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October 05, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-10-05

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eend Game of the Season Will beAnnual Fresh-Sepih Rush Hadl upt
Called at o'clock eil Reets the Standard.
.1 1 ili it11w:11 i ' lit"C':1111 iI:1 I"'
na .11 l:lntl i I' P .ill e <iii" 1ii11 [1,
:1CI tiua'. }.CC 11 h, n ,tC 1:1C Il hii, :11 C sCIC ', '-klii CCCI II C111.11 11 1101
put1l''CC'1.C'CI I'I11 h,''CiCr 0111 i1C1 ~i1i C" 1-1iiI itC 1"C1
'CCCI"C C'''CI' '11i1z" C C 1,;11 17 C l ii C C I i""iC ICi CC
I Ciii Cliii I'liCCI' 11i111111111;1ll''oIt
ICCari CCCI liii Cr+IiiC1pc t ii i ii I of'i 111vi '
'CII lrii11'iC1111. IiiC CII i1-ril iiu I 1111r C"ipe ltsl~ u(i L
hidI o huil11,. 11111I Cli' Ct ', - [11s. 11'CIdCICt1} .(
'c rIii i 1111:1I"ciI CCC C liti seemCot0
l"C ui ~ I i '1 11,11}i i s ,I1C0 (
111e1x1 CICI i I i nt ii Cli i 1111C't tI'sI.
har . 1nd 1 '". CC Is iy ";Ciii I C I ll
iiild a day's CCCI i ll I" C III h li ICC ii CIII
1 I 'o l 'is tCiCiCCIC 'CCII I u, C r',CI iC o r'~
oil C ho pe t1.1CI'IICICC past ICC Ciii
" 'Il 1 11 1 Cri~t ll li a ills: i llTh 11-
"Illyloi g me Iii I CCIIIonthe sehli
Cltlth 11111lit If 1C 1 1 111111' will 111"
I CCCIhois o n o i- ii b st 111"1111 h e ci I i lilh a ,I
the t 'as line"11)Ccouldliotibe o I neCC
ICC Cd u o i. ihur'C"ili n lilt1 prob-I
"itnt r toC-i't"',the 'ii:; tl t III
Chli iii I i'' II, g I CC," 11
no t C iii:1 i h I l of LII 'Ill
:tit[ C itil 'ii i I C' Ci C C Iii
- I t s i l l i r: 1 11ijii. :11" "
1111 i'l'Cpt1. .eh h, (h t11lat tI 1 is ''c ii I
C 11,':h 1-sinoC 'CCI:II I h~h 11 1 ', Co CCI..1' Ii
. Cii' ' I CCC a ~ t, 11"t' ' \ t. ull, itC C111,C111C-Clii,1 i lt)' Itl iS
'ICC I 11ii1:1:,}<1,li . l1 n e1:r
1 lvn i 1s (tn. Iwa. 1 'I onI' CCC"as'h i ii CI' 'i 'I fCCiii"
C ,lCC ,i i; i ltiil I li Iii iii 1 Ii lv'1CC ' l tb 1111,, ICC i l II''' I ICC 21.t 11111'itil II.
list ii'I'C«l ill iiCii i Cli Cliii hull i l ' 11,x".11 i.CICC' CI tIC ' will Ci,)< I -1i'i''' CC
111 ' CC' iii ' ' C iCC1. i ' 11. I1ti'11114
;IjrlCC i' CI1
to Si' C LiIrC lyneCi CCI "s the WA G (Cetl - i 1;C)C
CnemCilubI RelateslIhe lInsideC 1Facts Let I
ef the CIC'oevt' '. :11i +I ;
11il C i I~" 1
C' )S'?!'i~ i' + 1 1iPlatll~i~ + i
C11111 '"C~lI
t11ilir i'lC''i1lICC:tCIC. ;1 +i)+:t;''1I'11t 1
i' t + 'tt1 1 1 ' Ci ii Ci 'rill . {ii 1.i iii +' " 1
+)' t I+c(1ii ' t'1 i"Cl1 C1 CCII Cliii CCIII 1
No. 11
ii i C [ liji lithull C iIcliCof tlW
T111Clit I nk iC .CC"IntlICI CC',CCCI
d ti 111c CC i li is iii lt I li i I
Cii lo ii' iii Ciiiiii li C ii' '111
ill Groups-SIciaComCmlaittee
uls let' the Ccmillg''er'r.
''ii' ofC Clii'cC1tiii ''I ICICICICE
111li 1Iiliv i I i ife ii' II cII-
'l' hiI CX'"ti'ii litill
t C. lh k cti iifl CCCip-
CCC ''i'l:111 11' CCC. 1 Il :ii C' Clod i i'liti' it'C I is tIll 'l .ilC
I'ti iii"'1Cht C2[t"IICCI )2 'i1( t'111( CC ' it l i~ ' i'i''' 1'ii i s.ICCCC Ii i' il CCC CCCI'
Itt ~ ll' into l Il, rCCCIII' Cii4l1.11 'I C : ii Cll ' tI' li'' g i. ICICCtI CC ''C to
W~t IIII il 1n 't11i 1'<)' t14' ll'''' 'i ll '111iC IIC'iiiI iI'IIII
IhCI i d t ~( Iiilii'nIC {'1Ciii IHi' 11'-"i vI II lii l' iii )CII*( C s's ''' ' ^11 ?'CI't'
C it ' ttt''CC I' +CC 'iiiIC iiiiCC i i Ci1 " i I h 2;tllt l i'" CII' CIiiCi1111 i Il
;,;lili1.f~''Ill1 1'" ll tynit C ''CCC 'C'it.
" tIi)ttt (I ltt11tlll1t1(;1 il'.illl 14'12,CCII Ciib
CCI II ' .i. kIII''i It-*ii'''ii I I,', IIICIiit il CCII CI C ilt.( i i -1'~
]I it'lCho'.C on I t CC Clii 'III Cii' CCCI I I ll' [Cit'' I Ciii I(tIIi' i ' Ii"'" Iii i ICmiddle- of CCCC'
:1 111r(. iI Coli'd i' 'iii' 11w"'ins h s(i 1 t~~n11 C lti, asi Cfollows' i:
huh fNI' IX CCC wc a )(ii tv. .. t(t-i-k at aIi liiIt- Ci iliC ,ii. III'
:111 wItI 1(1 ItiI11IC'i t'C I I i tI il '111t ' Cit ll 11CC' EM IiiuI CI~iCCCI Io I
CCCt '.11 ii li ii''.I' ilCI CC i '''II' 111 11t:11 1 CIICCi. XIi'n;
:dtre~t Alilist,,W II 12 nt'° 11 ~i Y''rCAlaCI CII I CIII l I' 1111i,
1IVW1Ill her 11( CIC1 )lil i CII "adrIs C Cli I CCI' - 1oi I Cl1 i li rICCrI
2 IiI -1 i i I i1asii 1 ItCad'Iii llC I CI CCIhitireCC i tCCCII Cltii III. ClleC
Ths ll1 T e' :le 1iC' l )CCII tC.C114I' 11,1(1 1,1111, Ci'o lt .i''CIlastCIC l' II i'CCICII1
C '''Il l C ir llill 11111 I 111111 iflICrIelC it or newI' CCCIsC' w:),I'NIII CCIttende'd. 'P111
orI'glI~i'/CC 111. I c i'i'IC 'iIC'' 1:CC tII ,l ])ItI II"ors t'Io Ci*IC 1 CCI'ICCCICC 1111
C ii' 11e illlosibiltC Cfor CIIi i o lCICIC' 111CC l s ICiit'IIY c 'Ctd 1111CC ''01111CC CiII,
Cw CCdI ressesIhC reI anC d 1111111.' illi I ''CII"' II CCCclat'is, 11nd IIUt liiC 11I'lls. Re-'
settle CCCIII rival ciCCisof the tw1110 111111' C'i''CCuo'CCCwe1r'o.se~rv'edCCIIIdalncing
CIt't~lIeatocC atl CCIild C io g'en IjoyedIIIIIiIti Eo'Iloxk. NCr1. AngU
Chat it joilnt meet'inlg CeCarr'angedCasII Dr. Mosher, MesidamesI,'Soul11, Scott,
Ii- w'lL Illsiroulsiof 1111akillg to botlk arkl'C1, C.'ulding andotlher patrn-
organizations. CCII' 5 ofthe Leaguewere presnt and
"In pursunnec of fli' aig C-ion and Celpd I make Ihe afternoon a success
Itli tI i ta( ill ~ i I : 1
NI I'llC C l" Citj- xCIII C41 Ii ii CI ii'''i'i'. I 4IC tt
ICI t71u iCCI CCI il~ l t' 'I' C uiCCCCCC II l i 'l C ilar~ l i a~ii CCCII CCCI . ii-'CCliiil C11un
t 1t1C il' 1111} ; i~ C Ci haw'C}aCC CCCII CCIC''Cr CC'la''di'' . , l ra ; aI ri :art } CC i' l Iu c
C A. 'Cl' IC-1CC \. IlCIbit' il8 l 7i,' Cuitic'iI CIIC iI.
IC. CC. 1 C-111,1. Y._____
'CCII CCIlI CgC IIh v I C 'I'luulCl cl 31CiCI."(=eI ri 111' CoiCC'r+.)IIitCI. is
Clfo h1 'git CCII CIf CrI'llaC1111 'fIIICICI CICCI 1111, 11111 1 ' ' ICvaCCkov'Cy'C. De-
CiIA14,FS LC EILLIOTTf. F cwiIlJ.nueninlglt, Lit, 'f ,IsCisitin
itF\ I' CCCCSO. friendsnitin"theMyfor aC few d"y"'

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