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April 25, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-25

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N wi th li e COUNTY FAIR RIPE n nswihteuntn ndrsat
WITH iVAHaidtoVbeLblssshowl
-AUTOV-LLE ali tprima doina. Aiiis Farlin is off
- the School of Msi. and has appeared
SAVE TIME "UcleSreaySeaEghdBg in i aother cities with great suc-
SaeyuslBEOE Acts-Cushion-Shoed Photog- eSThe committee aing te show it
yuwait. rapher Snaps Celebrities. cag has eoved a systent wherey
~0Utheol cr of- rasd ithle all" will
HOW? "Conticm-ighttstellait acts"Tlis ot he hearst this year Te first per-
ithesloanoitf thes hg official vauade formaattecetille giei at 8 a'clok.
With 'a Gillette Safety aOlle show sof le (Cunty F^air. Tlhese Tle show wilt cotntie unitil t2. Fa-ca1
ta t a t eres elected fromthIle co-lowingit is the seasgra:e
bought at t -stamat-ietheiiregular tryouts el some It Jack. rooks II wh. k fateisntg adill
a I - it.gp \lotrcais erathe cotm nittee atterit itt u
Q i A RR Y 9S ita~clihiro,, iitirtae teir selectionts 2. Thea Banjo C ltQartette-
1 lit-i a atiitudent auienitte adtinii Saar tCshantisPul \Willias.ir
u. iii alt~ig Ih ee telhais ehenit JtckP ie Cas Ligtnter h
- aa c-al . fGymtaastic IL eiltiti-
__________________________ ac i tat i iile a featurte itt it- Dr.May Jte heitger.
f, utI c eral are figtitg far first .Gee tiCtuiQuatttei-
Money_______Loaned______ PhlT. IGlteasott J. Teodore Red,
On Watches, DiamnsisLa ~o tHti
orother pesonat popety. .M. iatFriiPitiDtt-
Watche and ewelryrepairu.ls of at Patler. Cst: J s
Watche and eivele eattitaitJamtes I artness-XWttt Heffronit
Bargains in Watrcheo&Diamotnds Trat-J red Wotdruff
Onfce at resdeea331 E. Laitety St Byt~IetpU-t
Hurs:toSt11:i30Oa. Ill..1 tot0a 7 t i oa7. Celerities.
JOEHC.WTSThe special traiti fr tei.snioritith The new
___________________________________ Ittaitequ t leaes the AntiAtboria ti tt at
- -- -C6:30 this afternootn. A large cod ,is try of the
xexpected. A god stppetitnd list of purchase of
E 1 A T cc oat laeti enarratnged. Tickets awll icadi
A -=- le tn stle at the deptinhant.
Spoo S -:and in allto
GIFT The new
a taut .5uar tt Illcampus elebiithy ~~~ t1~afa and they ar
POSTAL-CARDS m ;latld i~hiii ill shotti ll the -in fHats and
:n<. tclts lphotoi raptilett ta
R . DARLING & MALEA/JX it - a ittai talhe caaatttit -csays C ili i a irr tis s A-, ii is ii a s
STATiE SU T iI I a at Itiaftataitait at iwill lbe sparteil. tWednesitay, \tpril 20at'\l C iis
- -i - light iltiaione usttira--am an ree ts P tr tau. aithItta firs-
C r~ ct m, ollege baIttckr ittd ta ittiratit of thity liepope
__________________________________ lonastu Siait \i 4-H en'r' \V at lt tff itts
5 m ?' Steins 1tint f It3airarl"ltheg etlege Reuh1
NALLR'S JEWELRY STORE, 216 S. MaiStt'F iay. lay 8--Trixie rig-nitanit
______________________________________________liiry Kelly it 11is IHoattastte'a. \li ,a
_________________________________________-llTuray. ayc l it 4-Thoa s Rss itt
"Thc ti Trueisnhg Salesmt ati a highcls al
Ice Crea m Lapetitetd.fj~T y
5Seats for liSa ttu, lr titiuf. 'AOwenIE
All flavors includinig Chltle ~ I ~ -
iin this otrty ntiS
Onsae 115 or inuT e ltsI f Ihet Iicltigattaa sntg]it w 07KeniC.t ci C
We make the best Chocolate Soda O aetism rig is ntosa tletl at al'o s Music lotse yuriieiistit ca itt
in the city ot nadha t
East University Pharmacy 9 o'clock C-ttiiatlltari. 47 00
ts ttE.iui its tyA,,-lue.itii iset-15 tiulaatt 2ifor 2 t il
co~ alorei soslcars. 4655
V.of M. N- sth-itetoIas ou ata
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms Naw tat-re t ieortlor tated oure ffn[
parperedirdeciosateidsar pained.We M NEaig steieatlarces Yutrtcredt is 14Fut vne
tat ourh Avene
L..-r.tSh - rath heCity gooi. [o.C. IH. Saor .Ciio. Bohliphones Todrsatot
J R. TROJANOWSKI. Prop. - =17 f

To toad a Conklin Fountain Pen, just dip it in any
ink, press the Crescent-Filler and see it fill its own
tank like a camel slaking its thirst. That's all there
is to it! No dropper--no mncs-no hother. Do it
anywhere-any time.
he filled instantly without the least ineonvenience. You
d fill it with white hid gloves on wtthout danger of
ing. Besides its convenience, is the splendid writing
lilies of the Conklin-the perfect feed.
Leading deaters hasndte the Crnktin. If asses does tot, order
pt. Peices, S3los andtup. Saed at uocetoe handsome sew artalo.
Conklin Pen Co., 310 Manhattan Bldg., Toledlo, Ohio
i Touch of Spring
Spring Scarf as a special introduc-
spring, wve are offering a special
beautiful new Spring French four-
new correct shapes with open ends
he handsome spring coloring.
Spring Shirts make their first bow
re beauties. The new spring styles
1Cap are here for your inspection.
e, Conlin & Fiegel
NO AGENTS of tleiiiniuiactt- o t'al c (,ws
nsca-whicharoo n'soand ini- fNeorkhanth
aicag r.Any style itt' gus in i derneo,1ilrasI cct
rt; ntotie.
Ps-ic.. $3.00 aup
3LOANIED On Watehes, iasmondts, Jsewelry, ati all
*u~suiw.. ii-h Class ChiatteIand od atetrat heiur-
ity.tBsiess strictly coinfidentuali
opposite court hoase. H us -3 o1:0'.t ,7t :5
City Y. M. C.A. W. J. LOVRIN

I Shirts for warm weather
Exclusive Patterns. t Eclsive Patterns.
Sleeve lengths to fit. 4 .U 4 . Sleeve lengths to fit.
I WAGNER ea co.
303-wt t ateS tet Sinof the ig white shoe
Cls Tm'®s AF h.Saey ach is L E C T C IT ecWilt prevent your inatch frmmslip VriyELacs - v g11oyupoktndIilAE
crmd at i o it WATCH RhPAIBILLS A Red
crut fontl 0 t ] ;Pae Gum ~isi o neat ad ttacive Supplied to College Men and
Tear. I }Itt us Viii u"nh a ,napiearnc-to e worn onitstem of P
get acostomstito' II IwatchW mnfg llProe55
ir e i0 Oc SEND FOR ONE TODY tOo ___________for___All__________________
Tan reach Hundreds of College en are wear
Tt~ad -m icgnthem ALSO THE SAN TY BAND
- e o ou otneyu ALMYRA .200 E st Wsatshlgton street
-ifyou iealia biihii tlua":,Ua S' t E .,'st[ith ater y5ou
postseat hye t~ral , a dau- at ll t - o oi.lttt tiil alo t ot4tt tetHPcr e syo h C tA
<tieatuuuhu_, L t catgi'.y -use: g a'iitY to £ilosa.~
The REACH OIIiAL BASE B0ALL 0111)ES" titI. nl - HANDBOOK inytr pocket Spaefor mem-p
wai isty u ie uao t - i'sit t-f1i -, a s-atxtnt tato achyAlsot C i. .ss at sardsy. 10 A. M. esn& oranda, calendar, special eets, Uieri Patent ahrBelts mdewith cl-
coif hoali iiP, i 1 --r .iti of;ycult. a taute outath ~t, upri5cr.730 P. $M.Calendar in this 1tt page bak Given awy ' ive et at ack t
ak -1 "'l i "" lo- tostudets o theUniversity Y.M.C.A. M . match your utahrt on hlouse 2ie. Bend usa
itS ti- Iis I 15its .tO~lt Li - - t stdens . the- C. Me-pecefthedresgood arkea sednrder.
A. J. REACH CO.,i1727 Tulip Street, Pladnpha - '-Asemtbly S o'cock. Miin Hll. THE BELTCRAFT CO. BOSTON. MASS.



..319 East Huron


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