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March 02, 1905 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1905-03-02

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The Michigan Daily
All Eitriesfor Vars.ity Met Must be Committee Appointed to Arrange for
rlied T oday --iarrels Put Sthot Big tavent-Michigian Un iionl and
42 feet"2rIches. oman'sL eague in MNove
l Iti l i le ;iIIi ,r i i n e tI 1t .IX i c li f'oft e ) "I- +f
}I-t t 1 d -iy' i't tl t, ilt I lel 1 n ill
tin nim i Ihr11«ei
c~ ~ ~~~~~~~li iilir ii iiiiteic<i'.'eltll l~lr
Natioiial Institute to he I'oi'tiitd for
that Purpose P_ rof. IDewed
a Trustee.
No. i105
'Third Cut in Baseball Squad Leaves
Only Ftorty lien McAllister Be-
longs to Buffalo.
,I ~ttl ii iWItL )41
ti , i i ' i i
" im ta ipi o't oc tody.i
iii~ iii c ii, ii iidevlpi n iitot'hii
t t . ll lii i lii. ei iyenerda
~ I iiit' i 1
ii~ ~ r!tt lt h tat
fl li /~tin -o I )l f>
liii> i4ithe I wi iii liiii ev
lit te h ilin i ce o~t n t It' i
till, I'iri~ 1 " i 'll l~i pproh }>lee that i ce r n e e y tn r'liil n >'I
it I;Ii iait
tt'll 0 WK t~deg lo ail} uindeifl that he Ltti Iu a l i"ag i i ldgv it i i
ths ar hre yer. i soit oing,
c~l~lilt., 11 the ('V( 0. IQiihNliilinii
l ti lt I s r 11 1! ttit'~ lt j)' t tg i~ l c n N t o i r "'r a d ic 1ll ltt
'tlt" d!\ ]llht Ia~ll a d :} et ar r ir i ve pa t hi iu t Y a a : ;t t1e.is
-color Th s h atn e te ls
t1 lit al' ii i olu l tuit Istutti t I'
]till]) mil i li i nll sotu inuc hliiAin t't 'c'i ttr
21c 'lt las ii e l i tr ii IIe l 1 tal l t e p c d a l i h n anii i " 0 t e , ii t e '~ l n
1tli lC{ii iiiiiii'iili' ntIii i trunaraeiuc upo lt i I' b n ll nasja I le D ~ei
itioud 1wiiiiiiiul iiiiii eianltIthe iii ii: i
Do~ll , t'k ala "11:1 W aite rc all ih i st l c . h ' u tij ) t ll
lis e1" :1 long wayliitohards fthescesti h tiI'i ~ "
c'llt igh o p o e t ta i lit it weal: I li i E iiit i
tilt intent Importantimla n . trte lc iit i ' I' l Il tt
liir \1tit li' iii liiutn lni thet I lii tit 'ii
in.i itie' titItes' l bliuii cls
Iht "I '-)Ni hld ii N tials i' ittitt ii i-lii
lilti.h e iamlii'Wiivvi
I~edii i itXiitdelitetac:il 41:tiltshmehsatKs lc ,& Ii. niil] XX ttilt i: frte at bn heui ist Iiings1 ilMldn w
t~ oi tit a h e n~lt . I n th e fin a t ry ~ ut h e e aliii ln t s af e iit ~i iir e t lir a i ng iii ia
fti rl I; i s iihe t ti e rc: as t ne i I s e l l s l e th eit i g
'if '"iliIlIe miatter1ii il
tol "«. " l h ll. r :> ; 1) nll ltr t;: ; l it '.iiiiifire'.t i i th a t II itX m ili rti '. 1 t ti l \
11:tlciii tn I nint e i e g n er team n' Q i re-iui lih t~i, In titdsn ow Il'
fie "tt t tlt tlItitas 'it'i n I l(,rt' : tt hit ii ii'it n elt l '')Ili r t 1l l t h 't'l iho
ti11 il.ue.o.h..ntr la e m n1t le u iii p lace t'fiatst in t l ira un a ii l ofi i 1
tt i I > C'!1
i t133"<llt
t 1 L t 111
ir til"Sl i l l
!'3131t'tli :
1v 1; w
ll"t}1" t
1 1177 (ltii t
1 (It'l l(tl'(
i31)I)t'S' i t
nsttlte f l 11 t a -k ti f Ii nt i lt i licut i'olittl
w tn t h ititc s o tI' lt; ,ii(I' iii:ti, n it\- in t li tnittf ntm
111)1 .i d tl- t)1V t; (l~ d ti)l t inii d iti oni i
ce ii : ithe ii 1VCil t cuiui. I. IIIlii ll t for n ittItnit iii iithin
l~ln~x(>plt . >~iii ittilliheidamond
i catn pe>l . I r ii iiiladyilltheitit nitt, s a
(t )I ill pti c- 1c' .1:11it it i t i th uil iii ii ftri thet
,' 1nc' ;11:1,r ltii 1 rr) 1 1lill (o ier wh o are tiltuble ito
) tilt )iii 1it " Tit lllk :il ln r stI i do s witltutum il.
r. 11 ''li t1 :1 t l t i ld tin la e tn teiein.11h i
pc2~ il tt i ii''Il il' ()i~l~ tilt)r l tIn . t il iw-
ll kf't C1 ftii o it i I w i l,it I tutu :i iwk'. it l tthe e suli-
intlt( h e :t ,icltt't mall )t hatea h 1i" c llre
1 v "isi r i :i t t: ll p r o a e l i i
t. liit nniii I iu nii . lt'ichiwasiil nltutu tutu whnitin
11 )111t11liit li il liii tin ititi ilt iir iiWit.i
11 ,k tr('( C ,' th il li) ,m ho is alit u'. 1 tiint i l
tlcp~tt11c'it itllcllt-~i ~l, tt ll e lloeit() prIatitt il
bi lcIe<n aesj110 mg.m l t litcInitida XX remotet.
1Ih,1 te c(tnr. T e na le Croc iliyn terdays il i stap
-11, hit tl(, r s lt iic 11-t Ittt C iiiii t' nnit co tNirr te rt.o
se'It) ]cc I h t't:l snll it iti.arlyiitn ry,-Lo ig
'(1nptl, ut t wll J~l b iig, prac Nti itankOwren, Pai-
c)1i 12" 1 ~ lhi (7I, I:E'k'- snltlnk net 'eek n foan. CIi-
, l~ccd niii areicii, N't on he tuiiii'iut.o nthir
rol s> ha a sO>i lrlN I r il'1111i''tipCi3w as- prse nt-.n
ti ti
i .~t z1
rii Ih-
tilt(.( iI . c cz
- ii i ifl it, I I t int i k
rl imif intuit ii titi
th iicX m c i hI t
it l'r the llivii lit it lt til
II~ ohs Ivei I rciniiti
C tItit tilil 1i i stt tlt forui
j "CN."thetwotillno1njtanitor at thte
tutu" '.miii inhtist iltnnss tistaasource
of.uchtiitlt reretng n the ttpart ofthte
atndatsat heguilt.is reiported an
1)(11t" c V'l tnniut. Nearly atimonth
:t :o 1c: a; ata Ied tiuitimthegrip while
:tt i~or:, ad tindnvelopedllater into)
inflmnltio ofthe lttiit. Ilist recov-
1.I'Y i, so is'o','i'ev 'r, that lie swill
piot Nit'hei' tt lc t resumhutiftstwork
in 11eibforei Aptril I7.
t W-11ii' totheltengltof tilt'programl
it hasbeen ieemednncessaryliy tile
in i iniiicharget iof tte fnitst lit
j rtil itni~t tinhavithitt lii' cintutg cons-
mc li ncc ii tly ati8 'nlonk. Pitt if the
nn li' ir; i i un-T e .\id ofii'o8." a
til-tc pit nit tlbitaltttr Pratt, a
nf'.liuiun ifromi Detritl, wsoinsisaid in
til<cs al ittile tustuicaulablilty. It hs
besIIthei hatnsiii lie itrcesetra for
iom ium11'eatisnetxpetedito mt a ttke tte
hi i l te tnseason.

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