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March 05, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-03-05

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SEE THE VJU HO OG A YVrnon J.Wiley ineotnnction withids
W IN D W U ED I HO PITAL Hale is a photographer of great ality,
W I D WiSD IN 10 AlLla hvig(1vsedi several sethodsisand i- Wo ki~ ef1i
. ' ^ S~trhrentsf for use nn his -work. At res-
ThFietoOfTiRDprmn ent he is studying thc artificial coloring TeCoee
The iretorof hisDepatmet Te ClligFount ain Pen
SUPPLIES INMae Us of'Nwy;ico-o lantern slides-with a Detroiil corn-- Stnard
Maks Ue o Nely isCY-pan, and also caring ott his work
'HOT W ATER Bred Art-Process Expensive, here.ADETSDITHS PCEO
BOTTLESThe color photography which. was i-
Photographs in ex et natural t tits are stalled in the hospital a few week ago TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS ISI
iowsiing made at the University hos- ihng ue eefres io iei Sold_ Ann Ar1or byl
R ubber Goods plotal Color photography, which has -cisnvueo havil opital scote. Th
beeni the sbject of mcl scientific 're- tcifvleefteauohoe~lisi GEO. WAHR'S, TWO BOOK STORES
-AT- seirchoat experimenting, has ut lately n the preparaions of lanersn slides for..AD.
b'-el mde ossbleandpraticbl tsenonstration swork in the nedica
QUARRY'S idipiaistmeeivenionof he ailohro&eCleprPmiNY
s piite sind sdevelopiig process y M.
I siiiieie iof Pasris. Attenpts to repro- i 9 ASKS PFOR REDUCEDl)
his. pctresiiicoor av heo mde PRIESTO UNION IRMIICRS
due-ii rsi n oo aebesmd RCS]/ ee 186f; shein it as first suggested T ue lior
M~oney Loaned bt oiis Duscos d os o.T te1ndtr
iInseepartion of the Isumiere auto- T"I e pasing of Miehigendia has brugte
vtch aes D imnis, Lain touois, seuus plate, the sensitizing suhsance sai must a pecuiase thought. it is this:
srotbeise nalproerty.mi i5 e sisitne swhihsispacromaic, or \ls i teMchgnUsion comspet its
Watches and Jeelry repaired., wthich is lac: or colorless when placed siensers o pay flt admsission prices to
Bargasnin Watches & Diamous upoti teplate,lut swhilshecomes white te various perforssacssesof ieligeiscls?
0 ten at residence 331 F. LibereyaS iswsesiaciest otl y light of any color. ast fall at the annuital tbanquset tie
A us to1:0aAr. m. t':0an o efore te plates are prepared, dry po- rhi rc fieet esrsicd ______________________________________
9Ps isisto sStarchs is ground to graiis of aout ""isar~td for Uniosnsiessibers ass actions
aALL BSINSS COFIDENTIAL fiteintoussadhsf a cestimieter di- tiat as thoroughly apireciated.-
JOSEP" C. WATTS iter. These starch grains are dyed, 'Wheni the sssessterstii tidketsiwiere
tyise icial process, rest violet ad green iaced il sitslie lastfsl isisse thts sie The new Spring Scarf as a special introduc-
___________________________aiissmixed in such proportions as to tiyal M\icigans oans sug dossns itliii tory of the spring, we are offering a special
ifstmsi colorless miixure. The tlate i isposeet assetbhogtiforthtdescacs its
fslenseosered iiitandthe sensitizer amd eter thast the ventiure msigt proe a purchase of beautiful new Spring French four-
shu s ile sil t sikyettemixtuime (f coloredtsuccess, alihuuuugishecuec srtass sie in~ hand, in new correct shapes with open ends
arcuhetsgrais is sifts-ilouer i. This is a 'cut i thus sture of ta sacrificsbyhi sit
on all stamped goods, including iesurei y a Isye f finely powdeiedu'tese incusoadhiille ri~uiiiueirerlci and in all the handsome "spring coloring.
eisreal utdsfter srying ssvrished theUiion ies ift cmisc oecas, coiut The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
MIcllIMAN PILLOW TOPS Wheni thusplitte is exposed, the rays fuss, muisres, banueutits, sc., ii rectg adte r euis 'h e pigsye
icoilored ight srikig itcansaffet the umui i iair t h ,5the i ei i ofy,
SieAut tidr leslrdt~ sictesieedt in Hats and Cap are here for your inspection.
, s 5a suior Lse samse a-tic light ray Thus'AtlteicAsoicisationiidras smany
DARLING & MALLEAUJX 'iflutsu beas os f light, r4ll-ceil front a I* uihurs toi itself troughi its lieality.-
224-226 5 State St. ,id rsc, fet hs muhruntc si i l iinaont igs ofir,i. Nt iunly ,
istsauci smsly itm'dt~ered gi-inssandsut . its Imciuser. gsiv ,5son ticket his
missie cohusless. \Vhenu the ligghtis us; gameus st relucid rts, tut thisys sre
-- u lowseid to shiethroughsthe tplate it .. ems fit chicessof seats st itushise sut
Colege ises through-tie red grains smut gives tiOes. tl ,C n n & P e e
'. snsaionum of reel Amd so other colors Certinliy it issy ticrightfuly sarguicil R
Stejiiss Indcoimbhinatiomns of colors sill effect t.ad the Unionsis iwiorkinglhri at pes- R ul ,' o ln & r~tepaeacrigt hi aue .tt ettepyet o h rud
DIALER'S JEWLRY STORE, 216 S Man S. Thceeslopug and fixig s sore a , hluisouse as tefsll ue;hadtswill
co silicaites thasn is tesptrocess used initmbetie scsinu the longs runtotsigoire ittle
ii con'iunsi usimvcttroie photogratihy. c scssionms to memcisbers, likc thecosite
'the ilst i c atuistt I c i ctthroukgheight igguuest,w em or s ude tss misight
W IC u Za "'dvhr.amd fixing ilutiuns, qmsel as to erey tic sttrsccl o miicsitsrtip i) At MA JY
iiasi u sir civashes. Afr tee-hird de s' U ioiss sindtcernmly 5none5'turned
v eeasiiyci slsper .lus t?'~ ,i 115ci-cut d r fulecams e ii )' . 1 (5.'1
That .is a ord*wi-- w wart__youSale of Car petsand Rug
ou tre td s i i niiwh tedisue iiorsteamy igu
yuon a Syp ssa ii~sisis, 'there sre tiosvsuseiosis.drawacks to lIARL'SitTitN ItMINLA1PIiCES
eiaslma r ssiirtosie a ti' hess. Otly ose picture cams e ush this cseekdstsithile 'l'hctsssrisis, Iasts TLS H N IL.P IE
axehn « r w iii etoyou 5 5 siis jousatexesine Th Lae ibIerctv St. J ..(illard, heists. 12 epstviad7t~ T epaei
it pisiive uetitsthim'cay hisl re- - -- -- - Not again this year will yon finl prices so mch in your favor
East University Pharnmacy ssulses the ushut-iuse "timiyp.is" aset"like Postal15sf .\hichigussss desusilesst. - - *'- ""'-'---"°."'..
::4S.ineriy Amonasnw
IiM. RoesPharmacist n~. h te btcei h x
pse. The plstes of the proper siefu MACK ft co.
______________________________lansiteni slides cst $-5o per doen, cci \)I 'e'ac'h '555'hfV{f?. __________E_______O____SUBS(____________________________
V . o M .iniv iidtualspt uue costing aout tao dsllr byte'ieiisfnlycm ltd 7eciiv zt ae it rt c inw th ,Da ods eeradal
~arber Shop aild Bath Roomls 'fle phosographydepatmient wscat keAid. .Any esrorin eiveryflu I~ LI LU LOANED iustulas strtelydClaea~c
frslystablshitsihedttsre years ago swhiems h i'eporeduat isises'o h ies ofcI iXHO Uaa soessi eu.i -~ , .
Eve,'ythiragFirsot-clas 14 Fourthm Aenue' oupotisescurat hise.J OVI
L.gthnnmt.Ct \imnis A. Itale wastasppoited official ft'fissua s aids2p., i. C41d oa f T vdsduu i iof Oty
3 R. stROJAOWin t rh.e City g r gyler eir Atelto.uit.l.s'iio uW"ases ufso Bus fi
J R TRJANWSK, Pop. phoogrphe fo th hColoringst inoze 9 Woolens ss)anfor i men'sg inwearnsfoforns the or roeusing '
springseason are so radically different from previous seasons that
there undoubtedly will be a sortage of desirable patterns. It will -* '--N
WAGNER A~ CO., Importing Tailors State Street

Rowe's Laundry EL C R IT
BLAME YOURSELF If you Miss the -TiOMASE ROWE, Prop.Y~s
326 NFit Ave.
BARGAINS IN SHOES AT Suapplied to Collegie Men s.tud
New Pthne 51 ell Phnle 457-: 5..Wormen. for All Piarposesmw
Ci...C au te- Pe sreet WASHTENAW LIGHT & 'POWER CO.
7Mas O l .~. 200 Eat wa.shirxgtoza Street
? D y nl semly 3uocl'ck._________________________________
Beginning Saturday, Feb. 29 Chinese Chop-SueyRetaurant - cy nt a copy of teMC~hIW*N Daily Subscriptions NowL u6
Cisnee ancy iseAmerican Luncesesof IANOD~t I ncusr pcket. Space ormusom-
5 alt kinds. Eveyting Srt-ea 'ss'o - oranda, cale' a, special events Unversity
llQ iadies and gentemen. Calendar in this 15 page bak. Given away Sbscripttons taen by mullchekesk, dragstsue
--ISee windows '1 9 S MAIN ST. Chinese and Japanese Bri-a-bra. to students at the Unversiy Y M. CA. Mn-nmoney arder.
ap Stairs, one door S. Bston Bros, 314. tate St Milan Hal.,
STUDIO-niRENTS',C tL-ER, 31Eiast. Huron Stee

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