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March 30, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-03-30

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The Michigan Daily
No. 1 29
Al-Fresh Track Team Practically Bturkey and Pearce Both Oio to Mtad- Senater Champ Clark Delivers Elo- Club Out in Full Force-Novicc Race
Decided Upon for Next Satur- ison-Former is Still Unable to quent :address on (ireat States- This Spring-Easy Runs
day Night's Met. Speak -Prospects D~ark.,nman and Orator. Yesterday.
illes Iv k Iet' rv h l iiN ae -II
1' }" ' m faue ill
hoti theI ,ren ts , -e sfact that 11.1111
an I;, l o i li l , I n ill--
('re. itd forl Irt l at q (let111111 itt I
r es le f i r ly r ce e a ,1 It Ill,
Sceni a d Ltrdhi dii:3 -
which is cn i kah lie htl-first
Year ir g rriltii. d t ttthe l t Ills -i
loei eet till 1cove1 off5 tomorrolw
I X'cn i thX' ,t lnnai H lIl, 1 lm t it -
lAIon, I, Is , t mo tl a tr 5,, rttii 5. theiis
eluouad. e nlc wl he heldtl
11"., 51115t~ Ille ho il he till
third macitfi le rtacie'. , st - t fo
Ttr lan un11 t riwee\il-r
'nyitt n Outi t for,, the ,I, I a 1111111 re
ther tnm wee ot ne , te. Pttfi-I
titl t theti cus11 wi1155 seg in h s illter
it ros coi r itutitswithi',tallbof
srtad fotttitg tsrs t oe sitstjog cite
(CtyontnSuccedd on kpngto)
I ,dvv.ilt 1.
lch:,tc ;I
11 lull t
i]I( )]*]'A ) l
tlllall< t ,
tit tictt
1} " °:lttl ..
i c-t- ,i ,t"
", ill 1sC" ,t
E i"{fI'c't 1 I
;li' mg i(
car III
lla- chic r
t11 " (itt:tl
I c CI c'c'tl I
ll ltill5 , it i :.II I Illl t iIke lt
1. lt'myJ. lb t it , XIdcl
Ig iis \\''Illl m t e ll 1M r
tl tI i l Itlet ip , f le et1 =llp
,l}erit11'l rac' t e 1a ,ti , 1- 1
it I
k,\l l , I,, ,1 tII it -t i l '11111 i s
Cr the Ik, t 2 11 ,11 li1 111 up and I nt
I meng ,IIIspte I f ttih ii,'" tt
-lit addr~ti "n D niel Wet eri
I ih y neet i I il t hetil
t -I-I-ilace thaist the lit itish edt
'i. illc
tailt ils,
,r'ttl ivl ait cotell s
tni lie ith ru ly ape
li g u > I t I I i it itl It
Th r I- ontyclit, is itt a nsre
111111 1,s-r snito s ye)11atyantle
before. The me tbersh ihsinceae
yearibyyearrutiiithr te tlesnt
a hndedacit membis, bescides111cra
j liar it itmier who igo t idaitsaid
takethe runlss il ists' f c cltb at
jt4ii Xttato sefelor-,ditie runerns,
forn thtlithtstacctmplis-ed aisbee,
ampl shown by at r tieieof iM-chiatnt
piled ir higlilt 's lilt -tite r lat eamsg
Crs Cllutry ien.ii t Acssthe1-rcinenst,
ite fdlontidistne ittutierstril
tnhcolege1ar 1me 1breofthec litbandu
Theiclubrholdtiw rtcesal] ber
ise its stte ftaltlsatoe ithelsprirt.
The irs and11 secondi tenariitltaedIthrse
i sprn ttteraexriiae iotbeaoice
re-guilar club coorse, aoustt fotr ire
it lentgth.
Yesterdtav aftsrnsonthe -cluiiwen-t
ite tilh11b1oirho tiod f tihrt-eimiles 1a11d
te titl es' in~ig s , tiliof th i e t ys
club will it-ttti-the gyttiat 4:30o ad
Ihetse laefor lthe text couptls- ifwck
1ill be1slo.
1111] -~ "M IIP, c~tr ttd ta
I I irt J el y o) r tD~ th.!h t~r tei a z .tittlI o It il sit
N11111, 1 now t ,-,a h rd ig ter andj hotld re k ti ., .1 f e5r
i t AXicitstti. tLa stier its ledithe,
Xs'-sFliiX iOt- SCItENCE AD-
-v Lvl :1201 :\ - ttit'llac mteoDR SS.- -- -
i'itsl it ceit.ii-1111___ti o Yp 'tsilantti, ibuttil th botardlofrol
li tilxt Il~ I llsarewa sre at Ii, Istittlitl ii iIt 0nestuntI ihatlwill
Iltc tilnimal addressIIIliloft sthe1 Academyslilt l t e iiisswRith h attyX a t!ovat of al
ini1211 hIts a r sh law he kle f is 1 tukil'lii) ti-il l it1e 51t hit i sitii is 'ittit
tlc (]S e- s i iety t mt oti--i'torir-s---ti ii l--li
XXI list if iC ambelinoffChiago. Ile i l lt l l: ils ' it~t iliitiIt it ti
Xelf t ie o heliter4 1ar e ts' tltt nd ''- Il l d and Its-i It po ees s - oft txs - ttt I ' - isilA tlI xxtlisPAR iTt -
ill and uther enra lage re sorti ina f -i t il re rdteitt o ii il s 1tuis ufei ae.a i,
ii s ii ilt Is ilitli ci t''ii es- tt al n(-\it~ulu'slle tt thtriS tig t sth-- h it fo t i cpl riittua terMitch,
lit I tthe former witnnin-glctt th'e,5 ii rtuuhu pliactte to hioflstal- o
I lth it ia t it s in 5of the sitl ttt ist 's orl 1 sabe ime. s I itti x-itt e)rly r--
:en t. Irle his a good debate hir dif li, t ,ititotiIeiielaio 'ci tsteisi tgt e
)itc, 1111 ha i w{rl r n lil t tr11 ik. Ilehit s bor i l ,it x ll Ocsct- taseibiu t e i Xttl aI, fi 11111, r fet irot uthes sr e
k;rc i IIll utsrrin t t ns thi tl u dy. 'si- tl I fl tis 11 frttt tute rainttg
it il ltI ;ftoX predx siitifXXh itls tu itt 11111 uiso ie rttt r-
T11 t n i-tt i ciitrittsrthe o tutv o Itsuittof tuthedisrse lt te colnleges
it,, s itotKanttand t'ers.Irtli dictiegoteesiMti na~ngtepat reitttyp e
it 'ttu1w betint th t ott Irtis12codleague's'i iii i tit tt'tstsI situ or rfeitieis
5,11 ii I f ttstttut 1111 gse ' thic' li-it i iieii1- itituit tat shIit-ait lst ti cl s gat aat
- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ag t itttuIt-iistsll fltttt,,t t-s -tat'dii t-tlntstanty ff(]flit- ''lI tut, tionut orctrti funishe doc toce
f A1I\ IS.1IIII i t '.ute 11111, it luttigil it-i xis tedI, asiia- lit er tofitit It-pastlitss of'th'. of lu s ' it,, o r e
1 tu t 'tt I i, ' fe1111FitI t,' islicttni''-tthetmoii0 s-he tr ta Itvola- uthe o ris u ch it tsmoot- trthai, etis
l t re l H ahntt utle 11 t I ti i the shi2e t I t i -lt ubti-ar un te eart t hut. tiI in theti gym nast ium.i Te roomsi stie wrer
tot-I t}t-Iinis tu the Itirsl xfi2 C IIet lt- telfo cle atiut atProfssoitr i isir 5cnd iharmes.t siee te sil po
a tt uttil itc ighti Xagaiu~ ind mn sittd- hutle 1 frs th followi tuca c Th ifyueg aes loge dc es fr tte
that ith ''is mr. i's r mrsitit rsi t e r gii-- --------- -an no c11 os i -))ttgra t triaey otich amlittl ett
:o( -i wa ii igs fita his'b cDill f Geotgtixic iiitttg t tittiit chit b totuiuri g id ub- for ios esit sIoter a ksbont u t-
alai track.1earthliwast thiVorit ly att olwys toe e aniattyn.h utrl e

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