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January 09, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-01-09

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Red Fire and Roman Candles Greet Mea Who Will Meet Northwestern Senior Dental Student Attempts to Casper Whitney Gives Him a Place on
-the "55" Fen-Loyalty of the Friday Night-Facts Aout Kill Relatives-Is Taken to the All-American-Only Western
Business Men, the Team. Asylum. Player Honored.
Te (frturn of tin- footballtea1m jo On ett rtidayJan. 10, in Univo- ClatdiE. Markey a seniorsdemmta mWuie a eLthsAl
f11ne0of the bige st lntio 5!Siill otsits lu ll. lihe Univesitys etlicieny ii stdent, roothig iat Monroe street.Ameiniii toamtind (1vgleeSnow aplace
tie(l\.iellrs ~ iterolegiate (debat1ing will agai in beicomitteinsinisanle freak atis hse it end.iiSnwis itimeOillywestermi san
iiten stndent bor.In se~htli15 smi Mci~i sl ne iitr irs nio alits-([,although Larsen and (Cnrtrs
ab5jsencs ftei tdn bdte]rtt es hnMchg il eti .ot-urnSna. Te follow-iot W isonitsin meesmetioned as substi-
tliot"1on 11 lndibsies5sndeded Nsrthuetern in the Semi-timals of the tg ii~ptititiis tkeni fron this 1110111anes in siting upte stegth of the
~, ismity555 titilb-ti i ssa-i ls-iaimitteami. heslli- imtsliePrs:temis othtie country Mr. Whitney
show mthm the ailietilgam siritmmifiitohusfori uisumsiom Is: iomnlisssYoutng Marke, who is a siental st- tlces theist the folowing orer:
tuflii'na tis wi-ere otmin th eataloguem Arbitaionim in iLbor Leis Ltmes. demt at tie Mihiganm-Unisersity, is itaitsri.
°t iceLnn1511it. s the teams arrisesd Sicimgaimhasiwuin mineccnsmescutie abomt 22 years of age.ad agui beeni Yaboo
sr5 to 2 iy muig o lyiie fswe stusdents ills--collegiate dbtates, ith ia totli singsmit homme fsiithe ast fos-Mihitgmnu
aba le Antuti. Aim u r imsmg lihi-ruclrot-m ifilieminictories out of font-- days. Ths monuomingaug h t S ol ick, Wsconsi.
hu it li he:re his-e toi-scetilihis-funm.tiinilcotstss. She hisissoil thuschiin- ni hu ts slihebasemenut it s uttgusi his W ist Point.
h5ithers- relsftheittsody iomship iii the s-t formtibmec cuonfired :a sat t hirughmthu-ciinghtl5-it hus Pinton-st.
We're safei t hi han sirtmlhe siu issis iv ,e rs limoe sinteur nt tie 'oth-itespshmouuter,-iwhis was ipshis lit ioriell.
as -t-s-l-Shomeuli-sonninussster-Altiiiganm deate silliimet thue tmisse heur Hidieds-iusthtlhuhad Lafayette.
madei trl i strc
flThe li iw~inmner of te -ihicago-Muui-eot do- anceilthits-shot andulthei-subjeuct its Anmtmaist.
e~51t a I a5t l ctonce isild te alo fr tim e hamututshlipti hils ye itr. iirop1ed1 buth shurt-ty afitr iunnme le yrcuse
of l i ilsti iti sad woil m suut i .Ii -lTP O)1THE U 01OF tM iiiet sillliiietramlpage againm andiiit u-u Tiii ithmi-cwisuirnt cotisgs-are saa
itssricei i-de w re lhe thre ihi-ga's liei-upisiilllbi as tfol iiis: lls-ed.withossut pros iutost fit wobhiss a n td sitting own.
ft l itofthi shidoits-' Millar, Le-niardiO.3 Mi-gs 102 lisis A. 1. hlls-s at his step hi er , tsr toh mimssig tr. Whitiy seciis ichigaut as
1on 5 .._- -- -
ait l it o 55 5t stsiproposediit
urel~s 'i liiio h ,f
oldijo ouushi to- th
tu iii r<'ii tA-itn this- 1 5u s-wihut
slect lrsseu e3;son hi-l t his-nn
<t iii 5"-Peel isso it b it si-sssis ti-s
us 51 i n i io h ril
itidlli ^Cis.;.
ith e p orter th at it1 w ai- nlys hp
71 s ls 1limi t rovesitheml
1111l1were ,lausuirs Mouhgtism-Isue-
ere1v1dth ~liiCsltgimi ['it
-\lhan it it gif - edtlii t si ts. a n iii-
{eertils a151
dIts readyls ut ths-t s srec oity ihise iisuu
trt s eu.l hilits al &C its -mitey
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h111 4-11( llir s li t t1f'111im1 uo fM suim'oss-in ihsigi io disitau- ssum.tfe stsls-llv it hiim i ism thg
hrbI t Mimi. he ti -tity w shi iels ---s hoOCnr,'2ltadHuoSner-eisumark. Hiefuthanibrouth atiereing-storetonssarlsfree isrdifficutain-
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Ii. ( u 55t les, I m sismi,&Mtandlastphive yie iu tatotf hutnghsiokits simaymt mthheehri-.sti gan, hattsttIs eshy
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mLndety 5 utt 1te S AV I akelanedale ighschof threeen5ted tuagaiinslis heti.murEamchlMhaks amu
ivcitiO aS, muuiu hssm-umm xos httc iei tusiise a h to ngh eavythtit
-- ~~~~ hh~Ilinoi. -Durimig hins firstSto3ears Itinsisanes--Tiltrei 5 s idspsread sopimnioimthis yearc.
I ~>~ W uuf~tiu isitt the PUnivrst he tools trot. Tm-uc- his-muhisthe s-goshti that arkey sid slot .Spieakingigene-lly hfor time -cst,
li 'r e II'] ~ ilg ofObe~li wil de blod'scouse, Lins hs mmanactis-e is-tty shout to kiltloweeriaslie sias thers 'isimmre aupireciahble irogressi
1 t scture, lit theis vui-rsit- Y. nembher hum tothith-ie Jeffersoian amidswithtin fs-c foet of Mt-s ShMarkey si-les thodelopltmt of foothuallskillthanm
K11 , k ilm 1111). 17,IS8suit 11).Hits Summiser -literarysocieties. In ot ic s- lshtheusdimsonj-him o the te tThis is spartly o shodam
buI5 i t llssstuu-i-e Phil- cent ilcectiomi of time senior lcleass sins lem-aerooforbtietion sto frh teiitaaotomlftmegm
K'oa*i~ ''f inug is very is-ol he wsselectedttouastimaster wiith-ont ack eysa -toe isotsylm isthsnd ipartlyhbocuuse of the ulertness of
>s 1 i te rllr iaiky' wie s a prset wthmuimnd and in toleraunce of mediocrity
'l~tl'1au 1, l ,ego iihsl. hasing do- opposition, anmd is generally coissidered rel-tives i t im nhtgssoai, Ont. stii mu- ir-e osai h ia
uhuier cite it (sornell stud other one of time hoot speakers ont the cam -hichaesevedtoakeherea
51int 5uton.test swha~t it is today.,Storeover,I
pus. ll storius intendedoufor thec Pilgrmm euxsirtmeprtoflyumt ie
tQ-"'Hugo Sounenscheiu comes frost Chi- - msttecuteonurd0 sir th sp-hi tetimesplareadhe-
Pr~L~ItI3IS ;PItESIiINT. caos te took a gre at interest in de-tpintscontetms - h adso prt nwih h aeaelgs
it1o -i'~11 Hra ulr h atn n rtr uighshg theutmaagg ditor of htietIantder atedfor to 'he superior to thaitIn es-i-
1;i itetl atim Pt 1escill of Columbia school couse and wsi- orator of his byde'lock Fridumyevsnnug.denice throughout the easLt.'here is a
ii g ncth oiut lass a t Ohi cago ' West -Division Hi1gb real sense of time game, for the game's
b' t 15 ii seleted presideut 'by the echool last year. 'Sos-oral Michigan 01119'Stato University has received sake, among time faculty members o
f 5shees recently, men who heard him at that time pre- the fOag -hich iloate over Manila, and the leadlug middle western universi-
u5 c-1 - - - dieted that, heivwtilds strka the de- wsih wis enuileddown 'by Clpt. Ii -s- wo meet'- nih thy to bettor their
-se Hi JR: r" , Ikhu is ihifrnszmm ar 1 nleti'c aCl.%i24 . -

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