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March 17, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-17

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The ichiganDaily


N. 124.

Relay Race Is Favorite at East-
ern Meet. Michigan Will Com-
pete in Other Events.
The fourteenth annual relay races
given iy the University of Pensylva-
nia will be heldl as usual on the last
SSaturday ins April. Michigan will be
represented lby a team. Invitations have
been sent to all the leading edcational
institutions in the country and already
entries are pouring .in, guaranteeing Ihl
success of this year's meet. The relay
races are among the best known sets
of sports held annually ithle world.
They are likeswise tle largest.
Last year, over Zoo scholastic and col-
lege teanms faced the starter. Competi-
tors' tickets to the number of 1,5o0 were
necessary to supply the athletes that
competed ina the different evets. Yale,
Cornel, Princeton, Chicago, Michigan,
Dartmuosth, Syracuse, and it fact all
he leading colleges swere present, while
the schools twere just as sel represent-
'd. lTe institutions aing teams in
thess races came frtsm districts as far
distant as Cicago, Richmond, ad Bos-
ton. \vlitt 1)ut oie xcUptioss eery
isterollegiate chstaspionsboths in te
swest asd cast swho swais tessits college
coimptetetits the secia eets.
Eacht year. te liest cillege- atitehitl-
astic athlete-tf tie constr are at te
relay races.. A relay teamt is comnptisedt
of bust fosr messststrs, so ta it is sit-s
is thetoswer of aly scolts or college to
sendsthelsir athsletes to Ptiladeltshia. Ttis
is (donte itsmsssassvchlools by totslar
Susctriptiionsswhere tefisassces otthle
Atthtic Asssciationstare soit stffiiest
for te tptrose.
'lichigan's qartrestill be comsptosed
f Rottwt, CteDltl, tantiatfoutthmsats
to lw selecetd. Say, te sopomsore
miser, has atn excellest cassce to wis
a placs-tos theseast, filisg te vacaicy
left byte gratduattitn of "ill" "Maloey.
Last ytir M\ichigasn walted aasiy its
this eveit, wsinsing y oser oo yards.
Gusy1Hasskiss, sshlo miet Cte last Sat-
urday, uas te fourths sats intPesssy's
teamt, which lactteetsecodt. FieIcrtn
aganst Rotwe.
Besitdes te relay teasp Director Fit-
patrick swillsttsend iasuad tfmenitto
take part is)te fietdeeits. Last yeir
Jtohn Garrels swton first its'tthe discus
antl secondin tste sot-ptstat thesee.
Freshment-ssare permitte to oetee.
'lse tdoubiles ins te hasdball totra-
mieit began) yesterday adtlresltetits
slhe eimintaiona of all bit six teamas.
These teamsswsill play off the secod
rounsd today. It has been necessary to
eliminate all teanms that failed to puk
in an appearasnce yesterdty, is order to
play the tournsamnest off as ston as po-
Vsible. -
Yesterday's results were as' follows:
Gould ad an Zile defeated Vaughans
aitt Rogers 15-5, 15-4; Tyrell .and Wel-
ler tdefeted Anderson andc Weyspna 15-
8, 15-4; H-asen aid Lffingwell defeat-
ed Ryasn and Ryan 15-, 1-i; Hoag
and Leidy defeated Pratt and Mead 15-
7, 9-5, 15-5; Snyder asd Reighardtied
with MDonoughs and Clrke 4-5, 15-
The drawings for the second round
are: Hansen ad Leffingwell vs. the win-
ier of the MDonough and Clarke, Sny-
der and Reighard match; Tyrell and
Weller vs. I-og and Leidy; Berens
andt Lillie vs. Gould and Tan Zle.
Matches will begin at 3 :5 today and
all cotestants should be on hand, ready
to play, at that time.

Rehearsal of mandolin club; Wednes-
day and Friday Tpights af University
Kaal, 7 .

Professor Htenry C. Atamis, ss ots
beetsott a leave of aseisce for tt
years, will soona returts for a fess dlys
to deliver a series of leecsres ton rail-
roast problsemss, a brach of ecoomisi-
its whichshe is prtictularly- itresed.
For tess days Mnr. Atansswill take Pro-
fessor If. S. Smsalley's tplace its his
corse ont ransportatmon prolemss ad
treat the accounting adtladtitisg of
great railrtoatd matgements. Professor
Adltas is sttisticians of the Iterstate
Cttmmsaerce Commisission. Te irst le-
ture wsilIbe fises)ott'.Mtarchs .5 butsthle
sates forttrhe stcceetisg letres hase
tnt sects'sleided pit. they iill le
asnnouniced later.
Notinisg deisite cosldte lerets
to Profestr Adatis istetions- of re
suistgIis tworki herc ent fal. tFrom
present indiations s lltworkc sihs the
cotmmtsissions sill iot le estirely finisheo
stntil the beginninisg of spo. 'STe coms-
msissions sishes to retaits himt as ling as
possible, and if te Bard of Regesl
will extendslIis eas-c of absece, e setill
probably ot returnstuntil lt-esecodi
Thte date of te anutal .licligass Wit
Iet s Banqtti ssb eess set for Ap1ri
. Al lirligttisswomsenthtiterl-r
gradatetts and faulty w-tens ress ti-
vitsei. ltsIn ii stio -ihae linst- t t-it a
great tsst mber f altssss sn-dt Imany
'l'he tickets, te rice f swhic.i s 75
cents, are sow ott sae. Te ssssmber is
limiedlatnd the sie sill clse Mrcs 3t.
Facutytt-wtostest maiy sesure tickets frtit
Slrs. Jortiant; setiors ftost SMty- lttr
jnos fruitsDotrothleaiBrillett :
sohmrsfromsiBet-t' Lneetanitufrs
msess fromstVerat Prllaskev. Alttotstnt
maiy atdress Sfirs. Jorsdan otr Miss Cath-
serine ttgltss the gnteratl chaimanst.
Althounghste regular Y. Ws. C. A.
missstsitnay nmestingswassoth1sdt-his
tweeks ontaccoutisosilthle WilliamTot'. Ellis
lecttres, the cosrse wsill cotinuisse s
ususal. 'This cosrse ctmpries a st-ns
tf shotrt leetures on mtissionatrsubsl-
jects iy sekerssshot havte Ibeess ithle
fielsd. Is isIhelt itsNess-erst al
every- Thusrsda ight at 97 t'clock. Sis
Ruth Paxson, aiosal secrtalry-f te
Studsent Yttlunteer SMosemiesit., sill
steak et Thursday. A sweeke frnts that
sate. resd Merrifieltd, dirctr of the
Baptist Gtuiltd, sil tl ofIhis teter-
iessces its Jap~an. T'hese lectures are it-
tendsesd for uniiversiy smesi asse womse.
So great hts een the demanasd for
hooks frosm te cirulttitg deatrtmsetl
of he geseral library, that assisassce is
cosnstantly asked for the delivering desk
its orser to keep the swork uip. 'he
nunsher of books drawns every day has
more thasa trebled since last yearThe
average call at that te awas aott
fifty books per day, while note the de-
mand exceeds one hundred and fifty,
anid the nunser is steadily increasisng.
Statistics for this year have niot yet
been conmpilee. Fiction, however, is
far its the lead, with biography and
classical literature next.
The msagazine departmente cotisues
to isaugurate improvemsents. New
Joltison husters have taken the place
of the worn canivas covers. Several fi-
nancial papers and a sunber of other

leadisng dailies have teen, placesd upon
the newspaper ruth.
The popsularity of the magazine room
is increasing. There is scarcely ass hour
of the day when it is unoccupied.

Windows and Fixtures Smashed.
Police Arrest Twenty Men.
Pres. Angell Appeals to Stu-
As scororsf stutdenits are lgetd itsthse
M-stea c itiii ouoon ty uit becu'seof a ei is-
mo stra iiitstioN i iitok tlace last isighst
sirt. 1t)y o o'sclc, teenciioonstd
0)00 studets:Ois ere iptickedlbefore the
nicelthate.Uptothisltlne the
sntll it-tto' 1 atlibeenit toholly Ipeacefuil.
Jests tof i-s po soo Iwete shouoted ft-oti
imto tieltowitrdi lanatger Reytntoltds.
Jeerswere oll hid b egs stindlater
too toh-e- i--tt-li tbrcs et. stre stibstittled.
tBy~ if o'luockIs the thisatr e hadtl beess tint-
ell ntoandis oobadl'udamaogedl.
octr ReynuoldosIstrteodSatuirday stighat
tndNvs retvitedgit tghlis afterntoosn.
It is ll-edtit at hurday -night saItarty'
of ou sotudtiis itNt eeseteit-lttthe
te ts ii I Ios oe tOfficer Sclslisssas-
ls' lig. Te stndo t dtot iott t t h~t le stas
whisilmn Ainometter thte officer
tlhintost soplisciufflitg tis fee-Iasnd

ielt-sit 11)I to
Icdtl tthe

q it ittid Isft. As lie
u it is aleediltht Mass
Sad T hat'l~os tight. osifi-
itu, that lts-it fiendt
iuag r.>IOis-tinal-
C ottiteit-umped oto Ite
nit lis headiop te- to sill
his d ub. Ssiiettwo-o hoist-
it lout tdois ii tquietly
SDoti ugsr Rlitolods re-
ile byotootitog so curtsain
iot imi 000thlis thes-tre
he eganfi. -1 in tn

speetfully followed by a large number
of sudents. Many, however, could ot
ear him and others sid nt ktow wvho
htatd spokes. Fromssthentsott little sore
damaage was done.
Measitinae theepolicemsenta ntdeptties
st-rcenaking arrests onth le outskirts of
te croswd. Each arrest drew stusdests
awaruy front the theatre oly to retrs
ashiest thaey saw they could not prevent
the arrest of their comrade. ailng in
dispersintahea crowd, the msayr called
tit a hose wagon of the fire depart-
uaenot. 'While thec hose was beisg rns
0ou, maesasuncouplesd thaejoists. Osly a
smsall sectiosn was used at the corter of
Washingtons and iftis streets asd this
osly for a short timae. 'The firemseta were
dhisiterestesd asse returtae to the art.
'If that masat who tros arrested Saur-
oay ight lad ot beess let go," saed
IProsecutinsg Attorsney A. J. Sawyer, Jr.'
last ight, 'all this wold ave beets,
avoided. Releasing him nsly revives
it. No, I slont kow what comiplaint
will btesmade agaitnst the mtens arrested.
'Te gretest offetses taey cast le charg-
esd with are, destructiosa of proerty, re-
sistisag asa officer, riot asd bsrgary."
The maena arrested are said to be most-
ly innosetent bystatders whona the polic-
miess cousldl easily reah. Feat- tf thesi
offersetI stny resistancee. One-susdet
shoook Iands itihahe officer. SWhil
students throtged the yard of te jail,
telephone calls, persosal appeals adsth le
indoigant demands of a faher aere of
n avail its ailing out atny of the ar-
restedt mes.
Abuoutt half past tei, PresidlenteAgel
taot Dseans tcthitss drtsv-e sdtwntt ando
algaintsere spetators of wastlwasitnow
mstly a sitigisg croswd of sttdenhso
refussedh is go hossa. No ptli apeal
tas maade at this timae. B-ysmidiighto
tabout thirty- students wsere all that re-
Accortding tthie prosestiug attore,
sle comptltaits till he swortsut today.
'Thecsescomtplaints still proiably te satic
inthe justice ctttrt. 'The prosecutingat
toritey-saisd lsttnight, "I taill miae ott
effotrtollhat-c thesmsbotsndtoser too the
cirecuil court for trial."
'The Uiviersity- Homoiueoplathic Hoss-
pillttreatedtlhst yea'sr patietstsfroosisse--
esny--igh couties of Mihigan, ath
fruomo foureets other staes. Most of
these ersoss are extrenely hoonraad
are oftess seit by comminssionters of te
toour, the expetse beisg borse y the
countsies. Itstasty- instaices tebitndtt
atis hepless arc restorcd to nortmal cots
titiuo. Rarely- a cisic day Issses btt
tDr. Copelatnd operates upn tne or
subtre blintd people, atd ithte ecerse
of tihe college year lie restores sight to
scores of people.
Perhaps to operation in surgery is
statre spectacular thasa the cataract op-
eratiost.The patient is brotght into the
clisnic roosm totally blisd, asd without'
pain, returns to Iis bed in five or ten
minsuses awita sight renewed.
Situdies are laing made in this clinic
lookisig to the casses of cataract and
te possibility of its prevention. The
aism of Dr. Copeland and his staff is to
fintd sosae smethtod or course of treatment,
by which this too conmmoss condition
stay e escaped.
'he Pharmic department is planning
an elaborate banquet at the Union
clubhouse to be held April 4. 'here
are about ose hundredl stusdests in the
Last year sixty meubers of the siffer-
ett classes banqueted at Ypsilanti.
Tickets may be secured of the follow-

ing msembers of the social committee : J.
C. Barrow, Ralph tUiler, D. H. Me-
loche, Louis Houle ansd Harry Ham-

Calls Action of Lit Class Narrow.
Wants Reconsideration.
Editor MichiganttDaiiy:
Alropis thIesesam ieiocsoral thets-
tion, ITswisho Insay a ardl iouregard os
the seceto tittttnts uotntequesitout
printed iilloturll titntitti Of thei itany
se-iots-fitsuswit towhoisooTIalootalolldo
thou great toa-jouiy hoaos-euxpressoul to:em-
selvesstoungy 500n000001ou oftobln
fundsss wthbothitterclsss antooth idintug-
tclbhoutse. IThest stnr000 sobele0
that tthud-in ftecls as ~d
oesolswasotor l .a~o toold to so
tissooutu fi o l:rgSterar'00y
The moto are ttels ls
meet-uibgwstlo teo-ott t t h he lit
wtouthlcomttinetith o (ttfiltrls 1ss 000
mem-utorialthicstuethIoutd olul toi thoreUio
tersitysh(lit toth ion; theu-It
wise. thatola. ohshuoutuls enitootliinno-
ialot shotsbeout lo t 000000a01doIS"0
NuossCuttha nthus.to to o t utliiscou
colsvedlitsgettinot'-uauutou ot-u-outcltsses
too ct htogt hetshod.utlv1:hope-oilaco-ou
binaotontmemiattutl 0is ht 0 i logiet
o thus' S\lislooga iontt t'histct 00a0
discussedul.the thass metoing and00 1 u-
her s ou theohr0 i cacsvr
it. Sucsh bintb 0 cseu te oh o
th it,, tt outl m atlii tt t e0 o cid t
distih fsnoi t,,thsn1 th0t 0 1 r
to creumtneshltotot he 0 0 -
Nuttyotuthitose wto Ito-eIau 0 heart th
gotoh ofthe Utotnivesil utydteoo
oh the norazatos twtihac n~t0c
he difficult t eTtik ta hsato
toemtos is the is aaioh oh oftto e 1 51 ab
est supotr t ha ob 100000 aho 01
too itsscontiullydusrointo'theour cr
te luouvsmestalisletooh it haac
copihd is t to-ott si u-Is0 . '
ouf nouthing'the se-nisolc uh -I cs euldt1
too givethis ilvtutet uua
than tu0tse its 1000po ltwer o 0:0I
inietusrs of Ithe seirca asr'
depatmrosent distincst flos te iiTh
actiontoosoout appear s.ii sti tutup100000a00
'Tle sticking poont.ttenaprst
he thleSMichiganUnotiontqeto.Ta
the Uniont is teouteraniaini
AmAutsirbor ostinggthe m0000rkfo
tloe genuersal intersts otheUiI ri~
osill nout hese riosly tqueshtiuoh ItThat
it is still iouits intfancy and neeohsoo
pot fromsoasol titegeautsad l
eter S'Uiversity- boies. al wotb
dubthoed. 'Shat asen'ooureSit-igimanuuo
soshl hesiate from selfisho ou pr tuisat
resons to resder Iis quota ofid -IIsct s
ass sosrcosable Ireachlofoutyot
Even those who liaverbenmt u ino
favor of a Untiosnt oucoorial laue slotwoo
achivatlroussdefeerence too te wsh tes of
the s9tnSgirls.Sot thoe girls s a re-
stlt Of their lmasmting,-hinf ofurmet
she class that tey touditotilstandoliou
(Continued o Page Thee.)
ThorUtitedhStatesGecographli Bort,
st its lsut msetingctose thor oatmec M5.
Russell, for one of he higesihpeks is
the IHight Sierras, in on u~tor ou t hocate
Ptrofessor . C. Russell, of the Geoogi-
cal deipartmnst. 'This peale is sohosstd
one sie orthlofniSt.SWhtineytn the
boundary betweeno Suiyo asooTu'lare
conties, California and heath the fitest
glacial baininouthe ight Sir-re-sOnly

sever? peaks in the Sierras rise aisovc
14,000 feet. Mt. Russsell wtth ass aloitud,-
of t4,tpo feet is incluedo in the nm-

nigi o heue uopl hoou t StuArbuor.
.0i0l00:00 satein tlo theiiptronagiiie'oil this
tudn t hu- onto 1w0a0tthoe studoentls iso
totyo plae. I thers i s tiltydistrbuance
I. toti b1000oterteIdlby toe thief oft tolice
otou t \rbor, thho eruiff totfSWsshtsuooss
countyttiliae - l-utotuuandtoulernutor
\V5r ittis l e itut toot.
sitet is claibou t lit' hutsslwasas-
-u huo beligeetattitudel-toistat-o
ohemoo tothdhlontisomeit'of iIts oisfoir-
tigh u-ctitu'thosts
thueel sttutouts gaheruedol otWa\shsintgtosn
stret efoe te tea tooadthslowsedl
to ooI tort\\ttreethuere- by sinuginug"We're
her beaue i crehutre, becas~tie se'e'c
hee. Cge ) cs-ot ont' haranutes,
irrespuonusible otitdiiulslbegant hsurlisng
toock a~ t theis ltoiuuinaesh-fronst of thse
shouptotplsteIOne by one the lights
suesee xstinuislhd Oe bone the
usinowos suesre csrusoetd inutnse a twvo-
tyoy r trtelathe-routg raoni stoonpunctured
the flimuusy ii ouulsuri of the front A
fews studtentts iten~t insidhe at ooth 01010551-
edh the ulectric tianonout, A in ial chord
wats strucklatoot the piantosstas iso the
handous ott 00ofa hdedulstoudentls eacclcains-
tug so souite-sir. A lets chairs were de-
m oolishuedansouthesotoecf shoeedecorations
on thouwalols sieve tors ownosvo. The
scenuery ih I est removedl.
"I-sts, Ihats, iresidhent Anugell, Pres-
ieneoltSAngell," so hundoredh voices cried
anth immonediately asi otsht fell over the
crowed."Gentlhemten," satidh President
Anigell, "this is dleptlosrable." 'She presi-
dencotewssaccompantsuoiedo by IDeatn H-utcha-
sns out thele- w00 departent. "We with
yuou toololowt I ests)'Huthins aod nme
homesandtooth itoo beth," the president con-
tinusedl."It alny itnjusties a been done
yost atetruthhell ouot. Sn the morning
we wsill ho sll its our powter to assist
yost in gettinug the gentlemen nut of
jail. WSee ryout can do nothing to-
night." 'Shoe presidhent and Dean Hutch-
isa thuens walkie.owossard the campus, rc-

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