alivanlc .Sinlgie escencots. lOii ct'lt Silti tills. velcliltrugs hll Trouser T TEST M== T - -
Sheechinsin'.iid pst Oficealeis siandilvrcy
inug-.t ul cul tlprices at tt afods ______________________________
eveniat e 'l cksek ulscihismlay be
lift at th oficeiliofitbhillrrY, opera oi e,51 Blii l).l )5We si $5sWortli ol-,
blocko at Siiii',0 lG,. Iiit crs en, ridlay anidlSatuirday.o(u
the tLL disiehs. 4niero iai igoods adiiprices iliuit. See stock of
ollfleheitliulors. - Gu al S i c ~itars,IBanios, Manoliis;etc., etc. ~ TL
ii A.M5. i ibey ae lto appieiar the scillil Illpries. .A . W1ilsy. .. .aSo. th Ave,
Adliles al mattint ieind iled iiiiiulicaiiinl to
the Manaingi Edior. All sixuucsciinuiux. Nih lob o\ I iats imiue tiiler at
icailluashu lb e iiti tothe1isncrsAlan-i(i liii r St lltxviit-ll .-i----Stte
ager. Jlys on uleo o usoStt-AND Till)
the Cill3' Ciculitosr,i. I. 'Neill. ( n iii k. In.nlallZliir icuit
THE U. f X. DAILY stopl ait 51e theidisplayc ait artiii11 11 II1Vl ~iIfL
Ann Abor, [ u r lU NiESC1( EiH1 R O ilL . 11tIers XVinutuws. 91U 1111D1I1 [hiIJl
(3rublers choicltes and11ltii-bonis
EDITORS. ariteiin sllest thait clan be madiie, pure ~ A~.. T
1II. ). Snoriii 111 i. 'lii. aagiag Elis. 11avirs, noiiaduluiteratioun. Try themii.
\Y. E.lhui is iirr, sl e-.lttaarilhiu bllli. P . 0.News RIoom. - -
H. . 171/i'31, liis. All.Slainlg Ediior. Aslendidlinettuof hoIslidaly (Goods at
1.It, ii. 11511191, ,Asis. liulis sau'g. Stewart Banjos at i seys.
I, W.llilici 2 Asildtl liuts s7iiiii. IBatls le .at 11. . Baber Shop. Shul in teachesiiHaith1111 iiilicil
Huso S huh ill, 'li. F. H ii iailiS, '5. Melt (iltespiii, Teacher of {uiAtartgoon c.2u1per lwe. Cilealas uponilappli
H. ii.'ear s , i,'toi A, i llul isii , N.
.5. It. ,NI',, 1Qil, lii (',TRAI,'las 5) 1111n0jo 01andlndoli at Cletents. catin.
I.'. yl A lii. it I, 1 . SiiiciiMAu.i ) Bay State ad other Gutas Banjos P. R. CLEARY, President.
L.., lirL illli,'52i i i,,[ L.pAOi, 9. anid Mauuoliis at W ilse's __.........._ ---
C. pa'. iii xlii ,iii.IBst Stinlgs at wilsey's. James W. Brine,
w.ra.....uil~i..... W Nvelties iii Desks, (hairs, Iuckers ts ad 111111Ha lar iito-. auubiticiM-, li
___Divans, Sofas, t., at Martini Haltr'. Iariar d, 1 5 .ince ston and111 uivcsl 04-
_ Wli Ili)a si A raix~\scNED fifteeniYoing Mli l r~eortercnb fuda
lceltha a cw d reatieLailes to ciiivass. Gomod pay. Aptly B U R L E I G1' H & J 0 L Lfseea Yrosa a .o -esRomaone 6403'1STT T
tle liic i ocrr, lt1111171131 c'ein have yiii sellthe Itest sitsvcc P. o. O0 OR ABOUT JANUARY 5th, to
01 Sthullpi~in forllhul of uenivelope ih w 11ith a ull l cid1Sixxtituuc liiiAtiie th xxxrls
Sill lii) lie illu t of 1place. 1%\ Ii i canceledl postahgcstaminil Iuiut auui iusa -iuullo111111 icuuuuu si xt ecilty for
ther cc. 5v1115 tlbiai eti.cv iffullccul receivinug stampilu b1acks Withlur to takelordrc firutccslae
iil luiut addirss. Fr sale oiy t MACKINTOSH COATS.
Of oiunion li regacrd to the icit iff.l\Win. Ainlilus ,leetly stre.31il $hhlllili itllc us udci'guuisui ui
thll cui~tueh.all hage tlau thei con1- itilt Iiave11exaainueid tistileu,
lu-uirl ight theuT vut .ic- N. 1. ilcigh &.hlly aeithe Sly aulloiil3
duct o n um1b111leuruof lpersonisS inlhtirs tCompanyiu wilt gie linttindccl- d agecnts illAllul Abreluuatcaisw. Bine.
thehigestdegeet~nsualtc'.To ulcidull1fuutllyrshouHw.Oi it yuisee D_.L. DOW'S _HEALTH EXERCISER
lie obligeid li uionfess that ltuhee icceall quieer charachers whiichi sake up Fo r aa-Woten 5 eeayliipit
isetyOi uriul i us tillsi thu le iorldl, the Duid, the Jew, the GAtlulcic ath",southAs;ultphs
twresty-fi e uewohltsleasnAhttluce i. opet 'IIIIIIIIIIGermahn, the (ountry (il, the Chinn- gmstum, rsaatlsc t 6in
tiktst teStdnt'Letreean, etc., etc. IBesiulestuese there dcusmuflo1auchom, ne c.cbiic
(nre iuu vli dilitkns tcareaiinihber of secialties iof a high dued byprhniveaslschap.ai
order, viz: Frank C Reynolds, refined yer, clrgyen, eitlors s diors
first princiles of gouodl breding; is humirist. Richarud Carle, eccentric nowss aictSidlairiou llc
indeed hall u'lullcasaut prousect. Itt oiuin isIelt L,aladstow)d, S ntil Pls ica n
anid Yodler Duiley 11. Prescott, the Voil t Ciiluu, 9 Fst14th xl , NwYrkS
wouldtilbe a saul alternative inoIthink greatest muusical imitator il the world
that sutch a tiutttber f hprsoniss weeetci.
After the Ioidays-Try the Toledo
intentionially guilty of the gossest Steam laiinidry
rulteness. Tlht manyl weresvce ry New Styles inl Neckwxea, Collars FRENoCH ICE CREAM FINEST FENCI
m110ch1llchsxal withlthe cceuurct, 51111Gloves-Wasgner & CoCOOlNG, LOWST PRICES knit
pTwenty lpercent udiscout 011all IBEST MATERIAL.
there cati ticnoiidoubtt, anitiseemOs Holiday hooks at W ah's.7 Fort St. West - Detroit, Mich.
that thenajorily shold bl e allnwed Everybotdy gets a guess this week at CITY LIVERY AND SALE STABLE.
hutt~uc55 liicailucciliuuu IlT l '1hTwouSaiatsouu any rtiletiurchased . T. YUS'T, Plut~allrxia
toepes Ihiriniippuir.ecninieallyaileiion.thseua.133altd1 waiiagttat Itpilani, Ech
whoin De se Rencnberanyartclein Fiis-clas Igs atli islus addl Horse,
Oddtehsigou~ght lto have anuy 1epartiient.fr isre.i ______________
ivllltnvihre that thllc es-ie attend- Suecial sle of Hlidialy Goods at_____
ipg 5 concerct at svtichu thecyidid 11111 Thue Toleudo Ann Aror Z North ____
forni tiiemajority, andi that the Michigan Ry will sell Tickets at one -
ruiles of conucit ich overx~in ithem andlone-third fare for the riunn trip as
follows: Thursday hi .nm.the 8th, tll T OGRAD I
l uguiutvCity"11111 1111beivsedlhpassenger trais, the19thtliand 22tth,1RT
in every case at AliiiAriir. It is goiod returning to ani including Jan. NO 12 W. HURON ST.
y 1thI1591. GEu. 11. HlZLWsOnD
to b hIopedutht )those swhoi riiult- Agent
ted this act of rowedismu will eart or Wednesiay evening there will e Grand Opera House!
y atthe Opea House one of thin most
hetter lanines tbefore theyatindl unique entertainments of the season1 -
Reynolds.& Emerson's Livig Pictures ONE NIGHT ONLY
another iconcer. Company. This is the first time this Wedensday Evening, Dec. 17 90.
t.. attractioin has visited Ann Arbor, butY
BUSINESS. LOCALS it will no doubot do a good usines. -
Ge and see Sheeau's holiday openLETURS N -Livng',. Pictues
iugg. Beatifuoh goods, prices reason- 'TEYLCURSI
When you go home for the holidays, Enery Saturday foZWeAtyWWeka at*,p: m A Bane in Jlilty.
take withl you an Ann Arbor Souvenir_ at It1 Sth Fifth Sreet,bgleiangI 1a.
ape1. Can be obtaine d oly at Win Fr Teiateier, Suger.and asu lvannts.lta Seats now on sale.
Arnlds JweryStoe. Tui nto, ea ! ORIN CADY..PRICES --85c., SOc, AND 75c.
Y" J30oOIkSE
Il Nnovelties noseoin exhiiion
"The Niagara Falls Route."
wi X
N ~~
xz1 4.V L
E+ ose
"t "+'5 I l o- na * ;c ..
{ R li C# li SL-"^ yi v x T c
LI I 'j q 'nC21.
1aiy Suna
Towled~toLAn rbrndNA
Michigan Railway.
d Thme Table going Iita ffet, Manday'.
oing Nrh AINa b taiS.I Goig 8
6. 4 Z' 5
Man. C' CdStandard Tine. Clure Cad
Exp. Ep. Mali Rap.Mi]
P. m.aSmtlv ee prrP .P.
as0( 0 .TOLEDOS. 1 1011 151
5.... 0647 ....Dundee .....t12lS 1l22
4 3 i70.......Milna 1157 191'
467 i2". Piitsfiald..11 74
5 7745)I..ANN113301111 9a
5 598 } WhtmeeLake 110 S S
a am 1 R.aesbaeg..Inns 5S8
..... 5 +94a ...Durand...9 1:1s738
8 1110 a ..... Oasa si9in aS
9 1'2 11 3 .....Ithaca....1 7 4 5I 15
9 711 5 .Laush..,. 11411 0
7 eO 10a131 25 .. tPleaat.... 64b 4
a a03 s85 ...Cladllac. ... la5
ii ca,,,, 510-_ Capciauih. S 0
IllS G.....l621.._Oi-ekaea. 0
1)1011 ... I Jr., . } oasIie. . ll
1 1111 5116 5 ..,Frankifort ...., . 5
Saginaw Diiion.
Goinag Narih STATIONS. GoaiaKSo'
5 07' ..., a4.,MAnn Ar.A1M5 . I
q 7... 1 7 Fuhn.. 35 ....954. ..Duansd... 55.

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