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January 24, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-01-24

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STANFORDIS POINT OF VIEW, Summer Commercial Courses.
1 'ho faiititlt f till t ti'
h0Daily Palo Alto Sayse ''Gieat is i'tlt'' t' tl ii ttuttittit t'tni t11 tttp i t '
Michi0011 andi Greater is Yost Itt'itittt'tI
who Made iMichia." Iittittt t 1 i lly I t'' liti'- 14
I i , t t . i tttt i <t It' I I ; lidt~ l l
It \cit t1,:r' i i ll
: l l it t i l I ittl i a l i i i ,
':tucl I ll' ll I ' 'ilii
tl ill.
,~ , .ttt 1 ;:r ", t . .\liIi ll .lm
tt I it 1,t d r
I't i~ St flit it ll I ll lt l
'It tt11" I t ll' lit
It lwIt- I tlttgg l ,i
i" it' t ,ii
t,1il' Lo r:l . B l
lit't~ai. fuurlo ~it Lt,.t'1'110ii
Ict i tt iii i I I ;II
^ lI t ' I l h n oO lllt. It ii " iti t t , i
'i'ttrt "l Iu"ttitt'i
eoIWI,;will. ;VIII lanchg
i 1> (lRe g r, lii io i to
iiitinsirifts tW 11lt, I iillctl So1w ,
in lint!;! ti' :liitl W Inking, in t'it'lilt iliwry
;1114 ill the Scit'nce tl :if,-
t";iiliiiis. If tfM 't"L ili w, liolits will
lw ililtnld "l Ns a qttst01 7"0111", W r W o
fit 11Nn2 till!l. ;lil{l w ill iit'
lwilimr!Q bw ldgh tit'h""I itr;lt'lltTs hi
S k T .tl V 1\'"rk. NO W "T Ho, t"itirse ,
Q H Ito t1lttnvd. t ;'ltt'il(l lill+tll illy tlt-
I3't' I til' lllt'11! lllittli;: ! llt It';It'l3t'i t}i
i llt' l;lit'. I iii' ilt' ) I1'i Ilft'lli t)i t't'r711t)iil
It's 1: !I" \1' 1,I :lif'.: it'll itt :lti t t"3'I1IIti
' ,1"li;ll i t t"t t;ittl! ';11 'I! t' illt' t' 1l'+tllltl
("('}"n 14TO) IIS iillt'I'tm wi .il't. M U M
DAY, JANUJARI 241 1902.
Short Bio(.raphical Sketchec of the
Menibers of the Teamsc Which WVill
Strive for Highler Honors.
I ii : I i ](1 ,tt i it tt' ' 't I 't t 'itt I
%t ttt Iil III 1:t 'o lttoI II I l .
No. 8 6
JHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS. ccW 111tt114)iI I 41 (l.Iii. lgo1:1
List of ;troiteSea a n"d Booth tiial l '1;04,I . liiiII*'h4I,4t. "114
snes Has been ivlenOt--List of 1'11t til(tii,\ ~(1 111(1
114,c1:1 i14, i.I "It \t1" 1. I . 1; it , 'it' I ititti' out'ittli t' \ ill 'It 11't
Sl r 1, t. 1. \ i~ 4 3 .., C 14\ - 11t 4~~1 11 o tvvloijil t .t 11( it' it-
l it ,I I I II iI 1 lilt1I i Ii4 ttt11.i4l. i lt i ti '4 IIIt1 I.r h 4 1 t t \ l i
ii1i1"- 14 " 11I i :' ': It i'(';111111 11o 4111 4 1111i 11'I1t (11'. \, it 1thu it' i'' ' 11
It 1 41 :1 1 :1111 {: 1 11lit ! t Il) i4 i i ' t":1I i'l ': I I "4 o1 t'1 111 1 t' 'lt
SIII, \I haII cctilt itt\ \ :111,41~ iii titIII I I ( ti t( ti ,ii1:iii I it
I'll I I )l~ 11 . t 141 1 I1(1_(I i I II ," III( I11I1 II ll '11it i1it
E. 111. Fini'h Ii: 55 i .\. IIt I t'iIII Idl II~ . ilt' 1 1eitili iii
i ) 11: 'I lle :II I(- ) : 11 . . 1 111 . I 41 '1 [ :,I I ' Ii i -
1ii iii1 I 1 t'1i lt i t t ' ti 'i c i ,0 h \ I r1 ; t 'l t: iII A I i .
I tlt \i ;E I:iii( li1 1E . (1'l f V i tiit 1i1 ih .i ,I lei ii I
t l:I rt 11 1 1 1( 1 iii. 1 (1 : i- 414 1c - lr. H \ 1 1 I11ti o ,4 1 h
I iii i1)1 1 Ir11 i "-1it :1 1'i . \ 11 : 1:c (I l , , 4 4 tit ;1111o il 1tt'
(;'11:''tit Iottilt. % i Sit.( 114 1'4 i 4tttt'ttot '1' . 1114"(,4'(iti ('l.4t1\ it
it t it I ii liiIt ttt''t ' A'Itt "11"1: h s it Ill tt1: i tutu I: t' ili I It' i', dut(
'i liii lt uilt i I oitli 'it1'11t, ll110111 itt it' 'ilie' tt'it'iili'ttI4 i;, ; i(11
______ _;______________ ii 0111Ifii\( 'itI t'l' or II 'i ttt,:11,o li i"
KIiriu'ko'oooi oo1'1111i ntuIi bi c i1',ten tiu oiiu 1'\'1 I1 'ii ctto oIm I'it141ill o11:'r
'xct't1tlisgiy iiiti'(ol, iii44i 114iiio 1"41re ;11(."iitiiy Nortti ieg' ot'.as
o' ias yt'tre iy tIctN ttei. o1"1"'1 '1:. ie(iti O4titit. 'Pub 11 1.'M . ilit'. oc"ts
i~i) nod prob blyw'olne.o th iIi1,i ('ti I t ltliIt to gu\o;I, cIIiti 4er
1Ist1or1;)ii sies11. "111Coiiiiiiii'iI .11 . \ (1ii i rn Fourt[h ,( Paget 11
Thorpe at Michigan.
Mr. . C.Thore. t'lttI'tt 1 ii 1100
th-tfi~ 1 frit ltn & uinc
r~llr~i ;11, 1;t :,- l i a nlii "i-
1boai1tv i 7ol Fl ie a of Icece Natiooa'
trUit ' troh -IliConio.edoh M~itc iithllli
Meii ltd Noted~1111L;dii"t,1101;e
:111 Al;I l'i lill til , i ll \%: it' ofI t ' "
gito i 11 i . i
11 r cN e li t'
't<ilt' 1 ilto t
i tt' 'ii liii' "huTly o t'lii it 111011 i lto"', k
II t1-ir-1 I iti sw l d tu i l
ii til 1t' I i 1
rtlip' SI illtfl,, lit 1111 iich ctlll
I 't'to i ittt'littottit(" IliNlllb sill
re ii it,. iit i luitt't'' "11 ti
ior fTutees IofilNewI Nitioai i
Ui0 t iit t 55pse l i Pbli
T he1 11lii lil1l ' li rs t i
No r ,.~iii '1 111 11 t e i1oiil ris ie
1nt'' 11 I' -'ii i 10 tut ,-tutu it t l t ofi it I li
I illt' ti als s-l t t. 'I,- tiltker iof
ilte 11..1- f 1'lpl ent ti lt' ii' lthe -
I l- ~t 11c u to i slii lit'l i 1i ln e.
!1:111 .\lit olttl i eIt II Iyi c ii i l 11 I ii i''
S titi Iol iltIn ie . Gim n
M :' 1111d:tJohn it' tilt i Itlitri tt (if l-t
tinl' i tt lri i ls.itii ltii'lthN o iier '
s ; 1 li L. t' tot' . la sact
br IS lv 'p 'i i o"tucke': vail h ow.
stili ot11iiti iitinti it i. iay :+i
opt ut '1i'o~:;l min te mueum, iNbro
frk: uil+to r'tli'e1,bsVatI . oy, aneti'
(Continued1. ot Fou litrth Page)t.'l

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