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May 19, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-19

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The Michigan Daily



Noa. 169.

Leaves for Ithaca oi M. C. at
2:40-Fresh Lits Place in Final
- -Stahl Wins CCC Race.
\Vhhe hon11rgilli4rcord ofte1
won11out1of1eleve1n g11110, th ibaseall
team lle1a01c090today1to est1the 11etleof
thefle east 00. lTheosquad(1l1e(v00o le
Mih~igan C('olrl a1 24, (01 Bflo.
and 11will go1from11thr 1to Ithaca 1for th
first gme ith o rtnell01, NO 0(111011(1
from11Ith1aca th 1team11gos to 0Syra-
cu1se oll'Thursdaysl gm1e1, and fr1o01
there to 1Proidence, P. ., whe1101- Ili-
gan(p1ay.. Brwn011(11Saurda
'ITeSyracuse team11 1ec(11ly h1eld1 111
famous Not1re Dame nline o a I(1 to11z
sco00,.all1runs11 ein1101114 in(t((lie rs 11 (ot
inning11. N iliatnsb, gener1ally (11onideed
11s 0(go11 aoebll ollege110as 1the110ast
p1oseses, ould 11111 (1scor011o11110 to1No-
tooelDomeso eight. This ope1101nak1es
Syracuse0 look good11.
se1as(1, 1ha11ing lfatd all1 1th' 1most
001101111011lltakeo 1111 11 ce01
th1110(101andtll pitch111111 111east1(one(
Mier 1 111101011oflihigano o\x0llnttl'111
The 111en to1 1a1e t1he-tip arc Barr.1
15(111(0Ic -,, s ln(100(, 1hlhhgt, TOlt
loo, Sullia, o,~holr, 01111,1. 00(10
.Mcl.liter, ad Nlagoo 1Kennedyl.
11 1 r00 000(1R1 N(INIOOS..
Buoncherors('1110 criti1ca11l mmts '(tf
th irtot 1111inllgo (f 11e- It lit'1
engineer1 0e1i(fi41l1gavo 01he1gam1 to1tIa
ill eight rent1s,0 g'fivigthir oponts nel
afe leId.'- ito 1101't o 1(101011thbu t l lr
hole ot folhlan o rt:I 111 of(11,flu
Ill llo 41 11110 sulpp10n0(11(Ififr,
'iigI ith piche (th (eniregam
foutbeait, a311 lmos 1er0ct4l2di0
oflittle, Iv3al0ue1.
Everettfrshans 4otsop. 0atr1
rmingr ach oof lier1b0Sc1n0der
The .sumarie1s(:0
ro1111111(1..... 3. 1 0 4 0

Sumih, 5t Bason b0111101Off -Nlr, ,
oft Stmitl, 2. IHit lby pitched all-I-aye0sA E P~ A
ofes M~o. ~irgamne--Ihone WIS CUPDEBATE
and1( 30 minutes0. IUmp(ie-Su(llivan. W N u t
lager ldidge tasaounced0 that 111( Alpha Nus Fail to Convince the
1he(1inne1(1f tohite0100classchampill- Judges That Private Property
1be a(11(1(1e11jerseys(1111a0(1 lapsythe 'a11- on High Sea Should be Exempt.
relic asociatio . Thetea101110com(peting-- -
fr thle- 11(1o110w1111b10t1110'((fhots 1(1d '1The (cup(1debate0 (110 (('n(1l1(101ight1(1y
ga(1(1 1(1c111o(c0100 Wedesday aftr-1Chaffee, _. J - Ololot, ad.1 SNIhafrolth.
Ih It hamp(((liohip 4(111(0will be10ca11l(1 11that 11private ((01(1perty WaI a'e lgh 00(10
at1 31:30, Satoax 0followig the.(Cornell- 01shoulIeeemp((( t om cap((ture inti111e
Nlchigan tennis 0tournamen1(01t at Fery o f ((((," the winn1in(g (tea1(11vi11g4th1
field. Ihe 41(11(0 (will 11e playe(1 upo((negative.('Their ((ppon11en(ton1(thlb'Alpha
24 0C111. NMetz, f D tit30,, (l0('idt(. 1The'd1eba0e
014(11,W(N1S0ecc0NOICE'l0(I ( especialOf((ly good11 work1,illbttl
Leadling lh i neares o m I1ptitor by J. J. 1)evo((0penedI' for' l e 1af(firmtl(ive.
((0(1(15a(1 1trtlt yrds1-1, C. F. Stahl, Itesowedoothat1(th1e 11-1(d1of itrt('((lin~al
freshltnginee, ea ily015w1o111tho'Cross law(1h1a10p1ee(1ste'adily5't((1a(10(1he(ex0
COM105 -) lull'(01ace ettrday- afteroo.'(emption(of (pri'at pro'perty from(1 c((11(10
lie covered the regular'4(1(1- clos coutry 1(11thIe'soa. l'011ok110li(1part(as1fo fllw:
Smdy onItonof(111e .cofrse.h o mmerc, e has1((1 as(1(111(1 ( uch1( vi(11tlowil
T1(1 (( I m1.115we0re tong 1(hescratchg 1(15 vinthloast 1 (0(lilyyea 1tallowe
when' Sa rter 11 ill(111 edf t he gnu.l Off, olylt o1 ica((l o ceed(ini s o 1roec 1i
takingto th wel1bate1 pahs esi1e(e xep tit' (((4 ((I1( onofphivltenpoperty front10-101
the(1', lks in 111(11 renceg o tho' anle- capture((1111 e wa ' (((in 1this iin
dee n rd in lthel 1r(o 11(1-01ofthyen ( (re on land( 1(1 1(1 wi(1 th a fe excetions
1(10 1(101 theplo(1 gh((1111', s,1a1(11 red , Shiv afr0.11 o1(1(0h(, o '(pened forlltheoo'neg-
it ws ttahd5 (0 lishowed 1((is110e01(11. 11(ive(,(cotendIf tti such1 an (I(ItO i o n111
andilatothlell ed(0es11 at'1 he1 wastlea ng d eond. "lIt et er,"1 he 'aid, 'o 1(0'toao'w(1(
(te 11eld 1byfulllfiftyg yardsgoo isti( d hot 11e ifz (1(1of1'p11100t1(1roperty e ause11
pon " inoo th''1ra1(((I Chai, l Sh o fnshdii;were ('foit. enotw'ar 1(wo00ld1(defopenod
second adf a ,11 he C hi rd 110 noe o r- 001 0111-holly (((115ton ihtt. r ie an niest'
lowd1loel(1 s e es1111hC(e0the(wold thusolbernecesoartly0001(1(10.''
01a considrab g ostncebdind.CroowarCoon Priva.te.proe alt, ito' conf(10(1boe oiol
oothfiis Stahtorl ct ookafatpace1and00-laod1lwhietis b',e'intranspo'i oted onl x
owooolfe ieoiooock 100 tltytothe10(1(1ers01of01th111(1emoy.((100
PeOll, tho~e Ann Aofr11 hiOgh soolpr inciiiploooo fro'tscaptuIreoat(sea1isip1he
shaodatotowooderfluted ofsed n and "'Iill oto'onrotheooooeattlno? 00
hslast half-m nd iler, Niapfnhd Twer '1W, (100baetheoioegond speakeilre fro
ovee adotel01tilehordon relrsth,(loont, o'aioo itlai tiili((Oon the for-
" Saidob"hiCoo teor hsetlyo lyuch t mos11(f4t50.1-r0aof t~o iliges today
1ea11ed(histlCCClbufor oc e aarded00000niitor(01io frsch roooobreeoseo dle
a beutiyf((l siler loigcu11001thfall.-lin01(0t ootit Xlitl(hi erla
iall gi Ilte(1(011 1ood1r1cedion tnueo(0011- (((00110"priacingIIand tioiieit1(10dop-
lug olevtt ak(lie giiiiiiiedtout10kep11iol n a-t'eseieffo vliz 1011 eserveio
a ten o hasiI tgg1ied alontextdall.y''ix 'ohiio ntofro~ait itt'in ess,-hi erf-mo
((1e11aistislied.obehapin, teirseodnt oi to eii iiioyapiesequllytI~ oo theicatue ior-
A01it meinof (ethfl,le osaido"nd erA.foJo'Abboo i ahe(secondipeae oitlia
elu or>m(((11(1 i h1(1to0ok lae hnega (101uot'eicontened hat nel ex
eletedlpresidt a ofoyhelotdgaain 03.h1e.moreofequentoo Iloeosaidfnrtieof
o of (tcext sel le0(100 secretry 0111d fnthicemeasure1 11uld (((15ditoemfere
tresuer ad ilerMa ad owr vaso re01(1pro'eloig and 0 more frequen
"Sidr '( Co( 't.1ei led aretly ofMich-1lis itin oeroIthebelieret(1b
ign' 'oilo okfrlit~e eaofthenoss i0011 ea"into' ir resources;seoofn1105,l1tbe- 1 1
cln oul meetatictonay wen Corn ellcaysoottiiolditexempt((1 ofeverhaote
(blob. the meintloiwiscont1 iue Itrin-aine00 fr'n10 11(10 (I tholl ougit may beiil'Oo
igrig bothe ennis 101110owillpiediitts(bo' veryofetii veoni1a1valtrer e
2 D( rbil asini 00(101eteciittte faptain I1. I. Cot, who clod foorhe Iif
1114b1100' P0 tient of (lie itesig ea-orn eproseroity111Iof vr ionilis ole
3 s((o io': oauraywenConlldaoundioop with0that(11fleeyothr,

shlol selectUtiverosiyp resentat1111ivesit 1iniinti',io' a4iiiit ntIi-onsaii laOsses,
-all interoolle'giaite anoddual tennis mteets At bieot it is weakibo anil ineffective, 0111
-atod 011111((111(0a00wealrers ofItoe tebnnis would defeat itsopros1e tItl0ifit iwerl
-"M" (i tettemiers of the lear nitning passedl. Its' oilyl}#;oile good effect
(Continued on Page Two.) Would he to lessoen(lie harmi (oan110010l1


inltime o war. But their ships are CA D DA ErW L
alr0005y exempt from capture, 00 theyCA D AT S W L
receive a large measure of protection 0s
it is. But they must suffer anyhow, NOT PLEDGEwL VOTES
because tnations are so closely connected LiJIU J II.L
(lot a single sar effects the whole civ-
ilizedl world." Three Nominees for Union Presi-
SENIRS S INGOUT HIS dency Agree to Use Only Le-
If the weaher is kind enoulgh to per- Thoeltreo cadidats ffrithel'prei-
tit it, the seniors will swing 1o t tisde 0y ho'Uni oii 1(1ve' ageedltoo re-
afutrttoiot.They will (nelt at 3:30 at frai from pldgig vo, eiier ooferig
(he same places before assigned, atd at or aceing(1114tades0 of supportb0, (0(orirom
4 will march to University'oll. (lre 111 (50(1 i lybl nrtotfo
teywill e addresseil y Presient t e. (I'. ii w(1(further agreed ot 11to al-
Atigell. Prof. DOoge will give the it- loos t' f otion of any ticet o 11o1
voceation, and Prof. Statley sil1 play (le01candidateso'0for 1111' oariosoffices, o
lie 00401. After this,-te seirs wlll lb lan s obOcouct (a campaign of
itircht aroundlth le cantlpls. 5Lndont siltlohisown. Legiiiiilo-adovorising ithle
be1 present1, 1as usual0. ii'y of prsoonalol oicittioi onlllto', part
(f ethetr 0candidate ht imiioolf or hiso frieids
10s1n(t1 barre, tie ojct boing too pertit
BARRIS'TERS AGAIN SWEAR levoero to gt acuanted owitt the
ALLEGIANCE TO UNIVERSITIY mteni iho hvlen1(nlominted h'1nd111t1
liebe.1able to jidge'fr thmseloveso' of thtir
Thle Barristers, Michigan's honorary meritsond (0111 oins
bow society, ititihatedl ten junor lawo All efforislobeing madeo noall oids
lot evening., A week ago the (tow 11111n t ake ho campaign (1 ti 0(pri(14 as
wer e invited to ecome soolciors througho cleni attdfre from iiliiy poitic 01
he official Barrister subpoena. The possibe oinoItoo ioke oit 1one(11Ofteua-
older menmbers of the order met at their tional vlie I'Thelto cndhiates foo-
coutrt 0on Slate treet and, dressed in the ow:I
fowsiingswhite wig of the old English For pr~lesint-0W. VOMerilt, 'o,
Chiatocellor, proceeded in double fle to - iii J . Kely, 'oe; J PI', Oge, 'm.
te Law Otilding where they umttoneid Rcodlig 0000r1.a0y0 H.i. fBarkll,
the tew (len. 'o9;F N. Smith, 140, oiou; NM.M.
Led 0> Chancellor Downey ab ill - Kena, 'oe.
Chtancellor Fox, accmlpanied hy the toobho Lbterr01voh-'presd-Hl~tI. 0.OButo-
of the owbl~ell runlg y Bailiff Bulter 011(11 101 ;J. IF. Wur,','o K 1. OWa-
led, th.rider nmarchedl to the odfferet kbi, '04.
departhuental Obuildings onthe catmpts. IEugbneeribng sico-,csn- b"'1 lS .. 11-
hEch initiate, held etween two (101(11iso, 'o9 Ii.A. 'l'eat, 'o); N. J,
tos, woithi bibhatds held tn socks, swore QOilnn .
alilegiantce to the different departnmenso Lasoviepreidet-Fl,oh Olos, '09);
'Thlenthe society took the Barrtetro 14Dn J IHeiyfroon, 'oai 001. 0 1bruotck,
'atub es00 to tphold the standardl of thei na
almat nater, and tmarched t h leir ourt Medic vic5-1' s-iut- . H. Fo', 'o;
rolois to cnte11the iiit0iatory0w500010Sitnley Cox, 'o; A.I. ilding, 'o,
After the iitiatontaa hnqitet wsuo I'ha bo, udenal, atiiooi oa novil-
010r01d a1 the Ctting cfe, Franok Fox presiet-A. I. Smoith, 'ob;R14R.
acltinig as toastmtaser. The following Nlelol, 00i11 ;. 0. IoxO bor, 'ool.
41101e(oosts: Stephen Downey, Prof.
11at(s, T. 1. Strom, Detn Htchtolins,
W0illardiT'I. Btrboir, Prof. Bitnker, and COUCILtMAY REMOiIVI
'1. 1. Conty. 1)115 C ooIS ERtINI IIVE:R
The new 1001 taken inb the order 00s-
solioitors wooe : Thomas L. Cary, Slo- Coolncidet:ith o-itheribbidrSoonig o-
1105 F. Dutffey, Byron B. Harlan, OWen-oloettiothe IHIioriver Sowoap after-
oell A. Herbrttck, Ronald Higgins, Ed- nion, Presidetit itrgato of the Student
wtarid A. Macrdonald, Floyd Olds, Albert Coitncilbhasitiartted al agiatioti for the
1D. Pearce, Arelter F. Richie, Charle em0(1ohlof bie half suke dam near
1. W0instead. whtici the acidoint ocirred. Mot o
________________________ the drowtintgs have happeedliti this
NMUSICAL CLUBS ELECT vicinity. Theioitvemet, onsever,
OFFICERS FOR NEXT YEAR whlich have eeotade to hve the use-
boos ohstructiotnremoveod have alei.
Officers for the coming yer wer PresidetMNorgato ha sen the poprie-
elected lst night Oy the Mutsical cltihs. too- of theoe 0100comlpany> oho is wiinf
All of bile thirty-eight non who went ott ot lenit fianciah ld to the project. The
the recent Saginaw trip wre owardeid enlitmintt of ho Cnooeitg cloth iill asoc
fohs. The fobs are of the same style s he sough
those giveto last year, earing the clnb 'Tonight Preoident Morgan owill sug-
seal on ote side and the name nd class get the schetme to the Contcil for te-
of the owner on the reverse. lieration. "A slight exenditur," Fes-
Thoe following officers wre elected : dent Morgon sa, "wootlol blow tedano
Presitdent, Sidney R. Snmall; vice-presi- out of the rver."
dett, tHarvey Merker; secretary, Donald
C. Hoyt (re-elected) ; manager, Ed G. CANOEING ACCIDENT
Kirby; ssisant manager,. Frank Kapp. P'ROVEOS TO) B41 FATAL.
Harry B. Smith ws chosen leader of
thoe glee cluO for next year, and L. A. Haniltoti Wagr, emplioed byte
Estes was elected leader of the mandolito Washtetaw Light atid Power Co, was
octtb. drowted while caoeing in he1Hturon
The meeting lst night roke p with river Sudhay aftertoot.hI combpoby
an informal sing in front of Utiversity sowitR. C.Dibbe,ie wsopailnihtg itt
ttail, otroing a4 large crowd to the the viciitiy of te Whitiooro roadolbridg
camnpus. whetipdea1111' s bost ovrboar.
At presett the Musical clubs comprise Inthde effort to regain the paddlbe, toe
the tndolitt and glee clus. It is te oe0('wals capsiei. 'hio water wos
iesire of Manager Kirhy to affiliate the salow tand te currebt wstot swil
batjo cluO next year, therehy nmaking the at that point, tt Wager settod to
borgniationt stronger than ever before. lve lost lis hteatdatnd started to swim

ashtore.Ile was ooioeob wih tcramlps inal,
.At the southern intercollegiate meet, throwitigup his airmts, san1k.
Rector,. of the Unirersity of Virginia, W~alter Ilootytge 11115 FroatiboMNitOluhl,
birioke a worbl's 'recordf in the hundred whto were itt a caoe11'wih bo girls,
yatrds, in the time of 9 2-5 seconds. TIhe wenttho his helpo, bitt wore almlot polled
A. A. U. will probaly refuse to accept int by Wager's frotic. efforts 11o 000e
tlie lime because a slight wind aided the himself. Both Bonyttgeotid Mitchell


'to Enigineer". AltI
Bellamy, sOo.......... 5t
Wilsoot, 1)(ho -.....5 1
Retiugtoot, 3b......5 1
McLed, if.....- 3 1
MOcCitlohiic~i f. oinod P.. 41
Weager, 21)1 - 4......d i
Pockarod, c........ d
Keller, r.f. '(aillcof..-.4 i
NMeer, hp.ottdl of-..2 0
P11roe...... .. 0 0

7 27 (1
3 2.1
1 12 1


.36o5 (1 27 0
i tLits-....,4 4 1 0 0010 1 0---10(
ho0 Enogiteers.. 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 0--15
Two-baise }bills-Remnhgto2, Packmrd,
"Wolschi. Socrifice hBits--Ilbyes, Wahscbi.
Stolen bses--H~ayes,. Walsehi, ~yrs.
Iotihle hfay--Bllamuty, W~ison and Pack-
ard. -' Struck>ot--By NMcCullochi. 6; b0


stole that the water was shollow.

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