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November 08, 1901 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1901-11-08

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H iee YEAR.
No. 40
INAl --. -
0111 ALL ALUMNUS TEAM; r1903 Class Smoker. DON'T DESERT!! !
Thle Junior Smioker comnittehas
That is What Coach Yost Says Ohio nearly completed arrangements for the Coach Yost and His Team Expect
State It Appareotly Going to Coo- first 190;3 snoker of the year. Thll af- Good Support at Columbus and
fron Uswit onSatII ay fair willIbe ('lalborate and(1will far out'-
frntUsWih thauray 100 ltl'taliitlelt of Listyeor, They Mast Have it to Wino.
in seret te rdsy cthe maize d w Ihielt, toll, "WOs ahow lisg Success. olomls, tnot Is-og under the eon-
1lt i61y trainled belind closed-I'The lao of I:iNll- soll~ellirs 115le'h 1110 il ilY 1( tr)go
gates, lil)d a fter an hbore stilt, been idapted ,IIIl (] 11ch imi-leaser (If a ll11
Iar lil,1 olei y' r11111101011. isooso a ltg ll: l l al 1 9 i'eg
tlt .olcIYot s heu i ctl-tike silltrcetivte (ith r o r a r i pr l tll((' . I' (011f111 lll 1(e pla ed six
tonarlce ppeared hralllie heeallI 11111itallilgdecoatel wibya ichire
III ilet, 1 51c t eV asity's as"A it -k N " a d t l l s n n # a s r s t e II g i ln11 1cr 0 e i soa ti (If 1 h V1 1 m01 re0
the 1)est 1'01(lllloflth111(1 (lvi' hr aolllll ntet eid is-asicg black-
da i-5t1 1uds o1~i l'iescs11-e tt lb, 1)(N"l2
po i.1r lof t e '' h '-idde 111.9IfI111111 . Ind Ored s i Blck andI reel at he ill Ile ha 1(11p acicng19'.' n
-'i -lU s i I IIIli 1 ' o u e nir trl thogra 111s'mein t" ,- i-l-it underII a c0oih lfe Undou1b0e1
tIes n pace th1 t o l 11 IIi11 0 l givelta
11 1,11 '10un ofth 01slv1'o' Ther-s1g at Na r, -Yelldroki ow d illue, tilitl Amlet~
sis I Ita lo f-.,11(and ll i'ii' 11of1 1,011i'lrlavor. Thel ll''o 111' o11 d i -II XsIi io112 .0 SI been
iht'II II s a l r e lt 1 -o g c l io i'. i l c , n+)Lnc.11,1eill' lc h l , I ol Iincinn tiia n
Fl 1111 '-;IctI~l(-1l1 ti he sII ili I'll', ieetll~ nidikI~e el etNIltl alt
beh0111,, 11110 II ca, rl till _______ntlal t lt rui~r. T e Eervs t sn vsod cet hs
t1kit~iat I ll ItI1 il Id 1111, itll i n 0-tir 4.t4.
)ba'-llils Il TH(AM V1,I)A l:'I Yti}'Ic 'II .I IA i I '111 , 111, tV %,. ')I ako Isotln 'CV.1tt\
Itie foe.Tl'h cliSandIlpt111011 (Il1)(
011f ais 4ltil eI .I lii t ie,1 -
IIIIc t u'1i'; Gener l i'tt leticw
S 11110kII VOs 15tcr If X titilt 111c O M e e i n
ho5 51 ltlisIt, 1011 Iof s chro 1 0 I I;Ilj
li llt it w s Jil ibl to r "I i
01 till' ha t la "o l i Ill i0. 1
911151s tIi t~s l1- i lcLO Ill tiii' t I trflri fDeriwl sek og
Itl tl I(III I I oete sl ss periot, fo0..U.gm. an dGleCu
' il:1111' ll vetea rom 'W11til'evrboytrnot
ler Itii i 111 if 'MOicign.aUpM ei
I iati i f 4.
SemiFirams in Class Series.
The semi-fitnals in the class foot 11l
01-rieo will 111' played off this afte-ruoon
11111 a treat (1ea11 (f intserest ittehes tll
the ioIllntest. 'The oi'nior 111awso-ill ptiiy
thll'juio lr deslialt the falir grounids tt
- l: . I, and a11( lt tile sine time the
strolog;tei'li0 of the so0tlmore ms-dies
'1n101'nillTis osill tl os'nc1IIlusions at
lil'nt('1iIsF-1ild. Itis1expted that tho,
till dIenits. 'T'ille5gauls.e51ill, howsevesr,
0111g~ 1 f11 h l whistse11.1The. dents
andil110li av .el-ci Il-ise'lloits'game.
I' 1-10lac eleetets he111juilor laws , the
I "(tell till'freshml eni 1 of thi dep'1artI-
III I ilaone-ilSi'11111' so with 0 sc011
ofl '__- host 1of the laisotudent10souill
N1-hu it hey 0 1 lcoillier Ii sues vlictory.
ilI vel th ftil s11 1111 11l med i at IWl'-
;'ea'l 10 IV il prtliioi0 Illt ill' the hbest
%4;:ht's el,.fithes opholmore
12 1c v 011111 fe jniroticsll
Ir l-S i ll ii I h ith' lam:;est score'( Imadel
in a ,''a ieil 1110 it l earl3the
1)1119- 1111' p1 1 2to 1 afther is'n, a nlei
v :Itei s 111 111t1li a; '.soil e 2;rel m iu e
<of the s lio 11110iswifo thso unde
e-rtist ieilt p rol cos h ma itt
once. \oti wi, \ iidh lixwtedleh
wne.bti it gnerllyctideredt
th tth 111ll otli~ tl av r h e
cetinta 1teewil b0 2 inutesl
of1ar-al nd-fast(foeoIta~l.The aineu
S1\11i1 Lt'ITS. , SIIIgsII. EIS
1111 ufiIIf 11,1.IsRl--Iar111111IImnues.e
I, e it footiball -practice-yes- Cutterttporai y Germat Literature.
9 let'iIC10111 II1111I:90- t, .(1
U lo o l i t i he iitlie itls'I'e totcretailt 0(1i1 )iirl Itt 11s11(1ll 11) diI0l 11i"te k t a - s-io o ilth e'
lit-i' It(,1) bII'beIll titittI m i d p rt e t wil hs
('it;11'101I i 11 I poitth fa t t t t )eHlt - 0ht or herf l - 1 n F- tic I-lit r5' I'll itigi' I tlco tt019i1 itisOttil siilito ''ttnlual
5-02111 I util hitdl~l The smoker swiillll' ietd in 11a1chlaolt9years erowidi, whiichisouefectullyt' tiner iati ltItibetre"oiCiteispil rhero
it It 1 hiotb ll tl i l - - -li-iiltiIGeertir'matntis 19 i' st't'L ' ier ture, thichill anb e-
lil11'teaIlls ri il hl'I i-naso-tkIi) 11.111 l o i l tshe kls iitighltv.2.''its drotvnedlg the Mlic iihigan tyellt. sslle
iltd.1110 t11110tot of 11 01 is ilrg len ughto,111 I ' ll lill l i lli'l e flit' ihou111n'dstudit',it-st
001 ~t I's' 1 \'1- oeoidththa 11- too t f-hub's:f 511. a hetailtoIlettlelin
11S tatei b n~ aotii Iaetlt illnd T eprc f isionIncudingtthe Suchprepara iIo Is ave tn'te'veirrit Stonbeiid Stee
it0 s -irs.'1 heti l eill ic5(1 fieXld -Sto url- 95' o-l t'-r ilss hs h t'' T heto'-ti'i iiti taee f tslec t e rowiturte
it ti11 Otichiglin cost1of1t'e Inuane CZ' ases, 11plaed itet'ill mid111fr-I' lt 1 11I1' the1 wst. 11 iitri-i SktItl--'u's r
a1r p the ll~ 'v5arii t tiii'proic e h Il-u.cesi. lailllt(r rtttt fti ti '11 119 i hs lIti sXollows:r
Fe'l , a gYt'itl'l~'~' ~h 'i ls l'ii'ti'i f his Iti-tsl'o ~li Iithis IC II' oe;1--li. Sit-t 1. 'Tishe 111M 11111em S tlo tan ofSt'01s
0Qri~~1 t> ' 1 it 1015iriil1fnevgeri ha'thelithi1e1,chance1111'tor. tlilloil"rt si-ks11((2in.TtGerman LIiteratuIt.reott ke
l1tlthu9' (~ lI ns iti u hsI 1- ott 0t tI ne Las te s i atiti th itosil iis' 'lltillia 10cl:il e.et (,'ilSr historicl ec )-Prf s
Iislt(II 1 1'tS (Iofunegrdnt'nLe. .Raps tile aisgra te ofStile Iist yttur Iduty. lit'ottetll Wi l e i'i 51sO r .ougir-s.Iat
41 5(1 t'.lot tent- - - - - ittoo Stfl1 lw -isiattti tl'oflite t'il l''ik y to fbe )lit)iI 111111i1111 1 ssilthaittliret fliiit i O il s1i t nt ti" S. fI hel n-
x s 1( i~ cI L s or i'liiedil)t\of ir he r c ityo f Idit' ntt ol i s byi raoupl- tle eiao 1 1' tlun les il (tu 15111 (ht hll I 'liii klro .(fIis eie sl rh it
ntaY( ''is 1nIt lie ligtht1. 1111 t ti tsite il. 'hs 101 iilPilt su 'itrie pst I1e511'e''tit>n T 1p
t Ito the11.111tiftl'rIo tt 5ie i lsraIe afo r us o n fte l athe Dal-N wsar. 1 S. )2X 'X' ti. 1 ' d 11rilte 5il'Ns's
I I $2.40 rothestin ound hs itricpeod to dred trn Snday and Monday.e

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