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December 07, 1904 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1904-12-07

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TheMi*chigan Daily
I vN.5
o~r f Control Adjourned With- Wisconsin Challenges Michigan to Fencing Club May Arrange One- Blackfrars Comic Opera Club, of
out Voting on Freshman Eligibility Debate on Primary Reform-So- Prospects Excellent for Strong' Chicago University, Is Planning o
UeldBaseball Coach to be An- ciety Preliminaries Will Occur on Team-fHow the Sport is Conduct- Appear at University of Mcigan
nlyuced in Few Dlays. December 20. edin the East. -Other Chicago News.
I it s< spri ti ted ttsstt t wichttlt \luin tteest hasbentaroused in! lbs lprospects for the Fentcing club Chicago, Dec. j, 1904.
if ntlafe di h, h5har ichrigandebins-osg circes -tidsanon,ar lbetter this yathatile? heae been The lakfriars, a student comic op-
-wtei l it i ittlt irtt.ittlitut sg' itttes.tiontttfor ssie tmte. Interest inth iis Iranchli era cltb, is making lpreparationi for an
(lr tin; any atittoins tetnen.wic uh \ViscotsiithIsisubtisite~d for ofitttliletics eemis t ble grosing. So unusually amititots scheule this win-
lihillit t reit.It it as intlilly teidedl the annutao lttaIe-tThistyearte dcIfarth lis oea te clbiasit ametier- ter. Not tonlywitte uoraneofte-illil eon"'rmayReom"es club presentofwomtwny-oer itsicgllbuh ti~i lanngt
itittit'ri itt itol- he tlocttrto iftlk e it- ist ll localIttttit and i iulna ttionl rty -litae nw e. 7(i ssltattt tra- our t hcgltti spann
tuar-si - ite-t is titst t(tiidli ~o apear botht at Ann Aror and Miadi-
tttte or icissdelrastin ttttdIa- ionts titt te ecei on tt ttf t sit- Ilt, te twosti ntin isouleg w liio stear i stil. Stt sttcesfl sas "The Passig
Iltelhstint-lstubjeclt-ti -tdttlee t-tisiden. iesub-it thils-It-tciniig chili isigia,. trsworkitgl of PaliliKhan, three perfortmances of
\Vhli "all tf Chlirittniti ttit 1 tetgill. - sinhoits t ilshetue t i Io fli the lec- hard ito lice the clu ttni tisoli as i s whici u-rc givet iniiMandel H-alI last
\tinedbt pt temauews ino eaor Ndrc ot. Gaie hofrtels egtYasJspring, that the club at deicded toin
tl adal st ciii cituler- siook srt, PTse ciltsest-5fottplaces -s te \icls I i tttieil fetcitgsutnser the lhettas- ae tn-nooiler college towns this year.
Il oifin wsmnfstdete grt taits -oplen tittseveryonee ithue trit this cunttry adlaroad is do- Tn-ndolperas, writteni etirely by Li-
Ir Ipan tillo ideati tiitof ith ie Is- (iisitt-except thois iholit elpri-irntghittssit teach the se et-net. versiy stidets, ae beei submitted.
runt tIsttt hli-it-ion itt s team in t /oo - cllnttc ihass bectslitscorrespsstiseise 'they itill be judged from three staitit
ittl 1 acmlshdecettesits-I liigituilelttie T-echcs-l usfor withitsuitsbsriof eitent colleges swithl points, the plot, lyrics atd musitcle-
titt'm' lsitiet. if ritiifyitg te conii- snts stntsare- tltas-g d.ut s a-. imat-it clew of lrrnigig isoura tit wii ithl'itg takenitoti consideration. One f
cps1 fo r tll antd litasebatll gamties t-c iffacit lt-eteamtat t it- i suit Ismei.of theti. the stubmitted plays is etitled, "This
r one tk tt-iri hihhivetl sit lists tetactils stmposedtttet wo Th onditioins here mtake it "sec- Land of Inside Out, the oiler, "The
lit Itmiinn se b Mnager rs-slmeists-it ne soIhomore.ishsli iialisrhardl for thes'clits accomplish XWonderful Islad f Blik 'Trials
netiiiiutieahe mo,rt o i s- huts ly iits happentha uut odhooilssstiliig. TFle receisisnohelp fromtsfor places ii ue cstsanmd cosrs will
cu ie 5 1 s setd ts tieltl stbawbatitc stss tctlit- ebtr h r ee etin t-it nit ,Its ss h.athltic s sotats ions, ut tre sttire- le Iel sconisaisireetrstls- itill legin
W i c i ni ttu lit i twias tke, i isis-us Threc tetr iagto lidw rd Situ- Y sphiport ed b 'the dues iof the nee- sos atlt-cthis- siheing g ois1helini-ter
re - Motuti ha Nangr Ratirdl siill teischeitntndGeorge N- Mosey iachof sers'Ples resnt tllowdtchreqaer
Pont he5selestion of a lshasebllcotichi sihom shadtiswisice debaitied on asissninsg shsssii t hsty-utisiionut ~s-ussistr etn altnu
tit a fw ay. 'Al of this tiee iani, wtersheteniut inthi-fhtal cot- fthisletders this etr are saking n jiy rctc'nanel-ogtttdCn
enbr of this-bIarditrof ni. 'atieut-test fir hillest onisthiseiuisyhinuitisfunrts thosae fesscig ottalar withtilttress.ra okrtianswlbeegaizeeed Caitdr
gilprf Ihusiw lrf1to hff, Protf.Sash emi.isAndilthis-list fhluor sdeaters lsoter irnsshes f athtleics. f'he. ontly itoseuhiA spi-ilakner tiethhestn
frjudge I. ts - \irlitiiii Cote, F'. 5S. c oinsthis'titaties f mnty- ues us-Io -ostaces tt t tids itsthis suitoitanitilts-that this Ciiteut States legisatie
' ricolt s iertRh osst.Kish-esntesrdl sehatitg contesssin their fresh-etsterns trnamenu nt is the inanciiil tbodiiuy-convenes. Th'e sonic questions of
urge hitse i t iii te liitiuig. mt ea tr anththrosughi repeaitestiusnc-qu~esion.u n atinl expediincy will be brought up
cessfuli ritls hiltes-gro inu-i li t rsity- u In-lay j t2 XAnnaotlhs tirr-ngsdltheus d siu houty- iiscussed. Bills vtest
1h\\ NI \SPtA ' tl S ststure. Inte'rcollesgiateienctusiig Assolistatuon.tshlrotughthis Lois-Sciool.Cisigress uill
_________ tuisfen iwisinig tt try- fsr thiste ms Ti s smautti ofi iiseetn of this sast huutar this-,tamnp of tmuchifreely- trsf-
I 0 5 tl ii iiis iie iuti s -tter throuugh sutse f this four se -ciaililegs 'Tl, -lahiysr , i ni sutsylI feresd uislutti
St ba~nhltiitgsocieteies. This three meunui-ii-n (tnsIIuiuuh51 s o i Marc Catliin is catino-eect sf the
lti warn gitving his ctla t 5 is lg tt i ohi irhtsuay siil d uu \usstmn wsA n puis Ani ni tercolegite
trustrIs sistso t- f thise iositlbts--nn u ah pei inr ild-a tmfootall teamitof 195. The final tallot
lue oifittutthegi wors-h-s urussng usuosfs uilseadihstng soriiPhlshoswsestto totes fr Catlin to 8 for
i hl siuriug iloetihg Fisers, thineepartuet-teamt.uut luststhe se- adelphiaund uer thin charge f the Ness'Kennediy.The irist sesei ballots e-
ig recenty arranugedh frlt hlac- t rm'sicm oetoehr n okAtleti liii F-nigocpe
if°{to ho siuuinwsaprsofthin tisee men1are1i5c oitus estients-thiipromiinetplc uain tolesorpt stalted mmnti tie, the oe stnding 9 to
1t~te f Le n h lbarinod r t-- tl-ttr ihe t eissui tinna rsth uesa s it dte - mueni g whles o rtake g' Ctliii at payed three years nit
t5 5 5ii it lity-itss cihc iis er ut-.is st' eui tt te 151 i-u iosthin sete a tdh at attn his 'C '' ittrack
suiet ftns sitemcuslofs'thise ' tei-isssstts urie hi hs s-us ietsuusli-ir. athletics.thavimng womn thishusrdle eemts
rit~uipa ifs.Thnwscsis es o s uprocess ,(f eliminiation havetosssou sit - for two years imi thiscofereneme nets.
5IL foasc pci'itsarteledinelion ttutheir owtnsmistun Iuteach of this PROF- VA N TYNE'S NGWV BOOK. H- h atbeemi used i four different pus-
ie ofAeiaaroeada h ti rlmnr otssteqeto fr tions,full-ack, half-back, cd amd
111EfAneit uLritlu. hi de11bite sill he the uoue s this suitsdi- a A I"uidethunArhietsof thustackleamd tas hisice bien picked Al-
Ilt further sivsloimsu t uusof this - - cussedl isy hshunituestis. t Ai s t- issuuu-sI I su 'suu .ic uss
55tipa ocntn ffl ie ltsi etr full-ack. As a defensive
the to~il i estabih urtaeitt i les i uin55t thin itsrsity represtitiv es tre l ,S 1\'uatsiuitui" shs julst hueli tubtulishd paye he is itvaluale ti noiy' tai.
s be itersond ar e uhitseu t55smuonfs-tusIis-tmdthisis' 1os>iy tiniCarngieisti tutuion'of tiash- efie he eft for hit. Clemen,
teiis ii s scshti ni tiIthe us njest fr intercollegiate debateiugu'i m on Te v-olui s-usedsiedhhythci hi1t)),g gu tittu
1'h th" iursT hisosieity prelimuinaries tiill he C'hutses I. VaniT hy-ne, tassitansitrsfe- regulationss for wi-inutg this coetedt
Ser recent ecturs- by Jams I?~. hhhed y55nnher thus tentieth, thi so un of Amterictans history at this Cmii C" lamkets,swhtich isenseused for this
pia list itssh tnnsshniscssit'istethsrdyIsortowuug scuss-f tMichignothsilsthus assist- first tmle this senut. Ali ply-rs who
tfiunScsott is nowt immaking effortsImithe ioiidays, asmit thisiuster-eatmnanceutit'al 'ado G. Lleands. I continsasseutotttheir "Cs are are etited
fie~ seureotier p sittnwspaperconuutest misus seeks ltr
1hto is-rhnusmshtr't55 pages authdnn'rsitllof the ec- to i a umue t upon grtidhuatiomn ishthe
tYear deieendrlcursdrng- ors cif tielihutned or moons bureaus tey mve tlayed thei four years use
t.'LUIIIlTSP ~EAK. I ttuwisitsthus departmuentsi.cmsmis not Four year meni who ars womi
sotsuitd uher organiznations of the thiri letter oe to be given blankets.
rO1RFSir ANNHILtA'hTON. Charles F Lumsmis of Los Angeles, natonatltgo'trnmsetmae dividedTisBit the miesu who ae mot played
Colif, whostsiion mtiuscelmpronmience truk rouue imethsexaiminatint of all teir fourunyears and ae ni graduat-
Fnf5 tiiieilil f mime u trosugh s itin iugs otrynIdinthis- lucuuiitms pe'servedh by thus gus- ed cnotmi receive a blanket evemi
intr 1s rinti ot,-ecnto ntrvewlife atusheulsife of pehistoric Aier-enetsnc h raiationm f thustoughtthey htveswoms thir lster. This
statedlthtCiiontinsuenistatal aiet Amu-onugres, suits'of wsitch "C'blaketae a ioelty amdave
sI htiltr sprnug floods std thistea, wiletur nSrhCselAg
hi5515155 of uer anth lall tid heuiir tth , itt on Mday evninig,hDe. 2 lises'einssriun isvaults tushatics aded greal tte atpearance' of this
'nil tt itiirihiuutuec s ts uto u e ehiuis at S scuek hti. isis is co u r n''uihenusehind p i l ies f tlunber" fotu rnom whileni eesring the fiest
aSoclc.M.Lmiiscnd-Il o tihushigtuusus-cwcuss-ncd-ut ii eon e sits-is u his uthormitiies andone mitunstun- 'r fittsotmutetillusrs if 'Moessimimming records have gome
aub,.'udaru :mdimore cushy tilt nnst- ssate ic usnterpretes f sunar stnl ut i-nt use fPteso during this past week amd better ones
cul t tfors\gothuoni us'*,Aercnu'uulilt- iustescsuitytsi- he unreui'tllf h hiistcalesarch, ofmdtie. "Curtsy"'Crane, a graduate of
F1sr Rh i s ci i td: The us ject ufthetus re will he Hyide'nsesurAuinicCtet g P't tark schoo, swho ill ootsem-
thelilit ts A tturc u 'rhaeology. f hitslucis y a isueitofrthitfcutyh ie universiy, eam every record
ht 'el ugs'' usit) Mihisgap wtin "Idan . usae n
lec" tu Ymt o f 11usl 11ttusy sill livinug it his hsus tlteae git-t nduse u th hi'ss niy issl nheldi hy' Frtank Templeton, this smivr-
iinnmms markctedi. T'housnds tifsiies ioftheu Cuisesisy tlisictalto- l A ONTTTO. sity hanipion, amd tied this orld's
?reot-swamp lads ahebeent.id(cetyand'he'rcheolgicatIntitteeori in thus 20-yarud dah,naking thus
'I, h,.es sss sem lid it iu ti rioshgct husiim
tl) stilu ad - itetresb ing ofAnmerc. t rlm c trgramts uwill he us- Po. nrw C c~u ,(h it-ance mum to seconuds hint. rempleton,
tab li'su d fmle fcruo trpr5}wihpoorphrpou-t tnmilowered Cranes record mu thus
(Ir , 'A oaus lists'beets shanugedu no to solnda nld Saish ii i utnit -li rles, sithusis ntu tthem ylbs -y dah swm ig te itnc
hay tlt}dusy ighays An wth t (die. o amistot wll e cargd.in 24 secsuuussflat. Craite with make a
usc itu dstsr igh ay's Ami itish it shin Ni Oiiitstiii sill'its Cartneusgie s' lusuismu i ll ts shlington, svaluable adiditiosn this this water-polo
hr l ti cli sisnersof udroiuth anthftooth, -uswilideIsvtn suese tsuruesisefosre Prof. tos sucii-l uet'il isisrn
chl~rpsithtItthe froetullrity a R(NFCNBt i's-issiue lseii mscsus Ex-caiptaint"Shuorty"' Ellswonthhau
-tlti htthsuuooiyof hii msoiys isegiutiuuug hec.in toThis siu- beenremuarkably successful as football
cil, ll are5in conincused mtihattess' Ts ut-its ta rum r a t omusu n thhsi n jeuuh~ s ill b hut e'' Ma h kinug of this Fed-y
me .nt'are imuportnt urdtuhvery detri- icollegi yet''ts' utm til isdmt it -h 'iiti'' uh tin ine sil coatchs at thus Colorado School if'simmer.
rst55t55 Whle t5floouds asset sroumths onie uof shun boaurdisg housini iithe Csti beitheld tt f sft iick- His eamnt atthe stats chmamptionshtitp
trtai asoltely' trevented, thus de- sits of moss-mu d bot einu summ oned be- sd h leIture ruo ssm, ttTpanItui hatt for thisfinst time in yearsaltthoughm it
them Orr o55the coeuntruytaggraas'u folire thus city ihalthoff'sinethueexc- _________wa____ tts umostlycoumposed of greeitmater-
edi 'icon dhoits.whsichshliarsex- amuinedihfun smeall-poux. Dn.Citiey' irsiFR ('} 'I2N I 'IFS ELECT EDtTORS 1 h -scusm sAlClrd
nt~h ti 'hisgati during thus pail six sretslast ight iandthsaildthat tiees itswa_scoaicit bythus umost imfluential uewspa-
ais si noltsos-s pros-sdsteadly iso intuit muthuelseont hut that setecal Ast anecenst umeetinug of mime fraterni- tesai cu tos yousfite
thnseu~ uih a ssan adeu te o ionosi s t udents uuh it's-tinuexpsedtoits h~e slis i shd inthe iss siii P lodge, Doug- isslc i l-ooao ta Ssr
ticutt een cussercel by fosrestsmush ease andiithins as.tuprcutmion agaistitlas BisCrn-su, CiiPsi, smithRoss Kid- my' 'will alssttune charge of time track
blhnuus's m ssil stn 'h' inhn tinih utttd itssid ulaloss(tuso tisPui sen.letd am- amd btasbalt squads.
ert s fepn pert1' oud mha e y' ue rrsre dh a nitdta tn ApaDlaPi eeeetda-a ptet"te evcinted, sistnteditors of the Michiganensian. JOHN S. WRmIHT.

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