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October 25, 1904 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-10-25

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1?e Michigan Daily
Voi,. xv.
No. '25
'Varity Working Hard for Satur- Are Again on Sale-Demand So Great Michigan Union and Alumni Asso- President Armstrong Announoed His
day's Game-Yost Discouraged I That Arrangements Are Made clation Plan One Structure for Appointments Yesterday
--Cole Impressed By Wis- to Accommodate 1,000 Club House and Memorial ( at the First Senior,
cocci n's Strength. Guests. Building. Meeting.
Coce otand C'ole are now en-' The 5011 tickets to the dinner were In alt pirobability. the Mtichigan zThe senior Lits held their firs
fgge in pulting the finishing touches sold the first day. Since then no Untion club house plan ant sthie pro- Imeeting in room C yesterday after-
te'arsity tetm for what, they more hare heen issued. Sn many re- ponned Mentorial buiting (i the noon. A conmtittee, with Arthur Cook
consider to lie the hardtest. gatme that quiests have heen rccived by alumni Alumni Association snitt lie conbined, as chiairmni u-as appointed to extend
a1 ?iehi.t teami ha~s ever gone into, ant itnder-graduates that the commit- anti tne etilding still tie ereeteil to he best wisestof the clane to C. M.
It vshll-t six swheti tie ticeI tee has tusd every effort to make ar- hotuse both organizationis. Hlsderm-iti wito is opposing Con-
tga an -istoth gygn uldre--nian ILandie in tle congressional
atiadrai iiti le ytt atiItlledi rangeinseis for a larger crowd. Mr. 'The Commttnitee iot the Atitutni as ilt t hstseih lsrcto-n
al theirr tos andi after inmner they Prettyman was aske~d to make a plan clation which hat in charge the motte- istna
tan~ tten' io lie gyit atid ran for seatimtg, anti has assturedl the coni- ment for tie construction tot a me- Prisidenmt Atrmstronig announced the
throug inl o cul fhus mittee that 1,0 people can he seted miorial hbildintg int honor o1 the appinttmetiin of tie folowing com-
Comrry o hs uualMonay us-comfortabily. The next obistacle wan aluimni who nerved itt the Cit amid 'it tees:
tomi Csai Yitou i unitos secureactrruh oilhnl Spanish-Americamn wars, hled a miet Seio uurecepion=R. H. Kidston
scrit~ this nmbmoer. Mrs. Motley has heen fmig yesterdlay in roomii . C, mntiuuity ,tatmit Mis K tu Ett iz.a-
ha gi ltili asiti ttrhai angiven this contract; nhe will he as- hal.- Thue memhers pienent wsereSttm listin'lonMsEna
,the, 'l~ Varsity liinteid-ump as tot- sisteil hy Pennycook. Two huntred Jtudge Grant, Messrs. Hoyt Post anti behs Butsh.
]os tkeitts 1. e. Curtis I. t.- Shttte mote tictiets will he offered ttt the Edwarud Pendleton of Detroit, Dr. General arangement-I. W. Jayne
1 " Schultz cl tGraham r. g., Achier- ttirrahae.seemndrengVanghan and Prof. DOoge, the rest- (ehirmam, H. W. Clark, I. K. Stone, C.
trap t u t t tiamm o i r.er- ae o the altniiwh are sed etmembers. tPresident Amgeitan IParMsIdBowig, is
Ctass ofSlat1h,'aofi " . ing in mequetsts tdaily. It is imipossible Kegent Harbour also atetlee the Agn.mes Stver, Miss Jesie Dane.
Tb h Cairt was not it. fo this coimmittee to comnmuunicate meeting. The committe d-cidhed t Inittatin-Ralh Stoel chair-
Cal ldservs, r-iacetdu by "Kingi" sitil alltihe altummni u-hit waitt he in Ann comntintue te camuass tutu thu iuts C' L.t t D ets V L. Minor, Miss
a. d -itli\ith iotsin fotrmatiomn tm;iou at thin timte tund who stilt (he- necessamy fur the const ruton tofI tie hesstie hitsel MtSis Etta Scherz.
asitery~~ ibpsiladte'ariysr.t edtis tdinmer. Those who butiludimng- Alter the tresitemitiat et , - at intl totsnitS. . Miller chair-
irae n defenseiv mtit of l thette. i-xhutct fiendis shoutld purichase ftor tion, they stwill tisit the attuni in man V. t. Gasi t. S. aley, Miss
dt heieti hs exri-st-it himuselt as themi as mit tictkets tnitt he solid the Lansing and thre other leading 'uichut loencee Buirtion Miss Eva M. Kenney.
ai 1 el tsaitfied ith tiltli scrim- evutun of thi- tdinnier.K-etnfo gait cities-. anti als sin muChicago autd I PicttreS. h-h Roberts chairman, L.
plae' Il li is idiscour-tgied bty thet tuniont tInes ($1.00i), - auth ciuposRcipts enm-o Cleveland. C.tlooitiid, h A. E. Carey, Miss
itet osvi-iou-idec wuit i shiurh lie en titlinug lie holdher to a tinner ticke-t Dunn' the meetinig a c-onfeurencee Mtha Jo Ishnson, Sits Nts Iare. food-
ionesieyr e eslsI s~h alo h fohoping was- held uith a committee reliresent- nuuu
I S shrmht suhh a u e Rihad Kfith ." ibbhy" colain, in the Mtichuigamn unitom, conmtoiteud iii Memuoritat-John S Sover chairman,
t sat . t ve wiitihien twe were "Bitt" Haley. Tom'" Sims. 'Bob' Par- Prof. Scott, Prof. Gates anud Mrt Kirk, 7 A. uupoud, C. M Holderman in4s
SitullIsit hu cn her, I. it. Mharshall F1 -redl Crtmlachn- over the advisaility of cuombtinumug the - Cftui u Ms ila -E
w~ itit s ue uties uruuuusitoner, William Russell, Harry James, C. two inovements with the ultimate piumr eami-
t au to fiale this year. We can't R. Dibble. pose of erecting a huilding which wilt Audihtors-H H. Andrews chairman,
th-iose ils tinthue st rength oh n_____________ otu only be a memiorial buuiling, buttL H. Jones, U. M. 0-ndry, Miss fler-
iit hurtviuuts ri-t uation. They arent wl lohv itthmefrth litni Sheehian, Mstus Lretta Drown.
hifo otrnaon an ut away CLAS _GA ESE_ I Michigan unmitn. It wsa shownm in the Itanutct C Gebre chairman, .
°m itus juist because we hate heaten JuiradSpooeLtenOe-i eting tha-t it stouthi he pierfectlts - lilr I. C. Hil[ Miss Elsa E.
"flth ,lpast twit years. ing Bout at 4:15 Today- fit ile for botl these committees to elttsahnsHln .Tonon
tlii rty t ~ pbi tcat-E T. Hammond chairman,
ofher itcunhuue ee \has- he snirit Chtt aioship armseandt tiepublic at lagt tom inC F I' am lntmer, J. Y. Kerr Miss
theirteauti hiat .t iput any life into ____alt -prohability, they wouldl hll each mieIitteSssMrhT.Bt.
tir lytingt uttilthue last three or Tbis afternooni at 4:15 the class other. 'hei memorial committee has hSutuvenir--H 0. Hunt chairman, W.
itts In Wdeays gamte, mis 'absolutle lower, however, so mu swill II Burmenister, A. E. Ritchie Mis
estp haul li tusutnit the mutt who fotalsao f10 ilb pndbe necessary to bring the matter up Claa Viiggimn, Miss Minerva 1Ben-
h) e toting hut umtererence out the uy a game hetwen the 1906 and 5907 bfr h lmiascaina t ain
haec wu ge them o ut oh hut stay. Lits. It u-ill he layed on north Ferry meeteing next June. C. F. Campbtell was appointed lead-
Kn Cult s at iMaison hatur- IField atshud eaniertng The committee in disposed to say err uof the senior singing meting, and
dayli anIinse-h icni- edan hudba neetn ht hr sn beto htvrN T. Schmnitz oratorical delegte.
Itaukea utt'ct th tnn-n contest; as the two teams appear' toththeeino hectu svavr
trecontest. He retturnued muchi Cotecmiain ihteMcia
55to1se Iyts e wii-asy the Cardinuals tue evenly matcheud, although the winetohecmiaonsthheSchgi
raer Urlic. t onmes ito not picki either of them to union, providedu the followtimug getint A DISTINGUISHE~D VISITOR
I1hmt ii uu titmttuat vus-t thu champhionship. The halt-en ire secutredl: h-httehiiif
thir sthgn si or a ilt te fifteen uiuuesiilnt shalt be putt on the compuis. II.- Eminent Frenchman Stops Off at
tafr. defuat. luau she has Steen for fite iue n lntThat is shall be a memnorial builing. Ann Arhor to Look
fo urt ('tlt tat tuuiutu auth Manager Mhaynard has selected
Co in el a d lat' s ig h the"Ir 'illiamn Knight, '0ii H ., and M~urray hI-h'iut mu the buuitling muemorias the University -
itc npie t h it fthi Weeuull, '057 '1., as officials. shall hut placetd in huonoir of the altumiu Over.
ad They tuteud taurlte hack hutay. u-ho serveud iu thme u-urn, and Ilium
sraig., 'fhtre is more than oridinary inter- -'lnw ueyt h tdn
ta a. nut cmriss tuicis, enul ruins entheu mmie eu n te chs ure shalt alsot he suitale quartetrs tmosuusicy t tm tdn
aniltuu. 'fl y gut nun aifse n h ls for metiings of the alumni Th ue-bd andi itt fact, toul uavr
lbei Y.Iiemair haItin tr games this s-ear, auth the tact that no get hav agee mum They t c fuuruaibttaser
hat anting aMtuyihigat Ia t shiwn tu'-eam has a' cinch out thu lrize lends gasi avis aeth mst sctilt of tutu nusi - .hr-a ulatl tu mult Attn Arbreo
tis- i lui-iiliathm ihusnimterest tso thue struiggle. Eleveni teamsastefrhecutrcium itte
thair.i'mCu ltuhnurn o o aeuneehtu te Ia-h ot iuuiding, hut also to proidie the muaun- itr miei tint- auhones of the greatest
aY mt tomro 1906,u tat 'litsa tSu andu 19017 Lits,. the 1905. 1110a en ~iem of it. Tbis is itself it qluite meittmhactrhoordhen-
an a, and7 Thgures.thd105ana10 aimn for it will cut diown time cx_ ituity bty a visit. Prof. - Langlois, of
Arngth t, hettiioMang n Laws, amid 1905,t 1906, and 1907 minses of heating. light. etc. antd iter- thu meinrst of Paris, pent a few
ill tatu-iblngle lc itlosastog nit a mumcht filer biuilingm to hue coun- hours wtithi the professors of the his-
" gtat excep Onng thcs stutcedl. .oricat department.
i~ Eryn is uingood auhTape 1xcam- rac laym bet look ahe thoug fit he0 The commitee cumn ste mii reason Prof. Langlois is professor of his-
aon ituldt has i gumue intoi Satutrday's antI 1is? Engineers, andt 1906~ Lasts, ta br utllnthecnlmelamr i ~etiitriyo ai n
hit ts louga i-ti but class football is amn tuncertains hiome ton the meeing oh. studets 11 regardedu as the greatest French
ti11 it amid accmmohatoht fest ttoiu ork Iathority netonm the bibliography of
npcluonto e 5-ith thema. H.mmndnuqtaitil~y at. the heal, and it woumi he ant h-itttin o tuet r enhsor.A utofy
-a hlve trgthl o iefisto at tempt tuo ipick the wines planigations. The ichigan untion 'uuum lhtr.A aihr h
a ~~ ~ buit ura ime - - wimttrstlanninug muiaearesuaturant onconst tuorlud oter tut medieval history, he is
asthuate- atii, THE CHRONICLE'S DEBUT. nueted with their buuilding. The me auhroIh lna fBbhg
de trutuanthe laltist. recrui, from ____ , moriat commuit tee have no objection aubj- site itt the greatest works ever
rsolit acadumnus be shoiw'- atmednmorniesacr-
li it a-i i5 eu The 17. of Si. Chronicle, "published tin this. provided that the Mitcehisioergimsacod
ergnpfie , n ratiean i i uin et thcnenl te or offa to Prof. Van Tyne-and numerou
lire5 hule pousibilities that be miay- st.ouet fo the enivhenmnty of Mthe- regents antI that the mnion rns the hooks anth articles upon bs subject
rl u i to fat gampt" matt it amucrac atu dn restaurant uner regulations from Intdecd, Prof. Langioisa s utnqsestion-
___________ last meveig, perne butds them. a ble the greatest living representative
last__evening.__ it scientific historical work in
The Chronicle is the piractice paper urope- .-
ItAIBAN S TODAY eudited amnd publhished by Prof. Scott's A new custom has just been intro- ThseintFncmns hi
Vice P ~~~~~class in newspapuer writinug. A four- duced at C-lifornia. After a certahn way ast itrn atendance Frnh a at istho-,eh i
ViePresidenTile Candidaea onR-age halter. printedmilsu the Daily game the uniersity pennantt is Iternatiumnal Congress of Arts and
P~lcnTce nSekforum, it is tuu of interesting items. brought ho the la giuole antI hoistedl up -cecsi t oi.H svstn
to Students This Bu£mnssai uioildiatnnsai- ecmeit-adsni~ <Si-t~i t oi.H svs
Nose. weewl handledioildprens misth cheigadigng fte great American universities, and
Noon. ere wll hadledand the eudition re- the stuidents, after which a numuber, ofcaetAnArofomCigoH
Seator Charltes S. Fairhbanun. the fleets crediht upon She editors and re- address es are madle. The f-ag rally left ete for Ithaca to 'visi rs
piorters. will be an annual event. He alsuo expects o stop at T arvad
ani candhidatt for s-ice prtm
heal_ Y - - ale, Columbia,- Pennsylvania and,
-. withy, ~ reach An.r- -at1:0 - ______* finally, Washington. Prof. Lao is is
ta ctochent11s atronandmll speakl s probably the geatest authority for
istudent nandctzesfrbot $ 2 LC ams~ R a e hut literary sciences that Europe sent
intes aS h .C eo.Fom tef as representative to -the St. Louis
terc -nab thei listeners wvilt have On Yearly Subscriptions to the IChigan Dalt cogeses.
It is only Soo trite.a Prof. Van
leigod chance 1mm sese the senator. Exoires No e b r ls* Tyne said, had Bryan or Stagg of
e~ was indutcedi to stoip here through -Chicago thus dropped into our twn,
th eforus itt the 17. of H. Kepumbli- - 0 be would have been met at the depot
The blt-andl will fuirnish mu-Sb. mybbadeoraldI with a brass band - 'a-a erowd- of
55 Susrpto price ma -ehne rmie cheering students. A man of Prof.
nIwithnuctfo h a to the Business Managebfoetida. Langlois' type, however, comes and
lg to time stationi at 12 o'clock. I 31 AC RDS. goes tunnoticed by almost andstf
Both Heptublicans amid Democrats Phone 461. -Address 33 ACAD T honor-ed by but few. Such are the
are hnvited to hear this speech. "+.-.-+-.-..--... +.-.+.-.-++......-.e ways of the great.

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