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May 29, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-05-29

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No. 174
OFFr FOR fHICAG eiotd of AitlLzilln
OFF~ ~ ~ FO HIAO lae to hiOi it, oln, fori third
pilacen. N i 1 V r I l 1110 liisfa.ool
Track Team Leaves Tomnorrow-A even ild like;s l throNv of 120
Forecast of Results 'nl odd Seet Ilime wvin
Thle sotn 1put ouliil 'o liw 0011 by
itolLlilg th, 1, , ill iloi w ih SoliillI 111111 Sno0w in
for ~te illi 'Ih Iino Se I o evenl t. Clot ii I o Illinoisis veii'if-
for li iA o Indoio e on od wishes t1ied wll -14 hol ; l.an iby o f i
110o iii lte l , to nak ',it 'l fal lo\iiooli liiiieaily.o i o illiof
or If ai Hii lit Wei hiit %1 iiit Iliiilli ha don ti t S e st i tl i s spin
(I l uo of in iii il l ii uak slle , i iv ii and el o ii 1and "piiIi o i C ic g l iii i
1 ) liiili i n order
liii lk 111 111 ill ii 14)oi'i 0ar (hl'S .li cili'nho eloll
Mo.. of lii ii 1111 1 l ii thiiio 01 Ilol il f lliiei. l"o''i :11 1
,j'10i 1 515 00 l ille 111000 p lii l~ii
ci a vo1n5011ol.5th i- 4o1ii 1 111 1.IO N Cled L i i %
11 '1 Iti i1nbl 2 010 yard, ii~ liiih The ixte 1 wil cI n
I n Moi 11lney Will i i-
U1 b 110 'Ill1 p-iij' Ill -i liiii w±h teali t c t oe H of:(al!
a' LAi 001' te 11iiil il' ll A alioliil~v lo i=, oor
li1ke i-,
11001 .....
111 111.111 \v II and1111fi
ill"1 he 000. co c1 o ho1 'li
d j jt1ls l i e i 1 1k Mici-a Prfeo o' Wor C iilo liste
11l11 1 vi ol lll No a ooo'iciil v o
Cliiiva ma11er110 01
lkloe Ur 11100 1 1,
IC t, lou llilol~ l Ifl
10lo g 10 Me f111, i ~ rjl lIl
Ur1101 0hir 1 ci o I loon a 1111"uld o~
~ i li 11.0~i liiIi iii Co i
it l 11, 'la lle f ii a;o ldal Ilololli lol 1 hllll Io 000 ;
94,) " MIA U~ ol l, cji l i 110111 I.XI ihollolloo' o I ''ooi
P010 " Kno 11111 o l nl i c D ill 11, " 111it![ 111 l l iiiQ' 11 o
111001 0p ," ohis - jl-y IoS wl i.iiil
NN' 10 0 oft111 Sl iii o l hI lu lS i III 11 illo' in JO' I
Soi aid % \ l illo 1 '10 ilonv liii 110 1,1 1 Cli i 01 H i o "li i i ill- 011
11101 I.5 , '~iloloooo~ ~io I [ I oml, 11;1 s11111 i jiililiillil io lloi i1
1 I s~1ill l~ ol' 0110 ,11 .iolilostl lilil hieouue o th'il
wil Wo and1-ll olllllli l L t illllolC '~
They~iool01uI~11 11111 11 10l' 01ux iilooiiil 0 l 11101 tlose 1111. Ie ill
1w11 0I 11 1Vl h1a1 Mark o1 f 151I , hluoS So lo 0ilullo ,l iwia110 II
mitt 110k \1 111 v 10110 110 ill ohl d xid a an, asp ch ot the111 Iloi lii
Cii;t 1111e lj." Svt rvii 5 Sill SllIn
5.e M I St '1111 Ill 1n o twoot L 011 111001 11011t 01 Se Aiiol
'115 11 1111:'11Il 11 0 0 ~ '' 'l1111 Ilaic o r th'i ei 11111001111
tt1i, l l un' Sike ll l "I. iii Capi t Viwiiip r n ivd a ital
111011d 11111fllh Clhe il , 111 ol nk~ovlto e p rel n
11111 o 01'it' 1. 11 0 111N l CC
o k ,7 r . I11111irulzo h -ga d d oih r ul Vl '1(i
ofo Be~ ruc1e1 Short-s, Avio, NO CIlayeloSo. exce1pt lillilSolo f*'
WICrcU last101 year. hong of ify "quad,~lC are eXpeciedl 11 011 i eld
011 Itlvii 1310 fet S and iil liile hours (frolu 1311 1P. ill.
wl is -aid to hitve a 011.) J. A. UTLEY, Ga5~pt
To Meet Fiday Night
feodell an(
hei a iloilligof II:
11111 10.0.10ol' theii 01110011
CCChio.iol. ~
Th llclil iii1has11I
ll. who 00 I,
C 111 llee llo' order11 t,
of1111111 0111 1111111 ii
Sllf loIit.illi
.1141 lii lii 1111 1 0.1 F
Wetrl Ieohrill
(1 11 of kill(,1Coii oh 01
ho 11 ; 11 011i i le oll-r .
ho du Shif oifsi
t to Decide on UI- May Be Abolished-Committeo Mak-
d Merrill lng Plans tsr Thorough Investi-
1e 0100101 010 ( 111101010'o 1" (110fo l 'laoll-_______ o
10 C1111ii115 'OiO . istrct'o fli ImS 'lli ii0 .10111t o fs
11 t'ii''ilii A leI iili'eiio o l ' IScile illland tra ill lint
Sololi 'iiho'S lo' 000 rook. iliiiho1igh oo'liioolsof O t i oI-;tihn
o imiiiii oif She I d'01101 150 111110 11 wels 1 iil hu'e oil
1110 oi'Ill a d oleroSi 11111 l e o 'S'fhe i(;0001.and ai
11011r,oi'h E- hoiolop ioil l i''lihe10 'c1 101011l'
and -ill 111'Ieli-ol lii I ilnsbIob li 1011 01 i'omo.ebiutiby
-e c . il t Itid i 1 1100 1011 1 i o it-oil' I ell . 11i1
T11I0I1 0 IIiSNho '11110111001 I W II I .ii0)1i l i ,0
1111 io o ' ii il t:1lt t A ( 1- i ol,_ I o I SI iI l SI I d b(o r iek i 4i t' i l So oh i bo 00
1I i i c111 1 s I ii ot l 10000In ii
'liii1 ii li I to' d o.I olol y w tI t e de
oi 0001I I,1It11I,11,II01010111-110111 t
I i I0I0t0I I1 00110 00I.- 10010 ho ,Iou 01 11 1 1101
oilis So 10011Ilo 10 1 1111(11 ( isl- 1.i SIi )
I li I fio l l (f)'i . 11 1:l t 1I h II * ' c1)o ol
Iiii r 0 00111 0000il clioc'o i'l o , Im v hf i .:~ii iS )I
til ( I r I.,: t ll-l 1 (1- ;ree ( id oill- 1 1 ll
I (o)Ioooo iii 101010
oii N. l o'()*ll(I tho diO io ol iii';1
[ -t w ~ i I I . l Iid w 111 i' I iL io0 0' llI 101o
'Ilk ,(1 .Pif m tod f tl r"' i
lii' Soo' lu h I .'ooo'l lt' il - 1
ii. S
0 01010
1001 .0 oi'o'loii
oil o.1o 00001011
the ;I(.\\ 11:11 ' '01 ll '
o~s ilSlii'he p~liliohd 110011111 Mumbo 1
pM )I s~s",41'r l 00010 odlol ol *II' Teonis Semi-Finals
(.11h :I o: rs. 1. o. l ..11,' B .I
Cliiiloii. o liio Ms.0 'C l l D'l m'No'll'0 ' i' li theiifollwl'
A.1.I ItI;J I M -. C oho1. ' oo lllo'i.I'i' 1 1 ' Il loo '011g11 lastf lou.
Mrs. 1 1 . ii 01'R.01M. 1 ii 'oolooo. Sl. vo' 0 01lilio l'l'
I.U fch il lr .C. LN il o' Ch'icao'o i io l- n'uu-hiy ~ . lili
Air.1.0. icit i M s . C1.oo 1- Ilii.r 1 ic- orClIii 10. +f i-go .III 1110
c o'l lJo s 'ooo l . Al c l urCk o MnuS . A.o fiCst llole 1 Pof 010' of'' - - 0 )(,Ii
0. 1.I''to'IooooA l'so A1 . 0 1,1lo)ui* \ 'oI- 11 ooooouof' iii So ho 11010 o7"5l'o6-71.l 64.
W . I looil i Mr. W.1 1.o 0 10 Cl Sl I ,oullo oil. Ilio'ldro' Ild Baie of
W . 1o1.SC W 11li i bors..I.CF.iiilkiui ..too 11 11 o011- 01till. i '0S1,
Mrin.1,I L C o1 0.10100 Mr01 11 Clot iloll dubules rnd' Woooil .111 0011111 ouf
S-oolulo, Mrs. 0101 A. lioil iou 011i I 01 Alcih 'iui S )oatS Ci'ooooi'ndiu ilCbnloolni.
S. M ln. M11 1 .. i, i elo'o . Al 0l.".o F Scio. -) -.G3 -. Ba ly
W . 11 llllclli011001101' ii, 1 -\Olilll h'lo l So 1 4 -:5, an
WVolverines Will Play Daily News Te~m G-1 Cll'ii Siujooho S il diiobliloo and.
__________ oihooiooo iu'S 111e1 h ic o dalo y.
T'1( 9.o1C11i'110 o 1 151%\*,( Ilo't 5110101 1' oriII os
11101,111111 "It1'): b14), :o the fair 01000 iS.
'Sho' 011' l' iou' ol i 11boo flo 4:0i1vi
''~li,( *(I O I IN ho'o-'sol.111 001 so-
pi. 010d11 1,1100 ov will l Sliii 011 0 m hc
iho i i e The I l' il
till(t11 4 o ftS lii o f '01000 00 vs
IS Si So, v - u' 11osi-:<1, ;00C
10ili So 1' fiA i f
-o,0 1 111 If lls n i, .o lov :
l"(0111j. hIoI oooou Aji.'oISI! ii' vio'oou'k,
olos ~ ,sil i 110100:-.
W0'olvoo'iwRigu''1.oo'ou ). 1 051:1o'~ '
1.101 u.'uuu IIo 1F 000 i llii 21. 01111so :,ii,
00. 111 l;1l1 rbon 5. MrDCIoIoiioI-h I lII*,
.houo rioio 1: R~jf1, ,,1o ild -5
ohi i I I .
Musical Clubs Elect Officers
000001 So 'Smith Ce l o is 1010
I'll*.II1,0v. 0Th iii'
ill1 0' 1110to'"ol ii's ioouuo 00li '.' 'Sii
lr 0 Nt)'14,1- o l ~l e 0.S'ill(,10
hold. .11. M
8 e-rIo -Y f - i o 'C b-Snie J
.11e no.10 1 .flm
Comsedy Club, Saturday, May 30.
11-)2 oi ' iii I i io oS w ii hi it io, 1co01-
sising lu of ololi -.f regula in itiulon
and1 enigrved-ioviaio'15n1 1111150caiioe
o1111111011for II101100tseach. Nohif y
1111 Soy iiail at 01100 if youdo.sire themn.
Comedy Club, Saturday May 31.

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