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May 02, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-05-02

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The Michia Daily
ANN ARBOR, \IJCIW k\ , S \TIRDAYt M Vt 2, 46of.

Vol.. XVIII.

No, 1-3.

BELOIT "TODAY Xtunrni da}., Jn 7 ilSee rimore BE RAISED TODAY
iai oneocainWhlAlmidyE ERWisconsin School Makes Good does not Caninence until the °t7th, tre floney. Has. tob in -Hands ,of IL LAt~JA U A L
alumnni till begin to arrive on the 1~th
Record on Trip-Class Teams aseek titilirCouncil-Tonight f Settleiiient. ___----...__
asisilspend nearly e e iith r
Evenly Matched. olsd haunts in te companionship of is to e Made; Ann Arbor Citizens Style Parade Novel Attractions Make Things
teir lassinac. For wees past the :Best Yet Given-=Many Novel- Merry for Big Crowd-Great
Thie Congsrgatona lists arrive today, scretaries (of fifteens different classes tits bnsssgl calh must lhe oin ats of ties and Amusing Incidents. Rivalry in Girl Contest.
aw te proacsits s -tlt theo fats swill att dpartmsents ave been hard at wycohr Snisk oni ttlh isstl
ic cisolto (( 01 u usr saoistt. tsitt insvitationtosstnd programso and eto i tkfcfsr sai ssl i
\Viies mok is ot ictshe squtadtlresult sof tiese la rs are showsn ly Isohe 00pr ope t dama - ( sst sssi is s te dCntl frbt quialit n sz Ii ory11s, m -aooa~ - e usc
atti cliihlc it is s oat thts Barr or the goierat itert taketn in the event oIscr d 1 (t uring shesoot sitar g andepde h ichigoa Utt ar o--1o c,'- 'twi- 1 ensisshal
istiu il ae te b ters farbt h ue great numbier of 'NJetigan torsn teatrsissis ssshac. ,I e cases agait Csssntys F it . Nearly ll of AntiAbri anssss.s s-d rn i sUitn
ii iciis .asie te wit ojwill travel frsstnall distances. This te arrestedstudent(( Iss me 1 1for1tia tt xt it.lar sg o lrtion of Ypsilanti ttrnetiC omityslus air r,7 :311last
Thse splidsi fte Beotyeralclasses sthose dates end ha eight \lsstiyttssrsiss . ostlteto'swathlthIis tnovel opeigof ts ighs is~ m t e17u;otols
tams tip lak s ceigssis1 ciato toor tireesvsoull tatsrally old retnions. Fi. Odctzn f.Am Abrsy-acmn n a'0n rtt i
wak scul ssius is gamei xcecltttly Th irstotof these is '48. The class sof T ou cilstssscs i sotilso is i it at l t Os itet t ti r 1 -ssm
)551550Teyhel.Ntr stallro - '78 sill havesp iecial exercises iittontottor tsassris evssseensigo tin tiss IN-sIssemi-insesnialtrlitioif whics is he ptaost eltstsorssic sissrdayssspigt ssssitis llsothe
.al h es (n n Indiaa, to a 2-sof is -ttcetnna rutitrtiiats sie thet (( (isoi t sacrlg sa-taatttseer setrgvtwd to
11110 55c ilittclsids- the Ipresetation of the tab iaitl A\tte aard10(1lisirr sokiti- finfs cits. (111i 1 s- 011
_Aicisigot lise sp is uncang-se d andsi etiutiser 'TapplaitOsak to tle liversity iiIaosssss111I i it nny Sttrgts1asf etles ale li si 1 150
is iss 1155 it IitsA silatstoniesctsatndteeasildle ibmsmtetdlatii testt y it avsas ilabeint exibts tiats the judges foundtti uh1 i lush ron.wa ter c utei -y
rs i iss-ss i (oottI itciin<tls-rerpswiSlidabettAr14inIiCiltsmei iemststsuwuek itialislist shacnbusitsrederngg a fair' 'dciso s isn. i0 I i i
ArroN ?: Ka$700 Bittehon, im othee cmusupndastun as Bt finally fnaly aadeardesl ile to1ses ibs 11i.11e~ tei
c; lbscitlr ils;Lie, ip iun sm 3b;$6.si si lestathl fwhti ill ocsr thte baccalatreate Alondasii iRht 11 Ifsha o ck; 1utin ti 111scndpae a y redsw a
I nllsi 0f;i I tr; a ti ithnonteeniutng the senior promienaile T.usdas aititl sc in orde((100that the Riit 'ottai citililse tdtts I1(1 1111 g
ittigstfor s uior ansIhe edtattis isstagt iii iasgivenitto the Zeta Psi T els r iihe tand iii lioisfor 11tg 1 sOi
55511-itui11iveniot hesnir receptis o tntiandiitsd-it e sr clb th Kap Sim an te
tCI (I ii i isii in 7 s~imt a e (ash is nt ssry' .id Chiairman csirn cliifothehKapauSigmatntImouldered withi
r Ii rris (1111and ii s 5 -ii e I meti Sgm 'Nu receieilhonralemetion15(1(1 r
iyr:altle ek i p t fthsi l w no andt2 ie altiniis isill register tist siietssn lTe Rok Msontaitscluish ad i ecal i i ~ tlit I I
weitheiadis lit frte its tii aumtnsi rocmatnduthrecciii their a 1 l wt ~n sbctttn Yfr w yn~u>Ia(L -tal
lucktgalitthe IC illr mm t is igi-..y te ln iItashstcia-ts ion t te.A o-n ite u scihii -li c ii (t515 ltte itpaidimustirot ii (silt n slide t:< i tt
5551 g,--1 11 515 ii is aittuu ssccitiut -ttl ste~ssa icti~t 0(1(05 iiii (555t utu ttiis h t 0 isis _i i titi t agife iti ch, iand til t rmn littittirum1(1 1 - 1 0t1
te- 1 -i oghts ur ri (e0i B isn cir- eastsn of Collegiate lsttne its fat- tl (0irse ith (( ltibe ofI nds atn s lage ae ith iti Ijudges 0 51
a ,; a etepoint> itf shck atnd-bon siriasins.Th almeforlehodsTetend routtBilge- j ia 1 n- ' eiltootIicit e e :a r-
-l 1 1sr-cted 1m1n -eIa (o lou0( tt (I ottcostt o istifo ass st gstil l o t h o leaettuit " usil st1' ihssad te n in ed u h tge f ersn n tics°r
1o mee11ll1111 a311 us i111 l s teiiggwstiistheir class s- g itlcotaicthslb and tlt5 ato igts sutil ue poic Ii htseniilsuse. 3 i tIil - i 3 1
"ad hypicaoplcetogl hfibtghtesstei riomthe tt.1 endof ty1e1runnu 3pk
sh t in<- 51 1 1 the laity clrd.h The te am51(5 -cils saidttrepoiits its RoottiC, Lassw iiiuisi I i ii ti ii
is hoiu 0 1forraga a Id-ulii 1111t. iibu i l i in . ftsrItlistscmises te biggsstfittest udent-Ii ?c ii. 'litki r Igig IllsThe f"rt s ets's t-s oatote ms ost as- a ll r-te-d11 t, hre1-0 1n-c
its. Itiedaes.tnal s.i i s ue iaid1 tis.,tills parisclarlit titlitl i al ss stnts sof the pataie. Si G l b-;on iets.- I r i r g cI 1 1 1 1 1 1 i
Sesn-- t t nn m etat h m ftil. Memorial buil - tih-At-- - sai nd itlhiss itstiloIllkights11ere1Pres.
Ili crn r tie. Thei o mmsttiittee, o - ties cts.tytatecysi n g nt :r t ne'! ik 0,
i.sscI t , ( I N t' 1 % ich tJud ec(:rutnitof latisitg, is te ntIstlive i i eat.a s til T heil ntsl ith ilsthi ii, si a m -rta t tlingt uti ~ tI --
chim nba po t rga lieli (its iunil ttiiiced, attdost~ si-s-cesisnscot ci
cles cult s ir11t t io 111 Ill-ilidisa t g-ill i 1m(st faisitss giadoates l t-ep apoc lhng l pnngill t ti t he-mark thatis a as ist h a l grail sthtise pictrt heyIc rhis i sI l - Ii 1 i I hia 1a5n
(5 s ,.s i hr 111 u1 1 ar- 1 n - itt - h t io s hina sts ic, sill he held o it s t httil} 1h 4 iiiio05 01 1 iii ad ittet lioass sge b h falicuos mothlii 0111111111 51 ll (Ies:..
antiisisi iurda hes ' sig tills 1(1 -1(5I 1 i t0, i 'ilog its0 uspretecosetdb h ntu~
greln iniiiiM ih t il feaure, io tincomutt exercises still hu c e '+ ;t-Iliti ult ittotoihtotioit'ry lb itiats cmltj eo-o i t (1515e511 olt5<,
I ~~I 5 tcitll ~ i its 1 luhrtct gItistiti tghousets I Ii1(+iiitocph taeut hase m n t makc heistexhibit Isa ls ool utsht I Ihe 1h
aoirI o(o d;tt is stage and ltsh itt iiis 11IIisc sits hiss's hiss-s shih ng s l fiermnit\.,-siv beniade sixtu sonistnrseue -etcran b sx hrse wreI shw e culdc nas-
SPEi ' iC'IAXL ATTRiA CIO0NS rm i s w hil ts sit sicd.i isipptedI dsow usfrui thie ort spcicaly The 0- 11(rs Ieoe
m n ta s w h lo be tunh as A )Nh TI V, FhAA i i L I No s 4-.t3 1 I B md=t+( telas Si- or ts occastn 'Thi sutreyors s -i t us si ;oa 11 l- 0 I It 5111
thy lretts cd1eI a (n sriig'itIth it - -tics atorgan'tsoti iifr sds m e - sgtngway mtet, tsco osstd 1camp at- to l i c1-ftn-ry ip l ti
las 55s a's hIn p s i utp ing t ' licigtists hhid Counuty Facir filledheti gt' uithbe ihelinR Cti t oa s a lusltts w re, saccuratiel-y shuson adth gIiatil111 siamt 1h: - v 5
sIsi ssheis to us yussiutuss last tnig withs-ils at uwhtitch it(!sc usorks will hut ss i _tc',i'gave ia ssoodideaithcs fts- itn ca mp drss s -idi I uos I 1t1i 11111uz 1fo
wIill nlit - - - - - I us illsheasir f 'cusswboys, co-cus, futsers.freaks, thu o o -utwusidotheiolclct iso a tlbiifeof au l suberman.c.uoi theu r ea its I cnte u, r~rodi er-.
' anained to [e inisga es. arke s,ibesss, sansutall te motley rrays e tve1rusod ig hoases1 and isis lullsii ll toubl Itkits tus the ighly seso 1 p t ,.t,;u h rad vl i. w ok, n
inecas Ai gr ' 6 c wse fa carnsisisal ight 'ITe badulits the its' cultres.itnd suitcaIS exiit gvent ho dub ish cits nar igh w sis ueta Im
t announce tha allnames o plyers 1 1estrl opaviion bakers ii their sanrs, A greai t il its 5 Is cas cllecors 0055she gratst cedit. su Lakes o hut md),n ntrdt t
rae ta hiss nions. icT ill-sora ishe senth swe ssst i- aoom its ones'couanr, ais uicussto it, 10011 rr sn tofil tosse, iunutush iiltsthe tparadeh' usuint uche res w11105 chtim,( i therS'f 1,-I(1,1 1
eihe o ihis.atletic(so sosctuito ofct gttrl 'ics ft-suis hlsco's wil atnsilhaingilt athus inss c s hrgs, Thei'csot O(hiss c ustss 'ery-is o wsi hi aItulwIih' issl 1 lull tey eresi lliis uldisuguh
or(t i Ior t t It555(iii sreco. As : so uwcacrhsso t' iway raiseud as sitsi- its tent-0u usmuustowby icnoonst iitoay i -tnis nttinusg for ci s-it sutprted b inafr lm cs 0111 olbn-
11011 lsts ar e tl s n'tncun pils t scsoribable, usi~ t si t ionsiuisus S it lu st u uls. so;m i hssutIots sig a cigar, s- s hiss1 isis thus its Ii, do
tso-ightalrie lst5il e psted sinitt \ oerra i t ofessor prominnitls i- n utberto t uhhi cl cis trs silh meitcsuis rug as sisri'.tmas itw. hitsei w til s iterpt ', ra
Dirtrosr II ith s uoffsi sisfo sispecshtinb iiiasrsitits 'fichigendoa sas amuung the of usneysin ts heir posusesssion wuhicthesiTu hI Ic it ibuig show wssa ci rcsonesu hotn is: ho s i t a oI
he urar;cis Notem, lstofswshoss canus cornuers Sesetno'clock foundlhim comumitteeoc-muss isisodsal-sc-hley sare w itsalsetenssive sensgerie adsha tnt rudh ~r
oigihso lays iu s s nsot tulthutis a o ssing utndh Iis fatity t he thors Once uogntl ly res u ostd so tn these i t ey colltots of qeer beings 'hiss Aftei au thl an orth r
w i e etereisnusthi s rcie s t r wil twituin t t -c w rc greeted with a puff this meeeting osthSiloms mistuthee, iin R tams lua a i s unot lack a cowns for ters gntiessra it e ia tee zs 5stl
luurotet flduser ha o ih t:oh itf- o ycen espper, ci shower of -cots C at i to t is usoninsg. ws-sas re 1 al ne willsSore Psws stue smehng t b e en o<r abu
fectsc fulls cnditut cutustuiof ioise that eft Thelws an d tsh thiseengieers isaue how. tgymsus adshreutsugeta
_______thetisstruigglitng betweetn laughter atnd btunictelbru ft he burdesosts -sfar, TIesee o-rc same sanimas rrely seenss sl.t heit~ ft he W i Iand the
13111 5' 'llFSti V XXl~st hkt, a seze.iuthe its havin sg ssctiutssed utsittblls ant st a isycousntry "Tesse" the terribe it usi u C iic c sght them righ tisre.
BA 'CIK Otil ',tS' i hi, li i p- th~eDip aas a drawitg ea- te sithe eart e ts eets oosless drgoutwas a feature led by a oan at B t he1,i ydn' ltut hss 1 islI ge. 1Jot,
- - - tlts cll throsughs the evening Utntoldu-l to- last twele feet ight and governed by ut thus.
Ise Univeosity ssblehs, Io siloug suasre y-rssofitcanvas- were wsc usrsOtt ils iscs( tpi-i isi s i i tchiillfors Ather strange animasl Ther wnttw, e1 -rr of2 iso
Cottle oe (ithes- c-soreos inthiss atain- by thu s liers cansd the ticket box was fraturnity, - ul awhichs uiihiiisg as tos s aidtobeauerwly di sutitai etha gpresh ig oIwbu t ar i n S ahuhasGis s ?ss1 1 it
ing ofta ampus It tifl 511, o hi eishsaltIllicithilsthe little resd slips llhce-ctscusr -ill hltitiso natiatalconveison t ewtlnsaltatsae oe alad thtpaet sc dd bt
bui t iespa1csdiecty ibehind Nts taci -credlthe girlsnmase this part of the at the Untiveriy (sulIusa-snexiFrisay tiho cime wihnit s reach(tis ose nt he us balio n c;-
itasll 5The comple itionlull he1newt st sruc tFairistne of the btusiest f places Itis extpected htousovcral ues-chaptey'anrisrog rdes s otra suns cut i r Cs-ry-
turesis fied fo the eginnng ofthe " ervy at" o rollrcsksesupvdersgreresented. Among other impersonsa hlusthiss ntsi i a
Sro I Istls Cu io gissiu f s N ry Ns"o olrsae vdd its csternusclltegs stillle grantsedh char ra n
sunuinciineeut:sta allattmptsof he mschevou toupse tes att~teconentin. t istheinter_ ionswasHamus agireoinalrsodn
vaaiowhts heCu wrortthic cl aalltt ootefichevu htuseeer othhusss:t iss sisths'isun hll ws a leaaliemiiarslaiuowitn.i
filso ng s ittu thiste husussucssatdh dentaluthim ndtahglisdedl iith sunrufflesd dignity tintsoatthe frteniyto hstaho ewus-so bl sack bthirobe aongsti tu at isaO lsine hs
busilings s w i i sl se tor dwtoui (smake trisughitethrotigs. fes sy fruitsthe scoolsth lau have Probably- til trgniaioto iitie pa- Althitriusghisthuse01ningsthiss'aCionu
roaomsfo the 1(00w cmishtry sildingbeena highly- successfls ifrsnsiewosv a eteprosed as great ci novelty as thufContnued on tPae Tin.
Yale std Darmothb each conribtied -____ i~liciigatiuucsbrves Decorateud iilbs
NOlIhhk'--REt ivI ONEY, NOT $5oo taoardl covefig the expenses of NOTICE--ts Counyhatsir exhibit- brightest paits atd their best feathers, NOT)ICk,1 sREXi,'MONEY NT
Ci lICKS, 15 NECSSARY AT THlE ue sAmerican testi of college ahlees ors- side shows, etc t.solhe at the taysere out on the warpath from shrt CIIECKS , 131Ci SSARC AX I PIlE
05114 .TCNI,iT NOCCEKS wvho will ake part in the London Olym- gymnstucasssitouth(Iis afternoon for o finis. Occasionally they were rebAIK TOIt)\-I'i NO ChfECKS
V, JLI DRECEIVED .pie gaites this year pitures. Lytndois -(Continued n pag I~rnj 1 111' ERh CEI VI I


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