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January 22, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-01-22

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,0 17 C'
,y a
" 4 yr y $
A4 7W
k R
FiR5'a YEAR.
AUnfique Powrto of Coatratct ISe-
lctol.A Renarkt'k'tialArrty of
talist'tts Kay" Been Eatayed.
The Recent Classiliration Malke the Complete Summary of Varsity Records
Collection a Us~a: aAdu ar to <ind tite Roidct'-laoproenatents
That Departutaetti. Havoeota enRf-tat kahie.
Delivorcilby Rev. Washtington Gladden
itn New erry ball Last Evening-
PISCUSS10;1 of Sorital Prolblett.
1t i Ac Il
itt rw & ;itl ;'ittil't"it tlii't f 1't 11',
2' i l;t t! i 1!t) t rr) ! ;1'Ilit'i' 1't ;32'x . 1't)2'illt 1'
11 f'tl tt)Ill;tl'"t' S U 11t1'12.t1t' 1kt)i'212;
!21 112ta 1 1' ) t ill t ;tt lt \ t ;il' .r.,111t 11';,211 :tilt) lt,
1 1 1 ( 14'i w K 11!(' ;t1 1t 2 2 )i 1:!' ltt'l t'1' 1)t t'll I!It, i.
: 11't ;l \1 t'II t't)2122'.(. 2t'i1 t'lt^ "- 211:11 .
I2 )1! f)f t)1 )tt';1;tt M IN ,3i'2',t!igd 11'!1!1 Kirin i
't ti'1t 1l' tt) 11lt )1' M ", A ,11 it) lilt' 1101" ' t)I eri i
;iilil t ) t';tc"ii t>I llt t". 1 t :: ?11 2;21:: it it :1 ;111,1 :
Gl't)11; fu ll o r ;2 E ltt';f Ill 1', 1 =111t 1 1; III:i
,1}1'lriit U in Itit 1l i t iitlti Itt:i .il~ IIf 1'flf
)t)I'1I1'21 1){';i O, hm hint's t)2 11w th.;tIll it! ilit"
kilo 1'er,,,. or \v.,,,,, , sharp t"f)11- 11"111,
irr1.1 i., 111' 3'tt1"tii'(1 1)V (;()2111()t
i!1 I' ..1;":t11, t...
"-111t"11 w 1 11t llc)!f't 1 t'.\ lli't ; 1!t'if .
v on or " 1)t W il l1;11' Illl'1+)tiit 1t;II'lil. :lllfll::l
lIlf lr.;;~11)11' 1ho 1)(',1 it"ltt' t)1 tJ1)(T a 0 : JAY 1
111't)1111t t t1 ltt' ;1 111't' 1c h t' in ltt)mt r : 111t'il Iii[' t1t'
111f' <'?i112;1 o)' t11t 1't 4 1 it ;11, 111;11 s it 'i'1Et
11f 1'1) 1't;lll;I ill lt" .1- ..,t".. . ,t ., .. " .,,!1,,..,
I i 1t killI.
\ liil II'' icttll: tIi T ll(
_t llltTi NI H 1111111- .1l it ll ;Ili 5W 0 0 Q
lit, .,)t1t'iilt11ls :Itli W a d - is si Itl il.;_ ltd- - A .,,
iliall {ii +liitllt'. Tills l1" wll 1w t.tty'tmil H", 10
Ilt °il i'1 l: tiilt tl irt 1t11',°, t t"ttllcl 1l.li.
c l iiltlt i1 t itt illo T ilt, I'(4 11ird f*{tI' Illt I
lwoll hold 1)y .1. M.
t't';1++1t 1\";I Itl t' t'Itit'tI tt! 4.\ sl m", Ilmi \'tor . IN
Iasi G'tor h I)rs. 22 wt t'tllltls Wit, a I)t'i'fm ill:
M A N "I I.+)Iltlttil. 5itis I'.lll. itt slallil ftal' tti
I I: " l; 11';f4
. . l il il
,..7 . 1 .. ,. 1, .
"1' it . t- ;'s11 r. t'~ lt t ' , i ' ti I 1 > l :
t ' ) I 1 I i ) '1 1 - l 1 t ' t t t "[it t 0 1 1 \ 't
itt1it tt F o f fAI" t : 1 t i 1 t1 .1 }
: 1 1 iti' I i i
'!~iii iit*' lIIl'l'. tt'' a:\'1
1it t 0. '';I1 e re: ; 1
.t1 tiii"I I i t'.
lil lt it, i i at\\11 iI t tiit t.it i
tit.thE {"}111 t;. f1t'i1Ar)t' \ta1i t'I
t i 1i t d i t i I I a t a t I i l t . 1 0 1 1 : i
31 akntltat 1)fat1.
' 1t. i1tt\' :i t
a( 1 1t t c tita t 1It a ' 1' IiI itt ' at t t 'Itt'
1)t . t l'1a 'a ' 1t t t't ta t a. a
tti 'ttu t :1.tta he at i tIIi taIt taattttit ate
att t taatt I c tal t 1 t I.n a t t t t a' ti+ li't'
to oe aa' I e ctiiic t I'tt t c 'iItat
1 1' 00 I itt t' i 10 1t tad VT. tanl
a ', 111I1 le ct e ' l It :t of the ~' F 'ti-
1 at, t ta
a iE I 1' 11ot tlay tof ltta't s.on
y),i1It 11i' 1;11' A~ t'Ills\\ 11 1t' tl'c
tt I: l
t' alit'
ilE t r i
at taltil"I
IzJ) fit* 1' )i t ill) J); i
which Iro ill,
%N.It c o !!I (.l!()II Ii 11 s!
I1111iE'l1I )tilll( lil fii,'
iiIf I,;1 ,11c)1 , i 1 , Illii
J iI , Jw c i
l il) til )lt llt;ll lis)1".Ir,
Tt tat tat' itt 1:4 W p' 4111te iatl
- taa't'itita'11"1 tt'a'ik.i't''tt''t'tt itt .tat
a1nwlt 1114, a 11tat .4a a t' '' v lix' ,t at
in il, illl ly llw a"4f j iii' titi 'Y
ti It at t - ath 1 11 1'1 itl\\" a (a at
t'ta41\il tade : 1 tA:l: . P ilito
lll~tlk ' . 4 r ll~ . o lr~llL 4111 I a : I,'
antw1'Ii -ill ''" a a l 'tI I 1
at it. 11:"'i t ': 1 t l i
I I '''11 a i t t'ti."'t' 11t t 11; ~
\{ilt' ali t' tilt1' i'' o -
A. i a 1' 11 f r ll h lt
a li o Il il v k i
it it tiatitittie .1.11tti 't'ti tt iii 1
'tat5 ' a''t'tt't i a tat I 'wilt aI~~i
ili, ri o(w1.T~
lt 1 '14 11 '(' lit'tt wat '% 'S i
'11! i'''1 d 1r I" h 11
Ii- 11x 11 :+1l ia 22'ita
1r11 c. II , lr lr a lit' l I t; l
15 _ ' tt . ;1,1 Il m
i l 4 : i I 1 l ta it lit1 t 1 + t i ti 1 I4 1 l 1 3s I< 1 1 I l
I~l 111t' .1:ss t : t11it1tlt tf ( lliI S (: t it t a.\ai ta all~l
Ili(- 11t'1(' 10
lit11 ;IStitit'tti alltilt it !erns tatr4s
ait) t i t t I1 : ' t lt i tI l'i i l \ l t ''i l '' f l e v
-r :1it t II . 1 t i Y s a il (
\ I 1 lI it(t-' ttitta' .114
it4tI\'111\ na >i ) 'l ' tIt a ''a al '>ta \': a s lt
a il ta'("IIt at'()1'' 11'1'' tt ' itt' ~'" :l 4:.
a t1aa 1I1- 1 'a'' 't I iii tea t tt'1I: a"II .t 'll 1 1o
t axi i'tttullitit hat 4*:1''\'11 e( I ha+( '"itt(a:It
a a1:111 ' 'a" itt t1 i \(l 1; 11 III t' tlt ll t t o a' aitt '
\sta \a. ' 'a >'i11, 1111(1a ' ;1( '' I:I< II i (' I :I. \IIa'IaII
il ( 1111( (, cIii" 'tItataea' an eitalt tryItI I ttatt411\\ii
at1 :i< \ t itt it]a('( tat!1 a' t ia' t( ta'it'(t t i s't'e. ' .tta
t'1i a's ''at aa'a' \-ett -l 'a' 11:a \(t a l' ' 5 ai' ttats
t , \Is ~ l(it iw eta'l(t a t who'tt tt's tat 'taa''tiy
e''tttt a tIItea'"i'ti t ta1tt ua'atii tac' tl4")itt t'aaaattttttui
a 1'' at taat taite' a't i 'ttt''a'tt1111 i ttay 1110(:1tt 'casT i itta
(lit' t1 t (It''5 a tal 'eatidtat a''taaaatt'ti teis att . 1('na t he a
I.te'otf it' ettt ae(' ai t \%stel ndetredt Dr.ti a d-ta
a' tattal4'etot ta1ana:tda'aa tt taut'141 'x4 -taecke, sothatll
ta eae'11i1'aaaa' tat tat at ae'ttl e'tact 'ts (1a''a111e'uryill-'hit) .
aI ~ ';.CedSthies Foat a Asveryateoy
,:rit\t ec tenortoe MutalhAiedo.otte
at soil tat lset"l dottars)anal(n1st el a th 1:ir 1livig."
I lo'lock14'. ith 1 Im. WitMarsha ,llaeo s 4 tatII )
illprbaby. rrt,4ilit 0. E11 lteer, 11EAsistBo l t .4)1-
a nHal t h :ne .J. R. R (-I hrdson.d 'm
a 1 ' li l \ '' 13tala ~lI i ; i I i : t l l ll '1 c lli'lc'a
t1 : l ltt 1' l 1 n i l'v l id t l'
a ill1'1 1 'I11~ 1 1 t ' t it.' t tt il'' a oi a t i t at1
lll It ''a' 't tt t 11 'lI'a" li t I t ait Iillt;ti ' Pat t it. A l nj r + ii< l'
a tI' at atf l Ii ! cI't I+a' 'ii ' t te ' 11 '1 1 t ' . 'tai " tl l' a'a'a' ;,'milli t l 11 P
at it' ta'11i11I t at41ti'd tt an alt
ai t at'tt a t l'itttata
'lilit, tt Odic;i' tt'ttsao. 'a'1ua ta t lla's I Fill, i t11 tat,' 'nt tatti lit
ee'at'lla 'it' :1 '; 1 ail 'aaaaaa'aa'e 1;11 t':11. H att' act'it ' euli t 'l
tat' n ~tt' y tt. ' ttac'4 e14 t T1 N0'caice iatg t 11ut i i 1. t'11" :
11etattat aaoautea's t'o2tan:1ata eaII.a1'aa'tita' 1't __________1_____________
t'atnr taio tat'; 1 1 Al nanm:11.'tI'll o tta ,Ini ot.. I "a 111'1f lliar-1at.
ta'aegu\\ itt wihl.c11ei'theW* triv il e f l t o 11 i~the stead 'ta t nteest'Mi
sp 'c ti one ga te. f1 et'msil i tt r 1' icl tt1-1 ll olt i
lilt, c~heilioe1aa'n11xFriday aftIrletoonliat
aIr( t'r n an i g ts t e h ta.ptann lace t a yet he, li
ar reils~ of h vng>1. S ty.octl annI'l counced, rtho ghI c c'S
4:11 re--e:tbefor I~he oDcally-ne. : . '':l'.. :in the :Is leceoona of Ta1

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