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November 03, 1890 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1890-11-03

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C. o~f Ytxfl New York, since this tine .the
t Y band has traveled all over thie
Published Daily (Sunttays excepted) during world; everywhere drawing atnd
the College dear, by delighting immense audiences.
THE U. of M. INDEPENDENT AWOCRATION. At the Centennial celebration,
_____ Mr. Gilmuore gave sixty concerts;
Sutbscriptiont price C!,5per year, invariably also lie hats given matty conicerts
in advance. Sinsgle cspies 3 etnts. Ott sale at
Sheha'sandPot ffce ew sandevryatlesser exhibitions. At Crystal
eveatag as 6ocloch. Stubacriptiost may be Palace, in London, fiftyqtllausatsd
left at the office of the DA ira, Opsera House
blurts, at Shehass's, at Stoiftet's, or with any peop~le were present, atid at Paris
of the editos. anld Berlin ilttliense throngs at-
Cosotsssications souold reach the office by
15 A. M. if they are so appeae the same toy. tenided.
Adtdraso all nmatter inteanded for publicatioto Otie of the moat pleasing fea-
the Managisg tEditor. All busintess esatuun-
leahtioso shsuld be sent ts the BtusistesDast- tires of the concerts is the anvils.
Rteport all negleet :on ihepart of Carriers 10t heeaeooaiu ie n
the City Circeulator, WI. B. O'Nefii. produlce ali effet quite agreeable.
THE U. of X. DAILY, _
Arbor~llieh. AAnFoot-Bali Coach.
Seceond-land boeks at low prices. We are agenits ef Pauil E. Wirt, Scott 06t
Hoelland fesutain pens. Bargains isn stationiery.
rT rSW
is =ME
W. E. GRIFeI, .'at.a..-e. MaNAQIN EDTOa
A. H. COVERT. 'n2. 5..'e. MAsNAGINGEnIeOR.
M. B. HaMMNDns.'1, BN.S ANGR
Rt. W. 00OsGHTa'92,Ase,. Bas..MNAER
Heiscsl ttaroso, ,'SIl. F. B1. TstsALSs, '91.
H. D. J.tcs rs . '91I. H. M. ticoecs )..'1
K. o). HOLLtsAND. L .. Seuvnusvs. '92.
llAtPI'tt 5eON, '9. J. I,% 'ttActs 'as.
L.0G. B' TIWtytt, '93.; E. L. MASeN, 93.
It maliy perhalips be untiecessary
to speaki of tile matter, yet it
seetmed as if tile fellows at Sat-
uirday's gatie ontce or twice forgot
to be- courteouls to tile visiitig
teami. The chleering was enithuls-
iastic and tierited, but occasiona-
ally one coulti hear cat-caills atid
guying when a Purdue was po
testing at poinit, or cries of ''foul
tackle,"~ etc., if an accidetital low
tackle hiappeised to be maade. We
shosild remetlber that Mr. Malley
is captain of tile eleven and is
alert enough to protest any unfair
play of the opposing side, and
therefore atty attempt of the crowd
to act as umtpire, referee or captaini
is wholly suncalled for.
Gitmorna Band.
P. S. Gilinore camae to America
from Ireland ini1848. Aftet
beitig the leader of several emi-
menelty sulccessfuli batids in B~ostotn,
lie or'ganized his osvt batid in
1 858. Sitice that tiiie the history
sif the baed lIas been a series of
incredible utidertakitigs anad suc-
eesses, begintiitg with the great
Peace Jubilee at Boston in 18691.
.A second jubilee was held its 1872,
for whticht a ttillion dollars were
subscribed by the business men of
Boston. Two thousand musicians
and a chorus of ten thousand
voices took part in this concert.
In 1873 Gilmore's band united
with the 22d Regiment Band, of
The Rugby directors have ale-1-
cided to setid Manager Codd itt T HE BE S T .7
quest of is first-Class coachl. If 5ce eees tleathers. Boardwlbh Frtinise
HRstm V.215terwee. Cireulars uptnsappl.i
plracticabie onie will be secuied catiott.
immlnedilately atid be set t itil the P. R. CLEARY, President. U
teamtnllroug Indianla. Every
effort will be tsade to get tile llmenIRI I
int per'fect form for the great S A IO-NER- Y ,7D\
Cortlell gamte int Ietroit 011 theB f \TIL iN[. i
ittl. Shle pr'omplt lmlannler'ill BLANK BOOKS.
wihichl the teatii "did lp" Purldule, ATHLETIC GOODS AND STUDENTS' SUPPLIED.
ausgsurs well for a close gatae Sat- Best linle o1f FOUNTAIN PENS Ins the
ossnay ''algnenSwil city. lee Cream, .Soda Water,
yweek. Ataacsiens i tisCitd Liltiches,
be iade for it special traint asid cigars atiOTeobaccui.
reditced fare, but tis catnnot be OYSTERS, FRY, STEW OR PLA3IN.
dotne olsless there is some assur- Call and see us at
ance that over 1(00 studenats vill26i -T213:ST-A.'' M;SW.
'V~piol D-eShuldtuL.utat DOWD'S HEALTH EXRCISER.
lon'.... 100 .... ,P tlro-, 4'..-.. 1 in etlac.. rI-s -Youths; the.-
"The Niagara Falls Route."
r LaS n'' O ! aCU a.
're oa.rr-n c 00 x ' V 1'0
L~I~K1) ~ .aa,.aeu1
f~ m I 'as
a to
e0 t - verau-C I w o, . 4,t
endI '' "
misionlto the srounssslw illintt
exceed $1.50 and may be fixedi at
[Notices Inserted in this colamn at te sate
sits0cents per linse, single insertions. Spesial
ra teasor sanger tisne and extra lines furnished
bapplying at this ofice or by rensulliase t.
V.Doughty, Assistant Husinesa Manager.)
Shabboer Dinik! Whew!!
Try the Toledo Steans Launtdry.
Go to E. B. Hllt for coat.
Inispect theafinlest liae of Overcoats
isi Anin Arbor. Wagnier & Co.
Baths 10c at P. 0. Barber Shop.
Melt Gillespie, Teachler of Guitar,
Basije and ManidolinI at Clemesit's.
Uniderwear--Waigner & Co.
Faticy Vestislgs at Staftord's.
At Te 'lo Sases, white vests, julst
Bilodse ha5sihe best Band cleansest coal.'
A lewS lisle of good noevels ior Sumi-
day reaing at Griib-f's 1'. 0. News
SitsilrtHs D.-Any tone desirinig.in-
stirictioni its Shorthiands will IpleaseOcull
at the offie of J. W. Mimier, Practical
Stensographier, Ill E. HuoniStreet.
'Termis reasosiable. ('all andt see site.
1,000 differenlt styles ini Nobby
Tronlserinigs at Stafford's.
We w'ill shew inext weak thme finest
stock of Guitars ever seensits this city.
Also seme exceptionally fitie Banjos.
Our 8c anal 1Cc strings warranated eqlual
to ansy in the city at anyp price. Wilsey's,
25 Souths Fourth street, Ann Arbor.
At The Two Sanms-Gentlemen want-
ing Full Dress Suits can save $25 ain
$0by buying at The Two Sains.
Athleltcar tcali(l. A comp.;lete 'Daily. "Suoday excepted.
I qaq flo r roo ,tewe, scietific,
durabtle, coeencsie, cheap. 0. WI. RtUGGLES, H. W.tHATES.
Insdosed by 2os..oophysicaneslaw-. 0. '. &K T. A. Chicago. Ag's Ann AXrbor'
yass, eleyment, editors s .others
aowusaingit. Sendifoaill'd circu-' -_
Vec . Catlcietttc ee.ic nd Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Rests~b S., e., ash.Michigan Railway.
~ ~ ~ ~ i ms Table going lntoaeffact, Sunday, Kuov.
V Ijb Going Narth. neSTATIN. Going SaintS5-
FRENCH ICR CREAM. -'FINEST FRiENsCH CIi rO KTPiC55ot~ . 4 . I 5; '_ 5
Su IIiLOETEST MATERIIAL. ES U" jit a. ii'e Cad. Stadard Tima. C's Cal. 5MO┬░
71 Fort St.. West., Detroit, Mt ch. K_--a~Si O~.MalRP
CITY LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. 3S600....LEDO t..... 10.11.15
{ ... 4 2 6 0 h LEDiOc ...... n11 5T 011 ..-
rIs. 13 and 11 Washington St.. - Ypilost, Mich. .. 4. aje0 6471...D.unde.....12 16 10 2 ...."
blest-class Rigs ansd Stylish Saddle Horses ....... 4 31 7 08i.......Milaa ....... Il 57 t00o ...frHr.45: ciPttfed 1 7 0.-:
-501 7 0 5..ANN ARBIOP iti,5 9261.
...... 5 Ill) {6 bWimore Lake 11 00 85 5
S.... 5 5 5....H.iamburg .1055.8 50."
i 28511...DHoadll...110 721 1
011g Ia.05...... Caantaa.....9 5 6 038..-
P 1 ~ OT G A P HERA .... 927 11 0 Ita~ca.....7i 8
NO. 12 IsV'. IURON ST. 7 UO 10 13 1 1.' ...HMt. Pleasat..:.6s 1 5'. s1
7__________ 8 oat 10 5157 ......Clase...... o(all 034 c
- - 7 0 ., ea 205 ..Ftarewaell..... 3 I2 $1
- .91 ..0 "315. Cafdillac......... 1 I; 11
ItfO 70 ..taopemila 7"'1 . 4tl
7 0't?..Manisee..... 10 21
t jr , O 115 .....6 5 ...Peuaho et.... 70..3a (
Saginaw EDiviSloat.
+FGing Narth SATONaS. Goxing Saudh-
F ridany, Nov-enaber 7, ---_______
8 6 5 7
Pass19Paca . Pas . Pona.
P.- .. . [. . y fAr. A. m ...y 2
GILMORE'S BAN __07___4______o~ 1 5 ..
II.710-5 94. . .Duaaad.....9 5 s R
7 41..,.... 10 07 .....Fiashing - 848.... i 4
8545 .... 1l 05 ..KEasaglaaw.. 8 10 b
PRICES -- 50c., 75c. AND $1.00-IH. W. ASHLEY, A. 1. PAISLEY,
Seatas oOats Monday,.10 a. in., at P.O0. Superinteadent. Gen. Faas. Ageat'
News Room. (EO. B. BAZLEWOOD. Local Agenit.

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