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November 19, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-11-19

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Varsity (tidy Had Fifteen Minutes OfrMihigan, Illstrated, and in Poster Bay City and Fint to ise Visitd cn For 'Benefit o1 the Oratorical Associ
"Dress Reheasal" Yesterday-No Form-A Supplement to the Foot- Trip-One Niht Stands in e- tie, Tonight-Mrs. Helen Wel a
Iard Work Attemp ted, ball Inlander-Out Thursday. trit tind Grand B'apid. Formr Pupil of Professor
t 'hS mt i e lva .Illiihat thle One of the ltsreSru"g sd noel Yea- Tie 0 is'-rito of Stihigisowill gui___l__
M usenn -ISi-ingan wre cralld upon itares of the not itnumbier of the t- the lot tini isi 01510clu11s)0oi the
I 'neOilIa splmnrcutngra hnyartathv ersne hs- Oratorica Asxsss enon swill pre-
Icadir ssic Mrs. ateits Well thise. casiei
malt xn lotox' is ibjig r 51aIigraphsic 55015'he hi i-ssryof ihi- te issitahion fiit no ninaos. The i he ufsossiherfenWol tis eveniatio
saint. gano toth iifor the bli-itwenty years. lsl s :Ire e pliso iii)to the stasdrd 5:Uniesrity Hal. Sirs. Welt is i formerw
u iopay, .Ind Driy for a brief 'This suitpliotent silt be, issued II theit retsohi to iiill iearii, and if lithre ftrfserTeeiudbOhs
IS t Otlt's diii toach Yot runiihis fornh of ti isreposots',s1x28IncStihes in ows 011 ed-sssuichi-relle pup ltof- I-lfessoryiTruisbloo,.uthes
th p llot d emonl tithe Ielil.-igiltls ssize ulils ' o i it i o t rl s ilof itMci- matcit a t hiethss rll) ouold I'tiore n t1 --tit fSititiP iip
pssltiled h 'oits-fhusinss in thandl gllsfootalt 1 isllstrtithe last i~seven onos fortletie mizseeandsi ble ial-1wtt arednioetphnI
aid Pitotee pires'rd lite sore ihuan a -11s. 'Illeitname)siof teieuiltwh 'o ialate Sttstnoncsth atllitls th111ely oill bh ew plia, Herad tilliichhs tcaailed
10r55s rttotsil or the y itt iis thatt hles'smposed1tietUnversity teusiatllowe ossi s s t0iwntils yea-r. ThieiOsirt os slitsuis fasoralie ommet othtt
YsOt hars tit hi -s haries '5Theiniilifr th01st twtl-liy yeas tswil begive, rp walth beott- shorsitil(,sth e 115' tiitis int hs Ameiits-i- il stut~nt-itasgres.
s uity - f ouseisto mktihe War50- tiogestiewilttlte streso iati lnt s-eyt '-dv hotrdit.ire still oposeisd ~t r is. 'i~i-ItItaty 5o0 sittch aplplusin
Y rs U nest-aist hewii1sofJak st', urngihilprioiiheposertrcteiotigtutFlntandBaiCtyierspenddintofrtaiotofRoseti
'I stir tltd hils Otleistlesesnsi tind it siill ittntis sWaysforms'a t il-Ilt ill bt e 'vistesd lss-eesiig toOhe tresent BonnIsn eunoSely
-with tuhitsilini View I-that sedtreadyt-srefer-'ien li e atofifliomittion plii tt, anuIniiadditioi ilsherewill }itBSats tlitlt tiilg. Oe e rttls atso
it ottvnlther Itisiote its-p Th uteSnenel" b
reran on themie ast-t igTher Seialateniionssta sbtentg i twisteriasgte oares-Isuiti ote'I
negtionlth1ils sflerinitirnsanynts- teisltos of the Inlnder to this nni tins trtone-nitght stans.oxThetDetroit oand-pie Pil sThe butierharet'
te .titi' Sauray.Ti-tpisrtbiIttL. 10estisonio tetesitDetohocncrttederthirahpieut titteurepthshwthu tafiez n.n
anto stiithe b~ s-ont'hutdthc uhit1t'es-sieditions of Htsrod sle tils wot
liceaithlituIcos -it "is-l HLtlE. IrtII I i l t Mtrs is itstisit with
itu felush' taun tresmpthtlic
MrrllIDdelt'h Sta Player So-trday, November, 23.ths:hotfwres.
sit le Q~oi~ © C)7 p i ,1©~J 4'CJJ p^, t iso sltlssfsie rirca~r
H etwiIs is(,st f itle-tbes al- 000 0 ela00 00 0 0 0 00 sttionti sill r--rs'iv se ty sisuot
lutdyttkksitl~lt'ot-et.V Weighing 5 0AIM h5N I 5~5frssmnstoattitas w 'itl-s osisebes
lonihe is le it l isa) © 'liA AMSSO n ET' h ss -ttst iths elteutils'muchsto maid
hadsI-- 0 4C0iseciatnts and is staken © oII(,lst' lstIsof hetUnives itsy snd
hg otrIIbaeali 'ttiwsilght © 0 achisII(ad.ttui''e ~~ s ?b rent-xu~s' 0 s-st-esitheii uo-oti-uit ' ofsevery
'ltter itiasty. Lst iiIheIin iitse r[I 01 TtusC.31uCl 1ILE.S\ © lystudititntt Sem5tlebs sitthe 'tss-
'li t l e ii" - s-it' tt~tiittlL S ~ltisSin-'11t'tlll isictOwinni0g'iatlis ilsol li- dnlttssi ites, while
ist p Iitot t heisuswe- sit ter It-t'to toi-0 'ths o i s' seissrgi I : t, eests.
ut-' etN sie st Il---hr22u -yst't 0 Lto osery stt-uttt-isd tatd hbolt Siohli=atirn tllitai bitgger p'0 __
libsti si -r ti e. ii r ids t the 0 Ptstha id it's to A ti i h st ltelitt s i t st'st 'site. ts un.t's-- 0
0 0e Second Htsorical Lecture-Rital.
h ethook5tit-hidttiiti h l : le s rrnS t'gtso 0000000000 0000 000000000 00 0 0000 On ii lWs'd-ay afternoons t 4:30
fea 5tts I4tt is gii 'e-sulis -___________________ ttsththe sisoribta-l in th i srs
tour itt scoinglts. 'les tesstispltitstcosists of st'eraiic )5- t ditissRids along ii0i~in i'ebruartsy. giltnSy At rt Lisehooet Itsthe Uni-
'--- -tisis ttfthis 'VatrsityIts phay--totestof Allt t's- sts tre iss ~od foen, a- vsroll Shol of Music. Thi ssbject
Athlettc Number-The Alumnus so's rots.astis:also one of SRssdet's thouighlitIsyit sealy illthlbsesiiso. is Ldwoig syisisbetlosen tid as ilus-
Nhe tiits -e otmbrofisesthe Aol- erustiltsthis Blitilo gieli. Tes'litis-ius ost-isti tiniiteof Dilt''t, l-tdsereof
tub s e tic-~lth ubr tatceituidstories beasr 0on footalt ssuecs. tilesbianjtotcihub,. ill havels'om,55-sizles trntives-of tss- oiitsrs carsesr th-
'-" sluitr, St. ShileSmi'-itth~b. Itss - ts . VFrisisis, nnnitgeof the its this repetrtoirei, antd bothsssttoesmsat- fillowigtprosra, osntsisting of work
'rn tt 50 suYale foo- '-st bauslsli ele-s-in, 'sriust ill tt' t iY le lts-iltsctutd bti's' lubs. unieith e ad s se- 'ttmiifoti esisi iisi othis thus-pitp-ods
'- a atletc n rnlorit Is sureto'
t'isdd'11 the 11e-lt- of -~n siigss A thetio s-tst-et ion sus'ne Cii'titinsl stiltsofE. G Robins crd . .1 hic s ouil itt-tifsri-s. It is ls stst a 8y
alutnrl of ISI givs art exoun of th firstnave te mostitpelist-si'layer'thatthat thse tifte tisof rurst rapepor--
-'test its sy'5055situi iois"Thte ftunigit-ttltIforittstshfth'seet iti's lrt'usos- ssh-eIsniti'mts-i'sesttos
lt eat lustry- Sl rtitsinMy Ail- 'sts-entiptelsmatds' by ia S~t'lg htavtn' islsi 50itlos in It ilog wilsse si. y tt hit iuietts isssoc
Snie iisfe' a Nfeliari hresiiliThstumerwllsl notsTh osslyo heclbsarur'tInitmeli riep- o olywih e
air e r-- - 5'ttS Is-siou -te-es l-s-i. ttiis uiiswoertotkshliof 55 thsesis-ilssissi hss sliie 'etateg
mat bylitthue sen 'tihiso t-vemad Thursdaiy, tasit st-ll is' oils-litthis'beststoli is' uslost t tl ith i t'sitiiit 55tlitia tshh trtisg'tittt mi
Sitelililartit t-toU8 I at. eis s the j0-H a ili i lsnslo-rois-Ioilast 1te tnivesr- So e.ft hei-it ii'olerise msts-isits semtito i! i-es st ts t a 5th islttosisal es-It-
UP th"uaner monet oftheir ier' 'sty hsyo udrtefp lonoitpIinofortoele musi s iel'sl:
torn. silIseus. istssstst hsr -c sss.ins list ill- ctt tststi'th them a place 'ststI it--I's 10.:tio. 2
r- 'I I st11 of so uchliscontiutors iiiiiisotsitiii-iSt-t u11st Ol-so
LhOd lit101s, tPrettymants Guy Slit- "Tutts"---A H~sory. ohs thes oga titsuist. it'hlit Is nitdd lis lero
oheus e intiuscsiss-ssais St. Tuttle'es'tsblished ihis tiel- :3. Ires't.
5'eie t toistsir 1e ndr - usciusinesrtsysisoneIstork luttdIitd i st ai ' suasud
Use silt 'tthloalumnusssiis'i'sbuIit ownis"tplaiee" In April, -.1.shetwrdssiaskin'sthsetpseto diibus skeep iss-NG7:
it-a11tiee eS n if iteottf tsii, iu uu'ss stiii'Sisi- tnsttbisr Onttx-1 . A~'llego s~w sa..
toso wist si ius-r oin 'x-5mm is-s o ietntis io u-r o thsat Iby' a S5t isrtiTe rsy rut.- -us sts- siosd. 2 iiui u it
't'iherInrese's i ndloflh .sth t Insteadtlof reular meals M. Tutle I.eAllt'LawsaltsSnoki.Olili's: lit's is.
Obr ae"'iy oe'tvaluableans- ns tedhis tlus s-yusit. i-his ui
siut uliug pir t ilsiise ssns opItshiar. 'onus ~tstThe sx :-al sconi-ito "of Ie seire . Mitstis: Alegro cn rio sd p-
'hitf "1itit1tgh- a Sssisigt''is-tisse, netirt warlsnsenioloy'sr, ut the bul- Lirassi'atsnssuunssw-1 Sctishs snomohr astistito
ish andssslp hst'"by-Ia A sitam - sltas gososisthatsiow seight frtoe daiiy' eeintgNos. l.Tihe de-- 2ats-its. Atiut tn I--pb i
hel, "hetusiness -Side of sitsAth- Issilearsrul''ssatrsly empiloye5's -Ss's'tl tnfledsseture'sssifthetie tsss''tsissss'st C
- S~l, bo- issriss Isud sScadsdi~s iosdimpovmeno'oist-ssadt lx bhae sot Stes'ansuou cost. abut enoough ('tset-l 3
a orsyo atei m re f it- umade its thseasistoalso, so thast the in- hsss tbe's-sidiibby'thits-''po'tetrs tast St''be"sges
iltiatoo ad genesralsst eltesset'of . aAdatgii's~skb -~c mi ~jsiytstistsltiiu ~tistot ttthitisgoe ns. o
blis-SlOaltntbslbAtlebi tlit-sstSt.bussssivud b c nu ojsiytecenruintataet e4~ ahYdtd r utehdno 5prvsiouts ex- Che mostsumspotutous fumuiatioss of thi' Rno.Algo
Oblh ri ti e li tkiumber puulished eris-oe in ths're sta'Sisoruttsinststsbut tsteason. The tinesec-Iutd for tise ee Orchstsrsaparts ott scond piano by
tissar.le resai it-esd of ia lassoesihre brasionotis cetainly' uspropitious one.StisORuttsbttell Matin.
te toy's iul gts a tssns-of oany Otde- sitrnsy forenoon oeusrs She flas
gre-s of "lightnes's, "sand whebtre thesyi-bus-s tootballibgainesu, nsoili hglovss prom- "Jimmy" Ottley's Turkey.
he Football Wrinkle. wo-suli et tedi-tusitil the-ir remittanitce Ileousf ling the' ht's sgstos lsas.silome t busfor a iong time Steen sLat Co
TeThanksivngusit usmber of Web'- Camse trom o-an d o heissS insc his sits-- wsitnestwd on thi'ei(Ilroufsei-ril tom of the studess ts give old
kl sc' osedtoootbalul isecor eesls s -'s Insisi, 05155ofsthe p nhise-st- sasons. Win or Iose. there'wihllSosbtt' -.1 inunsuy"tttle'y, thegi.rbtssfts
AU} ii the tim'-hooe cso ftat iLes sof "'Tsuts" I he leuniqutsesreit ioasinfur islitllnlatiig 5iteoiclibrsarsy check room, a Thank'ssgn
cto.Thisnumbersihs- ,an sspoe- -sy' s-'t itioy'esb, sand sohiltsM.iTtutte -stggles. Its'bitheafesnoonsithe Shoit- turey'. Ths.y'ar mauny sus'rhitis
tr.Itt Iattrasetisve tisuls- It is itlus-wouldintissO tta t he we sshi.sooseit-h, game I iust is Ifisnhuss and'un suss -ue lrheadiy bten afixed0to"Jitmy'e'
L~1pl, 1aIro sS, Mo~nteBownosi.es oitiiioytuflisswouldtt sot tie soilisig pss'tutiotsfaiil thsrse siill b ive ssttrsaltshutet,sasn( Itsissmeasissthas tby' Thanks-
sto- Cae n uIsnh. "Mte.i Itoshage tosis casts ist. Ito hiss taithsrej-ioicinug os-s-nouthesr s-Itrsity 'tittory. givinug is most gorgess'tb Sintd'sill be
ay It's ehis si'stiost austttiu-nce Is "this boy's" snd snoesfsalhsin situ- The sessiorn ttie'lateIssage turnsout ready' to ty' to "Jimmsy's'"hile. tss
I' < itsti tots1(t'. Lowet- Isssolvesstts thanuistitstoss-sifellows, wohichs may' to ituse ipenintg ti-tisat, foriess e ysars theoslscrhplishase
ve - cl(h t ootall i-ess The 'iVol- sir '50 qtueesr. bFrequestly' Isisreeis-ss ThIhus ilitllO5sioftrheus ~t~otus'r s-ossnst- atissuusuito vs-eysi'eatsuttms, kintdthis
Oe nit rebr edtue wiut~ ohh istsdraswing ssymsesit for ilt, of tour ouse teyeassi' Isee ter rsesst-habtititesiirsssti I.yesar it i. o eo -hoped thsat more Otsan
s-e rt h i seof Otis-er nuerfordh. The stanudisng. fromusotl stssdents 'wsho 11uBod shut Stseens. ees-n llsbehs'givess the'hisidly obd man.
311 colors, ishby Sliasw. WrinklesuitserxlM's.( ( to bear front isain.-_____ _________
i ts. y 0 and soill sell for T- hei. tsi i-sit-or rlossto nbhe C.htssss , S~-IbiCXL tCLUB EN NOTI M
-NOTICE! gametie'ltteas-se ~A lsror 'iedsi - - Altlsmemubsers of t'Sb asitty (gloe,
x1wenyi The' fsou bthoiersity siniging meet- sly. Nov. 27,at9 t s. ss., ri-aching Chi- Slussdolins tnd Penjs clubs are so sout
Its,,-fiePisnnsyts-ansattudentsig osill -le held Sn Unis-rsity tHnll s-hgo at3:30) p. sis. Thesuaiss lites 'ill nbeIDailty-Nessfor notie'of time and
i shi wy to Eiurotpe onscsttleThsursdayafternsoons st 4:30 p. In.ties'-lbsethar'gssd. pitie of the up pctres'nof isheclubis
4t11,10a liy, to setheir isew row "nillstew ;sogs will S-Iretid- wh________-Iishwill be aken Sundtay.
p"A. A. STANSLEY. Diecton. Suscrbeeb for tilt Daily-News. Ht. C. lIMIT!, 51a11ger.

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