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October 02, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-10-02

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icbloheoI-(1tiily (Smndays excepted) lurinlg
Ulu Cutlutre year. by
(1o''iptt once 2;',:i0opr year. invariabl~y
IIIouionc. iOlgiclllliec 0 ecuts. On nlnat
Rotfc banland' 'lcotw- lIfiluc nei. tno rTnoieNvery
evein i at ; I'o;(; 1. Olioc(rill is ra miay Ion
iO1 t 00 ; tin otllice to)t tlim tiLY, (10. ai lnu
l}) \. i. if0tboy' art' to aplFoote iloc nutte OttO'.
A Ii i llee o 1 totottier t( e t ow urlooollicati0000 too
itt ii oooo'tit ioilotor. t ll Oo :o i :conttto
t' 'j1_ '1t'trcniatou,'Wt II.0 O'Nei.
Anonrbnr, X'ch.
H. B. nSOEAKuE,'no, ManAGNooo*Enoeca.
A. iH. COVERT, 'nis Aa'o.MAoiGE .
M. a. HAttMONDa. at, sMAAGR
W. a, oINEOL ~,'90, Ana"T u.MNGR
to. 0 Wy.DOT,9 !' , n.BS.MNGR
IR. K. Reilly is on the staff' of
the Chicago :News.
IL. T. Abbott, C. T. Alexander,
A. HI. Bannlon and J. L. Hlaneor
are in tlte Law department.
J. 1I. Alexander is teaching.
E. L. Miller, mlanaging editor
of 90's Castalian, is gatherinig ex-
perience anti adipoose tissue as
assistant telegraipio editor of thoe
D)etroit Tribne, whiling away the
omidnight honi's iii slashing eimpty
paragraphls slnd in writing scare
hteadline; thlat would he a credit
to) a veteran artist. It is said that
Eddie never forgets his twelve
oclock Ilnct.
L. C. Sabini, '.9O, is bossing sor-
veyors and. gettinlg fat in a snug
gov0ertnmient job op at Samlt St
-li arie.
INOTE 1'tOlKs, A'T'''HE
Seceondtootto books at tow prices. We are ageonts ot PutiE. Wit, ScottI
Hoellanodlfeontain pulls. Btargainos in sOtltloooy.
S~I~I'~.l & 0, C I-T
5to'oiootiro iteacher..lBoarod0witF'uttishteod
ltiooi'.'ta pe rwoeoeuk. tirulotrs utoot li
P_1R- CA FAISY P...r..rnt
"the Niagara Falls Route."
"y 0 I 1 0 I y
Ona ' en
I.0.00000. 0. 01. 0. t( r''.,it. onUSnINESS LIOCAtLSo. r "-. ,Er' *l, 0 0 ' t - -F
I.. loot oo , ot . I f I.. Soo1t ettooto oo, 'tot. t tl- rct___ ___ :a a___ u7,n ._7
o,0Ootoot 0,08 12 1. 0 ooo, 8 oooootsitsrtotttiisoiootoootltoooe BURLEIGH& JOLLY1 ,' cu-oo F -;otseeoo1c,t^o l' bo, i 1io~ t "'sort(ott. Stooc St
t : ; i l:X8 .]] 'o 0 5 0, 0A l~ i1 l'd ' ti l t ; 1Eat , ,tt.B LA N K RO O K S. . .E
I, \ 11\ l"00 0 1'55C 0)0l0 N?, itti 1: s ~eot'1. 0. I~li'touL Stlit). AICEE11 GODJ1 ND STUDENTS' UPI .
A' 0\ fte 11N', '00' sr I101 11o itlogs 1o 1 o1(' 'uor O Rettie fFO7AI IR S tOo
Ao C]] 1000010 o 1;01:l] , 't% 1 \ogoct to' 1. 11.; C1 . ciy FeCcoto.SataWOlu'
N il 0 00 0 Il '0 . ~ l 1 o'toi'ItIt c 's ro tl lii tt (loiotne t o ofuct iootsS'oo l l .ATtoe ino' the
05'l(')11o8 0000. tX~''1Rt:, >PEt, ISwtE illOPLAIN.
Ao:l osll the 11: t ervolottiot tHstol f oiily tStttLt.Call and neon us at ' :0.
whih ta loo cItos,)'o (v fooS!tto', etc.. 2 SOtUTINE S W ~ S 4-
taken1 ) ""C 1 1 lt tilx. llretooce'(, Ottl'ooOst.0.Neo ttot. D. L. DOWD'S IOAT'XRCSR5
it t11e 11cie toni1'Wo111telE ttlln+t("f ~t. pz
O11uerl:"I('v a Cnot' lohleg olltitosi 1.. tots&to'~2 OoccotIot i ttin . o seocl
woll lrot ,Ste lte lol 200 l( ito s. 'I'. 0.~t otto.Co.soIOtuooo __f1___
olth ti of Ol ooe el1)' Ct i et> w It 1 i elT, l ttr111' Iit' n tto't:c t1't'' tot ~ tittoe 't~ooc.tI ooot 0 01101)..sI 00' .cII,SY1.
t11Io f ijttotc1 '})oy1yoo cootog SxO-ototo, tu'I)oo 1 o1 i fotto !on,scoo'..;oi'ooo1!-i td Toeo AnAborn ot
1tt 0 bt ,1er'v , ti, ibbic ici t o to)tCitt;nktbc Sttt.111tOo.F1. loo8 ,'cor I'so.It oo ,t 4 MIh;an R1lw. I
I' ~b'oitr.doto..orto .,1NeNoon
t1c ,q 'o'eakluyl'i(toloed."'The.('to-c, S(om c I n(In1t gales lI n e ist-(lolc1mot1,y, ,ns.i I.
7 i l~~~~a tl o l t io l~ t . ottto'rc 9 r~ t .l o_'yu Y kiMth gagR il ay
'a , lttt , t, ee . " ' 1Iteitloer(.1l11 y Titooseoitableit gtoitogfiontto infectIIE CII 012 yllR.ov. g5I.i
the ittes.ll11ittost S 1"oltt-ttotttot ttoitch ai(l .1ttot T I Fort 50 Want, ..J..Detroit, Mc oaetet e'o .e..
at lyotitto lotoooto, took,'50l 10,EIS t ot 1
.8 andAiLE0>>.... as, ,11(ion1'. itnliata'2b is1s
' . ' eidia s a d t e e ll Filt's( aol. ovolt 1 (ooloo n (1 i t. d..l..- csn . H e'ei ....tO 8 50,
11111]ttt t h eotto 'eir e fct 'ge life, Itoo i~to St111 (1l, 11 )( f(m intheo. El:(I. f('atl (:Wibta a1 ., T i' tii 70th ....... .Mi ,14T.. 25 55."
71 F . oirt. , et - D tot Ii1. ......ioP. t.A. S Al I IOS 01000 0
00' .1' 0 1;11. l2.0 1 n itburs -,,.0.1111too c s. 11 ... . 30 25 610 ) .....IL aD'....t is hos
theou ,o' O tto llti lMolE to t )O ... 57ncoumiamm lae i 12lh
ioilt)lzo1'1ctotttCot' 11still oi: 0. OhiIYoLVER)ANDoALv TABL , l4t510 6 ...iaoabopr .Ian toss sz; ot
hodll"1 ro etl~e (1 ((.)tcilt I ttoy A loCorgl llt.' of 0.1'rtnkoSmttit 0111,,t......471,8f9 i o..... Dand...... 510! "() ."""
I' .ott W z 0 1 ta - 1 8 u;.....t~uento.. .. . Ot4 Oa, ""
al 'fO' tr tco1sCo. , 27....01501'4710) 1]7 ..3 On.. . _l ,....11 00 9o5 ..."'.
r , o"ohott0g a patoe 'o iteti ot tot . . ' . 0 - ~. ....15 Out ....... .tnc..... 11 15 11 0t1s 1-b
,out.7 ...... s"5 ii4 t.O 8i....11 0
atlot~ilot 1So1 tloeht t 'oo tt 'I ive }S1itreltita . i 1)C. ),ore MigrisĀ«o...it, r. ...I A )i Jj 1~7 ~ 1 0 ,."
4ist6 t 2 0 ..45 ..Ctowell...... 1o0i25 a8o..
;y h ) w rto o t o i r,,eo~ Gine o r , l' i/eSatcill rsr-nd 1 ,... 110 35... Dad.... ... 3 .1..
000010 Iil 1 t~ltteO allot'Ciiiotltogao-, my.,- ' 4 ~T M~ I 51N S -1...,..0 01 ....Ooekmom... 91(1
wo111orroi.l'I niteol. Lst.t (U c. lest giar NE NO IO O L .912 t....j 10 A5 ..Ila t.... ..7... 51
(fothtg.ehse Its ation.hst.adouis101..,,, 10S{
11t Ii e tle o t of oiit (g 1( Ohio (tw w e k- f 0(' 9 : -11 0 1 40.. t'n 7fo r 2 ... y 1.
paer,1cwhich utie t.11atbi e bord avetone. A11 & Vin Wunihsy enThChar12oN'g'and Verantte 5nio0 at no 4 1. ~. Cuig 1 5 1 5.
farbete pape I:1r titanei trofd(its aJ. St.aebs & Co.'s, 7and 29ze Min rose- 7 30 . M. 34 07:-ilacilan,. .
S1e'esr. a n rda t taritlod 4(';i ' ( , 51) If.tat (beaty2DramaIn t s . Dan tee..., a as 576
- - -.-'" (-Iuro lstrtIigsl. A aB3Kahh h1ONE70 1 . 58 n.... >shng.. 8 20
Classfectof 'n -ongted.hodohawthehat-ndaleaes ct. IY IUIIhflII 80. . 1080 ..Ermfato. 7 040 .
l.i f. nteybisiofthe Cicagorar prd0esW.urn te t ea riload u aerthae LL u.w agiaw A. J.Psss~zY
Buy your. DraWile.eCamignntugtsad P ES-5 0and estile Gong 0.AE
Trl ibe, ed nmakng a toeriasmBrown'srgetoret.' Setatn ae$t .e NweRomPie

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