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November 16, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-11-16

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1'(er TYg~p. ANN ARBOR, MICI., FRIDAY, NOVE. BER 15, 1901. No.
Chicago Rp0rts Cripped Team, But Senator Fairbanks Relates Many In- Senii Fin-as in Gidiron Contests-
Trsable is 'ass ted. side Stories on our Relations Championship Will be Virtually New Songs and Yells, Unprecedented
M -With Spain. Decided Today. Enthuiasm at the Singng Meeting.
na1t hi reaies tcc Wvrsaine Many Ladies Present and Lend
acihyers fro e in5idy City. 1 goA izaesdaldience hard Sncotr IThe foiowlng scheduhe give caii the Their Voices.
V'ttiliroe aroos footblsi eu nFarbanks lst night in tie hood Gov- bi'football gatoes-which sill e
topii ottat Albion yesterday for ertoent. Cubs corse. le Is a power payd oday. Itc wilt e tnotced that Ose100enhicsl'snd . ga-
g"ligeht practic, nand they ssiii a- fiansi eloent siteker and g'-eea Pim tna hishs her shedu1( leandoe ~o etulsi suet a
raei -1Ahn rbo a 11:453thsbmorn- ves Clear it"COuntetof tlbSp. as-tch -gosleaors saytseili ic eci- emed at Wt'rtn ebe in-Sedn ne-snrr nse ea a. tte etnec- e I t'i. i al ite h eitei cetig olrtlasth nw sng n
fan Attb be- yesterday afternsoon and,. siokie of te two Instntces in i5:,4 ade n I ttpit o~i wilt nt he deciedciOt- ells. 'tf. Staney lei tier singing
hphtg eis teuliof bard huck storieo s I7:, letttis eccecery sas rou-it tii next Saturdey, wsntssie neets tanti rtf. ra-isood tier yelling. Prof
itredid.5that Chictago cslitscore. In) te-'erge of waer with Spin eoand liins . Te ioscr ee legr tstnc os-sng -ts-r otetn
sthb v~t -gsays of tb' sitnuation:t "f hosew t a c ii llsiuetost eeosr It sw it nc-, n- td thefhrcetcoentest In -i, s-cofbi cses twt
si Lot Sixsper tliclaigactto runtt nvt s eattotri ie-a In (che ontiy sshcth l ey si-tent shiedle ws-l1 te sut..Ttt he. atg eer as Icc tigesuen ss. ndIt was
SrWhhln9 sore, but itt the ose otid ia o n gethlstlliitt4. l ?se o eda octhliscoteist atestalw tet : -cctht -te
tltothey un- -do so. If we bahd oeur of tite -ciicm tf it th e ttitt(ra reritag i eigttttvs.w he'titcgc. ths e ells ih t r-ettedy nl
the caledfari rpbe-'- uti
eeelr ac s inn fleegance-for citersn ire's 'i clys hesiiccta to nt tecc Xl ses-selcevs. Wisconsn'ef.-th- e-soelgdt edte
sl work l shuldfe'elIfaily se e ct st ig ab t jastlitie b t e fct Io a svs.tritset. gecero c.hsta le ceapcigedstto Tbad tm
-s sec hthci ed lice. Ilikic il th ittsealitheitimeespre-aingc--forn- eli'sI-its. t-I tn ste- e a tn aste pulcc ton -se-eli, "i1k
10 t ;ttf 7d- ciefensae.litnt ts e ep'it wsas-. Tie spekser tok sect scan to Nebrsaskac cs. lKansasasc ii cia nc igwt
Stt o m ccitt m rttticcg aiccbig total 55 's, 5 ttt tth e tcs recsiet'st actilone en I'tudue ss. Illinois. ic I-s ets iat lfcr'nus
ient abhitotshold the,-hatiesturw selv s eetC s-c a ying it seill bet t el ls cr s ~iltcs ci sl oety iesiyeir a
tn ic k some' Ictt'itac-ticctt c- its-fithorehnepesless oftie-tnic5 'ted ells.y lvaniar ise.stsitg-eencison'-c.c
upflr tha ei i ccc ti ed Ye st met-'r s, ntis' acii dlycf verlc tsc t ciittpi ae s inc seteoticn. aclc f as '~-segc theoicst'et cclc-s fr b
51e-tact'ciOite c-tit is essil sil igec Stee 5stteco ieil-cca jn -sectwa-
ill it "O&cip is n f te- it- o f t i t'c-c. i- e- ect c itrtplt ccinfc'tics,'lowicgeup.( itrsrsct t1t,110 .. c-cc1 nic-w-e
ahe Att -n l he-re w _ -- - iss' gee'tt dsemandlfhcr
Ysae fte ro idcc tscs.its inte mtl onanaBsstcO -.+ :~. wi-+l p hgly apprec.ia+d l.J44.. Isdcs wie Ioifseelons
01 t ihatift a~l nies 5 mcc i,5 l itlay 1 *h i c s td a nr l n t h n ti ilb ailitolS a e s r e a 'l c
.a±,lr c e s te i t-i tss th icatsiht
555 etht -ey hae al rel, ter [onsofthcttcc cofpcts-Il reiacegateripciestotrsforth guzestetwcc'p ccicc'nlteall tro in
ton - I te tic'ithe'ebt-etb'st ofc+ro"..ell
titisuth aomp' ccwih cccl riterry-
iztirgt -dic.dici.. I I)I\I ( s c' as-sleetih torecure a it i ghet
The tasi will5tlue up*i followstenaticctesy nitieces.wnerw en
i e~ns' - lu etic i. }-rnC. itcii s t a sic s xttnet c-t t bes t
tedeectitili c-c ts-ecfo e t e ngb e sits-c-te ns hinel
X'isese I.e T ckle Ke ndy ti' len lenc it Iosesong enughtoeoy-
It t card--- --eB(ny ,a .
i~s-5h ineetost + s iteslrse y:1-eseotetaro ith tsh of
befor T r U T gongttAhetc t. 5 te-nt'ime tota cfctecnece
Whitelec 0uad. ..Kap tsieiiIctce i 2 I Fil. O sa tMyer' ni 1 .Ii. G o t ct stisns te mioccrsst a co n s-i
Icedet 'figit XX eseicnteelantjifg-a eas aystl bvotaneaa 1.0.sam t u e -fc- itonstortrie ch theg
k±_at..LOUDEnand LONG. k { rIt ll-n itteis longL5e'ougci'fIout-
s n
icsle} .1.ru oh clegecccieilii iitgcbly thiiat-of
15 s al I ten t. !Hro '011t shoulid--c +hi t e , so-
eps ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e your555ttccktint bnefore goingf hisoythe ssArhleticl
'Insl 1'er-- cc -liIed Ito111tIr tes- ic Icieloswth ied ts-c-
lou Ii i l ine Washiscng tic--nde e c a s a tilb o t i edanLo . G v o ing..igr. 'LtitbtrieiltseC icgo-n
Oic 1c tte--cc- ccEicicl 55ti5 n-iC MOnIcE'.td i
Xt el X lsc en ne rt.- nc XXt repn______________y______Prof.__ __T._____.ns re blood),0c
ti smaXl nicet tcils 55 55 aud iec rie asc-fegt etes' testCis e ''g isnit feer
itec'i NJr s i c toeli Ie re ticlie ''ee ti iIgaltiti~t G . - W W L L C U E ' es ef Ieec cceieeccc ic'
51sctr Ii iiit 1 citig ieel tIe vesl cat c i Iie ii 511~ds'ecs ii5st c-e 'lie
-r rs ie c te mu5 c t titlu ti ittes '5' tes' icy
-'sir a ienrt ;oted i Otslfito be ii eess cE'uhi-ttcc hie iecaelosas (t r0 dd osila a 5c entei i-i -ace-teh ri J l cieI~ne ci iciy-C
Sen cns i teepcli testtits'esncesie'hisittwo
unin it ee Stsatss-c'' It' thee. ,iics g-uic--tl estst thi -ss nill senisi ''ito
ce-1i IiO n ee- the Ie' i s' e-icc-Id l i-- tc e hcsn 1c'etceecEes-Ctsn lili a iesi i " i-e, csem}-ec gle ti
ie is lci t tit e oe hieese ton e lsi 'ie-iat e iiitri ole"he 'thc' e-r . u ie Potil S tne wa
Ir sen i~tics Oah istc o t-whcI fh s' ie-l cietec-els te''c;e 1c ~c. O-l- X hd t ese c ien--is- Ic-the ini s cs tc''o 'itcggeaodTUNOI
Re5 1 7t hees AhlSi- arc .ton-.s and tsts oe Xcec'h'eskepttts s thiesic' crowdesstsi no nie
to cc tesa ti 1 n c-th se le s snt 1 .1 ..'ee . . . . . . lie- ic-it lee' as elesit :e 31 .t' .' . . . .e c. 4- I 5 ii tlltl t' 1t ' i s e 1'
5~st 4lIe ,ccuulerc. ioo -Ale c te'-- ths lieileut it is-tellls'sie1esl'. lallsl Stttithesigeveeen'ii'tngti-i e. ee-ueforelitc
Rs-tc ' nt'is c--u-l- 'l' c-secc c cod Allln.twho ec' eleesec-- -its-c-atti'- eie. e's t'-_----- - -i th 's' Unaciii n est s-cu e regveo
efrsa Ithei you c'' cii IIi lt an .-se S c't rigshev' iss c-e-t sli ioflice- isesciiS'-ttoe'acqui'ree 1 ti hate Xisrn I lte t; tero
itS p -cit ti-el- soe- sele ha'destcid thte' whalaeec e teseon-t Iceas Gver oris dsee:' f ssieste St- e;it XX dlts ee ptMeetpae
stittioudoenot xtetcl o acuire dets adayNi'ht ol "Als ica~ migt lase l tt nin(siuestiyon
IXi5 ~Uit''itttre alrrl-ittee l i'ndI'Ci't(iITI O I'lSi-IYti it FI'lIt s-tm l n 1e-h senuesvi11y ta See~-'Sofuel mmmci- ionvackc ndisat
- ' 5Si'let Sit tie- otblil I tem.IIA NKOS, as 1: ll id 5 c--siei'ici'thst stliui it nt i's e-mg i're ilfyilug toSee se' se
-ice I tle% ciest ''iteo'll" 'utteceg; ofe f t -tie the ddess : emci''s's in ccice-c; etyt so sa ea see-ste-Iciizieee 'liiie ctrl--ltaeny c estlve - irls pness-et tenet taio to
nift 15 '''his t' X 'ic'tI'.y An id ets1(test the e nacitoit , lthse e lt A le- L ii teItsarteem i e tIiice eeeetcen tl~ie cll cccI secivts- iicltlt' e ('t nselet'e'ocmetllleil'ttthe
mete i~lf5'tlie1i110 tis t 1se' 'es'ef- - - - i~liy. Tice'11ter mnue nie sn-ns-s eet lilet e ll1t Slc~j1U'it ss f taI i s' uce'- eetn t) rIliitsn'55 e 'sseui jt i l he grstne-
( tPnI c Ic sit ltotetni ttt tf1''eesice ciii 515e1 i eseosegtie-ns' cfiesetrsceane 'll". meta0cuts snitetItlteil - ie an-1i t'slcl esemn0* 101-Ntily iumhe-i ic'te Sta-
'fia tt'st 'SndsiTraeinetr F'iitztrick. nsettcthe']tiWfcseeuntyastheesoiiffsic iest:11deWieincethein'ety. ioahas-itoest, 'T'rcinesr Fitzipatricke citd
oretceill ithiteli thee seetimgs iny ittthe tlectuesetociatiloncs.- - - - - -- ltpt. NXX siteswotuldt ie'peesentat ittst
ftio ticss'.nThe eentr grecs centeusiastic over it-of.niHull repiorted to the Daldty- sight's singineg meeting, ccat made
o i1 ci 3e t so vnirconsisting ofaItntse footbalt elnameidayand ecsinnse Nc-ussyestey smorncing tieat liehadeedisrely -So cit-ens- c 'soct,-nt ethtey tilt
aI2brir-)o«ledpi N~t a illw oul b onhan wen hewhnistle nc-t disc ticed anyt ofethtie netesrielepotal eKl etonnoe 1st good ftalth tin She
( -ft'and it htaccpouc ithe the tblesw. 'When askced io sauysoehthing siterc-C The sky cc is overcloude.d rs'atSOIthatet titey duis notohow up weis
atnslt cWiii be gisven tee allse-lo to tice clung men of the Univ-ersity on uni 12s::30 midinight. itt thinks there clue'ten signed pracstice.'
to thte Smoker.iendslaist but Itot 'enerineg a poiieiitthe distin- is still ca posiehitty of seeing t hi'eiars ______
'stit itrof flasehlghitsof the pltcllie ubrgieited Indiennian said: "I b1lic-e it during h etfs'dtsTetsalt ml l!ik-pns
4tistilrts - cIl N- takeci by a speelal Istheduly of es-try man, and esp- - at ornng ti atight. 8:310o'clock.
f!Stti - i ' Plc'lnres s-ilpros- lnter- uaiiy the educntcd classes, to mix In It'salays he b Rirertseam tat Msle'i wiin euritnshedby she Chequa-
l nt"1-tt ofthb tG-solun (Continued onoFourth 5Page.) ' makes the artist. ne-gun ochltntret

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