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April 28, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-28

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The Michigan Daily



No. 15i.

Plen to be Picked to Meet Oberlin
and Cornell-Returning Track
Team Escapes Rooters.
Micigan's tennis season is 5oi1 in ean-
et. Captain Hoag has annooncted the
tnrnaent for the ltter part (f the
week. Witithtie comtttletion of the toI-
nanent he xwil pick ihis men for t-
teant that xwil lay- against Oberlin.
Saurday, Mlay 16, ansi Conell, Satr-
sa, May 3. It swas also hoes1 that
a gattte coldle artangedsistihl tol-
bia at Next York, sbt Catai o Iag
receietd word tdsa that Cslttuia'
tennis seasonlthtis year sill cose by
M1'ay 9, antI that terefsre a match wonld
le impossible. lotseser, Csltttmbi is
desirotis of atwo-years agreemtiet hle
ginning eat yer if all arangetets
can e tiade to stit bohs teamis. Se-
eral matches witht sitaler Alicigain t-
stitttionsi are tititer cotsiseratio, adt
it is not iprobable that (lietar sitssill
jotirney either troutgh ls ieigasor
sosththtrottght Ohis aslI) serat
ITe toiurnamttet sill beinFia
afternoisisith litalt st class adstecossnt
clsss sitgles-aittldsublses. ilntries ms
be int by-Thursday eeniting.. All laysc
desirng tos ente te -tstsss sits icats
dositsitsiysigitg tentry list wh ihs
will 1st pstd at t-Frry ie li ots
orbyhiaidig teitnamssitoptsas~si
Hosag or to Ayres, Pricessr Leisy. -',s
nanes still be etetsrd'slestss the en
tratice fee is pais lsfssre 'IThusda
eveninig. This ft-chas been-ti isses1 at
go cents, stt it thlesiglesandssbles
Thle sitgles, fist andss eossCssln
te dsttlsllxxiiilaby-d sff asthe
samettimtesi'O-tntaccounst ofthle slyinit
runninitg off le fall 5 tonis sss-t, itha
bettnsdeciseditss presventtany ssschassIselsa
thispring bIy- allosis-its manbu
twst lys ts skiy-ecseltuntsostthat
sholth eIt-fitst ssssssl b l sledl for ri
say ct-rymtchts ttmtst b ledstibiy Sat-
trdasy ot'ls be1stonsidssers-d ias feites.
lEverytissl is eligiblsetfosr it slsdoubles
touirtnstme-nt, Ittbu i-ttss etsmessmtai
elit) le sesondslclsstinge otr
tientiwhotssdiinst cmpttete Lst fall i
the frst casIsstouramet.-Th'listril
ais toinireve-nt aisy its-isof irsi cls
caliber frositictsltritg t- seesosdsclass
roittissof tIets-Ist' tstts-s at leat t
the smtti-ias.telinnexhusrissf le
nacsil neislit xi o Is- tsoroftsre
st-s; ihowev-er it is psobslesthatisiith
semi-Ifitls ts- thi-cut oifis- ul
tsill ireva-il.
especiaslly of the doulsands sttlirstcls
sigles, is set in i ts-fsctithat tesv--i
sity eatis sill Io dobtstese sleedsi c
crsiig to the formtislassyes i the
tournamisent mtcheles, for t temssimem-t
ies tssm tliustb eit whii cainistsisdsithe
strainiof sittournatsss . Its asdditioni,
le si-hiter of the sigles tsssrttsint-s
is enitesd in cltlenge Csltsi I sag,
the present chamipisi, for the slier Isis
lng cup which is to remtinsithtsle ts-
'ssisn of the ilayer n-I ist it for
wu o sucessie trtatteits.
Arrangenens ass- beenisdnisis till
'Manager IRarsibyh xiict CsptisiitIsag
has Ieeti atiticrizeslIstttsto n suneea list
of players (othet' vasrsity ss, tsswhssit
is giveti precedenuce of the tswiscut1d
coutrs. Until frthri nortsice the fsllow-
ingrnets hase ien plcei-sil the vr-
sty'-sqad, it eitg prosbasilse tat the
eant sill e picked frmi, tesemittei,
ttless some "dtrk hanti"cestoitslife
il- the nmeatie:- Cpit. lotg, Price,

Ayers, Leidy, Sltaifristl, Freitch, Wal-
lace, Broadhutrst, Glass, aitti Dontosant.
Anyone desirlig infosrtmastin its to te
tournamsent - can reach Capt. H-oag at
64 East Uttisversity aventuei, or lsy phonsea
No. i8.z

Catatiin Schlzlcatd Rheitshild hail
te sqtttadott for somse vigorous pttnt-
ing aitissigtnal iracice teserda.-Coach
Yost telegrsaphediMaager Rwsell that
e sas dleiilitin i Detroit ait colds
noti opeit the srng iprctice, ut tatu
hte twoilsdsrriseit AnntiAror today.
'Tle csacissu ieed a call for the fo-
lowintg iten, togstier wii such nithers
s intis-isto isayslthisi fall, to report at
tte fielsdeerlat for pracice:5 Wat-
kis Wasstusit, lanagan, Alerdice,
'tsillr lice'nnien, Schulz, 'Rollee, Dci-
brooksl Greet,tOwei, Primteau, M~ariii,
Ilittibie, WValsh, Moon, Riley, Raisc,
lDssisiel, Shiaws, sWhite, H-odsont, Wells
Csrsixfsrd,Buh, Lsne, Blreton, Caig'
2- bre,gg, bHansn, _Stlliva.
A. lislf thtroissiind rooters trned out
ys-terdasy tos eceie the track teamtil t
its retrnsfromithlst east, htut the sqtad
sit sit escr siinteit, spritinitgtit of
the fronttosf te smosker ad oarditg
itse car before mst of the crosdktes
iii its sarriv-al.
'lost's periaetal snie woualh ax-c
sae oi sickly-gintiniiicomipaisot
sitsh tutheoe Keee siris he tgges
Iis gip lisiorsd the car.fieIc han'tita
great ideal1 tssay, butt eery-sne- kew
lie wss as psuit Isitsboyn2with lilt
R'"tt Sa1ss idte itcn. '"We hail t.
'her strist ilasnytinig else tosdo.\We
had to sium sr get itince.'"\Vicoriy
setm' to sI sthis-itit simustr Of cutrit.
CIlsis basebssll hprctice itnder stas'
iisinl sdciasns, adscrubse-tltgmiies aill
hl e 11 dai ssils- till le endshof ie sea-
sont.Thesshaion'sis0inlit ean t itchyes-I
terday an-situeeedesimititi iepisy-cat-
siltsfist'this' -sesr lie piiyei~t stasr
sie t shostrsteal sr.
hni sivei -insitinsg- gamestitthis-fresh-
men he has-cerc bliaiikid 2 5o.
NKeithec ftsflheslstsstplaed ilt scacl-
is i genetboh sbecing seak swith ite
stick. itiiissilittle ipracice ithe fresh-
isis-sivlsta c-asels, tos'- islce ii the fials.
A uitslitcitf othelteams tx-re ott
its'grouss anxs iussisisto Isis le solivsr-
s-sit imosndss. Ihi i sableh ial Msn-
lgr ilidithgs still bt-esalleiupoitott t
'sabisasrtrts-si oresr sysemi fir(lie
use oftis' -idforlrscice gamtes.
PrssisetSl slisias f this A. A. U.
infosrmed-sIDirscor Fitpastrick, ihile ii
lhlael si, ttsdisesccifoinile tisis-
agementciiiof tele piciis atiiLonsdions
thtthis'Chiagtrialas sill hlusto le
s-sis io'Jsssss'S instiesislOf Jue12a si
'thsestlt's for tlientisrsiinc of foreigit
tesasmssrov-ii ide ta itnessis ssf ll coi-
te'sitt si sts lintesir-iands liy'Juiie
13. T oldIstiheiacwesten trials as ite
s ts' 2111 woldsiessiill unniecesary- tx-
peseisof cabhling all eatries, ad sotish
givie thi'essiomumittesi tto portnity o
sit siltoisthis-adsvisabiliy of snititg such
atltssre nmore- seserig sf iitry
thnthi-i i-sriat ue tryouts evieices.
'huesew idsie is this'iionday- folow-
ing le Westernt Cisifereiec-meet held
st thicsago. Coach Stagg expecesi to
get s inuseoii siisaviaibhle naerial
frui thie interschlstssic miiet, which oc-
cites siweeklater thsaitithe Cofereice
Istbu isptins sre dshrpes y
Ihis tess phasse f sffairs.
Thic New -Frk triasisstill le helI
Jiune 6i sinsitle coast preiminiiaries will
probablstl e ss'chdulidfor tesitte sate.
sasiJsseiTRAINING IN InTrnO'.
JislislirGsarrels his acceptedl a posi-
tionssiitthis- Detroit Rier Tununel cott-
pany anth nill conitiue his training for
tile Lonidosni Ol-ympics ii the IDeroi
Athletic cli grisuinds, ot Wodward

siesii.Ilie annioinices ihat he will ap-
peairsit Atit Arhor from tinmetl'ime,
so receive sadviee and hisi rnculoni fronm
D~irector Fitzpatrick.

Many Excellent and Recent
Views will be Used to Illus-
trate Lecture.
"Th ''Chi its f Ptrits' isill le it'esush-
jecr f a'iluisraitedi heture tsle iensis
its Eniuglishlby hi eodios sre W'. iKoch, lirta-
rianisof theis'Ijtiersity, us SsarshiCassuit i
Aingell ITll Iis eenisg ts st i'culck.
ili hisi pre'tstautiontutuhIsssi sbjc Sit.
RKochsstilliuse on155hutistthi-ilstreopshticonu
slidles xwhchsillhie showtonits issesitys
people iforthe 'irst i ic
ThIis s-ss-sitg's lecue siill his' llthiss
sits rinstrustngb1estause of this-fsstlusut
the slides sit-si-btinediulpesrsonalsulit by
Ait. Koitht silt stuudlsig seersal2ears
sgo at te Stubn mase, ther Unsersiy of
Pars.Th sid s stmseof wshichs are
coloried, hatetbeentprounssceud umost sr-
titic. IThuyrtisepcieparedi hat-Frenc
atusts xxhIssasitseiassliss its thsiliue,
hesig fmfos-i tthir excessl lentworsk son
bohlls edantilt ain ttu s id
N utistruuspitus tts. Paisis, its hsiui-
ings sixts son his snIdtusatuks, its df
list/orIt'. Kocie111-.!Jtuna. -Lrtrl
lce'-t q uatrs and us sushu'uhs, its lift-
sll f slwsh ti- Ietpisal uof it oneityu,
[Paruis, l t'ie smetropoluis f thus-wsitu-hiill
ilusratei' sit. Kuh's lcturess.
A ls-ssstiils- ucolord-sieswiisof this
I'sls'. this-ouriginalh sits- f1Pariss, as it
ws i usuoundedsh hutthe icuesues
Seine~, williopen1thelctiiures. Theii-fu
'lights Briudgess" ofhParis usil hush
hiw Thee 5wll ate tapea oilithis
this Lsuitses- slfushicshi tre are 1 sits'
nubro ies;is this "hall uf thi
uf~es isithe "IGllsrysofs 'shlls, he
of pubtlit suarsill h hisPlaceI issIs
sia Concorde"t iaishthis"PlacesdethisRe
Iubiqu." clists ivisnsof 'Note
1am wutssill dila thIis famsust hisdrali,
ue betngsapicu-es -of thatCrotuustti(ioof
Nap o asepeo ini 10.1
(One5shute shosst he orig''i aoeintg
of I lit era,"antus h er, at -u'slstrupecas
itu uuiIuu' i ti sh y oiireswhos aas
aicalslayigt,hitnusthus (sssuedic
l's outs ott.whic foulling sts tolist si
deatshs xvii u psth- oi f hi s It itun'
hoosrusof le prefecti f te ,Sine,
thsrougihI whomsusNasptoIttutuisorkiedshIis
wonderfulsh sanuges forliihesautifying
of Paris, i its'e ftheusluleardlviews
t e shown.ssuT. hitsboulears o riP s
were sriginhly locaedssonuitthe sites rof
tse buulwrks, sr x-lls, f oldi Pari.
"Pore S. lDenis,' si gie itsone f
!tese forner wtals, is suitisse sof the
Parisianu l snsevasrds,
The "Salle des lusts Prslus," sr "Halls
of Lxisi Foottstps,'' inthe islsis e
Juitsice," is asiness of the mtagnificent
interir f tis struelsrs. Amousgsthg
ierssof ithe-Acadeciehrssucsisc whisch!
Mr. Rochi has, is sueshrowing tie "Ioiry
Inmnortals" suithits-occsassioni uofasi sit

of te czar of Russias. -
A few of te oilier slidswsill glve
ike Chsaps TI┬▒lysecs, the gardes of
Lnxemhouurg; "les huIevalides," stith the

itomb of Napoleontiniiiile ciutnreiof the
ssa e huilitug 5the ois se BPulgtt
the Trisumuphtal ArcthegihuntyNposleons,
andihFontinlcseau, si subluurbs of Pris.
Tle scenes f Prisians life iill he
tmosst interestlig, such s the retasurantis,
he tmarkes, aipart of the wondserfuli
sy stemsswhlereby thus- millions of Phris
sre fed, l.his umasrcandsss e qusrre rsi-
sonss," sr houcksers, thesslabosrers grig
us stork, professiional dosg-shulers, t
pouhlar "gtsigussa," tr Pnandtt Judsy
showss,std muanyy uher vi.
Admutissionuto te lecture sillhe ho'
~ssuciste meme rsiiptickes-iosr by t ik-
s-s cusstig 25 centsh,swhici mat- be ob-l
tained-i at 'sahru's hookstisse Iis shes-
stunsfruits 4 t 6, oclock, osat t hdoor
Thle Socislogy clishalstsbeen mst Ifor
tunuae in securing te ser ices of Grs-
hatu Romseytn Taylor, f Cicago, ithit
sill give asuilliusratediledtue toight,
onu "Publlic Recreation," ithe tmsueu
lecture roomus,st 8 sp.It. Sir. T'loit
Chicagoscihidits If''Charitisatushe
('susnosus,'' anth stary ofutufhe C'hiago
Playsgrounduuiassosciationu. Isll uphilsn-
throapici-n-trk he is cntsietri-i signerausl
leater. Ihe has lbent sll over th suti-u
trty, sendinug considecrabhl time'seeking
inforunations anthgatheritg lanutrnsidtes'
which illustrate sociology torstun stnher
cities itianusChicago. The ueqisstinrifs
piulic plasygrunsuii is conusidereduh ts b
liemost imtusurantadhthis-tutidelusui
discussed osf all quesiosuubhefore soicu
logiecallus itodsat. Assaoposedl ts thus
dasrk site fthis sumss susulltprsentedss-
hut other speker, SMr. 'aslirsill ic
ure the lighter anth tmore ejoyabsles feus
lres. 'hess-c sre fiften ru-sreationuscsn-u
t'rssitsthie -uorescdenesely poulaes[us see-
tiouunssof('hicago. 'hesesasrs- nsutisisri-Iy
plasutgro-und s,Itnsit-c fuss' ll this'peoipll
of thus-tt-iglhorhoodns. Iuis the imtus
the so sciolgists his ialc these tplsces isi
riereaitionuiocial cetuer.
sit admssiotnsu ofitwient i/sfivcnts iill
hbt chasrged.
SEIOR111GI RL.S itilfA 's'l
Yartush Iitingt cupledic ti llssvu'-r flt-u
isug'senabhledlthi senuiorgil- usoshfeti
tilesophtomosutrs inthe hhidsindoor suit'-
stll gutse ofithitsesosnu,yes'sesrdayuaftr
noo. 'hit'e uulussssopomr shslayedhar,ut
sat-e otlasssdi sitht whensithei-slitugh-
is- nde utut this'suc tits foundsuutos he
35 toi .
EliziasStrk madesitthis'ostlt-homIuutt st
ofi thus-gamei.-SMargrel'uner's as-unk
itn thie'buitsfrthits seniorsn wis effictive
thousughi ssewhlits erratic'.'Ihe line-up:
Seniosrs: MSissi'T'urer, up; Sark,
C;Jacobi, thu; Fich, 2; lu/EizaSsark,
31); Br~uidgmnu, rs:s IHeus, Is,IHneri-
suit rf ; srer, if.
Suiopomores:5 White, ; Spencer, c;
Wosessnir, hib; IHiggins, 21); Cchrni,
36; 5 'luke, ri; Whitmansi, Is ; Linblerg,
rf; Onutater, f.
Todaisy at 4:30 te junlior ath frei-
manst girls will ciuttes thus fourth gmsie
of the chamnpuinsihip series. 'liii tesu
sill lueuit as folots-i
Junuiors: Tlhomsonss, p; Sesulsr, e;
IHendeuirsonu, thu; -Fearonu, al; Peet, 31);
Rsakin, s.c; ledgr, Is: Stones, I;
bHodge, rf.
Freshmeniu: (roze, p; Dith, c; tus-
linssn;silh; Steens, 2bs; hEthister, 3b;
1Hurly, ri; Stimson, Is; Hague, rf;
Foxi, If.
M/isses hterrins and IHarfshorntwill
xu unues. SOCmIETY suaS TO-NIGT.i'i
I, TIhomuuas B3. Couoley, Sli., of De-
troit, tutu Dr. Charles tW. Ibihititus,
professor of phiarnaclogy, sill he the
asp-thens asthe mueeig of he A."inn

Arbor Medical society thonight. The
program-enuommlite for Ibis meetlig are;
Drs. Peterson, Waldlroni antI Keating.

County Fair Con test for Prettiest
Girl Is Only Open to Those in
Good Standing.
'hoisi thus-hrttisst girl oni the camu-
luIus satixsuie ftsIhe quesions to
be sttled'atsitlit' C'utny sair, Friday
andu Sastrdayt 'hl a 'srionu, the Couny
IFainpap~er hutssulffe-ed ussusanial
rizes usthie girl ueeiing te iges
hnsuhber fvocis. lTese oes twil be
ssi aformusofluscouptsoniwhich will
hes foundsshits thus- papuer. 1Bsch copy of
ih lari w's ussill conutinssuit-copon,
wh-ichs-Iansuitsucsut ut -issdIdropuped its a
blstsxhisill le fosudat te
Claionhsuboossth. 'The ucommuitte has de-
iedsu thast sll rhhllege girls ine eligible
inr this honossr, u-sicsht suaecial students,
potst-graduatstes ands thtose who are out
tihruoba /tint siot s nmsds'by some
f thus'scommusitemn tosus-s havlst-sall girls
baredfrm hecote tsttsh tilt
eNe pri iptdin asim stuuir-scotet i
us-u sthus hugs-gelatsthis mtislont was
detetd. Tsi hiss'tetlstsill hbegint Fri
lust 'ndushds-tu h ssthes'Il-i, Saurday
Theli exectttive commsui it' huntsdecided
t open iithus'doorsat'us7 o'cdustk Frisay
ights Nt 7:30 thesru' uwill hbe usformutal
openit inoft hutiruts i usch sutue
po ine Iusasuitsmumber il uumske
thes opeitng addessu.s Fo 'hllhwig this
adrs h-its'siill Ibeguini earnest
sits h te bigs rlus owsits mmedusiaey
afets''het'frtsshowsusthebohus wsssill he
utrus-usops' usd tuhl art-elstshibseugini tuds'
sishuting iFortFiday, igs htuthe genesual
admush i h it hin uts, irhsliii-
hl(Is ssie. ~tSaturdaisy ight thue
amsitnswill his'twenutyfus etsuito
all tose tatuca hprodce their guidues,
soll utu'rs-sthisptuics- xiii e hueirtuy
-luls guidesubot:uhsuilthsill hi sosllfist
lice suits sill its'nsittracutves'susveir
'll tu-eatractius uwxil behis'ciedii
std ilrt 'hilt sre I ts-efounduuotile
ym titus' ittsill asoiuschhntasinuausltoffi-
uciulupro hshmuofIthe vaudeille. On te
frust o f it sill b his'iof ufii Counuty
fairhpostr it s-uitss, ushducedlin size
'list' admsissioun tisall bhsiswssill be
by tickesisurchsedis'sat it'e idoor. 'The
amsiontsansuith wi itsill he lie citsis
Alli tickes not us edsu sill he reemed
at thus shu, poimnsg tey asi ttuached
s-sush hi er.-uThe isnanusucili 'commiittee
wisthes it ,ts'be uderstoodthaltitutder
nouirustanc ssues isill hecks he cshed
st the hutsx uhefe. lEteryhhne lutst cmeui
'hue lig pasrdei itill tke pice Friday
afisternoon. Thereis tshe itlarge satd
erectedh in fronut of FUiersiy IHal fromt
wthichstile judhges sill viewethe parsde
tutd hecieshohusis in receive Ithe prize
as thebsctiattractions. Tiu urize i a
srge loinig cup nowson situslay at
NNahlt's ihook:hsstur.
11011)2"STU'fNT"' PARTY
senisr girl "stsut" paruty last night
isis tie ltahe f SMichige'nhdauI, which
lustee ineiitly haostoined, if not
euntrey givus-spl. Thle iffir which ook
uiae tir itBabouur gymnahssiumu was fairly
wecl httenhdued uin site sof this-seeral
siller upartiexxwhiihstcusrred-last unight.
Thle stunuts icuder reciatious by Miss
IHIlets Ryanituandl Miss Hect-usn s/ood-
wsarid, shhume sories tush jokes by Helen
Jascobli, studl dsancing by Misses Lucrtia
IHuter, Lauura 'Tregeasand Edith Hg-
i.Ll, anuucing folouwed the stunts, after
which refneshmtuesswere served. The
commitneesinu charge consisted of Misses

Zeda Ilinshersuan, _hI,euusSong, Martha
Dowuicy, Camille Rorabueck ansI Cathie-
Line NWebcr.

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