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March 04, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-03-04

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The Squad Has Beer. :,to on and
the Men Are Shtis~g Uppvienet.
Cach se'Ptpn il ~l Arive Aparil
1tP, "u ~ ti orci icillp i; 11;p
fP 'I P I;u l" Iiipi-l1i Pp o liii
nl.1 I'(ll lliS 7)u 1N~s" ll( 3Pr:
.. P-pp.~ tll l, - 1e1 1r :U~
WAl l rl t1 l
-p-pp l.'111'tlr11 II. ,
h lip pp ti
p.' p r lpp1' l il 1t 1 11u
X P uip 1:~"i" t 111~ ,Il li
- Ppolui.
I 't'teh rs - Il ':t111 r ;:i . I t 1 1 . \
li p ,11'
PP ~v~ 1 ! l } 1 i I ti +I
C117r 11t~i". p..tl iiii .
P Pip I p pp pp.. I~ l~iiii \(pp p '
PI Ppi 1 . ct t1: 1. 4 i +1pp ~ 11 , 1
I '''P P . I I . . 1 . 1 1 1 a 1 1: ; 1'N 1,
'-'P 'pK r1i a1'-Pa .P>.'':1P1
P Pp.[aI1''PPi pP \\'i.r.ppp PPla ,i:1t1
ii pp-ip pp P -p. -ii. Pip
P P1 P II p
-'p-pp-pop l t-t I: 1 11 1 1 11' 1 ii "'
Ii i i'-' 1 111C~1 ~
11 { l 'PPttu [p1 1t: , 1 II. ~ 1
Cornel 'MP. Prip i
l l i pp .. t tt n ,t l ir ] .1 "1t l: i<
Pt -pp ip
Ppu[I Thr p "1:. ipl . 1 1 p I o 1
11 1 1.p I 'P I l l p :i pipt
13J'tlp pip pp P:t i11
- 'pil p pYp p-p iii PP
'p pp pip ivti 1~''Pp pp t~ 1 I t'I
p p''l
'-Pl, lT i p pp pp~ . '.'I a<1 Pp-p
ll'i i 1Lt, 1t1u ' wiltrt 'p" p pp,
ppI i .p .' l'a " ,u t i tl ~ii I 11 :1. :t:
pr, Pip ,pp P
pp it i ..Pt:pi<i-p p p ppp rip
trt < tr 4 . t ii 'pppp pp--pp ;,v ti i i tipi li
; U PhPiippt p
,p ppp'lt~tit pE' P} p:it tl : i <r cx ,
A ll K qqp 1
pt .mn&
,:^<,rs ~ t!I:I,-ri~o ri-fti'A ey Exciting CetcA s Pomised a
u~n~t i tr-,II,,-: ii '1, I PPt-p Isny ': ll" Strong M en Are Entered
h, al Itt11, rll ...it- Gym. Team Gives Another
I lldIML IW~r;Iil iII_. sc -itlol IE i itos
pP p ____________
p- "Ii IA ' ' pl iIp I P' p p1 pP p Ipp iI pp :Ir.. t :1 p ,
P i . ; ! 'p t"p Ip'p .- ' I . -P I
I'" hi ' ..( tithe ~ P P pp' . , .r1i
PI :-I ; r " . l Pip 't- ,- -p 11p I pp p, P P..I
.. tit p pP.. pp pitl t ppl ..1 ,. ; i l -
Tips RecordI-I: :.., ,I i :iliIte IiP
I til DnlI~f t.Ppsp"oiu
.. I := ; tlp 1 pip p. -I' pppp' '-P 'pIIi II pp1 1 -pp t , I ~ I '\ :
pp-P:P'i,-,pp-ip -
p pp i1I, i-li.\':plpipI pPl, p tp , 11i- - - - P,
Pip--Ppl p!Ipl .I_ .I1 1 Th III--p pp ptI i II I,- -'pp - ep.i
PP-p P PP ppI , t 1 I-Pp
P a. I 'l P ,; p p !1'. Pp1,rI It- t ls '
PT ppp psP pp pp p pp pp ppppp ls pp-pp . pi pp
pappt.ppppp p31p;111 p1pp1pIIpI-p'I",--lpp-p-tpi
)I, I I ,,I I , 1 ,~ I I 1; ~ i I' tl .,l 1 \ 1 ' i, I .~ t -i" . \ . pip--pp p t p,- pp 1 -pp 11pp 11
-P-P.p-- p'-~pp,-l P. ppp pp-pp pp-pp.-.i pp. -p -iv pil i p I II 't-i- -p
ppf p~ Pii P 1'P;Ip p PIpppipI P'p.pppppIPIIpi ". i'.P-p.l '
- p.pp~pP Ppp- pip --- ---- --- p ''i p t41 , Ipppp-p p ip pp-I p'Ip' Ipi ' P p -1 '
'pupI.T .( I- p-p.,.men's PC.npp-p.
p: \Ip' P:1 Ii pI p A Ip \p I ppp-p-p- -1-pppp: ' -pI ,,' p
Iit:~ :! 1 r li .1I i.--- ,P r .p, pp-pP Pp i -Pp III, ii P. ,,'Iii 1:1: "1
p~l '1'p " Ipa I: i .- p1.pp...- pp i p p-k-pp-IuI . -p-pptill -p'-pPi i i.. i i P-.h p-p pp p p P.. .1,
I pipui PP-pp-p.- -p-p' ii...II '. p.. pP Impp-p-p .. PP pp.1 .1 II-Ip
p P pp pp p pliui P p- 'P P.. P - .I" ai. i p- i f-pp-pP-p p 1111,";sp -
Ip. pi '. 1 Ilt , i\ lp I. 1Ip pp d l I".I il l ;1rii- pp-pr , ppp," Il- n ., :II,
IIPip-p-pp-pp pp-pIpI:1p - p1,PP. Pp-p Pil - Pipre ' 0 .111". i'i u ii' il o ll, il
ip1-1:piP-ImPi'iIP iltll-'i, u- .!:l.pi i-ui'- ,l ~li1, IIi; 1t l d~itb
ptti. p...1 I- ~ p-pllp'u-p ;I -PP pP ;1pppppppp PP.f iippiiipo l a ~ I1.
PP PP' pii' -iipt iiIp '- P. P p. ppwh. ..ich 1,I' iii pPPIllpPi 1p1 ii1 -d p..
:tld irs }: II{'i p If1pI~ .ipiP f-p-p p ' PpiP pppppp Pi -pp u-pp I ppv'p ll . -pPPp pp P.
Tili- fll-- Irc-p slod SIr I1upute1 b rtl D ll 1sw
No 11
Sphemore Promenade
pp pppppppp ' "c-du1 ...-ppbp !on-
p p rp pp pp-pp-p
Jo p Mup c";r.ani ,Losi T eiP nit~f
P,:p-p, 1-p-pp~ 111,"ppp..p111 pp p
piS1 ::f<'p-.p 1,1 l'tirp-pp tt Pw ,1G
Pip -pppIp P Pp s-p pip.
-p--p .1 a I :~ s .' L"11,"Pip pp -p 1'.
pp, 1;1 p li~~ -p p f I~" ppr pP ppppip
PIP-p-p PP-p-p-Pp-pu' i P I"ii pi Pp pp .<°1 f P -~ ,
i :1 {1: . . i I I . Pp 1 1.,1i ,p'Ii .,:II
i.":-p . p I I Pp. P-1p1p11 p1 .. p p-p-pp11 .1..111 P \1' P.'
.j," p t ;11,.1 1 - p P p'pi l : I- , ,-~a laip 1,..
I~p,.,,11 pps., p-ppMll;II Pu-pi P ppp-p-
II\ p.;, I t Pi 11P,, 'lh .- i ly' ~i ' 111P .,-1-
,ppp I ~ pp'. sppp',Pi P. ip PPPPPP' i,' r isAP
-p PipW , p;Pp.- ,.f p!pap-ps'ppt i Ow pip',pppp.
~ litpplif'i . ,1;1i.. ~'l 110 i-pp',l
tiliu I 1 P-i ,,I- Iopp-pp. Itvll11'11"

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