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December 17, 1904 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-12-17

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TeMichigan Dil
V01,, XV. ANN ARBOR, MICH., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1904. No. 11tn
a5 Talk LaFollette Gives Impro- ' - Opening Basketball (lame Goe t
tTakafter Thursday Night's Manager Baird Announces at Football Banquet that ost Will Juniors--Final Score
8 to 3.
LectureHow Direct Nonil- Coach Michigan Teams for Five Years More --
nations Won a Victory
in Wisconsin. Banquet Was a Hugh Success. l h t hre in favor111 the111>
1st hislls 1011110Thursday ight. lover- l'ollulila1I rn high last night 01t(Guc>t'- '< ' 1.1of1 the0hearty101 o opera-0' basketbll awe'0011100 h111 ea'>011. 111
n .r [, loll0 tc stated 'thato if an11100110 1111' 11g111111ys t p01 1 1he usns mere t11101 1 an11 .1111 fe(eling 1(0100011 11he bu1y- (1.1111> 110> (1110011 11tween'1the11 (11110
111(101 11iti o uld111 s1peak 1ot prmary (of Ann arorlo the110fooball te m, u1 ie,111. )1110> Ii 0 Ana l Ao (00 0111th111 111-! a 111th1110 gell oril'0. "1i1e victory
ref 1mat the close (f his laddress 0111i001e1a1ne(1 for Mnaligr ard11111 o Ic10111 t s01il, 11 In Is isi tht1 hey 11101 1 - - -- 11 th ecelen
aill ill 111e sairway ledting to te w t the0101 11Ill 0110 11i151 (f hil s Ilt he 11u1111. n1the i t of the111-so ilon1111ro'.
Platform11 If Itirersity Hall y itsall stats~edl 111111Coaclt Nst 1111ad tt l da110y ItIprp 1 ~ts pk e Tet s 11 liedlup as 1 1 II
Hstt11 (f tho~se interested011ill 111e5sub- 1prom1ised4 1o1coOc Michignllf1111 h111xthl11iotA Baskets-Renallk,
tot ,c1adr111 by 1 Iofessor 'TrullobIod. et livo- 00110. 1instan1tly 11001 111111n . lb IloiltiolOHawle11(;1ce11te11100Ren01icklDIt- _
It 're uir o p111elrstuasionlltollgtt t le 1 t1o. Ih is fot. 1000011 illhe to110 .11 111111 f 1hleics111s1 11111 t \V~nh 1111. , 0reco.
and4 for oer 1(11 houtrlhe lscOtr'0Ilon 11roued t te op Iof his Iung*s. I l 'IIttosec,111 10 (0 1 'u lu L ce 1>101' 111111 Siat111:
th~e Meitoth t eprrvor id tttrla w a ystat grfnI t ribi teota het111 p e1ll- 0I oo t Il >1' 1110 tt l ltlI:
fon i] iiarrty.p1r1edoluI\llclOO in sto 'Ills 1 11111e1 11110 11 MlICher, Ill 00011iton'
thtisn 'Iii10 forceIfin 1'illtaon nr Hofftt1 e0>1011 ly a h." N'lo't. 1 11 The o ier IIfII ici lnlol''.as roa hs Th sophnior01playd 111 .11 0('5-
001110it w he lfervltor an110 tlinsa f eafar nits 11h'ih liflilaldocoan"1lo1 -11111 1110111010 a da rdl o f 11-111taooftei i c;,Ms
h 't o' Dr.tC0pela1din 1110'il110>t Th11cnt1r. fthe110alnela lays ih
111t 1111op l 11 10 1>01 Il1 0l''lI 0101 il,10 I'0io0111"1f110 g11-1n01 nt("-1 0111111skx
d1 of fity 1>10111 p o fitic l ten- 1B 0110 s of Ol7lnrs Illst11111) 11lg t t e ina1u1, 11M e ian o x
111110 mae11int im ifhe s i 101101t h ll and11the o ni;tablel were aml lcIit Oral d111e111sning ot I1111111'ulho]min>ieis
as0r>f55 1aes hd1'i1Jno11a ta oo rntwr
slilttOarr 1111d (Ilmoso10101 gtit nsDtt ao 1 it 1001cs w il h b n utcsdd ist1( 11111 Nad Neitse 'f apparent0this-
task 5'o 111(1(111 y isd11 s1et Itsh oIst (1 l011
~0l'ni fsidtlle1101A1010 114 0
I7, dels th e fl 000 isttlot 110'01 00.1yi Pot ~kd o '0 111
ap s t 0ilil 10tt iinpeu to ing 1th(ir1audientro to11101 hat(1h011 II00(1(1e11(0ern B. ll-Iird lthr 111'n 111 liltReick. 110
"r1 anoth retcall se tdceatsaget ffa 00l 10l t0 i rinoohvettiles ad o1f0he]>111u1bfoe0hee10o1te aH'
Jite a > t'aheigtcar wihn they oioe horIn 'the follo ing m nu 1-s seved1b .1te1 eleve,1an whil (11ey lbtt lb0 (1.Renick h lsmade 10anot 1111100s 111
te. evtra tepiayges telrecsro 1111 w itrs h a l to boo>tMih01ian1,e1 din't1111s 0l(for ll the gii -t'r.11At t1n 1110n C O olt an
, o the booih, teirso fftieto aic. eto Firul0''10 100 it l h~ (11 oll hy old-h -serinaa al h cre sod - o ao
favtor othe p hi prt-icet ill uen lveofase W fe i 1 ('1( 1(as it s'oud ghe tlong 1111 .oC The seonltl f 011 ash 1 i Niti o rlof
patsitlint o alooooot box's.nithe is - lStor 110 SIC ofpgasNapadloltellradglng th11rs- uc'.acualooam wo
carde1100tick ats ntihet. B 1111 ar-Cl to Gren (111101> 111111hed les. The loach paidt me n 1 o'n t.111e1p1it 11f1(1111junio 11111(010 a splucky
r ianget 11 11 (ty101 foioHi n 111 lb0 nt 11 0sirit >111111d 11101- I 'llrsus i rs'y s' 0 orp1toedpart s'
111000 iza eoti." rtr fr olild Ils pra ises rout lto' footbohtiam looth
Illso r<i cit nidat e l to' n N os allt 100 1011tIll at 110' l0ICh ipseseid 11 110 lidllulll thllo 0 heyouldoti 1000- . o111m( r11 e11 .0Ii lit theI s e11 ond-1100 halft
'rie h i onde fendentllvotr itas l are of I Fren>11c 11-Pe a ilBaed Jr100 wet 1101'e iniy0f herpoi11111111fo0te ri es ad nr110lii
b 0111 afto r ol'' ve 1101111111plaing Ilt It rozaeICl aret d. Concht hankedts >00> 110 (illllfor h IIi valab l seel B 1(10 (0100' T he'0'l soomIlls off 10 Ws
of l ii sAieia;tooGaptaitn and torsodoketh "g01110s 11oni grdtther1 011(1o0e.1b1>ool lolpo1nt10. >11i00
1' 011e1oen otiixpdete d '. imeli soged o Ie Cea brc fr ? lrulfota aeresandn>-othes i. -Xnei 1 011 10 '.1 1Y0'11k1erolloid01511abs pre1110 t110 Isiecto f111woirk1011
00l is tolenotl ii te toa- 'lo.itbsoo N o-hr 0 11 ois ( 1(ing il l cet nst ye-arls. ''In 10'' t000(0 1111'r1sketlfrlit th cou111111lt.
110 t1hif 111 rtdo iro r eilcttios (1w (111 s ig A .s llsorted iitO 011100 10 >0(1 1 1he11th(a1n11e(10 the011busineiss 0'1men-
11100 1111e1 gor 1011100 i tead 11111110 otit am 500 Cheese111 t'l 1101 ter' l C1 0 Il01 1 110 l(0rso. m g'>(1 1-1 M ~is ills' nrde th 1.1e lsc oll 1> fro
>101114hemi l id0r0 the000(1> cusi' o tlo o sc odiit Io lu 11t tig rCoffte or theiN i 10 II 11.111ool thell .0111f110-ro1s'01111e5 10e 1101
0110arc dissatisfiedoh>thotheonssino oh.\t theaconclusiIn o111he di 1'd.r tile I ilyls responoed1110
ranteooher s wee lll'ight01100>111 mdttp s
l60 1101hsih.iolg of te Jlhp'tel-ih ltollco 1(1 iii 1111 11(1 bc oolans p 10lboso lll ottas' .\10 NA o oor\-L C1011101':1011S 111>01 1011~
press 0Jd1e'by party oss ". osked o fes- 10> 11> 1' Beal aothedie fst 1110kt r o If 1110 Ine>1 11.01(1(1 ol. (1 111t(1houl 1(e0' -s fs tiva>110 collIIS 0 ies t he s or -iIthliiits
Sor TIruieblloaod.Ievening, w-o1 spo1100o011 "0110 Guosts.1" 10ied 0' 11h511e ('e 1' 11101 (1(10naIe. I 11>0 blisseoi meo ris dastllll> 111 1 la.tilll at
"Nt011 llrofessor,"n-a> the replyI Ie:idoin part, "WiItoutI odouhbt toetebte 'l ortunaote' l(0c10110I 110-ne(te setling 111 1110 111 'hO 0 (Ill1 to
hoti0can't so-re ius 1111 in Wisosinii 01n sttpleayedrgaiolfourolep is'Iar0s111111n100>h1111team011, ouriitg give 11s 1brave 011d hopefl i o0 t itht
>soe1)' talkinlg aou ihesusidizngiie.. 'i 1(110' we1aveneve0 bee 101110n; -wilht eloete Xe ,ear.-Le
the res1beivtht t h01015le news-ohicht Its represented Michian to1ths 10ur1 1 (00has (een0ti 11but011c,'11(,n, gofohin l''o'01tthes'irit011 I(iMse
11100 100I Ihllsc ioi lt 100 city' for 111101)'ea1105is5gathesredlarotund .10 (1 IoI 101111 (10,011 1 a .01 1 11'0111 1 11 i>0
it' uec o ith theloe P e00bythteir ttooobe afortmlnio ttotintd 11p(11 it ionltlltwh111l (11ou oppol' 'ion- S .' d)I - 3 1>1 > 1. N 011,
00110 of>0 hg otIn go lplO th'tnk theiitfor tho credit Ills> have 10111(gal0.11tltllOt.
and or tth111-1failttoe to (101111forbroutght to thteir uiversity- and to this I11a11anoherl0.l s~lts0(1 'loi 1 11in leaving. 'The first - 0-1>' :the freshmnl
llh'luoopi.. ocily. It is wvitth101rtitt toebtusiness too. 1 it, oohatI 1111ills'heforltnes of glee' club1 w00s 110l1 >00100)'fteroonl
it, suipport ofhis conteteioit.the gov-111011 1f1AnnitArbhon tior Ills co.nt- '111011ganwll 111e1'well taoheiic0000 of 110INivorsity hall. Nboult forty first-
001150s1111e0of tho struggle in Wisooi' lionsltip tl feant dll ..0" 110x11100. I1amoirmfinlltielief1t0haitIyear 111011nswered000t11(0call for caitdi-
(Continued on 4th p.age.) Man.aper B.aird, responditg to "Our (Continued on page two.) tdates.

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