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January 23, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-01-23

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"t 41
0t i0Ridgeway Conceit Company Pilgrim Prize is Awarded-Great In-
Tonight--Interesting Proarrain.terest Shown.
at aaaaa ala I
at111tflli al l~ l(l1 11ih tl' 11( Ii.r il 'ai'aat. etat 1\ it' fi
lamialll{-l-a('lI-' li
1'121}l1'at'll 1 t:a"".Ila' for il' Ia' laa'aal aalaa 'a ataaa'a'
is 1111 aIl f t' ' Artis s aaiaa l 111o i lta ' iaa aaalaa't''a ()tt-
at {i '11 ,tit i :\a-I;i;'''a :I l aaaa
It l 1 ;1i e . T e lt - tt Il( ,t rv s
a j al" 'r , a- 'a a; 1 11 () 1 ' at i i I :1 1
at-rl It ala a- . 1 (3 ili t
11is a [ ' :l-a. t~ l's , ; 111 i s " 11 l l' 1 ) i 1 j (1t 1 ls + ( 1 1
C1 C aaaaaa
ala a ajw''alaaa aalala. aVlaa1Caaaa Ca aia
a111 i'4 laar2 aa l l l , Iat il;t-
a a>ti l l l{.'a (,i' I t -aa -. a aa' 'a aa1a)tt''
jl. i l1;1{ i'all 1'aaa lal lalta talat -aaa la I aaa la
tht (;i l" ii t' 1t~tl, ltts t'i( llta1l a'ai'a' 111- l'a ta' aaa'aaa la'a l 'aa l a''l
alY (1 1 l ; l l l l l ( I a aaaaa [ tla aaaa 'a 1'a a a \ :I '1 1 1 1' t
I laa la-at iaaa l a-I'''''' a ;i
11a 11 '1 ' a it a Ciatiat -aa. l'aa (la It1tC /ia lt ', it' ":\1 aa :1 t:;i l.
alalts',l aaaa'a -alall al aaaaa I aaaa-'a'iiaaa
a1 i l t l l " l (1 ! l a- l aaaa 1 at ,1i aaaI :llaa l aaa w 1 , v 'I~va/aa1 s 12 )Iat v I
1.;11,laaa ilti'a'l 11'a-laaaa I' aaaaaa -a aa a a a lI a- ala-'a aa1
In Numher of Living Graduates-Third
in Size of Studest Body
Arraaaadl aaato' Ills' 1 a tiara va-a ol1111
C t tcoleNt- at aa'a 1litl-itis f II(
N'ar Carla Cf,; tat'll! r ar. f~llth
' ' t aal1t'atW orld l' atIt a a a l; tl
at~lilt'aI : aaaaaaa I ' tI ''a' 'aalaa s 'a a a'-' 'aaa
a tat Ia atcat a- 'atl ifiIt1l! lf ~tlt
l ic I t t la tt a- -at-at tat' tat il t
itas( -- 'laIrfs t ird a t e IIII~ f1
ti lle s:i t 'Ita aIf? la ii Ill,'a2il
lw o Il l a ltlt l a-a ':,lama Ct lltal't"''a a
all aaaaaaaa - Ik a iaaaall it a 'at - flii a il
lllt aa~~ ~Ila' a aalaa tala I a a ' l ~it(s :1
T! I aaaaa' :1."a74 al'a
-'arI~ ( . tI a'4 :Iat i;C a llaaaatItII cI
av :r.; i 1~l aaaaaaaa 'a a Isaaaaat a
Ie 51 cfIIeaaalaaaa -I' IIta 'a ia? Ia ; aaal a
I '141' aat a-a if) I t 'a l p 1 I 'll a''-''- a-a- aaaa .
her a ie ,f aIt lf i-In s k~ i
III-o e I~e :11() sl:.aaa1( a I 's
AiahI atI It 5Iff 1 ~ :Iltli
aaaaaaaaa4S0 aaOIaN-a0'.
Simallpox Bulletin.
aTe tat a t-i 114tia la tf ';t1t1 ila l a iitlta
l~ lo l. ~ I a 'aa4raat la' 11c
tat,'I141 Id, t'a't'aaatatt a'aaaa11ti-l ra.'
a 44. It . at ta' II. la-a ttltat ;It' a-ta tat-o
114:1 1'II~phol 1 i t-a-1;1 Ii al it 1.tat l
-''''r:lI i 'a) t ii tt1{ata a 11;1l z. L
;I : r ii: , t" t' Ii 't it't ; l c tat 411ta ' 1 1 I 4 4'
'1'15:?l t Jl itt' lat us . t a la'
I t tI a ala'>aittti tatrep a'.'aat'iaattalaa 'a
Sanet 1 Plnd.fr,' t i
C Iia' tt-i ta*v 14t a aaaaa ta 'It% A il 'a 1
1114 ' I aaaaa a l a4 - it a ila- h ill lr
a tIwo t' ati ta l- t taltta- tii tttla;1t a-
i l at111' ' a. T heta t 'a talt-t'", t-t:taillai's alaa1::
a 'a-ala a-Ct-a t , It I t litY Caa 11all
4411 t'allta a'lllawttal.''1 ~;11 tli
.C ta I I I : 'a411- itt tt taa''I 1 1 1H 4iI IIS
aI i t 'a'al''ia-a'la aIlis Ciata aa aa '11141
tat1ta 4a4aaaa1. talIt4, l atat -t at I . Aiaaa-t aaf r
h I . it- tat CC r a 14 ntlat aalaaaa I aaaa'-aaaa a
a ala:tl; a14, 1;.: 111I :I i J I,
a Ir 'iit Ior tt 1 :it a -aa v ' a I)
fi lltt i. tt a t a-ia1) r u
''1 ''',Iti tl taaa' a t l a .; u Ia- a- t~ t l
I iliaaatIilaIat itthe
I af '
all II t IIa )
W ork 05 Y 111 llfgiaaph1rc1'1)1SiI - O ii
'. Cata Ct ; !) a II l It a ala It it1
1>la~t 'i:II ' - ~iIl
a ' 1 l t I t t I ) . 1 1
a il t t u llt
-fi t M ll , i a - atr y ta : tat a l l
1I1a- i t I t t i
a, W 0I1 ala It 1t aaat I a I t it i tt a
la l 0 * a l vt 'ilatll
- II a1r1t t' t t a''a11w r; m' 'a
'a'alt i1 i t -:I tl t ta aal Ilaa t at
ti t a1 II,4 . Ita l' l a 1111' I' 'aria
I a t) a 111aa'- It ta- l MIa a ,1a- 1al
aaaI t 1'ait:taall t atill 1 a'ill'I t
a-a at--l t-
af ~ la a' catalaI a
J at Hop Concert.
It'' C :;Iniaa'tilt-a-. iiaaaa at'ata ni erti'aaa
11t1ta- 'U nlitt at4% I ant i't alA'a n ol
tal a aatl I t'. I1It,-ill I. Ila- -' a-aa iaa 'a, le
a lw li ar S 1 t' '11I 1'4)r1Calilt'. taalltit
itt at 'a''la a nd a a a Ii a--it " u a-
linve ;wen hard ~~ tl~~l, i
flt :I~~lit lt4)r n imimi''-ati :tat
n n . ;1 1' i l iI:1 11 14 t -i't' al-
;I; llok. hc l, Itll l t Naal lnttt'a i
a t I ' 1 1 : 1 ti )' 1 4 1 1 i=;lItt It )t'
iat il fell I~t 1114 aI' ta~ it a aaa ' a a
111t1 alMt ac!t. a n lt~ 14 ' )
A , isIt t la Ittlila-a l \aaaaaaa 34,l' 4i INt
,It. T -' 'I'tttwiny I,-at'aa niaa. i t4} tat ia-
latat aa'aa'a :Is-a'ia'I Ia':tis -aat a -i inatlt'I at-
at yd aaa'- t t itt'-atlA a tlatstt)' Iht 'l-a''-
'1,1 a i-a-' li ata-tal 'a t ~lal l (ra a' a- I l t a- I)1.t' itCla- I- a C' 't' 11 I I 'tat :.111-(tItal l(,
a-I v aaa.. .. . . .. . .'..a51 -I :n l'aa- I I a-f'aa a- - l a-- I aaaa'aov -va'unior It'
i ot a .. . . .. . . . .. . . 1.); ta-I iltr i-taIa 'ia-rat- I nt p 'atoi( l
Al ta" lat t . . . . . . . . . . . :. til) -a-,'n it l at ill-attt- a'I li e s tltt'h: ta t i ltal
Cit. ... ""' ' ia tata l a' l a alo la-- 1' \"i 'at a il 'ta 'al -
C tt'l E '1ta . . .. . . . . .11 1 1 1 '' l tl 11 a la 1 l it t ''a'
lil~ t~i .. . .. . . .. . . ... . . :.. tI( \ ill : t ll :tl "4t 4': 1 . 11 ta-pI t talt'
( "o n t lI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1, :l ltl t~x I4- ato ".. i ai l- ' ri t o l
4 i1 11 1 :! . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . :. I :I t tl l it' 4 It- It atta1;l a ta-1ta I tat f-t It'
a tat to.t.. ..tt.a.. .t. ( , ' I t at I t Ill It tt it Ih
1 :l.. . .t ittl hat-1: Ii ;1 ta-la-at 1411a l ala' a-
I~ 111' 1I: .. .. . . . . . ... .. 2:I1 144;l l : lt 1 1 t It t )I t al 4 III atati tt
Cata at '~l . .. . . .. . '_I It''' a tlt' I t t'n (i'aa t ataIa- I i at a at l iii
aaaalaal;II a. . . . a.... Cia . i..a .....aa ::,laaa'aaa'' a a:i~ t l t 1iaaaa.a-aath tattat
Ia-a' l 1',t'a- 4 'a aaa<ll a ' ei t';lla tit i'ia'aaaaaa l'.~t I tll. ll :1
ItI~ vI at-la'...... aa'taatG"alaa (a)a a aa l~ta la'aa '11a :1aitala ltaata fila-a' i ll'a' al ill-
iiaa a'a't. ..a l l5,I a'(a t i aaaaaall a'a till a I alh l al-it, tlI( 1ll
t'ui aatlta '''''a'''-''.. . 001 ait t tat l I llat I 4at' itt-Ia 'r i';n a ~ d(ie
1a1acaaa;oa ..aaa ...a . . ...... ti,()i1 'i1a1 i 'ia~'; t-aatiar rl aaItt' i ati, atat
(l'ta-al I . a-a-a... . . tti 'a a X11titatIttI It tt- N of ti-t l atatta~ lta' a ha-
Po l la-'aI\;t,.. .. ..... .. ..... 21 1-at11 i l i'a )I'a- a i-!ltat'. ifa-aiaM . aaaaaa'tO tate ito -
Pra-ic, .n. . . . ... , . a1at1atatt1; aaXa111 iii aa aaI~tla-aa i''a t 't a-i' t' li ii 5tl ;
f'i-ata - - - -l'' aatar1:1 . . . .. .. . 1 55 1 11'.4 altla'aIaa i I l aa-ai 'taaaa-a- ltal ,v awaa-
itIttati( -ltaa'II a't I41s Mci - ltat11-itlta a1'taat ta l -at-a- ll aI'lit- 'a~e-a-- ia'aa 'i
the ,laiirtit'g - II- - -t-lao 8 ;14til ilat-Catt-aiy t alt'-i-a i-a
itCoat- -aaai tat atitta tttt'l'ir ta.itata taf S- aaaI"aI : tat : P1.aE-a~tla Itat (' at f I atatiiiat iitrat
Utlat alttiat- att5tf!ttiitlt;,tat ilalarIIIat it at tttN. l eltd ta;tI tttt I eraLtit -
Iotai Itta-attatotaf s4" o.it -tIlg tlil ,taf ita tttxf lo (ail a sttCC 'i-a in-aroinat
cioar trn- foor Sit atr. i 85)IS -iiitlm 'was r;nitia-a- fi'a- .ort ( ai ttaid1" 8 <len t
III\I'- . .. . . . .. 2082.88 Ttl w7t t ,Sta ia 2tf it-s 'aitII -a' of\- I I1r t a'tita- a-conai(,
S'e ri,0Iv;Illin; ater..t. 9a- Sa-- iaaaTe Iof eih tY ,i o fM si,(01
dortati.e.fund ...f..t ..a.v ..iatne coii, 3 (1(td 1 h sv l o lt'o
foot .(t ....... ......whii.a;tiata ,iti- 4 Suant c;i v hta f o ti , D a me tnew s s
lI aa 'ltttll a 'i : th ' Iii\-aaeI a
f " itaaan li1 at a lali I Ia aat -t h i a I a ttn al'-
oi xf 1 I t rtt t'l cia f aI Al- C aI tre -ttt' 1ttti .
irataof cll e tad s ne of thte tr Ia'aaa'aaaaaaI ala- Sid ai lCi lttatCata-t
I cl tar italue ta'a- Iat Ile'ut ttt' itt 'attla a-'l'a otfa tat 'it 1i F. 'fTrow-
'{ l iita t tt _lait it tat ot'aia toI- li-'a- tatak at-in itt- si fift a-revaiation of
"i it tha lipto(lte a'id tach -athiaahookiaoaf referatntce-aThisariasioin
ili liti-a- lltctioatn o a a-and-a ot w dto asrga d i

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