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November 14, 1901 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-11-14

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Sona -
supplamnt A E.
3 e'1101. Cause we are built upona a plan Long m
1' Yllw ndBle.BYtI.he ma ts of which wtcan With frct
h t he Yelaaflow and l heIRaIt h 1 t. rah- lmt , -ar i ar it tho Sortthe, sore arunning up frm the Prort
light: ii hold 1 gitnn '. (etI
Flut t fo tlo fllty rue Iiuet I halr h ri, hy u-s-i, aver yiell;
-k ot ho s - Vu s hyre 'tai u: h 5o t,-will dug ,.,andi 'Icer, till tie Now wh-at ha ve yon Moue,-i'ca, idveine,
-ig as)" ttycri' I%-"Pthe1~ i rh-i IIWolveine,
Andrvl lu oit i u TW fh'-i'll i In'a hlin ae iin the oilI-tn. hay, whatJuca v ou ote this tte
Xiii trolirhne-1ini--n':ti h tedautcnraiaSttil li bull
ii iiholLeven iptle triiti itn theI \ tlaet u pinice lut r e egs And thi b
Ii hlc''l Xe w ough'at euI d ~ sd Ohtl the 'hll
ytllat iiiiiio inilItohlves; tAnd thet -b
I0 iitihe cr 1ha'i 11-t iiin thie Ioira1h i.. two'limeIthreit-ithie Ii - Say 're-nt you In linch Wolverine',- Jte utl-iog
Il i ii hl ifunr i Iolveu'lnesii A greitoil
th fr t, Fllet :rd Bue! Louir iitt' itt' l iint1thletIjuti-ISA.I ruin whomdio -ion gt your Sui-
Blue. ~ve~- i tlein nit lit-ti- nine ltte ly
1ant i- taila i -h IjF 'ci iiiiaiimnto tua e tllie s Yost, ha ia
Iliu i-t vtiit' eve i i I n lij uniti l ut h iiori cat; Ti li a
llti iiiiwxvl~l aruiaii du;tromtiv Ci-i ii it-t;e o ifort pl at ur to pi-y itte' lHe's 'a -re nwot's-thed-diaer in the 'It-a a la 1Bu rteou Ita vn ght otal
slepun vulis'yatsi'ee lTraa-illal a
'-pn -a-n-i-fi rt o ' iifo t laty0 itli
,luntlss f liteehus ianw a; foitalt ayyoutin tieiI try o-lti - i . ., tilt'tte. bul
An ~ tpare the leOlISTOnme-o uery dear. 'stime forto a , toirltylittl Now you n N t ty doget ay leis h apie andgeas-- .I'.Olurtheul
tit i QteanFrio "tthvw n t'uts fo - e tillhae iiag O L hl
H lin a''n t I~e ut'i tit i 'c soup Tt supplitan oumstkouA d the sit
1SiITbA it tate of our u-ie tgg s vi-O' ill,,h t-i
bull- thiile' i tihiato-;Nat tihas iOi' hi-ingt w i o h i iy. ttr--' iusky way, and te -in
II ltit: iYlt i i liwoll~t
hit t lv Ni't1, Y l a ndtI- luet-d }-"a-it- i terii ty i usih} 'fit-i t it th i eets attfi'- -. ti-ri & .IU., Tv '-i'hit
Ix,.bo ne, lruii '-i ihi riis' t-v NIl ii ie-id+ yiau mutUtik Of ot-ia
'-ri-it cu huhey'kt i'i' ii iiii-i t iiu iii'i-i tnt1Itell you wntiwell io,
Ila t teha1,tat:e Wu' \'l ita-aeI will girt' youtquit' t fee, Syitheii:iw
h ie rito heutitail 'f ttt gold-i a iiir t t-c-iu or n'ptt.I , I l-y liIt lIAnuf-i- v a ivlnorer-p-> Ne Sat'li t ti-i
tir: -i--'u-t-n-ug -i-i-uOhi, itwitl
liii -i tntforI)i iplltforto tiay little In- It ihy's the Iihl
-i] h , -i-innfolit"ialily, fo-ao r a litt le, it- i On the Banks of Erie "'-i'tiiye u yen
I rt l thatlit-uti i- tii- al 'ii-n its'f-itiii'tint -of Nwae Itiv-i 'll)t
faii-it-iv-i-i-i lilt- juu oy. Wiay downi uoithet-ia -hurtsf rie,
It l it t--' --'iis' 1iv- it (lI I I- lav- ftr a ay
iuo h tolt-gi-i 'ei Ia w"O :win.Ch ,,ua 1!mn a I-T ee1 i- -stho i --ier e i-~ale'e tu -ii
t t i , ' Vll-i'1ncde lsHer
'-iof. Chtarles'M. a yl 'lii' ' di, lii! grant huta. (it! cviiit- M ty ir iis hatv theea n-iudetts ,iti k IT
cIInijiuIV-iot--aut when otto day il-i-s tit i
It C: Init-for your I jrmuboys-i 'ility at eupted 'todefeat An Arbirt dink-it
We're the Men of Michigan rI\''v-got -i t t, iiiai n--i- it a drubi hugs ditigohirn w'ay. a~e-'is tN
o the tnit'of - Iavhini throt-ii51u ilterd4 o Ii i,
leitrgi iiiiu"it- \\n IN, tigo t -i ' i -I v- g~ w gtt urdii- ith the world i sad ad tdreai, i~t n
it-il IN egot - t -i- "sit - - oi idrub- lugging thr grlacst-tistuffced vitt
Ion- -t h 51ia_0iftdoiA al'st-'- , blnggoose eggs,
1 :NI- iittwhythilItgs "c-ome our nay;" Wog ti nth oj ictug~e roi,"pae ie1:It fii
Wil11,tit ti ijius ii uil ii I ty iit \ Neh, tun I; iii NI Mirigaut football S lal of tGil
<ifII t th Mitt-it An - .r " -i -itt 'I '-eiilg-t u eligati t-iootial th-it eut''initNest'fot's it td it-tt-i
bvdl- li'i'i t-t-- hu Irtu 'Iuitht"'atta- il-iia c Itihigatn fat-al t :lds.Wewt'ni-t-tgo
111 , t it isye-r(tv -itlei-i tff. Saly hi t nt ingtt v-
vo e ,-e;ie ttl i-to-iiiis 'le nc ii t lt'ttao tiia Vn-iINttvt t nuii- lvthey 'got such a ml ~tyt rouncig o I n" ' t g
Ouriiinen hei l--i iii IItlike, IL- er'fThirthey do nottd're go thom. do-i-i f
-tli o -i,"-i-i I tilt -r t-ii l-isIlS -,\ t < 'f -ill tt-- l titiit-i best 'ati-' (If you are tol to ant flu- -g4
ftoiniotagfil-tti. -i-itt--i' ''Al 'i-i lY-i-iit-ll lry aidtgt'ia foot-t-ll 'ant far'm.i
l tak he i i,7l+ o A mv
dxn-iit" ,hI iii siu uit't'un;~ e : "f tn"ia.' . - -vde r :ic. .
wt- x uh e lwsxi- atW l f itu. - i -dyay.- - sada'n d dr-.-iy dinkitI
11"tii hp i-l rut,' i ;0 ty -ie aill ot-t mrninof b-iuie.'Horeb t i
'-iftttog'liwiLog hay we klep, our Stit, Sy, do you think tIt growinvutp foot- dtrul it
-lk i-i-ill -i-it- i-it-i s halter-lit-i ro to 1-i1
ti-i-i-tvn tuhiN lii;liii'tIor liiialt-it-i-isa ot, xu
'li t-il it t o 'autin--te -i otint ug mn it t>e o'urm'oa-s-, I-ir-ally isot your wllel onie
hut ri-i--itnkt-taut -i
1 't ha-'l sutiV ,111)0 Ill-ie ria XlWinntutu ki--iitt ost, dorwii ,It d
tiliutih tt t litill titrvris Irout- V -do n
lnztArbo. -America'
lt. initl -e~- un-~ -A Song of Michigan Sly- utry , f thint, 'l leetepo Yul e'
ttt- ~ ueimetei a- ats Lsof iclignuti- -i - g, - wet 1an of libvi-i, Laud
hUs titt iv 'Grhk hit d tOfih- un it-ivy, anter i :Pro f vrI mut i sdSe m
inty -a-cnauialyntugli dngitiud-iire fatui vsrArmdied".tist-ih-
lt"en T-oi t-ait-r ~-o t--i I ut Aborand herprise., l} -rni v-v n 'i ~- i 17 f
Myl-nA a i ix vit-n, n l ei cxv n ithee, A otl
uug your u_ iilt ttrlhd I g - - - -anit offuze noble fre-- i
'Z hott all
lvn-t rt utu--i--ins ! -it tt u-t'wh -VI Thy n me II-iave;
Sinowgets,0oni-.-i i 'Id, Wolverines, Wolverines I oe thy rv k adrIbs
- '-rlsl igw Im wt-T t- Iieo Hll o. Tywos n kedh]s
ho-ic their tvdirgre ft e in lg, .r arceyou-iilugrNphure- -iril s n-iloriaI
w- ie painut ~ - -- -t rdodA -ro- h.whr r o 'ig W li nes, Lilt that a - ti -inecu
- Wolvernes:0 salviiU
- -- lt her itore yYuugn-iin i-i tiicli o- I t i' s-cit-the brv-4, Michlgai
Michig nChaptIA h 0And ring froall -i-i 5
t-liiiy, Capion of the West NVe- ire gi t -i-i ct iredmsng-i it(.i-larait.1
tt I n theg titirtun 't> ila 'hat the se-i-to's- -wove titaN i--Lg n ia -ti n-kia r
1,v-itand bahi nil t. eto, -ii-, Iy -i sc u 'or TaiO of (Itunt'K frominthe I t IIalftat byr-athe pake, Nt-- ore
tic nd"'dY no 'to nati for the NS.- .'i. Leti a nhit 11lvicebresak, Nee nan
Jorhtly The sounid prolong, At glorla
p0iii Jla' n-. ye It--i-i'r i-i u- _ i-ia Wtilt it - tre out suite of 1aie game,- - 's-i' in
Ol fn que°r Irh-uer vs:,
f t or tigli- -i-i veon u wi-i Our father's (i-nitohath eNos tul el
f n s igt h heO Whydoyot cnn y our in- Author of Liberty, u eT
of heWetnigi To thee Z sing; l
may ou arhndtbe -brigIt
t o s itlylli h; nr
as b- thy'. - ihi,
t (hod, our lin. +x
Bult .Frog
-dog '-in 'flue bank;
)ult-frog h) 1.rite taoot;
-dotg tim th-i-ibtik
nlfaug in the pt-oll
1-lg ott t'e -a t,
cullfox~gIi -3fir- ;
- Ittled the-bull-frog
Id wutler fool.
i se 'a- 1ti tkc n-
I h- 1"ttin l, i ,Ii a 1 Ia.
ur tt litla laha Inla.deo
[-dog stot-"tocInth. la-i
-itter cutttWI -pa1w,
l og -toop'ed to catchablau.
tipp ar cugitt -- paw',
Il 'o rodto h lia,
app-vrtinght Ws' 'aw,
g dird a lughing /
a wuig hiI 5Jl-i«-
e ' lIOhl-i- US
u-i l( y -i to ,h -ttti
E1lyon hut co d i
authey to th owli,
lyou Waveto I 'I -
uhxey to tue owl,
I you have to drinki
irc so very kihnd,
huitito of ilath"
e's to Michigan.
'fichi aIt - ilinis iiit-ia-na,
Alieltigi dinkit. dew,
t diown;
tfichig-ii, S i ukit do-wtu,
iA, drink it don drink ii
tIttilliinllutirn of iI-hhnuiil-
Ii-it-il, i-ay dant neta he
theeautin r-t-i,, we won't
u- any'inure,
go theve stinu re, way
utx ri-i-itIl faa-in
t-, intgo, ino, i ngoi
la(twn to'nthe B~ngo
kllchi ttn, trutiki. dIm
it dow-al
chilgun, for oste tuvian tut
Ct dowia;
ieahhg,n-i-ih ach girl a
intu dryi-kit itdowni drink it
es Atgne Cariia.
t u-i caru -,
lie ntm: eras
a rin opr
wuin halo-as.
dul~i f linti-
,erslta IFr
,P'ot, perauleitet' '
O korutimas. -
(tJI tfa.
Is orniuin,
Jn vervts
teiTM shtuvia,~tan. tim
U-nix sitas--
ruom Caeibuni
nnmum revien.
,m Ieaf,
is inert -
Its uannc.

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