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May 03, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-03

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The NMichliganDily
\ -Nk'RBok'~('l I . 1 IfGAN,'K \1)AV -"----------


No Longer Do the Shouts of the
Barkers Resound-A Detailed
rAccount of the Attractions.
fin11sh, 111it 111the apilet1 f 1eolletios"
for 3a1lo11g11im1e afterward1, are0w11a11tle
jolly, good-nalltred crowd rleei e at1
teeondl night tof tie (Co111ty.fai.
1'evlode 1was11o1t 1o1r0111. Tigh1
2.71111, 11111om11 ratve )' e astily11onIe. Il
T11117 1atte111111eIlast1ni.01111a111011r
approximtl 1 opadades.lltlsee
Ille1111he11 openedl t '17711lok an111a
constant1111st 1111m 1 1111111111itflwle ito
tegetbilil for tlweo111111r110 Thel
isll 1110 011111he1 festives 1111111ile1111n
11111s1lm\, 1and danced tee thelively
t11e 10110111 (7111111 five1 pper-pl1 me
goup'lasllilt entered11 t1e lbuilig 11a1s
ill' d 1 ,te 11trong1111 1men 1111
ruh 111y iti tey c ul1cptr
toward ther11111t1ractins.711The11p11s11i1g
1R11111sh11 nts11of 1all11varieties11 re111 s
pel1 s1111 rom1t11 111 eral 1 o1111i111 he
1111r.oach1ed 1t1e111audevi l ll , 11111r11111
watily tes'111 oflte oleMelr.
ftn111.1 Heor".11weettsoprainte
1111111tethe audien1e' 1111111d0 he.Mpres
31111l110 relgo I l hel 1111110 110W
Paie enroed1101 1171171' mpllaVniefb,
'Gl"son13Red,7Bro1 , and1e1 111711117, 11111
the.finlet 11701710110Gt Ts01131100d10
and1731Jof liltgerilyh3ow1111stiegalery
'The 1101111 t 'he ybag 1110 11711i 113011in 111
"Bileds of11a7Feather17317aofmtle ra ma. '
Les'lilg'Il tlolt ok te 01111 t1s11n11117171

at hi1cra1nium1. 111117jolly 311317711111
exhib11ted01 tll affec1tionate I7 1311103Gold-
111313whlose 0113s, 1h11w1717r, 17011111hardly
be heard in te1di7 n11. -111101 3elleff 1and1

the '3Ioeeoido11111of the 1.E. atta7110
1111110f3111111succes'sfullyl, 011111111011a
ties"11as111dv01111171. O)f 1h10e, the Fi1re
3)111y,"' wh1ere1 a1p11111'113excellent 111-
pener 111 s 31 xh1ib.t11d, 111110110,i1110turnle
111111 1111stic1Mze1oppositeiwh el
Barre'll 11111111"i1e111llii 1111111r 1'
e11111s1 1111071n 11131111a1k11n1ss.11
QIaiottldanced1in'a1ony 111llet mos
tu- 1111ka i ts aan o . hi
le n111a1 loclsttlig. The worthy111171
sento sht1 rpswihC1111an il
that the Romlans111.1of11antiiy . li 11red-1
The igaa K' n-ing 1111icus wllit!
111111.u1. '1 Shot1s. The11tra1ined 1horse
lii.' 111ponder11in1lc11111ingl'nd is rlerlii
1th 11't'1117le i tir 1111u il gre'at 'it 11f1111
lecitdiithe 11rett 11s111g11l1who11receied aI
1111111aliaire1ard, ot the.111 last 11111o1ri.
'oilhe hil '11111Ch'11ll11pr 11111 1pop1
i m fl * f h'k11 111 1 I tih'eloPhiiiGammai i
- 1mia: th13"t111111111 ubitc1117 3 ov11 s1ltc
The 111111 17111)hiftig' 1str1'amsi iou
the. orental ia iawi th1 eq117' l'o" faclil-i
it 10.1The. P iipi 101011h 1111". 1111w711r11
cro 1d. all el-cin.liTho'many i ttrac
The ho'thuh 111117 lllotHill111111l17 h 1117
11117113111111711 relisticl-l im111t11o117f
Ih 11711111'111f i 'll furd 1117eldas ila 711111110t
117(11113 fiis Io reedlae ifc1117d11110 llcrollld.
'11117a1117m1111 elllilof thlPi Clt
tilen. The11117117171 of Itie affair111117 001111

d1111tes111d il t 17111111e17e1ry7great11)'the
1111111'1111for 1111717 11r0vi11u1s ieficiencies.
1 (Continued on Page Two.)

Visitors will be Given Chance to
See City-Faust'" Given at
Concluding Performance.
Maj 13 ntrducs he fiftoitii '1111
oif soossad hrsic> h ha1171111110
0f. rt 1111')' 111115(Iri eient 1111
001111 r 11011111of its 11kind i'the1117 .i~lI
equa it 1lsir I i 0. Iii '1 11011 0011
1 1173o'17ts ratli'iii 17111 1 til 17 hf
viior pon i 111111111tendit
frn itpeecsos flil last11 11a1
the ~ e Cncet; (ad lwar, hen cowd
irnposihlc t sa}?pec 111111ormi liyin
l\ciii iil1 1 allacbuthll ii odtuht" asi
'1a rli he srw " l ii 111711111
1111o 11 111111 i 11111e11 1 1'.ths ea
a11l c itiwd i1 dw fit 11111a1111a101111
no n Ii1cl ill e ii ' 1a7hatoi
ScolofM sc p miii that the1011' ti
says.-Wt, imIt makeCasifestioal
bete1 1 ; Oic 111711g n .'111I i iipr is-
li the11,1 s loeli'i iof'ilo' is , isi so
intrta~onl cp i i iaveIoii ii1 117101
Ride111111 %de\-r -1(Wih spo
Ire ei: 1111 1 i o iktl
110 toh11111 0171 cnetiiiiiit o'11111130'11 il
w11ill he lo 111171 111717 1'o11hear11) 11717
10g organ1 lati its lls. 1110L. 111n117c01
11m11 ithe l ho reeo warsif bo, 'ilplaly,
d11iIe ii Ii' i,'i''i1ii i ttibct er o'gantcone rt171o.
1117100 ' raoio 171 C m io , wl

111731113i il 1117lusi oft 171. Craig
expects to I 1reio wII' 110117ix Oce111117117

(11173 AN1R' FORTtH JDE IN

111e7re17u111 of the N~othernI1Oaiirica
1111gue01111tel Friday 0137111at 1111711Cit1
lit Mkihigan in1111117filrth place, 3w111
1701171c1'. "This,"1says te Oeleilteo
h10e11worinklg the1711311 'year.
After Iweeks of lpatientI waiinIg111111111
toi malke i1ts31appearance7. No 11111701we1
that 1171111717 3111 organizations171desirin1g
o be 11n the MichigaIeliall 111117 ar-
171113717fore 1117ir hotographs111at 01101.
11i pace of 1111s 117 1il11 170011a11110 h
']1117717 has bee t 31effort171171)'y717r
toi 113117the 1book completed- by 17M1311)'I,I
and11thi1s0has 111e711acompllihed'th11is
11h1c0'o'1011 hSSCylOII, 11111117oard'113has
tried to sha1117 ff a litei me 1177 Fr'om,117"1'th
ed ilainglg of11101' weeklld onte t0I1 111
estbi'11h1d7110011 feareil 11t1his coldi~
hove''Cenhless'ened,1)17but011tie 1lici 111e1-
boioitatiltthe at ten'as7the iCunt
hai, and111171ofvethe indeolllrs o'urf3111101
Still111, t11111dtoftheOheorktlIhas111not1
afece1 isq1 lty110'.r, rntr
and bgirsheI llpraise1the' 11m111r11l.
Thel ngavr woh av'1111 11f77'l e ptrutlell
thr1111hCthir andsVTClbinders hpak veg i
1111110.lifmen 11e11111e11b1a3117vtegghihlyl
upon tliht0cove 1111nd fr 1117aign. ~ l
Ite hasllbenlg fealld thecause11111o11
not11171w1ish)to 01cceptthe 1ook 1131the17mails.
111111CtltegeIDays"lh etof nhis 1to31bfind11
withtot ollb111 1110kprilei forM1113
igtan71schoo llo1171111y01117 s cra177101171d
fulel ghe adsyestial1117lia
11111 ihe 0701 Il li ness101pec17ity
ThPrsent311An11gell.11The11book t ls011
0011171111osotef'keatures of11111711311
1111as, 11ut1 Rherlexocelltopntn1g1 0010
1111111717 will sertvattoheallce111t011117
vlale'10iat. 73117OIt~l 13117

day,' 13111730.

Final Effort to Secure Funds Met
with (Generous Contributions
-Various Clainms Presented.

dillge \\1 s il llM11i rti
which 1171hei oni m d
111111rd i hid1fraernity7hobs
.311n~c andil ( tlll. ~u 7'IIIII
Cl ihute to ii1.71 1 saifv11 Co
iloe ill he uh intoIll
1111130to he used y.31 i k
he case,,,ii of theii 71 Ilti
ud eI' I'll 1 :Mond1 a yi' ni17
hiew of he 171111171 f 11k
111111', M li 1w t~gw t
heivr h i Iiiwnt
tor Juge Mle"ho' rt y 1
hoini, bu1it a"1;lwt ill ii
furlligl 041711 d, w t t
'~lvi'uo 31u One ofuh,

ii lt 11 1he
mii 'I. 'I'll
cttliii 117 til-

(If, ()\

tte'c' nt°i gat
c>'clas 1:, at tltc lI


huh flhui I eff rt1t' i. i
mind d h h ip '', .:;
ti es f om t i ll ,1 .
fraterniti111117 . jwi - 1
r e s l t 1 3 1 1 i s A w t iuu h o t t o s a d w a t d
hoocuhy- a tabliti ;,,
0177oliei t h ntane dri: u tis 11bcrpt0m
hlllilii. O ltis theui 'i
'311110') of t' i mo ey 'o
ert sholdiiphrovehius;, ;hi
11017113tod tofiht tieic
iu i ulexpccted t'hiI' I 133
lawers 017 s. nyon11


<:"Ii for

I fic)1pay th
'sinug lti0,c11°
011111 11117 1110111'
ullotyeu ruhi1
chIr i' iiii, oh
ti'i i 31 N . fI

P'rof. t(uuiuu Pteoll 1 as1a11111 ml, 1
11011 if the u i iu 101 A,,: 1 ii 1',
Basuket, 111f. 1 1. o ,It J i Ill 1111
N AJ oe, IS.Cx1. .Grg R.'B.
Kaurketh ( e landt i uuuKI. C.3Abhull
13.V.37', ,' t eiill A.ol .'3 I m\hiii 1if.1,.
Ptric171k, C'. /3. CoeiniIai IA I lloth,
A, Shalut.'lu1,. F.3Warhull

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