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January 29, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-01-29

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Tonight. perior to Text-Book. sity Hall Feb. S. s. L. A. Audience.
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t o '1 t h4 ll r litt41i t ' [1 4I 1 #
itii r'talIi 44' Ii - :1(
to 1 s : ilt itS - w it t ; 1t (t' 1i " it
1,t at 14tit(41ti4ltltli, 'm-
li '~l:i t I '4 111 i;t il~t ~t- t i it 'lit j
ti l « a i t ti t flt ii ii tt lilt it h eit otpt
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til t. 1 ll Ittit ttt11t .I it iii tl u11
Il-i I ' art'itt't a
'll i't 11111014'0 t i'i l
hi lit'1 ,,x-4011ibIt(14 441114it til iti,
r II )t 11i 14 ,itt i 11 Itl \
t l i i r t t Iy .iti I t I t 1 -
A s a n tt1 i' 1 11 14 1 1 t 'ttttt it
17 1 x4 t l ilht,- .k .1141sit t 4ill ii -- ;t
It t y cl a l a , ,11 1 f 111 6:1 1(itt1 1Is
41 ( 1 t C ~ l } 1 i tt-It tIlt 41ini fil m
.itIt tilt- 0i i Ilit' -tI hj>t I_- 't't- II:II
I ' it t- -it t tit ')\,,ll- i 1 xth(4i
(11:1 it it~s t~ kt'l ;I 11er 11:11 lt' 1I tit i4Ii
1! -tISi te L iii . I t tl l1ii i i t i 4
Ii 1 f i lit titi i iii -111til ls ii II rv I
lit-i h II i I t 11(I l : tl 4 t t t' ':1II II
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1('4211'1' t'4llItit tt)' f t t lilt l i t l 1 1 (4
:1114 ) tutu i- ll 1'( itt'.it l i tt 't I ii i
i'li tit -t ii t iI I \elec -turt 1r *s
1tIiliiti t r 1 lit' hI eX Iw'lit t-ti t-' I li In 11
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i'h t' tt'' iiietll : i i 444t I re tt i I11lit 1:
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:iss Boyd of Sm 11 \iIt Co111e 11 ec'iltt-c
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'l li t' t't iti''nlttilll1 t tm n I il
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t ilt hors.
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i el : 'tea .l n n i
lu i iiit 13'..i114.;441:1i. S t. Mieligas-Chicago Athletic Managers
at Peace-
Coummercial Museuot. ''14)tiltS" til t l ?:irt r, v1
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tilt Itt iIt Ii'tiii - - ttiiitt r I2:li1it Itt \v i ii t ii t i lt tt1: IIt11 ' lit ' ht4t
titii iltt tttt tlt-itltt it - ' ( -' it i t-it "'I1 it i thi tt Itliii 14t
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ill 4 t thtI'4' toll, it) I fotrtitttt2 ty itt-;
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1tt l i-Lt till rtEiii I II 1 itiotutt I. t, ~tt-tii th )1In
'v I o1 4rth 2. rt 'i t h --mt.\v t ' n loutn .' ii unit
o i)trlt i 't u tLltt i4t x i ' Lit of n u tl a ~ l lo
itoorl ti of (21tttrt21oiI.~ ' Il1i x 1 ~t IIIv Irt11 11ti 1 1
Aitier NiEwtLaw Book.
I ,1 11 l . 1; " 1, i11*- 1 t t1 ilt .l tN i ll
it 411 liti'it.i-i:1i1141 ii
it I 'itt' t i t i tl I i I 11:1'' I" ll
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2ttr il.tt l":lisio i II 14lt ~
il t ilillt i lt1~ lt i W o 'llltltt
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-' I4 I tI t it, .1t [1tit~t til t ' 1 - iti'11;
lit hoit it-Stt.utii it ii
1. Nt ti'iiive I i1 t,.4iti :I li rfi it i
ill' 1t:l+.
2. KN iiitts-of Jit i 114iii
1. lVi4" Ititll iii I I t iltti't-14 n 41fv
itt, j ltittli or114'11it4inliti I
5.AIti hrt t hi t ry0' ll ;ii1tt's l tilt
1.ubsclrbe (for the T'afly-e.
5 l1ti ilt iuhiutlii.
'i' ;I 1 11t iii lu l ;t lt -i' ll t tlthu er
lit; i~ t 11 I i0 i ttS \it' 11ti-h'-'' 1I1111
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1o 1 \Itr 1irti' ;11't hi ~ ftlt11:1
''t+1 'ri~ t lt ait 'llI' I 1 t -1 lit
111 I ' i1 . tt- I 't tit ti i I ii ti ltI nt -l
lii 1,1; 11;1 ioti t it<'iilt ti iAv l
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ii'o+it t il -
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tit tilt .I W.tutitk itt-ti ee--nt)Iriot i
staiit id lt Ilt- ti"iitot 'tii't'. ot
Iiwito i'uott'ttIiiw iltetj# u
Yttit totitititnkthalit L-t Vairini- i
ill titt liiitt'iili nofcadonalutld.
ittiu~tilt ittinry abutf'It-ntnt l
.Sttsttuthe-ntt't-'ali 'Mleithett ame
i~iiu mi-tht oti n-iith i'-tig tttci,
itt~tttitt ttit t u t rei to fimrnt4,fthtt
tin ttt i ti jt eIi BottoTillulrsojiin
titut;'.'. othe - of teoeti iters one
t-i -tto.heat on -unit ea Vesht oUnl-
n nit rtane-it! whist goati
-Lice Victor011hene of eF.bruar.
and ug in -bout titetSns-t of April, corti-
pthug the course with two rhtt..

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