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April 09, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-04-09

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If your hair -Is a Ont Aptil 3 it-wis atttountted that Prof. C. 1L. Ic Nuraif of te electrical i
bother, or you have Andretw Caruegic wottl add $,000ooo egieeringdpartment is giing a series Conklin's efFli
to the Carnegie foutation, or whatever of lectures to senior electrical students
any trouble with it, sutm ttught be. necsary Ito include as ott the "Electrification of Steatm Rail- Tito Collegetin Pe
buy a good , ion aeicieb hliile .professro roads." MFr. de Mtturalt lectured last Sndr
of state tnsersitie . semester oo the ttntderlyitng principles of
HarB u h Ar Cartegie's origital gift was made the sttttect, such as power statiotn equip- ADVERTISED IN THIS SPACE ON
fli Bo ttt stchla. wayas to ftrnisht petiions for ment, transmission, anidl totor echarac-
ATpersons swlo lave taught for twetty-five teristics. lHe is now stpplementinthIlese TUESDAYS 'AND SATURDAYS IS
ATei. t s tts the tniviersities, colleges and by a cisctssitot of vtriots tectical atte Sold 10 Ann Arbor by
n R teial.schelools of te Utited States, comttercial featres ofi te iprole.
C +AR_ + S L tCana ttandNewfouttndland; butt teachs-.The ecttres swill Ihe cottcltdedl by te GO yH' W O KSO
and get relief,. sit sesctariats istittttions antI those preparatioti of tts electriicatiotn projectGO. ARSTOBOK TRE
sttptortedl y state or colotnial govern- for a iarictlar roadlsecial attetttiontND.
utctts swere exclittesd. Mr..Cartegie's btitg givetsu tch problems as le te- SHEEHAN & COMPANY
reasouitfist leaing ottt teachers its.state- signt if te lcitm tties, choice of steess,
sitpptortedis nttstitutiotts sas that he lcations of sihsttiotns itatd the ecr-
_____________________________________ tiought ttpossiblte thast te governmetts ntittics of transmuissiton.
tmitght prfer to hasve their teachers ttaain- fli5 series is f mtore tat a l ciit-
M n y Loaned tarltoswt h tt xlsvl.te h urn ubro h uig the yer follotwing the gift the giterittg World otecf the fitremost
O Wace DimnsLa Bok, Natiottati'Association of State Usier- stiouesitisdltmg e ~ e n tst-
Owae, Da-ns Lwtas
and Jewelry irepaired.givesspecialmen- Just a'Touch of Spring
ar otther peraonat poperty. sieis etitinedthie trtstees of te fottt- titt of the lecttres.
WacetadJwlrieaie. dtiotsfor drmittnce to teIetefto of ______________
Bargain in Watches & Diamonds thec rtiringtt alloswatice systena..iBtt itSC L N WILT K
iras ioutncdthattie itcottarfroro te Ol~iLNG W1LBTHALKDAM
Office at resiencee aati. LiertytiNoriLnal fuidIfE$i IAN DRAMA ex
Anti Arbor. t t iriittfttf-toooo a x
HounrsSt t ao 0a. am.. tu to :0an7toans u steinti itthe ottlay already patnned,
9iP.tintand uth t if the fuscultis Of all the state Xi7tlur iew tof college druatics is
ALL Bulannocosetuwwt ~ utnttiersitic, iwere to lie provided for istcle ian uu fe ucaiu.Ts
JOE$,.WTS utiitott t itti jso,ooo twottul eEigslieirtittussctcc of The new Srn Scarf as aseca introduc-
n______________________iieicti. F lix 17 Seellitg, head of te tdepart- Srn pca
the_____situation___________was pllait cet d forlmcalfotltylyli- citboeLuililwei leariieriofiftryofthisrinae reofernga ipeia
f i ~ ~ iretr.Carnegie tic Dr hIessy .: Blisull tuuo(suhge Itiina:1h,°'h purchase of beautiful new Spring IFrench four-
s., ndtosssr he uadvanuem'uent f teuchisre-illhe t's sueda een in-hand, in new correct shapes with open ends
A _ P0 0N in,,orsMach i ast A Canei vrof. eellippn ius stall. s5sihs and in all the handsome spring coloring.
S us liest suitfsasituatey lay'd.tasus thsuff- itacill this heist f shlalrshipIe is The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
G I 'IrT S c ti~tuusfsaiy b e55le fort-I.'sutusifscuiuoksutiish
(c inito ncisueite fuclitis of state t~ uhro eea
disu.la ilt. uu sts and they are beauties. The new spring styles
'I' ~~~~~~~~ ttusssIHis ontly. 5stiuttO ttionrussitlt'fi utstssusacsst
E POSTAL-CARDS ts ciistate college assi itutesis os"T e th a Dusi trrans 'hisslirs in sHats and Cap are herefor your inspectio.
wh'sithshsossul aply 5o hauve its faulctyit~ e ilh iean h ui s
y. DARLINGO&NMALEAUX ii' ldedt s benefciciuries undser Iis foists
S STATE STREET d,, 'tutu stottld hare its petitiont sasa-
ii utined y the legislatture ad gvernoior uis t's, st, cx s . scu~ t, si' sI's'
or xits-uste. risf,.Docksl ecrtedl those junuir uues
cut stu cliicalisyssterdauy wito stll sere
u n~~ues f thec folist ngsu55 weitreaut. edsuits suitsin csi
~~x Stems 1~F IS IANCE SERIES p rcGuusiIity li lt ie eu e o ii& P e e
Stein that. Iororst TlusurberinuVaityCutle, huiCtsie, iProwsn Fox I a-s.ts
JAILER'S JEWELRY STORE,)n216hSfirstahurStyeesningafuser igosenbs err, Marssh, SldonBusnIts.ui
, 2G&.M iSt vlaiioat tha i .'ii'rssyitad seth give _________________
Islardlf its'sertes of d uances inusBar- L S ' i~.t~
loit i 55'uitisnm.thiIie ibandcihastsesta-toShe lesb msor
W a , 46 l C ire i ti hs hrelssususisuss s it mter- S 44-5ils' su. TJ TIT~ 7 P Ni 2lA'T
lutist iite its irsititwosattes tprove[] LO)ST-i lush grouwnusit u trrie , IU O R A S AN O N
'suns is a tuturdtutichtetat itit sossucesfs h sefore, te hbantdIwill blaic spotsitu icsse; naeiPdroKe-WHERE THE CAP AND GOWN BUSINESS
usro5rs ii st muuuta ta w ether i u lrts'ises tlhur i ui tu rn ts' oii920 bus' Vsliton hn IS BEING, DONE
I oewld a sctit oceta wl frns 'o1jyucometotinsy postu st ms. 55 us , usa fr the snusisos. ' WE SAE iSELLINGi AGENTS itfth oaing it i fattis.tun s li as sitot i "tutu
cisas e uavsuesciittitniortoius s iint isu try, angaiictt e Co o'e .,i and Viig of Ne tr..anthit
telephounerusr witinetsoiyoutais 5jusd %LOfST-Whiitofurtboau, Mond y ee- W 0K an di., of Cicsagoi. Any stye ougni n a its a oii tut iiiiitus isittuttir io
assncr.u ;,Neiggis- sir6sTs'.e stuR'RI. i ,satar or uritg feh a aqe. Yu]-ma uei'o nhr ntiute.--
East University Pharmacy ITikts folir teutisiasuvacution stripPt 'usr phulneuu357 atushei rewar.pices $3.00 up
129St's Unitesiy Ainue. ofteenierswllh-sodFidya
H. A. ROYS, Piharmoacisitht ~siier utie olFut t 5__ MACK 8t Co.
8 '. usa 'usRKosti,i Ssfthe NeweEtngi---- -
____________________________________ ucrisg. nlieisg. 'The speciusl ruste is LOtST-Pir rimulss sssgiusseswstill
V . Of M. $28b07 tushdiMustdte iiaut this tisse. chaiun art hoat utauchedu. Ntify K.J
I isttusutt isc'ist tchilethOx-Ni'siYsus LOAttcurs.ED HOis Paees, Diamnds, 3 wery, and nit
tl le~l tiat. tlcr~~atli hicl hae aso ig It C as hate and Citlt i oah Sees-
Bar~lber Shop andBath Rosso' i ieiol 0whia eas '~." __- ptr M N Y [A I~u tiosBusness sstitltytonifdnta.
gtutri spgrl eni Te at ill LOST-At freshmianutsbanqu~tet par 4Oftceuouth Aee0nueu1:Usputotiet
E'norythtrag First-cls 04FuthAeuehpoitecurt Stouse.
-Largest Shno inn ta City l e 'itus 'l1IArhor hier the Aisis ArborIiuig swhite goves. ettrlii itak- l Twa doro sth of City Y. aM. . A. W. J. LOVRIM
JR. TROJANOWSI Prop. --t i 72 s ua.Sasrhy. at.434

Al" se b te-' Rowe's Laundry EL C RIT
o~i $i~t ttaLtp uflicia /THOMAS ROWE. Prop.
326 N. Fith A'e.
tau~t g.5-i'5u. Itt l NwPae4 et hn 5- pplled to College Mena entd
t1%Q sa a Il~tiv .2d tiiusiyWomen for All Pizrosessese
useAIs thu ' R:5I' (ib'h' >Ftt'IAL
butl 11e BA me'fit hve'ar , li hss' 33 allh tatsitee WASHTENAW LIGHT & POWER CO.
Casaes Sateseday, 1O A. M. aend
The '. .y Ball730 AsmbyP. 'MZOOck.200 t Wa 8ehirgton Street
Coiltc t.ta kO ooi tt -c.; sits tieacts OatShsa g adpted by te AKIGLOK iP Y V D T B-
Aus iai s.ec Is i ss yeas-., anithSe OtficiatLeautge atl. Naother W!KN LOK - Y V A E
atrl r -sai ta''pe Oasiagorot 0 et-i ec . Chinese Chop-Suey' Restaurant sya h t~GNDaily Subscritions Now Due
a it erauitic ai ou ner u it(exceps t onpiaBas and Bas under $1.00. $ arigacp fteMC IA
'sn\ r i,55.5II C1I itii'B'S Al IDit fori 1085-justaout TiseenR- Chinaeseiany Dishes, Amercn sLnhes af HANDsBOOIn yuan pcket. Space fr mem-
5i a, iet ust.ut u iuucnsrass1rnnae. uesann n t isafta9a07at teend't att knds. IEveeyting firt-etas Ian aanda, caendar, seiat events, tleni etty
""is's eit 'Ii~,., e rortia, Se . enttussl tprss~p tstn angaesteaen.Caedan in ths a5s page bak. Given away S snptlsnn taken by mutt, check, drafteer
tedtn-iStae atdtsou-'EEChineadapsset-ana. to students at the University Y. 0. CA. M. mtiy uder.
A. J. REACH CO., O77TULIP ST. PHILADELPHIA. - lp Stais, one door S. Boono Brs, 314 S. Stain St. Mlian Hal.
STDO ~ ~31r9',E.astHuron .' Street

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