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April 30, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-04-30

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AN A~ihi Mll. \'I)44;i~,, ~L.;
2. i__
ter a5 ip p T: to absk,1 l
spit 'Sown
Oratin )' TOk,
of Hi-
jl l i lt !2 il 1 t ' ii
III1w 111 !~i i
5 tid 'us i i ti2
111 i
tI~i .
i i
l1";! :it
llt :lll
:Ii I ::1, lttl!!t}1'1'irtl'. T II. ili1E'I' trl
Itl' \I, "!l' ;tlt
311 ti1t , :iiit't'11:11t' I& t1111 a m l lt' t' :11 t'
is I t'litti i"! as !li'111'.; 111 O HM! tvr21t11 11ttll
lttl' lilt' t"ttiilt'si, 1"1'i lAy 11 uh n ;tilt! loll
Iit)ti '11lL alit :Ilixiolti tl14'1' ill(, 1'+";11
A may a}t'. It ;.:+'11t1%
w +t'l lt' 't'1! 111:11 1110 t!t' A iO li +s1 illy t'+
will ho 1tf'1 w t'k'il _l151li_,:iil :' m i
1111+ a ". '' lit",(;:WS 1' t'ltl't';t'tlim At"
\tdw 1.:1101 JN); 'y :II"t' Iw owd Crl wk
Nip! iltt'i 111 an ttl':1halt:i'i t't11 l" l ww {,
in ltll'o '\I:t\ ty 1t't1 .fi t'. 'ttl i7 <' st'L-
.I I .l L "it, 1 . \uII:'I1itl
I; wq l'. l li " 0 1 l~ v.W,:lxvv!
IlI\1i1 \'11I1L :t' 1e s, I u'1a ti
't)IIfl V Iit' 20"h 11.t'lao .l]
li'1 It~ 1 i lif Al: '1ii. 't Ari ;iu'
ti. ll,.
l'etzel in Troui.
:E11 11 11]t ;t;1
.f'I" .I;I 11<
Vill I
,' l' l111111 lt
' 11E^11 3
The S.L. Situa
{l r ilt 11 I'3 ii
(411 ! 1.11 i 1 11~
3xrl 2tl ' '' t11 :it
fii tt l, 1 i; lt i i~ t
+11 '' '';1
1 t,1.
f It
l lkc 11I It ill ti+t 21 12 i
I x (rt'Ill:t1 Ilion :11't'
:IIi 'tl j:ltlt't' t)1 illl'Il :lI
1.1' III:III t I1i t .lr. k l
Il i}1 lll:tll 1 :Ill I I I I I
il:li t' 11k ' I ill
Iltti :11't' rlHIM1711-, llilta:: i
lltl:tIiIiII fIE' ilt#'
:ill+l i" lli" :it' iilt'I}1+}+ '1' t}: tilt' lltE'tlit':il I21I lilt aV IIr(, i{tI
t ti t & ,1'ili- I ltttl 1 +1i' St, t lt :tom ' ',il t't'Ittt't' 1)t- itli'i
: n", tt# the 1; "Ii1' -r11li'AMI11)I1, 0) iti I
' IIIt It c lltt cioEllilie Inctlind :lllti ,I11_vVil tlivt} t- T11.
Vllttlt'1l1 : t11i1 1'it', 112.Ii 11, %1 , t 1I1:Itt:t r d il't}111 ]tt'1't' l o r
ills' liltl Hie .Llit'lti'll" 11tt'tllt'.11 M ltttd juts '.:111:
l t wk. The It'vnd is faille Ili 't 111 lls}llt The \"t11'1t1. lThe "no (if the IM"I Itt'1'ldoxi11I.' ttllt"titttt, Itiit
alhimir I t; 11p. I.It t
AN; (yoli'1'cillt We ldlyit'i.#W 's h= he I W,
is tt) ,Ilt c't',--t*u]i ' troat :1 k tlltlt'l1I S1ri1
W ho Foods' in his to- 1"M I't)ont. That it :1 Foods' ase ttt .llll t'ittlit iti, tlt'1t' tlJti :]]bol't Niltl
t h e Simkins Were is not 2't (on tli.tl can t 'd,
11i t' ltl'til:tl ittĀ°:;ivigi up it) sit tY]1t'Itl in anti it is t ini
'lllt A, tilt, tiIN by t11't'1lax i11:'; the PAW -WjH 40 Mr l
tT't:lilt i.lt tt}1" #iit' I.tllCHad y that :t Ittli st' can ]12 ac- Will
lllll it zll11 i i t112I11t)ilil f'f . '4 till .1 ri: ?Iltiil'1i1121 .#t I [1 1>
It-, and tllt,' ct 1liITl.lTltl t)t the iilll'titt i:tli stllfln", t'Iit
iI it} i'i'tlt'tattl .E 101 landlady now rE'liovpd cif :l grk:tt not-
:1111IoIy. it, i t"lrlie ily lopi'tl lly all 111:11
ill l'+tltltt't'l lt}Il with lids llitiviWsity tit:tt one
=',:.'ll an iIlaltitlittit lin MM"I & t'1't'ci- SIP)
is F!:t' i2I.III ,'"ho k1lim "
i:liki 1\ iitt :I t'+'ttllt l i ilr' :Ilil'I l
't" i lili :ll+"tE ilt;ii tif ih tlt ,i :ll i
'"It' : :; I';(llit't it':It(t'I' Eilji i1I31 i
I" iM ih, j""A ;tui :Ellis m d
' f't li(':?1t't I's' i4t 11+ i ltl li'i' I11^
:ltlti iwlif l ! li;l 3:tll t lttl A JO E> llnaxIm s" tl. tw tAI ,I
't'\" :Il >
,it Tit ilu ;) Iit" wjtt;l ",i3, t':l ll p r
Clt rl', 3 ''I ti I'llt't ii ill :l l'('
h, t+,t'If;3iiii:, ";tti"ii
ilitli' tit tJ_ if) Itl+}t'ikl l
Illy ill lilt^;l'
\01,1 lilw:
mid :s t fit li I h;ll ii(' dttt., 114)1
:li"d l hitll SW or l1low ailg1 l17"II
{'II IilljYi't!1"('wl ill tilif'jl io h ill
(;OOd Year tor Clev;s
ID QIQ.- :Its I& W ism)
X11 }Il (I "
wil itll mlill-
FitzpanI its Dicusses Meet
Dr. Vou'.an Visits tRooseveltt
t., ,
112 )1 I
,I tiI: ;rI
t; 11 i II't' 7 ,
Nti lT 1 { tl..
illil 1:I i t7( 1 llt il'
ltlll .1 i
tlf liirt i; ttl' lilt
t it l+, E i :t l'. li 1
T it :11i{?. ^ It'I'll
;1I allY I iIII(%
. t . i .1.1.1'',1 Y.
_1 1.1.. 1 'iJF . ;. ca= 1 I
A')'%4:1ta 4-I 5 0 I 1111 1 01). 11;
N. 1 "4mi . 1V t rt~t II 'c
,B s inl; l 1''ii. "iii. Q 1'
;;t4 . ti }tiil. 5 \Iu
N U''4 '4tt i { i ? 'i'. t''1 r l

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