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April 26, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-26

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The. Mich igan Daily


No. 150,

Michigan Defeats Case, 2 to 0, inI Relay Team Wins the Four-Mile;

First Home (lame-~Pat Kelley Championship by Default and
Sciores First on New Diamond. Walks Away with Two-flile.
Nficigan\ lts t ' heti acgnition, F"otokin ildlPhildlphia, Apil 2.
he 0n1w (iamonnd, Iwas) baptized in Tile(Sp'cia'0to 'Te )aily.--Winning s'01
blo f te thlI li yeserda --Intl ieasly that C goifin titsisep lle 111.1 lore
I~~tl-qaityliOif hliilii that )is1(sldom1rivaled in broke n linonf1vicorison 11Penny-
colle'giatelompa1) nyholding" the Clcvc- 1)11.) 5 rly games hereoothis'ftsiooi
Landers to one)11hi1,1 and(that a11stingy o1ne -oi11 111)10) i tolasiintto)-mile that1
Ie succeededl ininn11111111, 0111)) (thtis 10tehgwts1' ab ltto 1flutnttr oot
ndgav o t pil sse1.1.Pat 'so leyts the1 11 nnp hulk oe'rtbetnih11t11could
Caesetnpi1fs illi11111 tt11 le t mpnybu in t .10rer) liMfotiitook Ithei lebdoti ie
its effort oonnec)l withsl rssp-te1111 51 imiililofI) tesecond11)1half, antd
lit1t opporfunity to 1111plytei ltbca;te e n der o the1(10 eiri s o 101ledo
for only "Dad"11111 l(1111 0 ' i)111 foot-1(101 1)1 into1)it11quest~in)))f oll'blg it ga11
bal11 star,. 11o1)captured)1thel 1(1}'11hit to l'lw i'll Ii')would attIempti tol open
01111 11dBarr'eutl( wo o'acedlrs o tp mcol- ht inshtline was.ossed.'ait
111111 'eror. 1nd oin so'. wi'O it0l') i .i1)tI's time ws 0)sil, dspo i th
holder1's chon in'tl Ificefvrd vrt .t. 1)11 factIh at Coe wss 'nohfo 111e1dt o ttetn o
as1l11 1uun s orner 1one. )1c1l1 >got10 (glf l innwatshesill.chinoluiackt-
11001'w 11111B(1111),lilling himSil)111 1 ol sc i sme in 8o 1-. e syv i-
onda ndio l 1118 1 11111111 1') 11on1htlt at 'ov1aI'l it s' 11 iwith istolum il thfil'd110and
scn o i pi t -c1 c ' l ls(l. it iidsn 1 Ulfalltthe endero namtg.
'ingtmilltilir ttheside t 1.efore 11 he 1)of tN. otu tlh et had111 ec[to s ls'urett tha
dalioynuis yltso 1(1 111 11 11 te chami otship 11in sreour-m0111lot'h1111
ACalel Barwept' ildllandiora le the 11 lt) liillI0by1 Micanosivneotheaoa
hgh ioneseI cedngl d1fiul to1ldtal khmen1 I 1111" iit'f t is ' aies 111ite argo 'I
insdeof thline I th' e ~ 'lf't 1)1) 111 In<11 1' thimponibydfalis digo'in toer, teele
siedhts. Ilvoih 1111(illtto 11 utedm os lat ntirly o rI tepar ati nfot
1)tttn 0 s Belingsi) t P Isi>111111and tti o-ileltoeverf stotio asneotc
but foro qoovezeliloltocoi hot nfrinfssill11Hll IiO crti htlnoneofthestrn
afigga is' Cno 11,0)t t higl'wn 11111 111 1 buttsiwisheg Illryloncts i ouioMouto
havo sd t loclottoansplend)' 4ilscore-ins 11a1o.1i111)0 otfleB00h011c159was
ASoitewas hello .reito wptntsgn'. 110 11l sti cd oron 1AvltndCootainititgwe
a dd 1111)1 11agsis tiso. n 111 5 and11 011 l lts'en weke 0110yto faceig h e at
(Cr otony itddon perbTo' (ft tate5 0r. lotglt 011 ffyyr
care f tbnho am o i hntemnlndu o h is

joggeud homue nwhilelte 11thounsands of a- COACH YOST ARRIVES ' -' E'MUE T CTF
enmbled spetoaorsnr00e00s0amant 0n11 TO CONDUCT TRAINING PJC A~ NIdb11
cheerod the ttinnier'. --
Wh'lilo e heltt'asll of spetacular No more cool Havanas andtueoirnoon F RC L E ED A
porformtancoosintierest inu ile affair siesas for the foolull apirants. IHe VIO IL G R M
coane'ul tithi tuo tto-mtile ictory, so far outhle hbroad grill andthe Itolurr-u fam- -
as )uichiglltan s ooncsrned. Theto owill reach tie villag omlorotw, ottiFaculty Members Sanction dei
W5soorinuc 11et'iesi t1he'speial eents, teiunothin llug tt it frouwont t'b1Iut of University Thater- Ben-
Honradlnrofie oshw adwr-ad"ofs: ltholughi te shtut figuren soeoeless 'Manatlgr Rotwell issuedtheIls'aniounic- nett Praises Plan.
thanthe his arkslll'uade' by' butihiof te it ystyneruday 111at1all 0101n tilh ) it's
freshmen10 i ciceo bf~oelefvisng fo cuaouiuats fort'footbusll honuors 1100e0x- .Appoached')Iyesstruay o thto subjet
Ihe luast 'ove, t ti11111 eI 'o '.pee'tled t et'5(".'fuur'pract5i o mowoflulhu''u dpuchasungt hi(he Maj 'sti theater for
Jubuit Ioverthelir us nt of(fiv its 1101lftero'tioni tndtestry' 11fttenoonltheret's heis' rsit'iy. four11of(fit's'tmembers of
wI'luinig to (wor l's clh.miosiplls, otndh sftr util thes pring'praticson I~is nthus'fa'c'utyIh o ar1100itelrsed in col-
initalsulyeighti gllwtchth at 1111tih osecltrtdcloseu. ,ogs' draumaic ohil Ills' iea wihen-
inailiit ofhe yotilgs 11e11birs olf duo I is proale hOthat for the is findwlthuisiTuhis'nu'idof nsuch autaudi-
s su to1) 11111n ull)s ovll'ooked1'). 'lu'Theiys n loy' pasnlg an unt intig will l sx t 11I ts o 11110apparentila'stI'lweek twhen
sqlluadleft sIPhiadlhiaiiat 7:58tonilgit induhlgdl i, butilansit' aon ogresse's)t'e)hisinchutthesathurIlbro itcottact
ovr this' 111111slIlllliihand illh ah t here wlbos ill Its'mour00or1'less o(f nstri- fill Ills produtis1n1 (f "L'Aare'" in or-
Atut Artbor' 811 S td y lafter'n'llnltill2:40lu tulgs' prac0tic. ideirt tt'leIan outs(iss produitioun.Since
oeo thu MihiiganuChutral.1CoachlYost'send01115ottheortno'haIl Ithisnithelistsihoesru olsidsrble agita-
:UsI remark'bleoll of theoperforIn esutosherse 'cnlt t one010excusei'fos any mnlon ion" stludns anitOfaculy eu-
iii Ills'specialh ('1eve n s uas the ricord-nio 11t'eport'ig fiator'or sievery afe'r'oon 11)1s lulsrus ttd iithis Itramaufor he
breakinug feat of 1)ra1y, ((f Yaleh, i Ils'e.uanid(hti. clasnnso. p irhse 'ofnithe nowidle Mhst'0ni thea-
111110 nvaul. Hes'outidihlis own aoIbest:___________t___r.__
trei') m1)1)rkl by 1,an1 1101ch ul'.nghisp nI (111 plan1 usfanoaleuhtbaPeideng
ba h at rfot a 1-2 inchso. XiAti hish SIGMA LIi HOINORS ngels andtheHegens," aid Prof.
did lollhavll's' all lnthOnltetI1 anoi)y 1-JJ1 U1 111111' 5 '((i Ui- l~oi . t'.', Is'ouosld be very
wn ingteetoa1111. , I' Cnnl in1101 DENTS P gad11 I to work1.f11r0it h 'NMaisic thea-
oust hill'.u',ofafk,,s'.tushed htutuhauidI SIENCE STj ~j I3JJtJeI' j istdmtrabtytulited:tiiIhik o the
fo (lepit.)Th11two n onst 1nIedl drama~tic it.r115e.111ehutv11."'husre,hoht
'.ed Ifor lsec ubd plane after Ioin in l Ictatti 11and Ila'ousti'. Illcourso
fee 1r- irha.Twenty-ight Seniors, Four or limate11)1is 0notaIuitd fo a Greek
SumtaIIIII 'Post-Gradutes and Two Fachease li t 11Iloklohonbut thr inot
Foaml '111 layt h rac')'e010 Sictigatl I (lily. ulty flembers Admitted. o tlutsiasnultrItbho GeekIsdraa tre.
Dull, I C no, 1 (111w1n by defaul-. Probab1)) lyAullrbor ould )1t1hetnutbe an-
Ilohistlt.Roce D5 t Ce, fir 'I; r'Sigmausuxi ltotni (f nlell 115 IIdr11111ics. It htscta.ciluy boonrs ar-
Pe r ai.s eco d;bot httlumbCtthird; bI from thel seio c' ls s a td thused. utbs'ndee , I twoud bliss' ho 000
ricton ttul tI~aI 0.115'alsIoir'l.graduateillhoit ot. til'17nil'r(s''ilwastil't5'iit salurcoasege
Tillie- 0()11 of alill) s.toroitagbleillloashuatt i tisiL tisoib
bt~ y -.is the1u'ds l gc.t i uuure o ro.Aiis tih,tn a ,.)'t 'uitbbo tihlou''uu
I('tio.1tiIncheoslbugs is'meetiings of t Po ol.ciet ash old. 11011 'sttitti.' 111 f ti
(aioyongild ;tigrllcllsr'.l}'i'tyCoolts,1d thantuudI iltl , is'' '0 te utthlitg, I tav s
' ond, r 'fn''hi t I-,_> lutlts''.edotI uotuembershipilt ie oik e 11ty ih'. n luo t ici sbhrhito '. te ot', ebun Choral
_Iroyr l h S crn ao rt is luln1honorar1'.y cis'uih'lic tcit' f
ioani ah .too it ( b' ot Ubaun atio ul rye its operas, 1afeattue
NN'lhuibn. Pcn 'u'.'it'wll5t l)Iexlt'e1111 'ssn. thats be1(n15 neglc t e'ghs' eto'''foe. Pre
Ian lrto tnutu Itit. 'u' Isut.I .1ic'osury' departe'nt: R111b1er '('1111mus it, s l ight, b th ait lso ntieued a
r s-a panthight hiudls-Iltmhiau, Chla. FrsuliFerg'uson,Jt'.ie Sc Nl. cuort' pitre. 'ho 'hoosal SUnioan
Dari ttuthib irso't; IfohntS, ls c-so al- ':Mahehiws, NV NV orsI ', wonldheat e1(1 doI his ii.in a thtebr
ond iow , uYle, thd Tiuo N s A. I'Perkstt . S "I. ShellbN.1G. it u'the. ajsil."
t52-I Wlker, art N WoVthiL I. Ayres. "lbere.is(noquelin1it up ind,
Itatmmuur thitro I lii 1 Syrac s, irt; h I n'tlettiOuu deIsprtmesnh '1 11 t tut:l. B l- s i P tf lTiiutas C. '1'uebulood, 'bitt
Isthir . Dstnush istt t 1 inch .K.R an R. Jennlt'ttI i'titt I I i nI..F u not i vth ersIisy'i tlh a ountrsi hu la rges
(111W brti m s'relay , r ste--tPshnsylaIKe har t .I,.Ladh 1 ) I.1 1.1Mcllt erC,'. vita pIace.if (Its'llete drImop Ouo th erlin
hoost'Chitoontstcn .Till tinc3 254 . J. I. MIark, an uhph hylii 1115 IfJ Rstd, un ts ties l're tdi g it (Vt' neud it.
hisus ttwi-iurrotughs, Illintou(s, isI tI 'hs(OII tf cotur'e I wo'ldlie t soe i eted
ishthou i Sric(sitseaond;tl (Alsir-Suitiuto. I1.TnnisrIHI.'L.hltn, on1thillamsil buti. hat is 11 0hardlp poni-
man, 'S' Iost, hthr blunt lCo -r3 t Is WheelerIst '(V .0 Ilt 1111 No.t1t I ibtly if theUntiersity was to
losee t iche (Ius Itst h 1111 Ih "a ' tete r th'y(b o n'tutld biild a
I rod j ump~u-Co',sCttorel, frt; .' l'stiehtioJ P. ,oudon, J 1I. Sam-i'hbaxerson(tll tautthes'.SMaesi. M ore-
I halr ltfi. Po'iiuu' n11111. omilth Shot- tho NI totk Starhiall, ('larottct' Snottt.wote o. ' tul p obably have otae
manut, Daubmouthb, thrd. Distanezb estr0 2eNo rt11ntNR((1)1 1011 tii''t _t touh a .utterht 5110Ma-
fot I-2 lachi isso 11 ruttl1 1 f ctu. jst51'lIcs.. Stilthbi' M (ajestc s a
I highl tulipThl I topt, ('suoiso, and Ptr Kpliger. prtrty'th'ater,1(1111i strraguenscould
t iller Induian,'utt. itu ot' fins I t:Mofitil t hulbuit s patmnt:lt Fil F1. BIt.elulll, bu'made t i t n ihoe ajstic owners, 1
I ehsu'yho 'tu, thid. It ight (ub fot. A 1. 1 loutlen T1. Ilac, J . I,. 'hauttl 111. tik'.theideatotuollmeet1wih tfavor."
f Shohpt-B hloouglu, Ilinoiis, fls, 4 Nh s ubrin 1)1the fauuty' . N.W(oh I1th apldtheIispIrooitionuwith both
'IetlS5 iches; Kruetgr, Swtarthmuuoe,1YathuW.SN Hendsuoonu. hnt',' o'xclituolPotf. Boziat d or
ntb1,4.1 fool( Iinc.'heis; Bantug' des.-"'"- "It 'is a ma tsgiicet idoatund I
11 Havatird, .3fetI -- nh. hik all ingeter lasible 'ho proceds
'(It Ilk H. III '118SOCIIS'1woud sotnprchlase the theater. It it
tosoniuclhbr thatirutingnsceery and
ICOU.NTY('1.hFAR OS'.TRItf theaoter's'.eonry(t0me wotwush to gve a
II)fCOlhf.'T'tSKYSCRA.PE'R ''l, AlphastOmeatootAlia, thu edttial Itlay hntoiholFroncht separtment
-- h toofratrniy estblishoed hrsts Iu'bouht 0 ((cy lasthya for SarahCs-
' ~~~~~ ~ ~a-TSechrity'Triust company~t~, f lDe- ysa,mith Thursay uight 'ind uhl its othlAngellHa11l11it clit no more hai
trtil 0tI''t, reeivrs Ichrgl o f theIis'lazier fisit annutl elctiont iof ututtibes. TheIteIbis e('nu ll by' puid111 f ior otigthler .
builinig, through thirsecre''Otary, SS. sonicity twas ftutdedh ii u2oandsuitl t hucuh ttouldibeIhe aose150with tepr
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~bu-Sattlfoul, y'esterdby gave the o untty Fair 11)1ed ttoueiculschoos ofto highe h" fIo.(ao.i.'leSotr1
pultbliciy' comtteeihcs perm0'Itissi 11tou0ecttss. I isischaptrs at Illintis Chit tooeThuntubfoourait o ts~Io. It anshe
I theo Anti-Arboor"koscraper" fo ther cg, Northwesternt,NWosternu Reserv, Iiesacustsofno my)1theteabr 1Ihave ever
advn'rtisinug. Iueito Ilbthskindnetss Itie effesoit Medcal coIg",'erPttny'vatt, ho
big' phhseson buclaimthe tc50_'(Ihoac" Washngtonlt'arvtrsh Johinshaloukn'. "(f coars" nhsaid rf. Iaac Den-
t In-50,tuitooIPerftoatlors 1,001OuthntCatlifortia, ~Trout oCuahtitulas, M1ne- thmou nuod lieo tot'e te Uiersity
n t r s naretlb itle o' iloor a ce -(10 squIr501110and Mt ic higan. -hve' u c''u (('''fo 'collg dramtataic"thaI
rt It, t T oo li' lttittuty'utul 'h oltiu uue .'lithen t hey mIl igt llttheir wi. Bit I would
if stnbu'tsn ilt umoning. chlsnifront that'jtti I i toume iatl clts. s I), ff hand,1tha itl 1 wotul 1100100 to
d'.1'DheXitt Gordon, Luther F. Waron, '.ou suiht tbuilting locted onuthear-
p S1loiico meiduosy. "IesPes Ic'net Roberot I.. Dixou, George8. Pix, andilts1)11 hall eating one f1)10touand per-
iI IRiuiciuTes," was stuageds-buOblhistu- PlintutF. M~orse. 'Toe frternitiy twill 0sons 111)1alintg a stg arranged for
dentttst oe'v'ning'. toldI a btiqutitth1110e0510fuuro. (Coninudan Pge Tree.)


Both Gyms, FrOR.orsOe
May 1 and 2 THE COVNTY FAIR 7:30 P. M.

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