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April 30, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-30

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Now is the lime
- TO -
Shave yourself BEFORE
you wait.
With -a Gillette Safety
bought at
Money Loaned
On Watcbes, tDtamonrrds. Law o Ioks.
or otber pomsonal property.
Watthes and Jewelry repaired.
Bargains tn Watches & Diamonds
Office at residence 331 R. Liberty St
Ann Arbor.
9ia P5stt~ . in.totetro lb
Sprin g H ats
Post Cardes
Darling & Malleaux
Ice Creamr
All flavors including Chrocolate
5 +cets
We make the bent Chocolate Soda
in the city.
East University Phanrmacy
1'!1 tS.Unrersity Avgnw
V. ofM.
B~arber Shop anid Bath Rooffi
Evreryth~.,g First-otrenra
La.rgetShop tI" the City

retell .Cl -I I CANE'NSIAN trte: trrsuerersrJsT r 1cor.
WILtL APPEAR NEXT WEEK Sirrirksoarrrr te rar'l cries formredi a '
- - llooti-crdlinrg rixtrreeetel sottttte owiich,
Tire poges ttofte 1908 Miciriganten- hroke tire stilltess (tf lost tnigihtarrortndt
sicirtare tote itttte tarrdsbof tire iniders thte southirwest ettrteetlterrtrfth rcapu. C n ln sS lm il
andtt tirefintisirerd ioot will ire pttutpontTirey mredth ie arerivalr1 rf anr arirmal
sole ir thtievanners deportment boildings of wh~ichlthtere tree onliy two inttir The Colege'
tire firsl of text wsrek. This will ire tat eoirrtryc: A Mitigart gradutate siturated Strndard o n ai e
least teeteek earlier than thre Michi- intthie jrrtgelerornirytel Beazil, ikrowirrg
gorrerrsianrrrsta pprearedl for sale in tire off tire Cort rteol.sernlet teerlfirrrcrri. ADVERTISED IN THIS SPACE ON
prast fttrryears. to it is clleed; as ctrrceadditirnrtolt lBos'
Two wr eecho ecrlier than.r any previotus junrgle AnrirrrcrSihrow'. TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS IS
y eoar has reenthtie recordi of tire mna- Irt appiearerthlr etrrrlciirrtima is soerrt Sold in Ann Arbor by
Oeres ltt hooing the enrgravinrgs firished whiatr like ar tcpirhairn rg tire genterali
orrdlprofs srbirnrited-anrdtrooptireiroreirre outlinres. it differs, hoeveeer, itt GEO. WAHR'S TWO BOOK STORES
iinrres tree inrg givern tinre to furrriihthrct tire ibodly lrorrrtire' shourtts tui
tie rest trossibele jerrobocrarartistic is eroeeredlsitcc ster ltitersown, whiile
coeeretesignr wicher wiltlire prirnted in tire rest of tireiberdi is siritredi rrueh lice SHEEHAN & COMPANY
ceoior:. ca zebrac. Tirh re'eror'soteeris rmureh
Tireleooeksilire larger -thrartlast lorngerrtranr thact eel ar rapierrrnd is riser
-ear e tannutrl, try filly pages, acrrc otn-stripred.
twins tire rindidal phrotos of maore thart Owring tee its reflertea cret eadrfoo,
reirre runredeiserniors. A schenre of liceertsrmrust ire srripiiledl.norrslftomcr
ar'errngemrentthao beert devised whreretry six trr tenfrtmrrrrtire rusualrmealr its keeip-
tire ireeok is prinrted itt sectiorts withr an ers tree arreadtrobledeiieitee firrdfoer
ineexesoleeachr, turrrs mrakitng iitrmucir for it. l~u st a T ouch of Spring
e sierit lcacte tire voriours orgarnizatiorns Tire ron;rgerrerri ee l ileeereeJunrgle,
rreeerted rirereirt,"arrd to tutilize theiry comrrpryinrg witir ni tirecosetter s illt
infrrierrtiorr it ecrnrees. rosetd, havrre secureditirelievreersirecrel-
Onereaurore of tire hook sill he tire lectiorn, mrentionredi ire Ttrsti's :Dilyl. ________________________________________________
aret wrk hich'ieris rof a very ihighr grade freat ofthlteir exibiit. ''lre lierseer
creeiludirres relort ly litre amraterrok junrgle SirorreCor. crieeeilt atrinit te
bitte b est- prrofessionarcl ever seen rir gura llc11trigiri cr5 esr reeesscreo, "tre
t ie irigaresirr. iMurchr more otrace to assumrre oil erspirer.lbilit leer dtitte. The newv Spring Scarf as a s'pecial introduc-
-. give er tcampusriro ews, athletic cttt t'I lette hiis. ote..iiri erileti err ewill ire tory' of the spring, we are offering a special
t""ts oeel ktirres, anrd drawinrgs, than in teet cet tire Ifaie t astwas opiedi. ' prhs fbatflnw S rn rnhfu
re, ireerioues editionr. Tiremranragers,'ucae fba ti ln wSp ng rnhfo =
taemtre e csrieciali effort to comirile
tic er r.cifeachiniridltal sernior rrserorrs"rrrrerrterr in-hand, in new correct shapes w~ith open ends
t(iter show tire' variorrs litres of activi- 'Tire "Rrrtey'r litre" r' ttttt'er eeicpany and in all the handsonme spring coloring.
trestriletier iat' tertirieeseri tltrilierlers' e te <it'Yt'ttt The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
d rin teir corrse'.,e tl r'tre rrr tr'rt' 'etrt
Tlie carnnuacl iis yeare will arpriear itt, hAerrCreistianrarssoiartienertltilelirre and they are beauties. The new spring styles
t eeifferenetbininirgs-clothr, leathr, .- in Hlats and Cap are here for your inspectioan.
aee lriitiedri numbrler'of furl trorocco Si i I-SIt.- te tr e c terre, et tire
rrInirrgs tiwhirchre furnrishred only trporn Counrty Fair'. -
teetalorer. T'lirlaces oill ire the
ttt eras last ree-cloit,- $T.5o, leatire
cerrl iritrrrreoeerr $301. Bury. a se't l,yrrozt' ee ewtre
celoredporstalcaride'. 410 y
V iC'irererrrte. Ohyor ,Apri 29.Sireciallt
lee trie. rrerrltir trst laerrg IEL;Rpuhirtrritlrs, PtrrrcteeandrreriFcih-
egolie rririeries teerefperp>etrate drittp iinCar" teal eitreierecirelSrteiereir
Roaea h H eahlda. o hkepar n Reule, Conl1in & Fiegtel
err)n recomt}-rtwas pulledi off test nigihttreat'"r rrrr iirilr''
it CitegWatee reycaganrgof Jckcsonr's - - - - __
- oIeulawretes. Capir andrgofrcr saleerse .$. (cr11 at
'1Tohe iepereoes, foreittnubere, road 7ec9 S. TwcelthiSr.; errptite 630J. 51-4
errtotrampracrede to tire teethr, andrrelden _______ ____
tir e Aells-Fargo starge at tire Bar Private inrsitrcioirn reciereiis. *F63T U O J ~ PS .A I O
Cire oerralcr. Jirar Thromas, Wells-rogadanaloulwthuhto .nglsS.B Y OU CA S AN GOW S
'ie rrre I.'rr Itrtertttretiorgitte ~ trgris t r, itt-ii WHERE THE CAP AND GOWN BUSINESS
be urr iolisonr,oeelvuer Crownr, swere IS BEING DONE
kiled.CAVE r'O ''111,F O' IND).-Gretest
sloew-rrc arr roi rcg ot-retritire Fair. Don'irerets; it 52 ir 5511ARE tLLING tAGE NT'S tf trteetirro Onatar nso asad(on
The epressbox, nd nal bag coil ' inthicontery, amngrr sticthtart'erCxos ean rd Ott -ofNewYr n
twrrinin$20,000 tsere takenr. _______ -Wt. 0,t Ket rn ., of Chitcagrr. Any Stylt er on isatil aieii alr~~snal c
teai lst retrrts tire gang is hreadtedi N1tICE.-Class teamserr d erre iter' - yoternire rt rrr'r notrcr
cat eotyprsutred1ty Shreiff Dick ties rcanrssv e'}rr y'~ire gteir'Pot.... $3.00 up
I>.no ree witir catrpose of cowpuirrnchrsobiebar' plntt tire's ai Crroirirrg'c ACK tCo
frthe'1litreCircle' cnrditire Lacy ZMA K Nf o
rihc. tArewrsdriof $,teedo ________________________-_____________________
tlilee, altecirer poslet floe each. of tire Negligee' rire s-slee' e cgtritr i Fr
$rrtootto $2.50. Ooirec' e. Sel
St__ ____ I1 Co., StaAteEh On Watches, Diaonedn, Jewelry, and sit
reet.;tr4 i *flfl0AN EU Hrgctt Oaso UChattet and Urollaterat ecr
: I. ZO DAR-thIfeatureIofuthe ty.aBstneosostrrctly enie~l
fir.Ttyrriysitirg tuntntelseof itnky Arecyour wiseThen err o"FiRtrrct 10t4 Fourth Avenue; opprosite counrt rouse. fieHus :0t 110 0,Iot!
IEToo doorrs nouth of Ctty Y. M.C.A. W. J. LOURIPI
l~lac neI lolititt."

A FEW DAYS from the time you leave your order with us, and but
few, are required before we can deliver your garments to you carefully
tailored and fashionably made. WAGNER tat CO., have the rep-
utation far and wide' of building good clothes at reasonable prices.
1 303-305 S. State St., Aun Arbor'
Used -y The The Safety Watch Disc E L E C'' ,IC I'T Y
XC10 gh tD-IOfficial 'iltt preertyour oneatrer otsli-
-~ L~ping out ofR 0 rjoctet'ott Inter SAS1R
Boig kiris O fcalA FAppen'seeto te wr Rted ft
Ii 'a cttt~t ,.. e ,t~1Pure Ount Otc of net an ttratte-e Sispplld t Coled. Men eaxkd
trg oiek (rtrste e el' wtc.Women. for All P'~uv osesW W '
nii t o mit 1¢e.;t I C i IF l10 SEND Fit ONE TODAY t100________________ p___________
usIltu .:t~ :II1LHnrd fAMERICAN L0 C,.FF.UA iit Ftet.nL tem. ALSO TE l leSwAI"FY ~ETY tANti
butlegthen botitttthavbyaute o oce oko Mmrnu. WASHTENAW LIH &PO E C .
but he 3ES tht'si , y tey IIusePALIIYRANOVELTY COMPANY
ThIalPAL.MYRA.TN.Y. 200 East Washingitofn. Street
Cornce'eitrca toorto-) t enr .tbmr rnb dpe ytn CT' KEEP YOUR DATES
A ne artiec le o r nne ' ist e Ballr hatbeen adopted Noy the r yS C T ' D A N C IN ~G A C A D E M Y_ _
heORet Usce - ,f . al oa Is tis a guarantee of 4qaliy-it mean snlln-.z. 1516South State Street By carrying a copy of the MICHIGAN 1 411M N W M
action, a nwylit r boeoripaexlep n tates and tats uner $1.HIANDROOQIte toour pocket. Space A h~i ta AEBL UD fr10-utn hrcgyfor e-
.c-etecerrreer ueredre LQue.Hsrite ad phto.ntn r~i ~tt' Elaseee Saterday.10 A. M. and oranda, caendar, speca events, University ratent lethr Rels made with ve-
b~s.e..o s.tot ir t t deae' or ynre C .'l'30 P. M.Calendar n thts pg1 bo.50e wa ~ vet at ack to
.A. een rrt t u en tttr i a ttalogte-tiEE. to studntn ot the Lniverity Y. M. C. A. Mc ic O h reun goro owen sacend s rr



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