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May 17, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-17

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The ichiganDal

Vii XV HI.

No. .-1 .

Buckoleyes [laye Little Chance in
Dual Meet-Coe, Heath and
Wolin.Are Stars.
:iii, lr~tmicat) iill i chN~eigan's
caltrog .m er,
54 i A iTh tlthe
titpaco nlyre ine
:. !aod lic hamm ielertow
,t i~ihthe)1Cr 011) ll
tlm0 frEepicle ofla
thth st grced
1? - r pltns.~\c e utieeit
t C, lip m of to he
;l n [, .ii i t i dr
hanft I, t ',a t i
:i-'1Ki l a u i' al
I! o i l:< ,\OtlIli,- pole
a~nr 11 m,,c the taile
in f;; ima d Ill" itiiiii
I' ,: _,:d \i llil il I i t broad ejump l
I 4 oe~i mirki
'I ' -d l d p t i (r ti
l I w etopoe d tott
1 teamiri,
ll i ti lie p sti ,
it_ tioli ling ttttpole1
c 1s ut n. tIre
it liii 22the e et
, i . toiling iter
re t 1> . Ict iptIi
'I i t mile 1 s ti e
t: m~d til t e fare
=lo and i srng

etzt in t ild tiiiel fiourthe
I "I tI iitilewichsidid li1 tt
hr i alt titetvikcli e oftil le stute
1it It a c5 e*e ei teirril lfleautttlur,
0: It~t s ,,th, i I ho -ittiit ti ledy
(tContinued on Page Three.)

r vpinr iI S yr t 0 tl. in with an unfurled banner, winning the
TT o or ei ii t ttNi.w . MAerritt, first race for hit clasmen.
t itt J ;.Relly, cie; J. 1. Ogle, '0o1, The second relay found the 'to mei
Recorting screlry-x. . Barteeull, more than anxious to win ak their
CLA c i~ i09;S E A(~t/ 1 yN 5retileot, , 'toin,1IM. M half lost laurel. The freshmen did not
K Re 'cf eem the least it overconfident over the
t itcrtn ie-preidienet -ft.. Bnd- result of the first race,, but they were
kips,'oo.short work of the affair. Both men
Collegians Fail to Repeat Last t ugineuu initce-preidet-S . 1. Da- started out even, from the shot of the
Year's Trick-up-state Pitcher iellie'09;1)1. fk. 'treat, M. J. gun. The 'to men quickly showed their
Easily Solved by Sluggers. Quitn, 0. mettle and gradually pulled away fromu
_____I te vicpienete el tteyet Olds, 'q0; tieir rivals To help matters along, an
tlietuleieetteetteeeitttiet its f !Datfi .eI le e ii, :W.. ,I erltrutet, 'it mta, o the third lap, got catghti
huiagthlevrtsity iinet econd5 O(gldi vce-p t tilt L abrel, giving the' sophs a leat of sixty
lieI i eeeii eleiiV.t. ~ox, '09 yartds.This advattage was minitaied
tm. Instetad,tie visitoreseresetttStantitte.'10o;iA 11t,. Gidding, 'to, ttte etd, utaking the contest a tie
io tiediconsitttte, switth t.o-t-ailedet t ticti eneie ttittetalad rott spice- T'tis left the decision sith the third
2toi 9 esere te treminderttlthtthisteti preliet-it 1t.Sicmit,'ohttR. R.reay. Both sides wer keen on wining
MenI It i .tt .t ii tto it ittd t tis last deciding race. The best rttt-
tet etwatsrepreeat. Sand un~tiican- iers were choseti ottbtasides. Et-
sone itaty htaie strWiettde ttetitii tHisaetuiset amootg the followers of both
litte r sbut le wtas foetdtfet intuu sini S OP DEFEATED ltsscesas at a high pitch ad the action
flitt l eveed two ittilies yestvetyitf every ruttner was watched closely.
Therre ii tanyeicyetesire rgardig I N EVERY 1 unii Recognizingwhat a large part mishaps
tie teilityofithlieoletgiants ITiey ca-£YJ. p iJ~I'I tlay in these events, neither side could
tietl botttBandrts greentstard dtur-fet sere until te race swas over. The
ieg prvcice like homtte grownsrtt cktes.- - mceti rati evely for the first two laps,
ndte they rsaucre tte ptetlae swith Freshmen Make lean Sweep of twhlnt the 'tuen began to pull ahead.
tll the etranterofait 5eeratntemploteyer the '10 Men -Win Relays and The lead sas increased by each man
lfCatainulItr tttet't bttteing-'tictst- Push Ball Fight W~ith Ease. utilithIe last mtan ptlledl itabout forty
cr. un he-coilddt mae god.yarde aheatd,oltly wavig their t91t
ilItg iof'itPa tue titend tTllttett-- bannter Iefere tte eyes of teir con
littleprn. te ve title' f tielleutte Wtenitittle wase .ee 'tI atte t n.7 e'ter eteree ftes
title b ro~uhins,ior resuluteini, titl; tir Ia} uerreeigtlehe elpiel gaae e ilotttg I'rutt Iere the crowsd ate conesitant
\lichian. kclfey aced he pither fur exltant heer eur eured mets-erlistooSouther Ferryth field ie fororthe
tittes, egettig tuv tsuant twle aci fuitoiestin tir uh t tete o cif peut-teh all contest. The crner of the
Hes llt'scoured a u frtu t islteto-ettan anuaeul eue'rleeetconte th fle fieldl stas well marked off, keeping the
Alma sarted elettttingaretupe oft ted fught rom e iningeendlthe c rowde sell off the field. The freshment
ruin tetee'e 'ec eI t iingibefolett M ich-tit est ittelt ttininginonlle aeeblygret'er'hatierthesoth agea ihte numbertnfthe
tan %,' avak toherposibiitis. bilty nd n te efhc byreaon f feshcomupelledl the sophs to adopt stra-
1acno haditeuuteteseinigledto etcenterfeld tuetite liethee endelandetffurthee smtall getc rauoevers.
!.llu gt anthe bager nd ine ack mrher heyhad ut ut p a'ighy tWet the ball was charged the 'to
gul tueeeue- eugitnetth sI utuueIee ii eeh ii Ieeug t itigtyuteti pttsomte of their teott tpof
ti-eri' tilti eel. lhuuetuseuuthe seconditgaoltte thtthee all kowingta h rae u
fu eelutee I lunnue, makng room for teatle- morneileiiterthetwasdicark , n htte rae ue
I loe,.Tin laterclotedonet0 en- aid coud Wili anyevienes o a leer ittfresh could have things pretty
teriird ad bougt i th me onsec rany ay hea. rhou 8:0 te sy mcht heit two way if tey gotte alt
or ie-eltee I iittgiu jt i iiti ii lii ev ut itte liit Ateeet f .O he kyith~e air. ''he te fight to get the all
andandthid. t. yr ent an eay bganitbrih~c wih te silldoig -is tartedt bega. The freshmen had the
tutu- wtee ~e asssta nte ofie lluu hectk itthecloudshete etcl tiear wa nthr eocun etadatagefrom the start. The first itt-
toe ljilt hue atoueeisucondeelRttinytoihiecurstit eteth 'eerilyottscor herasuig, however, did not show thee any
hulertite lte ste'leeseettuthetegmhe altinfeethe dyetntee- eru ryvery uecied gains. In the second inu-
saint o fas. 'Thn Cameellevawrou ma yJuly'itg the 'titmunutbeat the sophs at teir
touGddigs nAlma's sointig'eas i-cfrfu bakatrd ut.-eteeh ok ihyade twitgame, raised the ball it the air, ad
Nottil th forthdidtheWoleries ip hei mids o tke n te, oins. rushed it down the field about thirty
Nuttil tur iter t tje th i oletTee l h ti~tbttegian.IcCto rilcelataut yards. This hnning ended wite theeall
negiter second on'. anet rror e byethi ued 4,I. ll werie i n aueha r r me aofutchese to the goal line.
p itcheirthe Weeleribttuteutn.hcy thy '14 nd Niu o illcItheIsYtrggle of Both sides returned to the fight more
lee eiuerlifeeu anedlsecondtadthtt irdlerr her titehrclassen eilugin. Visitors atnd ideterteined than ever, the sophs o hold
lcreuutcu uttt~utte tuce'ttw etevfihr ihlgIteethsiouiyal their groundt and the fresh to score a
ineiruoidayttiire. Fussers tpoitt.Th men strtggled furiousy and
tuereeuuu.'Ihssalvtncitutuanesgofetre yetehii tlutheceehytatuobrthe greater weiglt of thee first-yearment
witha ht tat rouht oonbasrunersof hatforunae cowdfaiingto avewes the oly cause of their advantage.
ln n iei thesctrte.hi1tettu tsec-ter chfsetnofertihtl ~retlaspie et leavee They'succeeded in croshg the desired
and, telli bal.,thee fcstruckhe otle se- atie s ettu adttheighl rwayhroheyi line just before the close of the inning,
turgtuheusidth~ et tf eiteth, e crwdeipietigce as.scoring their first pot in the pusht ball
Inthlifthwith "ht'. ndM it teyerutee the t uth leah e ne w fuglel,
hue (oii'bases, Itthben t,iueihtic-u ii tie y M el- aII) 1 ath) tedtilot ttio its p 'thee fortht inning opened in the usual
I iee eehutce, Iteluei et i iat gt hy ~rr hteltdt5 tt~thttitti~ te is mapa tiulrush of both ides toward the ball.
teeth and both Miettigtuiuere scoedc. But cite. The hreto sigh t ittight dresses The play ad hardly started whenc the
ilthi t ne ,ifthc' itch'tiigani natrowly ze lowieeer}ltth-ttuhndsmtiing taces ri- bl a asdi h iwt h rw
cwidd isaster. First andrtsecotndtwere vttledh i tine m 'nleies itt our great oot- talwsaselitharihtecod
pushitg right dlowntout Lyndon and hit
1eveuujet tueueuhthteetdee afechote u~hhiiiee tetethth itlret hon iimachine. The advautce was too quick
to Giddings,tforitug the runers armouncd. the erenttwsas eututyas great. Swarmsefrr-eh~idn n acieadpo
Gidt hcthee' bahlee-ver to Duntnue itimee ot reuers weere seempeering abocut the forevper weren burmaied bneatd hoth
hue eatchthet bcattler tid romt there it track, limbherig tell their tmucles. Mranytrape eebre eet h
wen hoe were'Tat dsmisedthetrid teirluc atvautin th obtacestruggingnass. Only time out by the
fome ruth cimeaetuofrecond.ft rislefdtn h ileetherstegoetcaugttyig teobstale, referee saved "Ever Present" from a
fueete r teii~tuit et ecciel I het ote rhite e gldettugh tritg h sldegreater catastrophe.
tane tutututse-S. Cyr at third. Taft trough thee paddtuedIbatrel. No oee t'he freshmen succeeded in gettig a
tundie,,,utack oni the aseritnuter, at e ciedtolhue he idtea of gettiteg past score just before the close of the fourth
paetley tsachof ttfour-eat ceovers. these oebstcele, tanduright enouugl, foritigadlsanedathrpot
StCrthoutght ica good timhe tee steal they proedu theeueuingittfttmany' t too in the fithtas round. Te sophonores
I e wats the third matutitc, tatne Alnaeti 0tI)17 the rtcrel-s tee tred auth the eade a good fight wilteir few utm-
was nevr dangrous agin. Fiht was n. Nei hermase edt be and those faithful deserve much
evil lery tteugeruei stigiut tiht vtu iee hititertueeutceetee tocredit for their work.
Oncei'Sttly's muen tiahrtedtouescre it haVue'anuy autile uiuu ueer is rivtal in th The struggle br uh to ligh no ill
was ta ll tiltfeitt hhtlma. Santdy Iswiredt runnuuing. T'10 mta iultehowevrer, eowedfeThgbwe nreottts.ugut
e l ieuUiy ,butitthee't'inenucoutuedc'hint greate r familiai~rity w it te'hetces and felnbtwretecoteaui.Mtt
amusement was atsed wleu three or
Forhispais, ulld i abut hre yads hea ofhisfour fresht would try to coruer big Flan-
hut thee sixth tKelley dubttleu. lie wtas testfortunauteh-rivalul. atctt'to mtai
fillhe bttthhy IDutne'atntuPterson t who gaed sl. eightly 'itt this race until a slight agait or whent Joe Primeati wocul tear
wenut out before anititg first. Duincan- muishapttu erieitry- aay fromtu them loose from his captives. The multitude
of omttnipresent officials kept the strug-
'hnelie'T'aft wilthiatpitcheed bll. 'TheeTi'te secoreunnriter inte ithl a, wilegeh i ru eguuhi oedae
ont tuuerrorct Ithirdl whichi let Linthicum a adteo f tnearyth irtye ytarus, glu tangledhalsuescefode inn o n
the firee,,RKleygutteome.Ileitieisflag. tripped,'uandtfell. It tooktlhealosuceddin blogkistgthe, view of
Melonot:iglut int in the seventh, eaneth timtesou log tee get statredl agi that by te spectators out the east side of te
field. The victory gaiued by te fresh-
iii thee eighth huladulehecouplecd with the tu'e he ic-teuter thearrier hits , - tusoslt

tut erroertby thee catchier, scored Patersont, fleet tutuputi ee thatethti ed of utearly ne-shwsth more clearly what mere
andeliuuu etu Sullivanu. 'This u-as the twrety ya.rdsc. l;ivery freshmaneti after uumbers cant do, and the defeated faithi-
laset itt Micheigant's riun-gettiug. this either held tiesetewn or ticreasecd the fu1lsophhomtore have: nothing to be
N rl ver cute-handue catch of Giddings' leade,utntil Cratig, thue freshmutan captain, aschantedof. They puItdip their best
(Coninued on Page Two.) haigala o it adlcmee ight aund lost, but they did it gracefully.

Brilliant Rendition of Famous
Opera Marks Climax for Most
Successful Musical Week.
'Faust" iatiscug lat n tight eetthee
clositng conctert cut this ear's .Ya Fe-
tie-cu, atnd, ini the' ttm ery 61thteptersnt
studuenut generation, noeting iner, ntht-
tg tmoure inieh ecu'r toietebrilianut tits
beec'ulonue atca feeset.l Iis atiffhticul
work toteranusae tan op~ertromtetthe
dramattichue the cntcert stage. Seetmany
teotle geetee "see" operas ; detrive thetm
oft sceneery, eol eoseumese,eof.acing,wsete's
tolee tuuh ue? T'he tusic is'f ucust
dothee letrick. If enetethuiasm is tee idui-
cation, the auiencueeeltight was comt-
Wie all lovee umeeles,tantd, esitsuie
reservationus, ee liceeech famiiliar meo-
thie. Wuithi such ''tteues" aouds;
mteodiec swhihehIeee comve ueto te
aerrage manu's imtuial knowedeuge'whtt
Shaekespueare's epigramsthtase 'becoe'atoe
the vernaecular. Sue -Ftuist," utileits
captivatinug airs, its vatirety' ef. etlse, its
euhesatueu', anthits tra.giimaxuueu, true
suitedl to etonceretefriianiee,
'hhis year'e vhotres is excep'tionalt. Such
smtihcl, spiontatneous batltneduhsngng is
it ofteut heard cit the oecera ctage. Thin
mtale uchoerus Si-iltalt enucre'for its iiggo h odes hrs noe
Pro f. Aelert Af. Stanley
tir te chorus cre hoenoer rarely wi-on.
The chorus has lien traited by Mr.
IEre Killeen this wintehrcdurtg Prof.
Statnley's abtsence. 'fle uwork of the
chorus is witnes tuat Mr Kileen s ate
ablue cdirctor.
Mrs. Ride-Kesey's sininug itt thin role
of Margariht tuand ler recettin were
btut repteitionus f the impueresint she
mtade ct previoeus apipeartances ern. Mist
Janet Spencer's singing, particuary it
Sibeyl's baladh "Gentle Flowers in the
lie," tias delighttful. She eas ot sutg
better er.
Mr. Wihterstpoon could do things as
M\ephistoplecsihide none of the other
parts he hastesutg here would allow. Ile
is somethiteg teore than a spletdid
singer; le is ate achir whe, within
bounds, cate make a part real. Mr. Ed-
ward Johntson did some remarkable sing
ing itt the role of Faust, atd likewise
Mr. Claude Cunnintgheam wa most satis-
'flue nteire festival is a mouientet to
thin efforts of thur Uniersity Musical
society citd its diretor, Pref. Albert A.
Stauley. Thinfestivtalsehavtteebn testb-
lisheed eattebrouightto udihlprptortions
atnd excelleer is toecommuuuandeh attentiont
trout theemusitical siovld at large, ratk
ing ouly thirdl tamontg thin grett fesivals
giventiniithisicieuntry. 'leerematerk oslu
thin adtaiege, thietepportunity, etntdlthe
civilieing itnflutceewich this tlaor of
thin muusicalt society tandlProf.utSatley
has effectedl is to he trite. It is a great
weork, and one which will sere o per-
petuate the namte of the society atd its
eeeply respecledl diectr ini a very wide
circle as lotg as meeusic shll ituerest

A reception to thn artists wais giveut
by Mr. and Mrs. Getorge WV. Pattersonu
at their residnce after cudstnighut's ccitt-

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