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December 11, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-12-11

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(tl } 7 Y ,1' i t 1,til tt31 C:itnt<Itt o lyttit t itl ln I,'
I * itinttl'll I iil i ''il
It I 11 jtttt hlt S ti t Si11i1
iltiki'' t ti ills'
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ill tilitit
\.VY. I)ElM 11811 19101.
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-tr cs W111 e, ilt "h
ell 8 I ~ ' ca ltar it rit-
(i 'i i't tlii; i i 1i +' I n t\iil i t
iitl t (A t' 1 I1'.t311ilt t
i cli i; i II ll t'1t' \i :L 1i ctI i r.
li , I li I ,11.t ' hoiitilc ii"
itt 111I~i'O e t.12 111t i ii -
at ci iowo. 'n r"1
Rlcaiiie ao1tLccEd'i'tioin el the
-A i l St'w o'ncthlls (Itch iisy
111 11iig m itv ilt Os1i cia vlt o
i+I iit' lio i c ii l1 1 < fit ii ' . t 1 11(, i lit ;i
t~l'i 1~ l'vit li' ritllustrated
ii 111 I 1 1 1 ; M':+lii' il lili 'itPiayne.
i i l'llt i i l.it 'I \ t~ i t l ioliitoic
t1ill '1i1' o lihi i i i l :ilul
'tin ~l I 'll 711 i5 l tttt ito
tY~ () lphcllti(1 I t i i ilt itof "llttititi i -
b llitt ittV tit'''iiit t lo i i-
.1 1!' 1 !ollle l lu";l it' l it F iit :111b 1
t cli :II I 1I 11' l 1.I 1 Ii i(( 7;:1 1(
t I ii itilli iii u't1 5'tSeason.
dilil lliI.
ittl *It "t()Imholii _I ilii
il iitl< ' IItr , {it i (t' il c )Il'
1#I rii tI i(
t(Iit" i) 4 i s 1 tit ll t i1 l l (r
1i( l it
I(« ( ) 1 r , 1 iltt i 1til )> alit i ll
Ii 1 t it : ~ c ll '~ t 1 i l , B l '
E, li ilt i 1(' 1 ( 1t ilt : 111c\i I-
liilt1: 1'1 (1 i iai1t(
l , 4 ' t I l i : t t i.a ( tt' Ililt'
"I . C Ii 1 c : r{'i i I l i Ii
(l. 111 1it t l ii fi tttil t lii : I ItIi 11I
I tt1 i't: 1( ill y: r) " tlt
lil :l
';1 ' ! ti' :tr1 1 1 r1 I i )
li t ( II it :Illi 1 ( t e l o ) t l l i h t
11 i,, ii t I1 (i i i 111111 I i iIt i
l; 1 .t l ): 1( lt ll ~ t1 tI
;Itlli to
1120h11 it I it(1(,5II~ls
G ran('tI~1 .Iii 1t d Cliv 11(
(t 11-1 lo tll t it 1;11 i. t.t ttleiig tIttrue iit(tIIuflit'1iii tc.11 t11I'ofitli' ]ltuise' 55 ittiltl\cifit'
prl ct s I littl l tud 1111n tu h il ei tnl itl] I iof 1111 ' i t ( }i :1(i 'nni iii iho t: pttr : ilsk th o
li iiItti1litec ud h it l il li t 'tutu it he h cit tutu1.h (' lld hoe wit
sltiny it orit tactcl i ttslite' litin' tltt1i iiit.1t i lge 111ium S t i~ il d l ' ti n ticl'
1'1')11 }iii Ittttel'eiltll tltllt;.i lii \I t II I 1 'li' ht)''.ttuill 'h'
ii i ii titlit i i ii lii Ittil c ti I tit). tlt itilitii Mondii tltoli-it tll iit
Iriptiltt H owever m enst irn trI .1-1 f li liis t1( 11 )' It t t n ci' 11c "I l it i ii iii 'ii i 'ii t i
1i14oii (1 will he ;1 i i ill iii ':12141 it-(.. T 're t 'nu't'ie Iihib ill i' l t. ini iie ~s IIlti I if ;1tiheii
it 11lli il l 111hlt itt1111ilt (),1("ht I t ol lhu h 1111 e' , :1( h r - r i"' m t m dlthe t '
11w.\ te i c e sri ng I .I n ii ititin. A i ' to t ft.il t er i nl
tilt I ilt iiliii' i 'tilt lii ilis I Class et p aopl iii lii' e*li''.tl Sit,
itlr s il iii'm'h ilt i hu 'witiitolt ' iii ''cititr,;r 'ten l'111Ytonuiti ii iiito isi tilt 55 \iii i ci iiitilte h e
tilt ite best h Ise til i t tin et(illi ' tlt.Sth mt ii"1lle i lsiii io linhe
1'lnt'' : 41 ; e~lit I ntll ell ll: 1hf :1A o s'it 1 e l cIt Ilii'II:'.i'tii l~ti s 11." : 1 Ii lll' .kei'ltch 'is
tilt I) 1 1]1('o ''1t 1it i l' It i il Ito ; Ilti77)(' Iit'' trettt' iii ithite
ciiiii S t u I l iiiic' 1 s'lf r : i I t 7 . 'tI iere1:12141iT ltu'r(i'" Ip 1siu t'
ite \\-:Istt i d\i t liii l l ork 1))t l ' t t'iti ()t 1 in iii' titl ''t:1.'t l es ii' t(
p 1lcirs oit ion.i'i'i' Ctthe' . lir tutu lii" I tilt StnioricCclass'tPar ty. antii"'1'1iiC' ci' tutu'-i].tilt
I Al titi11) th1 i;litl u;1 li t I Si1-1" n i ll I cIt'uowlIii i 11 i]t1tt ilt'A llici.w uhIn 1s i t' Wan wil tutu c li t) i s r-
solti ilt'. h i t hii i' ill i 1 i } t1lt1 till ; tlIS I l; illl' lily l r'I tt t i ' it it liii ititi)ll . i 1 ii te'itfirt I ) i il
() it x''1 . B t \l lt v l pi(ill ~ r 1' oftilt ;1Intl o11( ' of Il- i( 1 (lt ii:1ii I ii i e "l i ofli :1c1i1i;1i 1
11e u to(il) I i tl e. lvery ttli ' i t __(_______(>('r 1.\ ___i, _1_ wil_ )e_______;i_-O:It itlll1it titti l-t he s-15 .honeticili :t
II(\' :1t't 1) :Il'n) i 11 Sthi .iifs t h:11Re e 1)M I1'li 's l t\(-i ''s 1:11'I,: )1 :l'iteti Iii iii t n s e ll-c
t;11'il lit, t i S l. ~ 1 tll\'clIi'tini i i itti t 7: itti I s il1t s)iiille ] "i ,'ei 1 . e(m 'h l
tilt1 o ;i ws.1iIi' 11i~ ~ ,e1t'l l o lilt' t ) 1n itt ' i ' 't K irs 1):( )11 t°: i i ti "ll I li S' iiiit1'i litilolt'.in
sli ilt ';'(m I lii' ii'il. ii'tci i ItI' (Iii i i lt ' l i itti" (ti' tt t til''tt'c li t ic:, )' I- E ,i t l.'
'-)l.'n . 1 . o (t t o i l lo t it to iti 11 111 i ci ii's i ''i l 1 '11. t tli t .)'(lt 1:t i n 't to 2 e )"'
th 11 Il " t' : liti lii ol(lt iii (111it I 'l tl('i ii lts .ultl'i'i 1;6 e ll . 111 ' ttiit' l ii ' s ui l t t ii :i'' i ttitt' tte(
Ill.,,t i lt w w ltl t;~)1 t_ 'p l 1" s uried ttfor h '\t111,'D I ly. i'pi nch loii1( Iiti11111 tl' .11' f "A o rc..
x Roa )t Io~el t-;l Iwll I i 11' s A rm1I'( ]o ry, Fr11 'lt .I~.1)1 ot1'idays h 211 ~

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