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October 20, 1904 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-10-20

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i V OU TO KNOW nhh~ iiye(ie~ye.uel uigte
That we are doing business at ManagnEditor, . STANLEY ALEY.
Bsiness Maager, CLAUDEI~ A. THOMPSON.
OUR NEW STORE ;liturie
dnu i i i. (-- - n1n: .. n
31 1 Soth State Street VNs. --_-'VAter . ol~
A.1 o.rve, tarry I. Adrew
".4l "'bs 5 1. \0 Dr ,Jyne
BorerA . s on ,.1.7.ern
That our New Woolens for Ida. N.liii lliigg A. I. (Otmeyer
the coming fall trade are
now ready. (iii) $!.50per]ieur. 0 Oe i.(pai1 i
Office Hours 1:30 to 1:30 ad 630 to 730
That we make snperb gar- p.m daily.
ments for gentlemen. Addrss: CLAUDE A.THION'PSON, Bsnes
f. 'Pianager, 331 Pcard St., Tlphoe 46 1.
SThat we appreciate yor trade
and respectfully solicit a
continuance of the same.
G. H. WILD CO. Thursday, October 20, 1904.
., 311 South State Street.
SNOTIE Toseof ouortfriend'.s wholhaveCALENDAR.
no(tbeeourpatros wew old er
dialy invite to oeer 5NO.W.o. o.Ilnp'sl
____________________________________ t1ur of "Amneria anil the Enti-
lsh Lagae, Tappan Sall Le-
~.ee~ee~e~eo@Oe eO~i. tre root, 7:3( p. t.
October 21.-Dlean Jorda's reception
CO LLEUE TEXT-BOOKS no unior girls at Barour gym-
ALL DEPARTMENTS October 22-Football; West Virginia
vs. Michigan al Ann Arbor.
Ocobe 2.-Dean Vaughan ad~rese
V. 10 C. A. at MacMillan Hall.
Octoe 2b -Dean Jordan's reception
FOUlNTAIN PENS to senior girls at arbour gym-
from $1 up Ocobr 29---ooball; Wisconsin vs.
All guaranteed. Mlichigan at Madion.
November 11.-Michigan Club House
banquet at Waterman gymna-
Nvember 2.-Woman's League Re-
"rAYllE"rAI1CAL ception to all Uiversity women,
DRAWVIN6 at tBarour Gynnasium.
NSTRUIEhINTS The ollosuing, takesIfrotithe Cli-
cago Unive1r11ty loll-"1tote Dail, is
AIlflL[IIC GOODS 1'hc1 etola Cil cl ctbracledi
ia am.niisesar ':1 a seiolr, hlde5nns
jFriday' .1 mug, I cols'sto. .ddre-ose
Come in gt our prices. i.satut.1 111 l0p-mll'0il 'ousongsi
Of tbefootbll te lam lalth110l1111s
320 S. State St. 1behind11111a.m.W7hle 111011programli 1was
- --- I of 1 7 Vi conl. le (kily speaer of
1110 cnll te 'el ((ilt fr'ppet'was'
TOOTH BRUSHES a 1l 1 o itl11o~ yi~
___________________________and____crds. Tlbseylds 111,club
25 cents will buy one that is illdll11in its hssi arep
WABiANTEi, and is prIiono hi nc f h ii1riy
as good as you would h-av- to I i ui: ptiu1tresoycu
pay :15 cents for elsewhere. house oi1te11 111 tdha aon
at its____attract__ivfetra edig oo ,
Iil, , 1111 1t e 1e1. _',-dlac
Th lti c sl oll 5 Law Depart-hfl;
1ia, oliilcsirlliew 'coill 5 at, pertili
110h011. u io , % t ii tl 1111l' i ts 1111 di - 7 1 (l n i
1Fr1 m .1he11 slc es It h 'n a o C11 ou11 de a t e tIattn r ' o
Caii I t (e, lilO .1 nlt nl ILtera v eiclgn eer
I ar id t s \-dnttht lcli>ti.I iCorrensponwDeerine
Ill, canoi tby 11 such 'i'1 11 o1 ((li((( 01 * 015m (11ts, iiat, 71'e hi, oi Sat
needl. the1b iv bo t for te heatin- ' tct'a o r5acopetuie
0100. 1 of h acti oa (Iiad (1111i s ic in e R oftLA
Il;-all -Id Michigan spirit.
l\ tlang se A as nedI' cli . a l 1 511
lumbg 50'willinoli'iht heil pre~s-it a !+ ore spon ene Lne
Nol visirto ware th111(inie ii.. ailvno j o\'ad le. T issa
iho . Aonal ilrta ll \\t1t()iet 1 f U1do oVr}-c S inHaDQUARiT. (E
,Sct sit theras qet li ill erni ii ill n, t 5cto50 pr uie
rih ttirs '(1111111ieigal ii l other I i --11 Tr' ur-W HRS PE IA
Gr' ner' s is cri-llt it asses1(1 n Bianc-ili I
iifn aeio u t srit l as ca s s 40 O K S RE40ov isit csa ll ad i (td t ii it lls
20-.21 j
The'lstolentries (It caniateits or 11
thi' class f(1(1bhll teams11toicimptel Says thaiti11 almoit (111iiiilI indsenale
in t hei-nter class series Ithis Ifill 0101 I 1 5law ltent tii possess a 0110
sireliatidedt to Class Mlana-'or Mat- of 1 ylteri liii iii siatnd 1Legutar
niard yesterday. 'They ale s' 5foillows: omeria at pot I his liiiik is d
Blensoni, Winsload, ICoors, Di olstoio 7 uk Staite 111nk. i,jp rtment. tProf.
'(1nes, tPou,DigtonilCi urchi,11 1 0 0III I Sin ci71 ' ths wriitheis
Boyer, Ambrose, lomis-., 'iiier,7111 ici o"< ay's: "the
Camtillt, tignitn, 1eath, oti(_,,ipadofitheli-aorkand the me1tho~d of
-atiforil, Siticlair. 0treatment 1110 uniquan. 'The beaten
'((S edie, 10- is.Lignr 7 path 1(0110,1 Lex l-t ltritttr1is1w11l11 aban
'05 :Medics, Bette, 1liii ii M',sr('1sed li~v yp~c ofiithe book is an
mickt, Marshall, terkte, Etlomn, S (Idol~I I0,esson ini the- s11(1y'of ne 'otia 111
ter, Hthori,Rtussell. 11u1b1r, Taylloi, ins ii ((n-il . It is aortk thai no lawe
tBarnetIl, tarsoo.Cook.,tDan hDsn Berg, '1stintoiln aflied to ito withou~lt, I
Mtorehouset , r(11hail , Stafford , Lu- comminiiid this11b1(k to thliiawyerl'and
ne Glr-ene', Chase-, Sch or' n, ' elth oiLW oul - tand Iirec ommeuind it
son. Torry, 'a ''ea1, omil 1wi(1ou1tireservat'Iion.beiauise I have
'li tohamn. used .,0-. iit asoil iithat Iksoot whietreofI
thu - 'hathtian.spii-k. I Oe5Ihiidtit as 5 valualble. and
'The schedleoof class gamesias to0the(l1w10ott-ut atiimost idoes
Ilit~ta rsl by Ittnager .7lynarih wilee lm~itI toil nliy (If thle large
appearli in tonmorross's D~aily'. sor ks on the subject ohfinegotiable ii.
etl ieon '', 1110eOi-giltat- price If the
WEBSTER PRELIMINARIES boois X3$.10. A speil prlice.f $2.01
-- beritofte iii ibiran. t'nderi-these air-
The preliminaries for thit'North- l'itnte, snoone(1can (afforl..d to be
western debate w11 i.' beheilitSliturday' I'lwilthout L 5'p. 'Ts- bonikis Cu- 0sale
e'veing, commnciIiigat 77'tlloc, '.y1C. 1E% lt-Il. Llaw Book 5S-ther-
'This arrasngemet-ulhas bieon detcidedit321 south State shooet. nAii bors(,
upton aftir efforts o 1learnl thie'ssishiisMtiehiigani.
ttf the contestants. Installaton oftheii
officers-elect willth akeptact- a1 the
re'gular sleeting FidOay oven'ing. __________________________
.. .FIThZGERlAt.Ll,rs
Whoo'Dccorate y(1(1r0r110m5511hi
geninhetIdian weaptois.curios,1adl
rhugs. Harringtoni sells 'emi. :117 E. rortune
Catieiti. ~ or f :eC IS yotur fortune.
The 'Varsity Mandtoliin cl ills Pt, to t front all irritation
mteet this eveniiig ai 7 o'clock(in by l1s111 £,
room 24, tii-erit y hiatt.~
a~'i~a~&aa~ STICK
..... .... ..... .... .. . --... .. --. ....- 4 ----
The Students' lecture Association
1904 - ftftprirst !eatoon
Russell N. Conwell
Henry Watterson
John T. McCutcheon
Uov. LaFollette
Edward Bok
Henry Van D~yke
Leland T. Powers
Champ Clark
Hamilton W. Mabie
Oratorical Contest
I Open Number
Oct. 21
Three Days Collar Button Sale
Saturday, Monday,
Oct. 22 ' Oct. 24
The Crowns Collar Butttoni factory, in oriler to initrotduce their
wondcerfutl never-b~reak collar biuttonis ini this territory, has agreed
to let us sell Thirty Thousand Crown Buttons at Cut
Prices. The sale cotimentces Fritday. Now is the titme to
stock up on collar btttsns at half prie.
Regular 5c Buttons, 2 1-2 cents each
Regular h0c Buttons, 5 cents each
Wagner & Co., 303-305 S. State St.
Seasoni Tickets $2.00. Season Reserved 50c Extra
Single Amsin$1.00.
You cun secure tic kets from student sellers or ut Waehr's State street book store
IFirst Lecture: Oct. 19, Russell N. Conwell.
-- m

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