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April 02, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-04-02

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The Michiga_ il
n Vt '
+ Xv ANN ARBOR, MICH., SUNDAY, APRIL, 2, 1905 No. 132
____ ___TRAINING.
r5 lo II0511 -oil k t w i
I han Track Team Walks Away! Varsity earn Wins Score 9to1in I
Meth wthHih cho-,'0 rinthtth 4r n e itpatylo ix Innings Pitcher Martin (Onl a fee of the track-msens respond-
Meet withllbe he osigii Schooljurd. d osDlirctor lFitzpatrcks call for out-
law 1 h c 5,o and 07i Enier in ir Injre dor work yesterday and these were
Relay Finals. stlsrahiiltwokots-ie
'or colosy 55 I v alant
]n iii to a sticlt te ct A t he "Ps ole ~' til i5n ii fh~ (.tick ottes: to ae te w hole squal
iRsbnt int A" n the coit out Mnttdar aid te sork of prepar-
tls leatsrnts[sas ot able to get w l ~- ih ie hi none
lii x eurt l w cn s n t t ce it cf t r, I ~ t ctttts tt stre Nscrins-1tg for te etttsy races till begin at
icdte lint io c lce. and isi iiii I it'in.nhctr~t ~t5ii,.tt l, h s n ife %tr ttts}tht s sle t oine sitterl i s- b noiit stink that outdoor
lt ils the bi 15'rsitrtatck s*st titt i''s,-''el ngg.dto furish he siadt t o e il iv u nn stll tesl f tritig sill lessess te'caces of totse
tesl it pe colne ctre lghtt stttchlwill F1~ - tutu sliringtile sits tir.rs ith iish ts complee in te interlss
The t-itsy Issealsill team Is anit
12 ls slstiog o lt a sial1 sisssstllmeetiss-'Satray ight.
11dw ,pr St ie rootingsi t he i_,__ilhard__icklst at ' tres-_____________
Prstp o te histyi 0ael itti atstswsa, W. l ir li1:rin t e str pitch-
"ne of h fisttts ) it me. I MICHIGAN 'WINS. siatsdlutitl i itys'snalslit a figer ottlIis SYMPHONY CONCERT.
I ito, expected, kersi t ooktb ______ itch isng iha sdsald sill be keptiotntof
foters tsTis i5 twit hgri IAthreyennicoy oeatnd iplSoreS it e Caifornian'stit ie iThe lsrifBy HUniveri niEntOrchestra on Aprilli
cl5 1l Fasidu t i t A te coy vrV so- st isrssss~rrcsst iessii 'er mt Conduct-Webcr
tiit isisili isatssltstinslDeaters,tsitsol i actl sainsterfeescwith sie Concerttuck on Program.
tt c5 -i-c: eiswinning ialic1ta is l wostrk IFrias
) uratdle as ti shten s 5 sit ito ws ri ple' dichusii Ii sito os uu' tse asiist atesi4thepitchs s ing s s el lste Iforsthcominc c ert byhei t hesssss ifcse it
lisa e til aospu t Isl scihard ighttfoisis t.' tllou ft he i i '' insi deitba trs a dItir at s be ting t-N iciilder andiai issh iti stt S cponyssg o c s'ra wic heoccs'r
iled t ulifyiis fir te ins.i h hared ;, en rree'rn orsit isyease, tle batte. stia ight as seek. This srgasiza-
iard tis o is-itiSw liYst and 1defea. Vsits sg me w s to nesie d tes ti t is compisedsensttirely' of locu Sal -
tal-leritotoksalliithrsee plices. Is Inthe Yi sits e ledr fth ea , left ito ihe ser t serstOing 'isCa'is, tieenct a dis sthe ftst of its kitd in Atn
llt~ huirdlis, o witever Rciars' is:is nus Arittt isr i stwith ~itwps iemigly J cksoni teits cuhstwirer pithedAbotsr
to i uh au1 S tsho ttwon ttim a esit its sis c ssslogss uiefst sa'h'ttg'sa sis te Irt itediretor of the orelse-
Sit d pech on acostihistri atak li upor w slfisrthrwerdorerstaha hdesitiv epeiece h
sil it s hit ev le of sif i meset is is ' h.is it t t Ii lie wrs shced sts i te sith by Nagle, codsiuctig haig sered hun tle cp
andi \Ich Iii55e' hadiai hartig tu tSite st, at alstlesd tst, isrder hurke stits' Ist S eais i n r s uth saw it iser i of cncsermuester its seseral for-
lhecfo isr 5v isisby abousit 5yarsi-sI te'am ad itsuhi isisei fcivstes' hiss ltera', former 5555cmadstas deieisi gn ysosrgniztiuons. Due o iis sill
ha$l sly hish Itis tiacs sitithtie s t is ll'iricsut sis a,. I gos t houi iisit qn" ,Iss i m f silts c in his satcits-ii a'ndiheniterprse, the local organiationi,
55 )whenlsts ('5 this k st he lead tiol i i tai th s ait yIsi upporstedI by'hi sune ithisissrit's'rstr's gism e 5itvar itt ifer scsvral uoths practice,has a c-
iid ketit.ii lietcw'onathe highii jump teisastsmstses' ls. D ieiny tash lippiL i f'stir uessa quirsd a finish tatuwsill ot suffer is
fr fest S incts, ea h at, ri te hrif sirsstions tas: "shiih pity irsi aitd Coe w t ee te onliy soes of comuparsotn with that of te professional
6ishren a'tdh Pa'sont fo Anti r sis brise anidahstis fors astlse, sisiun ty issd ciy st tth anu gls tis uc'ss afelvith t osrganzatosistatusvisit An 'rbrotr.
iist l' le iii sssssssss ursies a itlls i lcSt s saat le csen ubess folslhoedi itsC iii s sigletihaStSymphony lui Ci ovesteulr- is 'M o art's
'04 2.a 'ndtl li t aking s'siihsec nd b life s t s[S ' tc lissiigoss ttpiel lte glee'ste' 'i ilitl s teir onlisis t- I' ies s", (F e'tiltt''andi thec' t'vertre to
Pa frint :\bei byhi iesss. give.'s A bdsrec t i r yi thSie \l ii A iare n umbe i tse Sisfists itsrSc)tit l alletis Ii usshe biss Fs'har sill
t, l tiie rnt rvesets s y oa lir Rowett sceisarSesd iswosld fiiiesslil - a ispitei Iif ts c ills sicaSler andilthis sitgt hisJwc ls ongasisyfros usi Iatst adi
tis Uta icth a hsthiwoe las i ll O huard Icouite'.n wtsis aid.iblithS~e lit ta is i its irthus.'5ltituurtssiuCatt ts (i5 teisila ndbtate and Rindoitin 3f.
si ssstab lead o the laig h ssh o 'siac i g vot is wii'l 'hott I i sosre: This Webere ciiicertstick too, sill e
Mtts b i te lter cit 0555 Se hsS lap cii sis e'te'mascinsuse sred bMichigan, tt \ss, g ive . twitiMr. Lockw ood 'a'soloist
ih ; slit hicus thrcateneits o h est ts igists illsreasdcsthen e Str mstissS11R r ,sa
nq B"a sllst le isadlsatedlit tSolonsssg lti. A diet rmayFoldtt I o o o 1 'N Is ti III'S ('Ill. RANCE.
and he aptitevitsecr o l sat ird. psoe'thie'pubilic servicesibecssusete nasit is ..s.... 2 r 2 = 2
ah ltle t isi kchssa s ok twosu trs- f iss' campitagns tuiliSkeels theI 'lt rils rhi ffr IutssreIstllhuhi
t I st P inuslte- r thle stigh schtoolilIhf iG'saiii',Ies 55.....1151ei)ie'isoI Ii I FThees juiors 1 lsit sefou itsundrdtillsr holdu
1k sils lsl us sciti pti e Is stl fr'om compe tin and tot o tush .s I ttltIf .... 0 2 0 0 ( t n u l slre i ab u yn
tustlel ok Ii.tsSaS 9fet 53nd iiheit si titus uss uui Iscasnd i t sublct ndsci I1 t5hif sI tt umu psrlrs Ssl uts'ro recitndg. 0Aih
ts hici titlil ush Itss' s ilt is ii citis: 'fiuises''atd oter elibgibl
If "tta Stii ord c e il, ad \ihl. f r thei fisit u n hie res's'I~ i us ...... ou 'ti it 0l ti y slest sill le asm itted if properly
i s a u' hs-ieshiitt otigan ,uth us hi-us gitiolulussi 'uf srly I 1'u sit'u b55.... .... 5 o ep 3 o accomsupniedh umtul susscheslfor Moest
e ifias is the Iss ' i-s i'luy :mta ic's tutnti I tuhiititi'ttiui itiu n tr ' 'Ng,' u o 0 u 0 f the itshe Sal tie lasss emtaeleu'-
ttt55115515slugsf si'i'ie swee Crim5osil s l l cas I t~t c'til'555 c Ii 5555hitet, th'iicm oa -''
il st i4 ' 1as 514{5 , 4 iusics's' lie tins oris lust' ite iuo
iris plutsne uistht e ) r e gi ttrts'Can isthe - usi iliticul svse tlulitlis'siniti s e c. ist st;r I n ill appears'u its all ts' glory tof is
lth 1eean ah u ir i, e I liT e advancsse agntss of Shun sios est-
ta i s a slt 11netigh n :, -,adthe e sh ~ hoSssi t es'e -ugsss its s l51ttus3. . z t i tug sf (Waguer, Allen, Ktserer,
als. whtastls ins "14 unslther fresh, hs tsh Josephi Del' resFChicag. it iss 50 i 5t. . I o o f o0 Couglinis, of atd Sticktey, have
tt'interc'lits etS e x t s hurdsis iiI t f ... 3 r 0 0 liben s uiy' haratgugiisg the nmasses for
ie Is si s1... .. 2 t to r' rush weks past atd teticket swagot
tnnits'sr 1's S sssu sh otii se '51p i-To r< 11 ... .. 2 2 I t 0 Ia benutdoing a godul husitess ev-
rsnm5 its Tons, won;u(i 1.11 suit tosuaanlpst assist.s.its.I2cccns3si o era hie so tu tslwsill probably e
tc11s I ' uieS -bA. thrdslus hiss the tush sintiscks's usa s'le'ed' its h siouts lbsh c .isi0s G o
(P55~~~~~~~~~~~uy~~~ oft 0i a0ui ittiiti 'sl it h t u 2 r> srungus dt siisg te tperformuatce and it
nl'ryyrruh el.sh--Assis, c~.tt cctd sdet. C. A Ornss suitsruioetios htsth inrtguaser has a
9(~offa oo,, e cond; (mIr' 1953 20 isS - uis I i 18 955 5 nesw'trck sr 5two5tsp his sleee.
55 times :045 is}siueii luirussaus Vager f slur social on-
fri s'rsy-s snulolitshurdlhe itts t an, ts 07 ulaw secrets v' A B. Cussrts5 55at tlss 'ses dsitd silotIei
-ts ss'c estuu terileu itoh ad ite lustou hesul-lst '5
S suis'' o shslugus' ( ssurs 1y~lu5 sl's se a14 b tsation lithaluts te blaw-out would be te
i~~jrAyYsyansI hugh h lslca I let s lieu 'rt law ieleyste N ets h rutOrri- Sunli t uts Iey 'Sangern,,shits 1c't sit evere ldesitsA n bu-ror. All sose
Shaw' frsi ' Ihichs A 0 'ou:trca ege . .Iclp, 0 .Itush us i IS 55 s sIt sils h~ I iny t u s ho shvse his-eittrmbulig ou thle erge-52 j f-r ure to ak upterpnisad Iitlv nr4 sc ulk i1 i,1Km hts.)i- W Jo pie Ptie o N w ht-_t11tn Cm hlolK 1S'ric saeterprycll ntec m ite
tlird tu 0ils 7lii ('}- uS k (3154 iNaliotslIlsoInge hlinil Issisus 4 ate onh e
l1S5 5)08 till PI tt , b9 ft sed lit ts o fi 155555c 'Miu sisi es i spe uk ii t I titussj ingc s t ih ad
i~islhighty5ifletnx t thies us It lyiCass churecittils evncisg____________V__ARSIY'1BND DANCE-
i In hundredln an t fsh list Is 5 da1si - at 30 '(ias Petie sill als psals NF bW 1 4R I i b I I, IIA S( III' EN 'Ihu 'sriy hasl lac -tll' e
z syIrdf ; Actey, t8 S hurt irdsitaime s5a t t5eslu r isheas u I hls usia u atusss's'ususy 'ues1 irs Vasi
Siti5 (k~s ~itis ssurl 55555 ~ 630 t~t~ I uns hiuuisu-ta shu- I~ 15 e os b55 feetFrids' fterthi tEasercaca
tisa s its a fer thenaisns Sosvni
Ml,~f rusts Ruste 9sj58 hirs , D~ul, sans of thus countury'an tuheu yosung 'St lssi lts u co-s pits . iunug c stilloue gisnasium.u Soutenric
ahue' Newberryh hl-sOa 5suh u lc ue ut eu tusuyht tiiiCulll tash theisntuerior of te of thin ticketc hs beets placed at one
p1 4 48 lity usuto lin ee us thiss meistinug;. Neen pu
VPic] vauhI heer i~S '5'5 ___________ _ wi c n' C A. bsuitdins tresensts a dolliar. Ab, there will be ounly a lists-
I) lehoo a sl1t 598s l tlittve appilearance. scsI numusbler of tickets issused it is ad-
- , qut hegh retii inches.Nd~h IU~'
Vdelay si rae tO 5 i (~Sceki Mgfits lie rosims of this bsuilinug tate all vicsable thsas those who dlesire so go
havit lti klans} irIst ;Ann Abli Ihue lustiera of siFransk . ByeIrs, theise~ sutitsd th tiltoussie re-pihsed,. shouldus nmake thseir wishues knowtn as ste
I ss sts I~ehiars Kea ~ Ii s F t'.~ ~ i thi tushquilts a little suitsfurnitureu isas been u'arliest possile mtomesnt.
eand 'tnl~ Isis who wa, drwe hIs thetuhu °I''a es
'toal essltus us -bss brbsrt Itin usluh s' sih it iuhu iihur o rigs hasshu sitn purchsed,~ chairs, dav- Sisne te death of Mrs. Stanford thue
y~ss Ioa, sash sy The s'tsusg tats wsas a
COAbCHI YOS'T BACK. I etpotis si ass so forth.great Stanford mnassion huas heen turn-
~____ gses siutieit harh sssuyah uh I .~e lss heens sexpesnded ott ed over to te unsiversity bty the pro-
hlurry. ~p" '(ost arrivedl its Anns nevrtu necneies us cnssisim u Hisa lathseC tile bildinug. 'Sis tione y seas a gift vsionus of thus swill. IS is worths over
Arsr this muornisny t cotusct springy issisn mtembestr of a hats fhrms swhichs fruit 'tins Ns'e uny of D'etroit, to two smilliosns and occupies nearly ass
""{fall practice Ilie intendas so remnaisn is counseul is Slur Chicago. Bulingtont whtosttu thes bsuildisng originsally buelosnges, entire bilock. It was suggested in the
h(ra mothl and drill she fosoatball squad & Qusincey', n ByselFurs intendused so en- andu u in i onr of twhosse so~n it wsas still sisal it be used eithser for affiliated
e4kiking and catcing punuts. Sen the inIrut whetn hue graduased. plassusds colleges or as a library building.

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