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February 28, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-28

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a .t N P& \fll1A 'TIA TA9 ~ ~ '

lB. 109,

VOL. v Ill.

111.V 1,\ 11.1\1)_\/1\t Y1AI-A1,i.k1411 1a 1'1.4'21~;4 y 1 J J-44Jd;1tV 471\ J.
,SiJa ,tyw,


Hundred Entries n for lfdoo
*eet-Fourteen Relay Teams
Out-Hill at E. 1. A. A. Meeting.
Cii prpja'atios hae 1been complete
10)theope1)nin11911)et of the indoor trac
se)s tollndfromi all iai)11000111005 ill
metoll 11)11)toIb1)0a00iteesting one
from1))the 1time0 Diretor it patrik'start
Ur: 1m10nd01)1e0firste0ve)11'luntil tie las
o fthsevenIC)r0l1a1races isrnl.IRntrie
frtilt! preliinary111me11101closdlas
011)1)1 '1t 6 oclok, and11(1hat100till)
almost allio(f te prloisig ttatriai11a)
i'fcd op for teiious O event01110. ,at
1111110111 I id IOitieo stccss of tie 1e10
ls 1adyssured~.
(11111119 Ito tillerplrecet st illfor
let }s'ea110 "T' 5 v1rsiloty 1010c111011 1)1
11111paricipte ~s ii e 01111ts in whicli
hehasv1e15w1)n)1ti lt1ter. eertie
1110 010 1)00 II) 00 ) 1)1011e10a11)10110
all lp 0schoolistar"' 1)11se'0000 4.sIl)
l 1 1ill iutec t lmolIst a'1"I90001 is 1
the10 ri''")) Ils))r)e1en)1)rlol. The0'r0
la~ae ill add touch t ll 11 110ttlrativ
Thesosill)is1promi)so 1be110sill))
cotnesi t11e0rela1)races, for 11)ei
1(111) is I I))lIIss Ii Of1 1. o, nap1
Rek ndlclr\isor ith 1)11Slyr 1a
ii) 11)11 O~f tistam,11(.9)011 11a1
m Itlls th r mol iv lla eitO ii1
Ills 0)0)1 a~tle loe f tiele 110
,rys111r1 III oq ;
11"" )110 11111 s 11)10 0engiers
111) el~IgnllOs 5.s1)NI s )OOs
1908 ,thei s. pharics.tlI0
pir~iedloff aaa''1)1111 01)1 noat Ills 1)0'
rglalrl _sl eldk 9 t.s
10r111er111itzpatrio'twaIlls)' 1all ye
lrldax f) 11(50 1ii 111imin 11)011 on.i
track1. "ilelll'Co1)0 1who0 1111 0)111 wil
Offiials foll' '5111)111) 5 11001 1)ve0 110
Ftzpal)1trick; r )cC 1paliesO. 1),.lrfi
.1)0)11)0, 111)11)0 s.IsKennedy;111clerk I
cus, Sill 9.. '\Mllard11associateclerko
Pl'. 9.1 oin1R.'1. Sales, J.4,4
WVason, F S1)010y tac:jdlg
Fisheigl; iel tttg~ Jont,. llrt
11)0 5111110Patton,11)0K.)Holland;OOso
ors W lter i D. GAu o Dli 1)01 S)0)
1).). 1. 1 01.1K. ollndR,0.Yo'. ",
tiler1001001.llGereolegAleAil, i
Tetri. e frtles'aroustilendts
be lready l oto u ime1dial aftdrt
cloe he meietrop. r
lila i\IihillgasndlennylAniarwe
soialeti.Te ret o elitooittoll'

brored or disproved.
Mr. Hill is authorized to vote for Cl
tUntiversity, upon any nmatter arising,;

fietenll~tiIo(If freshmloan atleltes 1s
C 'Cit 110ee1-)0 alle)110)1oIin1)1- at1ttionby
dIlffrelnl 11)0)1promlinen0111ill cIllege11i11"k,
ite th'sat1) freshmnel11ve.011001n1111kin-
" the ie 100of wearin~gihigh, 5011)511 111
5191110 0)11110l1011 1100floor of 1110 '9100110
I 'sinnuAlthutghlth111000are'110 rules gov'.
I elilig this, 11100r110habeeto a)0 unwritetn
c lao'Will, tile effect' 11)11 110olmineraOls ex-
c 001)0 11)10se)1111-in t'eLUivsiy1'110let-
Itees'If institu~ti)os of equoal 001)1. as5oar
,t 00010 be 0110)1'i1 tile 9gymnasium11.
S 0)1o)noticeablei01110sltis 110001)10 111t0it
;is thou~lghtles11100 toeevil 110 overcome1
e tite 1)m111100wilhe')brouI~gh~t before tite
1 ticellor 19 .11 Board' Jin Control. It is
e l')ped that)1no1such)101) 'l ll be 1)0 1000
O=1) ~f nfrce' suc IO rul0)10.
rf c1 0'0 .9..A. Rowi .
3 1 II"' .9.1 L' S'I' 'ANS W I,,IR '119j
1 110 'l ssEINlI illItl119))TOR n i;s
sr"l Ils' 1l'l 'lal)l'a scs in 1)10 1))e n l ls)ar
i. de)11111)1 111 11)1 1)e x lied t h
it 'h' fol s 1y1te 1011f0 11 'ifasences 1(111
0 o 115 15i ul g-lll11 m1111))11tesof i t- '11
it Th foloin1 1)10 si s.0 iossed fr10
Is 001)0111eserday Oto IIgIl f .1110 iday
a ti'oll )Iii OO il 1111 1) il hls)0 10 00d,
On'))) 110011essionslil IInll to 111,111dilic.
.9.ly t'IIl~t r 19 110j1001 it- o0ll'o 11]1
10i 11100111easoO'1are 0 o lg to ibsl0)11. hel
olve froin0 10)0ally lasses(1)010e l1)10900 0) to
thise ster exceplet 1s'uch).11)lascv. a
rea' be lie d toI 11 t1h0100 ll~eleistra11r)1
10 ~ l 1109011. L .S1OK
Ai screr Wadte.le lot las.foryl
10 1110ilno 11ap sntacmnril l toill~ ). ftll
raf r of hetrasre)shwelasial

AUDIENCE CRIES FOR1ifadec scmleeyit~ce~~db tile ovatio 1100 wa'o goon itsproLELAN DT1POWERS
LYICHIGENDA ;A UTH.OR peolecleft tiletheater NAlozstlhozt Oiohi HERE ONIGHT
IExcept fot seats illtoeIDetroit seonl~l,____
Welch Is Hauled Over Footlightsthrar.ew1t.fo, nit-intj " 'ersatile Imnper sonator Reads
toAckniowledge Ovation and 1)101111 t and1blonyItl' . AlliInibs'r -m) 111
to lDetroit sectionlt 11 1 lbett on salo')) from University Hall Rostrum
Is Given Ninle Lusty Rahs. W.ahr's hook store at :30 thtis aftcrnoonl. for Seventeenth 'Fumte.
--- Tis is -being dotte to accommitodate satu-.-
.9.ichitecda capture0d itsseohnd 01191' detnts 1)1n01Ann oArbor pelei, a0-11)0 local.i tcSisi s r at01c1. 1)11 '.'.tPowers
01100 last 1)19111 111 the 9.hitney .10 0110' demland lhas not yet heel)satisfiedl. Stu- 110 n 1 zieli i :vstt 1 t \oo Ccr III))lee
11itilic s 99.it,)hadlcaptured)t)1)1 i r~st d en11)'ts )'now ig of t roit people Who I lc 110 01 9 I ' 1, 1'1icc;.0 1 zt:s1 . 1 I ,11)Lctr
ncsat tI('r,0 ,were sisx-and11a1'speechl.tiols. ' ncs .u1 i'll' 1 11)d to1') iIlce lcl)


We.'lh. Illsh01curBin Nas raised',1)9011
0110))Ile1)0 1111).pfaywright,:is'so had11115
199. 01011 1)11)) I'llushedlo~, -a)1idloolkedl ap-
li 0.~ l 1.at the Cu0011.11)Noshilig' 1111)1:
''8 ll~li"."itlsl 11 Ills IUlenllI.
Ii)))) 1h 0 litlttel )0)
I-I apprecate the sin)) in s-lhich
you~ 111)1 received1the p1a111 1)e s)101,
ai t= 0 11)0 111 Ills 1)1)1)111no'e190111 11111 111
Curt1i10M A 1stormofsapplse "511)
Il0billTeiele: rtefused tol 011),i99. lalt
19.1011' .9sa p.011) dIi I st li ti ll l' hey
9Oil llsO' 'oil11011 11.9't' Sg ted " ofine
ralsd--fer 1))"110"0001n110speotltd per'.a
_l 111)0 1's 1 1) a iel deda hit lofIIWe'0111-
.1)10' 11) ' 00''ht)gree)1d)1h1110cond11i'ry -10
sellN iB i Iis 11d 111l0t the~werthere:1(
songs 1 '11) sibel 9.)1 0111)a1pltause01than
111lDr' ,11 lllsIi 1110'0119nies 119 te end5''
1it1o) the sl'50 1)o1 illyois tlrece)iv1111
much11 applau s ill1the 11laf, butleitis'
11 llIllnwll11. IIo11ot's have)1oldlerice as
tiIIn 110pics lof this) sog s ofl')0 100)11
Though1 0'oone'" whso' on 9..w'ie s".-
Wi') 1)011 'i1 110)11e11111hitc1, anyl
s'sre 01).1Seaman's0 0 criticali1 ey11)10id01

A.special tralinlfr DBro01110t)1.)ccin
C0lIniltg Ilto tnighlt's *,lbtierll ll Of
A)tcilgolnla w10111ea10)00ltrot a006:i1
lmlight: atdrutd 001.101 Icltg Cnn Arbor
afle1110e1performance00. Rounod 10)1100
One-'way'0)-7o cettso. -Slnidns 'aniOes
Detrit 10fristnds.
Cl111N19519 9A10, SI"N'l'i.'l9\N'1' .1.
iI S'175 ChUCK 9.VI"-11'1)1.1"
Chs'n.9.ei . Clietng, .a 1nat)0ive of 'ki11
2llitl1, 1111101110001d1110e'graduateiO'scholol
il September, 9050 tilefirst 119 aers
)f mi1sionary) lecttres for then ',:°'9.. C.
A..ls 1.1511)910httnNenhorro 11911'. 9.
iedlis 11110t tle Chinetttorare'los i, sen
timett a s Attlorloatlo I) 10 bilSti th)
are0, bu1t 0o1001o01011eir i)i5 1s it:)1re-
strih pesionl00 of0501111111 1)010 1. 'The
C'hitlese' leoti,. 10mydomticsls cll', t,' r.'
of oidannl CIII OlItihO 'a1)1101101)1 s '1ia
isd n 111'Nokintiary i o Invir lnose
eaoft1101 beforelt O the I e, 010 hn foon-
t'110.00'. the relti.thes Ill Ii b( 11110)
01a1vektab oued nChinatts' the)00nat)ioIl
of which01111119sfor'llnais a1e9-he fore-
't1111 )The prejudyices.011-Oldth 115 t
iOtittgre1bigilaicly one awa1yn - .190h
Onclehrs)inizd Chnes ar raidl

ii'u t
<1 a M
11 '
t(, t0
10 t itt M.'
,II) Ms)
I ii tit
I'all l

1)r 1 .1
I' sll1-i'O 'o ti-
t' l)1(' t'dl1'<, ~1 9S. iI) ll
I 1c 11
II,,11 II 1l
r ' 1 covet' !'.
(M l' _ I."I l t 1, 5
tt 11 11)5 II
I 11 t1 101.1
> ia '_, )lb,( is al-
1c1 r 1 1l~cc
II ,9ti<, 6fhis
05c Ill 1ofvae 11 ve wiho
100 IP (M-01' 110sai'd- l"Your )s1101
11'r1 f S t . aI ) l our1)1 i nt-- 11

Rio l la
'Lch ?

hll V,, 11)) 1's. l

('I I.A I PI 9 N ,31) P.:ICJ 11
1 1i i " : Ic 1, , c1C u p 71 ; '1)11 Vll
9)1)1 ;1) 1 ll)) 1 t 1, 11)101 40I P.Oc i n. 01
Illctoplbi iss 011) 11011 01111y
Pl-c Iho 911111011111 1(-l 0 ittthoelast 90151
gir.rllsi is os wOr s crzc)s nyJm

0Ii12sOF1)0ACT'L I. IX ~CHtItt5IA.
If Itoey antdIPatteron, and the entire Chonru, S .inging "When Night Falfs, Dear," the Big Song Hit' of the Opera.

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