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February 29, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-29

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FOR Audience Outdoes Itself in Ap-
SUPPLIES IN preciation . President Angell
HOT WA T ER Enjoys Performance.
ANDPhe third perforniance of Miehigendla
receisved a greater ovation at the Whit-
R.xibbet- Goods oey tast night than didi either, of the
-AT other two perforimances. When the third
' -- ci t enditthe audience fairly hroke
0p I.JARR 'S l1)0ea lapping, stamiping, whistling,
cheeirin,,.CFive tiiies the eiirtaiii was
run tip ;u thieii eame the demand for a
speech fritni Welchi. It was hrief, hut
M oneyte last sentence set the audienee heer-
Loanevd ig ast amping harler than ever.
.7 ~ ~ I asced Bert Clark toi seiid tme a
On Watecies, Diamsiii. Lain Boks, speech i this mtorning," lie said. "None
or othier personal iproerty. conic, aiid Iliel the show ire minutes
Watcheo and Jowolry repaired. iionighttwaititig for it. I wrish to tank
Bargaino in Watces & Diamonds youi for' yot iiiiiilgeiice in reeeiviiig the
slay so kinidly; 1 wish to thiaiik every
Office at residencen 33t E. Liberty St
Ann Artor. niomeirtiof the cast achoiirius for his
Hlours: Itt 1130 a. in., 1 to i:at antic to woirk ill stagiiig' it; autu I wisti to thankl
9 p. iM. iit
ALL BUoSINSuSoCONFIDNTIAL. , 1imJ. Scanlant, ofi Detroit, for the
JiOSEPHI C. WATTS ,iaitlie hscdoirecteil it." 'Tieni caine
_______________________________ that___ iali seiiteiice. "As for myself, any
g;ratificeatioI 1may feet oesecfriomtithe
ict ii thatic have showsnn that ?Ntictigain
Ci doisoethiiig." Anit the atuiience
lmw liaheredtaili, .aindlkepttright ott iltie-
tieitnItites tillt hey' lidtben given six
onl all stamped goods, including T'hncre a cill for Pciif. Wemley,
,MICI~iAN Pll.lOW FOPS w tic',vasi tuiec,,but lie didtit i
1'Cp tusitdDoal 1 Lames, aitlliir cif
AT h:daou, sias calleid iuitotfor a
,IIc. litamukeilthe autiei'nce lriefly,
UAR2LING & MALLEAUX bt sillt e eetot satisfiedi, anid de-
224-226 s. Slate St. na id ial enore. 'lucy. got it-
__________________________________ I'lit-Ihouse that sgive toilgtreait otvationi
o l cti,iiilaiwcr0the largest that the
U iiliipra hsyet payed tci. Every sct-
Sprqut, aIlaone and lgallery-was tuikein,
" IdI liec i.cetinurt-fouir iersontisstand'-
; 4. S S ,ing Ethust iia scasoin tarp right tromt
HALLER'S JEWELRlY STORE, 216 S. Main St. 'dusdtiieville stuiits cwere all wvarmuly
tiplatuideud.Itoisas resercveiifur the cnd,
hwvr, ortheautiecie toli ieuion-
W e 1 c o x trt o opleitely 1-l etigetida has
__________________captivated__ 1 everyicie. AS Roy OWelcth
iiha'ti iis a w~odiitwhiceew o watso "ant, -iceligeuita had shown thtat Michti-
toieelics iidto iuswii ue nte gout cttlildo cli stietltiiigattithe attili-
ou tr.It dscentt iaui i rtwettier euses knteuit.
you collie itiny pcs-ostciiipa iidiigs,. \ 'ii of cithe faculty oere liresenit at
tias eat, a ptescrtitinorto is ia, last inight'cs terfoitiaince. Piesitdett
tlpoe nit slciiie to yin i4 jusct
as stincee. .i~iieell ccas aitmog the nuimbier atnd ap-
East Unversity Phiaraacy cre lieiiith oceaiiteney
125. i'iiieritiy Auroie r'if. Wesley seas also there. Ached
Hi. M. BOYS, Pharmacist afterwvards what tie thought ofiti, Ito
_________________________________ said, "It's terfectty remiarkahle."
'rhe lierformcance today is the end of
V. of M. \lieltigenila in Attn Arbor. Whether it
}gyp nd Bth csill go to otlier cities or toot rests with
Barber Shop and Bath Roomus Cthe atulty. Seats for thce matinee. this
Eveythinag First-clas aftierntioitnswill go on sale at ionoclock
Lamest5 Shop Ir" the City it the Whitney aind at Watir's hook
J R. TROJANOWSKI, Prop. stoire ott State street.


Conmparatively tittle is kniiwno y the
studtenittiody of lte far-reaching wrork
of the Anti Arbior Bihle chairs. As
stated in .their ,annonement, their our-
p0ce is, "to provide B13ible instruction of
uiiersity grade, and titus -to co-otperate
swith the chnrches and other religions
organizations of Anti Arbiir in promnot-
ing the. religions life of the student
body." Thne vorko is maiittaimied by the
Christian Wotman's Board of Missicins
writht headquarters ito Indiantapolis.
"In providitig for these Bibile chairs,"
said Mr. Coler, "the fotunders wuere ac-
tuateid hy thwe cin'ictiiinithat te stut-
dents in state tuniversitic'siiighit to hove
an opportunity tio receive adequate Bibli-
cal- instructioni. Wie aimn to ci-operate
iwithi the churches aodtithcilithe tUni-
versity, but our sw'irk is entiirely ittice-
notiinatital. 'I'ltc'Batisit Guild is
tioileea somtewht a longouir Hues,
itotughc it is if a'iiir sc'denoitnalu.
"The stuticciiistittionitiforbiidsisuch
instruictiioninii ths' lU'iversity, tlhctcthe
greuter neeid if iiir work. Our cioirses
are free atntilevery sttuentis eirnestly
inted to uttend themi."
Poir the s econdiisemiesterGeiirge '.
Coler,slthoachoarga cf thaesworkstilt
cointinute the leading ctirseaoitheicSet-
moin l taedMout.After -AItrclt88thits
class wcill study- thiaeepistlcs iii liiiGaai
tiatis ad ancltis. I sae 'Xtontiayi
eeiig"at 7:/ tic utdices co telic toty
if the. 0 tiglisht Iilea re "ivenlivylMr.
iGralit. Thrl eencgliiteram
'li cii ii c le i iii c iiiiti is it iiotrse
this sciiister by ithe tlliiiesif'Ohr. Cler,
wcill c risite tiscouitrses it iiice.
wherebuttiiinibersof tile hcuti 'ori
thai ten days ltateh'ini ha'ndint,'it itioer-
grauautes' marhkc are'linedac olarfo
ecihi euhiilouuuhlday's decay.
0' C OION \hhhS()011
h;ait nt'ur oiy. Oplenitngfor fivc'goodu
usc' ; secioirs iir thoise cwhi oun tayliivlst
mOtis prefc'ee. Jhou'infuorniat osee
R. 1'. Chtrehn, 219 S. 'Thayer' So. oTii
Advanuce styles intoai~t shirts for spring
onsale toy Allen, Mai St. t
Maude Miller Bissell.-Voice Phacing.
iS 'floe Ciuttitog; hothtstohotes 428 soil-hf
fVichigciuda tickets~ are inutmbered as
foliowss i 3, .WNgdioesdoy.,night; 14,
'h'ursdsy.tight,; ty, Friday. night. hi
Younmg's hats-"otte.tether noade.'
Spring . hapec on, sale 'by 'Alleno, Maino
street. 5 -no,
Baseball mmen:. iifyootwaittthen latest
in baseblcal goods, see Spalding's line at
Cashing's, if

, ._ [j G
;. i
;4 q
'4 Yd
b Y!"

: ~T'oload aConki o 1 m enjut tdipitin any
inkl, prssthc Cc nt'.ilera d eeit ilt its own
The Coliege. tank ike a camel slakinug its thitrst.'Ihaut'n all ther
Stuendeid in to it!h No dropper-no tmts'--no bother, Do it
anywvhere-anuy tuice
can ho illed instaintyswitth'otthen 1east inconvenience. You
1 could fill it wimt set kid gdoves on s 'ilhtuit danger of
soilin,.Besides its acoavtaietce, is the spltenuhidt initing
i{ qualties ifthue Coniklint-the terfeteedi.
Loaduin oe uhuc ndlei tie Conkltin. tf yuors tda'oes t,orcder
itireyPic e't ;'3.0ii and up.ic enit onceiafiruhtndsice ne a oz
The Conklin Pen Co., 10 Manhattan Bidg., Toledo, Ohio

lust a Touch of Spring
The new Spring Scarf as a special introduc-
tory of the spring, we are offering a special
purchase of beautiful new Spring French four=
in=hand, in new correct shapes with open ends
and in all the handsome spring coloring.
The new Spring Shirts make their first bow
and they are beauties. '[he new spring styles
in Hlats and Cap are l-erE for your inspection.
Reule, Conlin & iegel
Sale of Carpets and Rugs
Not ,again this yrarsalFootntiid prices sioutur 1h inl' otirfavor
is tiow.
MACK tomCo.
EU hil I 000Clas 00ha t adcout il teraI Secr-
M O [ U~E a 'tautu ti usi ti
10 Fourthi Armemiscopposte soutose u.
Two doorsn southouf City Y. St. C. A. W. J. LOURIM

BA EY U SL Ifaouris ebogothe nseaowstee'asandthrygo ELECprTng&idCITYl
BARGAINS IN SHOES ATNePha 326 N. Fith Ave. Su.ppied to college Merl a~rkd
453 Bet Fle ot-k Women for All PvirposesSW'S
330Sunt State Street WASHTENAW LIGHT & POWER CO.
Clsass.. Saturwday 10 A. M. a..nd
7 Dayrs Only 7 7:30 P . 200 East We~shigtom Street
Assemmbly S o'elok ___________________________________
Beginning Saturday, Feb. 29 'Chinese Chop-Suey Restaurant By werrytng a copy ofthOe MIIGIAN Daily Subscriptions Now Due
Chnee Facy Dishes, Americani Lusies of IHANDBIOOK ill you pscetit Space for iee-___
m S i ll inda.hEvey it i en it-ass oe ,r c a le endar, speeial evets, Iiersiy
See 'WindV 7/w s 119 5. M AIN ST. iChin. and ten~itleum. Caendarn mts 50pa bk.stGive away Otusrupton tae by itail, celec,,uhaftr
, 'pSaIrs, soue dor S. I:twi rs,, 34. Stae St. Mliian Hal.
STUDIO'-RN TSCULL R,19East Hurnn Street

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