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October 11, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-10-11

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No. 16
'VARSITY ON EDGE. Debating Societies Meet.
Last Scrimisage Before Meeting the l'' till iavo looI ii'''ii i lyelrxvV ''))' l
x'x'tl" 1zl (r~i l i'x'iil it'Iit((lv Th
Big Men From Indians i ; Satis- 'ii uxxuixxx'x' xictxii' °1iis [x i-i' :111d rlw
factory to Coach and Rooters, fullxv x"i xxrt ':111i1i'i :1sv iv')ll
f't~ luit isi ase
tt l ii ": l ;Illi il lxfoi ilw) ixiixil
11(lti" xi ii x xi I(> "'1' 0;: (t1iii1i 1ti'
iii' 'i'iii'i''is 'i,(iii'ii'isill"xiii I iii i xxx x l
xxxi'(tiltii;Is"lillix'" 'illillixi l4x1I"x'iiix1'\l-()
:1ll rtk irol~ hiriltr,1tlls111 tI1lw r xx11i')) lxilicii ii x''xx'x
fix" xxh riik e tliii' i'Ir(1 r ( en s (0 " I .( ' I.- ll' 1D t 011
ltlit lix xxwis. ixilw h il 01 v b 1:1-(xii (,'t 1 1011 l(xx;
hu- ill- could thei I ii''''illi S iii i xxxii 'lxi i.:111 ' l') i' ii'iix
xiii')) 'itixix ii Ii ' lx i
1 >1 1ii tixixixil0 '111xiii iii'i Cxr)12 11 ( ,' ;it
lxx xIxI x I ht, t liti) ;ius tuxil lis
'Fa( 111 ;l :ilt x ll ix lxxxi ii 1)1)1l. I. oru1 W .V.A
XiII l~i 1111 x'rIhtI h lxxi I 'it aI I dx
tIl f t( I 'i llt" i i I ll' e 1i t' :1,ls 4 1t l A tt~ ,s
1 ii xi "so ii i I xc , i ; l ve y s -
141 wit x i lo ri t p s t hi (. I
New Men 'With Good RecordosVito En- )'tx'l'il i i1xiif 111iIi ilxi iii'tt i lxxiii
ter' the TUinicersxty fhis Fall Bave Y 1111 Wrl li i 111'I lxv itl eix' ' x
Reported tsr Practice. it 1> ( ixixi l"i'itili" t lx i { -1t
h" 11 ,'' l x to I( ' l l) ) t ' ' ii ii x l 1-( i !'k il, 1xii' i i ixwx 1'. The11 sup-
' ::Slillc5 lxilxx ill ~ , c~ilv:1".ltt:tf 11lii' ii i'tflll) I i~"t 11
lxxil' tt1 ~t11tl~!I' 1 1:11.1'i1(i ' le'") " t lx' x lix ix):lxxliiill
Il ~r i x' [tilix'x sf"1. "t) a'1, It'l I ') i i i1tl' 1'i'iiii i l111'111. I iii x lii 3ii liv
i" l :111 ! 11-1 1'1 11111 tt lllil ii lxrl ix i "i xil ) xi' e )ixxii :l wll xii is
lxx~ I' l 1(1 1 11' I ii''' 1 \ w hii'Il('xi I)'I !xiIto he) c- iil, liii''
\:111:011 ' l".il lxx'111. h t1- h e1 ti \e- llr tl l xxx ix'te .
"f)r\4 r .,l t i i l ii'm xwIi'lxiii' wi c hh , is x
1 ii1'It'xi ) Ixi ~'\i x" lx) itliii x~, ) :1 1'rjtii)Il)) xi 1111111iii)1'1)' I*i 1(
iis "l i) 111:111 ixIll))he 2l.xx 'lxx'Ixixil xti')I i i inIi) ll te' "xx rt '
P rtl,11 Il N-Il) 'ii i ilo ll' "ixixixixi xi x ~ ~t lexi'lxii lx iii' xxxtxtx l l- xi
11:1 ii "xiii Ii Iii xxx 1:, I~'tt1 Iii i iui t". xl l ii lx (") xi xlii' I i i' x'ilIi' li-
hi li. '-'ii~, lsi)ie thei 1111x 1lor i') iilxxIt i'xx'xi- i xxixi s u l iiihe I 1ixIii'N4 w'. "'lii
i-sis i ' xviili-xi. -411(xiit111 ii i ' lil xxi'ol. xitxoIi' ii )t ' xxiii)
Nixialixir Attenxdance at Stuntter' School
I I -11111101,xxIi xx xxi) 1 01x I )s -ixi 'x 'dli:1
xxII 1 'l l)illxix ff" il')'l x ii11ti lx 1'1'4)1x! x111:'
''xIll )1 \(,''i 1111 () iwl':111-A'llli xxi- W H ICH' ()"N'"1;"'"' ' ' "' ''' - I' ' ' ' ____________________
.i 11lo 4.i4!!1]i' I'i'i't( iiiqit\ i'ils ix)''
( . . '1(" l 1!14 lxofii 1'4'14111xi lx1i
. iI ii i i' ) " 1 1 ' 1 1 r ~ 1 i C i i )' n ' ]l t x1) 1 . ixxllf ll \ ilm'i- fi''' l el 4 1 )1 'x x l c"i'')ii) i ft i'T 't 4) \'-ll '' e riti il
11'0 x'113i'!]1i1(']1:1'1'('ili'fIt'AMix-Uplin the'ty(i 1
11 ' 11141 '1:I t 4 (( ii "i l i\x ii)('1''1x xi''x "i
''xliii) I x1'!:1440 iixt :," 11 )iix'1; 7ii xii. 1'0 1!!.1 x)))ii".i i"'\14'.i"'il' If iiC~ i l l .'ix]1'1 i
ix')'. lix'1\'(i)1'1 .v liihl.i"1.1'i\\'))x11'111uu!1('1i'lx xiii i x lx
1 ,!)f ()':1141 fliti) ) ) I sill 'I Ill lx xxt o st ~ii'.it l1. 1i'. .1 . lliIiit'l \\"1t) \"4) 1lIxxxi l :I 1.13 ' 14 ; 1! 1.'x :41 4! 11!'1 . ix
lxii'114'.1'l'i'ii :i'i'l' " iii1xxii11xu uiu 'x h)1'''u u hiu' I 1xx xx I t 1)lu i)'xli x'1 i 'xi1tli' ixixis 1:1 l "x i l 'I x'xi' u'x t x ' x
1~Ixl t)I')t0' fttitxix iil ii; lull1) r'I'll)1\' 111l1lx::;11'( 31 ] 11.11
x\ t fli 1 34' ) ,I: l -1 ( l 'i 'si.'. 44'4' i4 ' i' n i'xx li T -_x ) ') xli xi-i
ii xC x x''''t x x i ' '' i 1ixx(l l ' lIl', ) ';I'(N li ) ' _______________ ri iixlxi' ii' i il ;) . \ o lAi t llGym .
1)4'1!1 1 if+1' illixil li xxci 'illxxii' I lxxxi'axxx ()fii' ilx'iiliit xxivix'li':111i
iii ''ix)Il'".:xxx)1' 1(xi('2'tIle'isi1'.t')' ,m ld 11:111 il
i,(II( p I teI x ' I t' -I"'I IIi IIII It - 1111' 11il 1::111xxii x il'lxprx ve ' I \'iIIx Iu ti)I' ['i ' 'xix l sioel l '\111 xxti()vole'"f it"1(,liii' c iil
xxxvi I''es'l.xxilxx1x(41\"14xIheirxiii 'iii' ll i ix O.'' xxii i o )lv. Wx iu' txiis xxy'' (11'ird . w 'fti ilo l' x111('t't. "\'( r 'ix1rit s' 1i
A loe[?ilbl. 1'. ~lr11t i''.iIwl.:~11:111'ti1'11('1'(i;t1us.',v(li11t nithug \ ii1141 '"fi'x'x 'SI11'xx i 4 '11 t r>Ilii.
xxI'. ft lixillxlix 1i 4'114'x'\41'i11x(ti i'iixix I xx' ___;41'',_____ :141___ l_____________1I_\4''ii til :I 11." t ls" \Il'1 ls' d 11II~', 'il t .1 I
wil ll'xis lt +lx itt i t' i ii lix lilxlix 141' AH LETux I C roi Bthe D il NeWS ('. i;ili'7ll,'i' il l' gvlp R 1i. 'iiie (i'l )h l O 111 i80N, N x~t1+41\"4'' txi.

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