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March 13, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-03-13

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The Michigan Daily
No. 11
Coach Satisfied Nitto Re suits of Pur= Students of Economics Offered Big
due Mit --All=[ reshi Try- Sums for Studies on V.ar
outs This Week1. ious Topics
Professor Coe C
of the
1100 lo
0011 u C n
0. 'si
1l)0 i
t t 1
thof 1
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it r ;
r 1
c Iil C )S1
t. t'ti i;
t?; ti
l t
to l' O ot I~i1t
to .l> wdto h v
i; 1'71l1to
ho talll t< t it trick Nva
10t~c~ Ott 000 ttt ItiO rli
c l 0aa 0 iv c shtilll 1 il
111 }f 01000a.0 Olk t t 4 t t i
S I100 ito 0 toohtr ook t toot tlt
t{Il o ilt ho le tw00000
.ll1 I l
'. tlt:tt;t.
Ii a]_
i I'I'i)t.
;ltl) i
lllt+ °r
1)\' tI1
'i L' ttt t
1 1' 1' .
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at i 11 >> . Cap r_ 1
_,x1. N o
1)I 0.0.00 it o
10000-c 0Nv
bot; tor
toC000 00
ratIII, t Comerce tlo "'looo
00.. t 0' n tttt ttt o'o 'tt-' ~ 00t
'00 tto '1c1 t, '' " t t ' "1 0'.t. '0'I ala~r tO
0 00001 100000 t~ l lic OO2 otl1tti tt 1" t' 1t 0 ~ r t
'Ott 11Hl 2\ cl, ld b tthtt 0 1 1_7~tl'1 a
raSlo c h) , . IM tht1,ipublics at1t' too 1 is l t :;
t<< ct>WD~ Y r tilltoitor-. "W o' llttt
cso o' 00000OtooO to rt 00000000 c100 t tt it 0 to' l
Deliv'ers Address at Miss Hiazard, of Wellesley, Says
:y Annual Meetin Work of Michigan's Executive
e S. C. A. Is Her Ideal.
Ito tool otoiioio'o'doeiceOIIIotiled address be ore th t oan's
rsi 1,11 oi Stllth 't;L oot uoyeterdayoto afteroo nmo.Mis f'az-
0' 1. Ii O 0 0.o. ard,1 olito1t of 0.0.'oiiotio'o' ( llege',
1 'otlo '0flai it f ittiotg 'toiloot t t to the ml o tN-iilo
O'O f~r thei1'000 ' s t ot of ' ic oott olotoog
as the Ol tts t o eis I visoit l .oooo r0o in I t h-
0000100 te 01usp00000ootthentbrittri,
''00000 00001d 11 tcs oa d ha e rid too folloow i00 los
fotstOttsOtt)my0work 1atoWelesley.
rae h elgoso ite 000100jor ato otf Mst -larol
address was 01000000pt o tt oflr reoott
0.0. ve it ctto oould1nt o ne0 ofthree o toootot chosent to repre-
o ltotrit 0n00 000,0000 -0 ott t 0 the ed c totalinbt sts't of te
lfo cI t, oo me 000'frOtmtt'tt o''t totof titot ttat othe tme tig'-of
1 the C~rc~t lrtai cntiftc associatot
bru Otte tte oorf''e-e oa oeo
I ot ltol ''o' t. 'tttt I talod was tcoot-
It.!! 0of0 0000 100'e'uctorsot fromto all
1000000;tt1 OtttO id tel s l 'It~tilto ol tited'tatttos
'Otnlt '' f adolite colick'
l inss r th vaious sysems ith th osttlloyol acrotss
00n theto uei on t h t t heto o'oo'' lot l00.tt 'o is Iz l d so o'o'l Othat
'l't Io tot 10000c0allt ooooothei-IAnrcl V~ll o .010uponota 0 oarol
05 00 toth 00000 tttl out 'basis and tlvi otooloti 'oer oaim titholl tleir
o tt ick ohe ottato itt 100000istrs II ilkioo tl e.10'girls
sped he iv 'yers otf thirl college
Sootheoeteot Ito' loooptoag,,
0000010ill 0100 l tttont'illoto met to sub-
rd too t o m es firs0tootantd spetcaliz.ationo
J u ;e 1 0I Itooa tis ootcoll to 00000 Miss IHazartoldoe
lcv I o )I c
7. the c t te o duto t " 0 ltil
000000 1 ld tho ot. I 1oioClt 001 00000
Co0ro0000r: lt t ote itseo f ol.oo
"0 ot t "it- ooltu tot tOtr a nac ito' wI tt eiot
'tol ot s ot to 000
(C 1' ' Ito )..001' o' to 0 ill' Ito e'
:A ooolopriz oof ofe tho 0.0n100 d'ottarf
ott ""fool sh ae ofs , 0 i t
t, f p i- o is wlo tit to eti'' th
of ll A licic llColeg . NOof ilet! 10
:'tilt (fh, ill C ay 0 ) il "0ee l
I to t aw rdtt e twtpoteof 0' o
too an t o l oto o "loder tta i lt " fthe t ller-
It(i f th0 p p rs01a d t
i in il3c w iic'tt tt ti
ltit'. ..
S Hlo t tto ~ l
1,tttlr .
Rot 111to 00001 la tter ithodtIas betinog moore truli ed-
lIt closingthe stt peotiotrtoffered a ploea
'li on .endtoolsito on. tr tbvopttimenootooof am highoer eduocationaol
Prof. ("worgeo 'Aliet C oetidtal.''\e'soldleanotootsomthlinog
lotoitlh si'm00.e0 thato fatst"Olho sotoaidoandseton o
Rot's. hliotooto ttitosi p1001000otthaot faocts alonetoaret torth-"
Pr00.of. A 0 . Stanoloyles s wlitoutom00000poower to uinterprt
'1I I; PRI SS (C1UB.1
I.JI NJ I>. N.\'i
Xi01 li l '
1t10 ' ft
tt i l
t' .(tI ot too t t ? rI o Ottoot
to to "to 10"aff i.T l 00 )000l0
l r I ttor l 0" no.0100 rt00
Otto 11-' l)ttttoia f tto I loll,
TheL'ntiersty fIicigan0P10000
'u wItolo ttwas 'o"'re or zdlalst sloottoo
010000001 1 oevisedtpla tt o1make loo
>o t of toal toth to to o 00000niversitt
ton t t oo000m000er1.Toe oobet of
0 i i i'poo sedttoio haveotoo n*a01 t00 e
toot t 0000010 .orbnft of ~ a too
th torm ttottoth olbe t othiosintt acos
o or~t t' '0ooithletnlotspo peirof willmobeo
o' 1 <>lo i tomi0t000s0htave 0000
'om mi tt '"ItettOt 00o l,oJaynt still1io-,
gr~m c((mittc.,PountGrvel ,Ort
1'y c .110000000 stototo i lts s it tub o us
01000.0000 oAnrewsoSmsooer.00
otootoo~inm ai lasssl o ldots
Iir~th~indct tthe oo Ilotseo h
C0 CHIttLI ' o arch2, andottol is expeteod
''to' I lolr (4 t"e loots sepaortmtos t
'iTheadr aoi o sotfoull of intoerest ando
lt spte000ker Otar Iousil' ooitioo io of
oil fac"lot tt lt ohld aotioo ma boo le.r
outg tim eao tloo oteyllo' to f nd lue.
'hss 1looroemoseLBurtont, presidentt of
tt" 0..Woomn1'soLeagu', solmo introoducedt
0100 spetotelotpcededl tootinotroducotiono
ottoo on al rm ksaotthme moemooriloo
tab0et0t0beooretted tothmimemoory of
'IslotsAngeotllity time oundoergrtaduate owo-
nie, tool : ndfoaculty'. "Tle taletm
itoi boolce t1 tie right 1ofte stage'
too Sar'ooai C 'moomoli 0Angell mall. Money'
' looOtoi0000.0ritl fill)(] is00o 00o00 frtom
o ''bootary i .fts tof lthe girls mood womeno,
toot. ittisop0000oedmo oedicate floe plate
"Miss Itza00ofs000000yotstertday visit-
top to otsito of inmtteret about floe
'tnps Sistothme p00es1of Presidemt
.\ttpoll dumoot..erootot ayot"ito Atnn0Arbor
rind Ieac,;othi oaftern oorthfle soth.
Slot still speotool toshoottime in, Citeio-
zi adL(ootttst'ille oandl sill st~op000
'oter scoools wherteotpreparaO~toryO" sork
foot Wellotesleyp is onte.
I)F.'l'RVII' MV'l" .
I-)botit'ttotRKeoeeFitfipatick trill reb"
'0 " n in o) iter'tschla stict' ct:tl
.0 1000000elobythe Detroit Y.II. . . o
z to' m i tGuat'rdl Otottttt''hursday
ntoo lot lio trttouttet too ttto thI at floe
soane il Itoe1presethas. proven
ao bI, ad'ver000tmetomfor theme eet andt
'0000 igh so chmmt oolditt Deltroit wso
t< ontertedtinmomatletitcstwill be preseot
to e otheit tmato whlose specially is turnm-
ot thlamoponshoip track teamts.
' 1 t 1 sI t 'cksi.o
It Te to tt'o'o'. OftIt'
to 0~n oi).to boot -tito 0
It "fol 000000 0(In ttototo'i'notwi's'ed"ooooooolrs, to otoomo
ml 0.11{'UT A t=o artt plt toott shott t he o th0eir
tell Wh00.0rte ! tttottr to 11to is otlie. o oitt 0ot 1i
MS SHOWYtsmaller omThemoot mfoo t w deto menlt
ti 10 sve0 mn0 " llbeit t ooot.'o 'sI 'to 'd('efots a)roD"
'1' C ptin o 's. n'"' o rde''0'toioo'" Olo som ofDoot itm
1olto-it to rk 1e- ' to 't'o'sstheit' C ttt100Iomp n . tea o
weta toth.' o o redio o rches o t ra and000001 tt itl fur-iboo
t 10's
') I
f( oit It somlloiecreose lntnumbters. ish 1 omusictforothm~e occaosion.

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