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April 03, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-04-03

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No. 136
> O t'i flOzttf 4ii f'Jl I t, l , lii
ibt 'Ia e' widl Ha. mood itai ". i ' ' t:i t V 't 'tt i i ,
12iGinist t or'a Pars: 'ii a
--itIt -i 11 x-
!!i ltt I tIt f i il } ; C tl lt' if .1 it :Itt' i I r t 'l't i II. 1 t
ti I ili ' t ICI ' ti i . Ill ".i
tI } It , I ' -Llt I l t ~ t 1' ' : I t S ' ' .]) ' at i I, tt i- i i i -,
.1 Ilj- (1 'l'-. { J t 'iit ' i t I t i t;'i'
)' 't'ZtF( l4 t"1 "t'~i" .Aiiti U it lltit t),
htitt iot i. (iioe tY a- Wteso
.1nit Hit etettlinlg L3.tte- c.to :e
l <t-'- it hi- i al :+: t
it I r' i tttt X 'li i t I ti
<,?1I +. 1; I : d her tt rit e I-xti ni
Ii titi- Iiiit.nthe ilp imptn.
~- i o aii'- %v,11 rl it ti t ittitn Anni
I . l l lY - ; } . , itl l.t ii t it" t' 11-
ta- ; ? t f-C i1? '", I1IEI;t .- i :' t <(it -
--tilt to .\ I
I t ., it
iti lt i,
I tt t e a ' I I , " , t l ; t i i ! i
-(!iri:"':i it !1, t r a tt'i I (li { , . ai ti! " ii -!:; - i. -
()r AL >;t,,. lri ,ttt
,t i'l- iil" i)tliTTl :. ,. ,,i:.,+.._
I ;+ I1. .+ ttlttlltj a:i t":-.. :! X22,
I;' , ±>, :2 l;l , " 't" i t ilt ' :!E ( '' E "
l1 .a ~ t2i, 4 . l tl l lt t3t 1 }1,., ,
.t?' .1 ll11213; t 2' +rl 3ilt,(' , Cf t°f tii
t+"1'+ itl l li«" + ;1)tl 'II 1' +l t:t'tit lt'I'
'tl '2' i::17! ?St";ilt1 ;1+'l ., tli:tt G'llti
i .tit"t ),ii rtl, i}it"r+" 1! 'ti )]t .tt't :il!
I-II {t ii -
t\i (T
1. A
Ilt! litl il:tit 't , 1?it' 1'113 ',kit %N-:1 :
I!i)litli'i'EI Iii ll;l l"r' i)i t'Il 1;ilit'ii i141i1 l fl
KI. ;lltil a 'd'irt %V101ltl fitt'ids Ill(' mush
11 1tt'll ilii'\ p rii('t't'ilt'll 10 il4i, "11121,1 :i1
i'ttitilir t" fl:lir l" 11111 ,h . lit 1114- Ili4t i +';t,
1i1t11til Ill;tll? IT , I1tirll f" ;11ti3llt1
11;111( 1' 1 lit, 01,ch!* tl r n wort, Nv"l li
:;i"al W AS! a!"i Stii'i3"sh li'r.tl401 di
it, lkit(;titi 111';111 ;1131t I.h+ t'i' :tit
iriil!lli it!' !Ili,, 111>,w.
1"!it 1Lin(', lii 1(li';t4+s!'11t I
1;11+'i1 "i; 1111'11' Iilii' i 1 1}111111 l lli jltl;ll
1',":1 S7"ttll:.;'!1 Ii; it 4"il '< i111 , :ll :1 i1
i _
Itt- %
.(' uxmi -. ti f it- P wii iii f it 'i(
iit o vi h tt'r-
:i 110 11 :11t, ill til, W i led C i y'. w ifi
it Ilw t 141 ity ll' .;1: 11111. 1 ! iver
Ii1 t~i' t3I'" t it :( l{1 Ilft t' - ti1 s m
1f Iii tt ' t .tttf 1 :I~ tti l Wi t':!i l ii
wep1-to COTciunoatlon-
I Ioi: ti i iitt7'u, ltat', taenigrd
,. ji.i".t ll iot Liw- tint- of it
-t iiii-. vtitt t' will
i'1 -F ' : ;1,'" ifij- tiz- %1 ttua:118 tlia
hti n i-ht i itti itAt' ncitn" wiillut
nut tr"kc i 1,~nkin i ak at fhei
.iit-ti.,riit- tilte~rms ute-ha
ie~~"n~o ntt Ari =-+::ini-itut-in
afta 1r iut'' tt-t a.- ntl lift attll t
;.j;tt "it f h ur.t'iftt-ti~tira-ti tun iket
rfa-h tag 'It'i,"f-- 'ttt- .! ti~tI tiil i ii Ci
tu IAltt t w ll.t it-lc i f i oo u.-ati
i-ln f ~ cue itt t tiaiii itis i-
- it-i'th t III' - t' i;=tithaf tlaltstlia
;lta uardtito titiitt it' ipwtoset
l~,.1.*u t. - 1 :-a''- it it''~ e tg
1;1nrn f'I hI hlmtlit if allt'such
.. , l i i i1nit--
IF I~. l~~ ;01 :ns l i~ i i ai ilt
it :t. 11, [ lx i , Odthe. u
e, 1", il -I o h;h -t cil g-.
tl r. It i "c i tttti-11 -toftis Ct -u t
l lt i i., t'6o alt I ttttt-tf t : whoitini
~ i i. i i i it i-ti,?W 1titti it it i'i-urfui
'itt--i li t e, fi i t ttliltItcali' tttl
itl~u t) t~isct~ th, tsol ittt' r ia o f
-ti itt uc i c t I. i AI -, t 111i t
-l Li' 1c t fk tf a -'i- t i- -t t-oi l it till-
=t, ,r imt-ah-i %v-rkA ~ I-tai'' .-
anti - i t -' stitlt
at t-iin' -1o~ ,, ifoititti
Io.il-it''dor.ifwna v ll l. ctitiie
nii.I I I -t-tit-tc i 'l* -aA to tt't L f t'ri iif
,+fAtI'l, i\t'11); l l' ii.hit-'on- 1, Ot
I! 1 1it--',i t -t 'l n iyi Itu~ri- wi
vn lit- 'hu iii _ tt-i t'ttl't' lht-
du, i111i11 fYrLo l ti-ctn. ' 1i S.
Pi tt- '-I i 1t1~ t-tuI! ttlt'll:116" I ll- thei
tntit-ti 0 na i 0 'i tx'k. S1Itirmitug,'ift-
aItn-iHI-F a- i---. X 1i-' li-i lf11 Cit u
i".kt- :i ; r 1 1 " 1 i i I ; I
ift fl. i i tt' t (
ittt1t't' -. i 11: pr~
I Ilitti
i-t"' i f ; 1tll
ft ' f t l~rt ,,.ctrl ii' f ti' - f t 'fti .ita -'i 1 t 3-t-t - t t !!I-
r t3 I '1?f,-ti t 1 - . f t E , . - I.r fIt -: tllTt(,ftI l t;II' -i I
t1 Il . t j lf I li rl 'I } ! i i ' rt I t- h ll (+ 3 1it. 1 i - ' .' t i tt} f i ' i t'11, ii ?i t 1 I t I il,
t'ii I 1f f t°1t fI' t I ' t l t' t1- t - i ' 4 fi tI t) ; n 11
if ' Z i + i. l ti't t . . i t i ] t : " 1 f , : l ~ j t
fli it t 1ii-f ' ; \'iitidt :It'it:
a 'Ililt. it ' t ii tt-tiff lt"i'1ii
F ittf , ,111 ".t
till1tlli~r'1: t+'i lt i ri ~;t .t ti -1
tt-i itt;1 ft I .1_ E, i 'Iti )tuti ti t 'i' ti it"t £ iii it+ ii It tt 1 Ii fi t '1ii'iti. IIt tl ir ,0
it{> pal-" I :['it lat riot- il n1I t' i t.1 a i i l " ' iiii,''av(t 1 t. :ti l '[ 21+f}
7rM 1 tlta ti1 ," ;I t~llt'I I ttait t , i to In I titir11<t f-itt 11rt'. I i t itini rit t .
"th~t1r t' rl tl f t .Nt II~:c I lo 1'i '')t,1 11)ts. Dr. Mt i t Prrf'rt
ir,.tt lyil,'t .1 1physi t 1111 ttitttt t't- ttittu
I 1'ti-lia-1Proft 2 Ot ~OIOI. '£t cS tilt1sig:'in I)71 [ ~s. *z
;!)It'I : 411tll i 1it i phi, 'T7 t teil iiit hin11 ~1ita Ink I1tt Ousutitigs dr i tt11'1, IL ta nii- uii-s a it-ra -
it t'tltty'ti tf ir.Iti, it 0tit

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