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February 19, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-19

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The ichiganDaily
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN." \VEJI)NI~A i 1) \\ I Y Gf r~aii 0)0


No. tot.

Junior Laws Defeated' by Score
of 21-6, and Sophomore Engi-
neers Lose,4.2-J&.
The fresh engiliyecis tritumphed over
the sophomores br the score of 32 to tf
in a closely conecsted biasketball game
last erenig. Th'ivalty was kee and(
lie contest. as Ich w as fast from the
start, kept tlhc specfst i aatlitthronget
the rtttnintg track illt fermnet f excite-
Rfaiis, thc frcshmni cnter, shot the
iirtObasket fromnth ieldl after ire mit-
utesA of hard, rough play. The teamts
wsere so evc its tit cbdthat little scor-
ing divas posstile, ht the sttierior teatti.
swor; of tltc freshaitct citalbled thtem ts
ist~1 the half s i tt itesafe mtargt (of
fouirteena poinity .i
Thte soplhomores tttd bettei in the see-
onel htalf, wshiclh aas svety iat Iini spots.
Teoward thic eitdo (th tb amte the sophao-
mite tdefrensc iseakctcaii thte fresh-
teet tossed foutt baske, ms aid tidl
llettiack, lThe leTg freshmiani fromit
.\lggatt lYirk iacemy, tirs-eel a star
guardel tear'ing the la11 fia s oppo
ietsb mttin stiengt antd distaayip
issal agility astal sp~ssl far sat largc
aamatt. Ransithe tccctrc aro tuuteta'itit
lEasterni. lkA-ssa thle mitsst co"-, in tlit
goin mta tichainec shootingt six askets'
(All the lield is , I tie isawi littlc' rril-slirt-
Sfearwsa tI r 'iat atid~acrt~
thi ae Ir of thec satliltitie teamtit
if sia ltean a *kk] ' iscgatanit \illei
sa lve i i ai t s T rtalltltuiettste
Yit greata stlL tee litc) 'si ails tuitage att4
u tidlctltiel pii rti tlls arch. Reast
5Sclttile, titsgla sit a ii itocent s-
i ssilcr; c atei to alit limeilight saler.
Btlsttsipok 111 eat er attst f the sliters!
ptlittgcaf i ts th '5" w iti~ot f t fics'. snet
sasailali shut attaiN11 liiic caused "tiiiisr'
Cite matchi daitager tail nott tse Gcrmavit
intepoased lit. gianti framea.
fIte sifshli ae. wahIich
is ctls ac I te~ u tr cetfititist- ton; aea
L Iy i tclttisii 1, ths c ses to eY ii t~ ,u1 Iao- hir(
Ilic icters dcir~s itiastetsr taite
-s1t 1,tail t a itt Y i set tleud
'r1, tlht r~itt f Nkigl~ ggltsi ca, tittic msietiac
titly'ted if. t teir Ian hoppscor-
ttitiic tta ,ric
scrarili itg11af41.bi inclih hlc all -,a
onthil floor itisch nf tit stited naitl
'hg}1 ir wthI. see al. g ciacti players
Yfgttglirsg iam matlt it la tiianra latt
ilti at ard fight.bet sltoy.1. til l.ofiic
{adtlt~lnt tarrft fe -tiac f=slttie)n
Ighilg aitk d tiast as s rI foP ak
.Tov1~ht, tjhe dents sil1 tplay ele tphar-
tile, thte gamae beitng schcetleel for 7:15.
F:. S. P'ierce tas "elected capaint of ala
isiarnile thaia after thirt practice yes-
1 lerday. ;Thse ao3 lita tave founda it 'itad
p iossihid to discos cr fits e in ithea class
> '-wly an Idtasill pliay basketbsall, andt
an to ave withdrawsni cancelig their atti
W tithi -thus'-atiota
-Tuhe tffienitaansiscoresa of last tight
cotitests were as followrs:
Ray... .... L.F ....Iovele-
Blodget-..IL. F OConnior, Capt.
Retnegton. C.......Rai
f Flaitagata, Capt. If. G. ...Lagdon
Miller......:L. G. .. etbrool

Baskets front field-Ray aBlodlgett,
Reminigton, Flanagan, Miller, Rails 6
O'Connor at Lorelee, Bee'brook 2, Lang-
sion =2. ° ree tharowrs-Reitgon a,

Flaitaganaj, OCosasni ordL6ler3.1
Scor-3 -alt'
o9 Lai.s'To ai.
Brucker Caltp t. . ....Luther
O akes.. . .. . . _ F.. .. . .I litisasc
Pfeffer. . . . . . . . . . .Ito s
H'iidelstit...t R I.s ......l'.y
Ptlsisfrom ttusicl-l IItittet' 2. m-
tact 4',1HlesonseIsalth, Saldig, lether.
Goals frattm free throats-Oaskes 2. ttt ir
Offiias: leRefers-Crsell. 'fiesti-c
-Cite. Ccranrse. Serers ifitirit,
"Ameicueass egineecring stdsetts.'' sal
Staiseias JestsZeasasii aahte -as'istrc
teat inihydrauiitlics 'accotamtlisha morte ia
fousr yers f asortktethasisclio Germtats i
'he saeseieriode. Eseciall' its-Ait
Aror srs'the egneeig stdents it-
dustrioutss. I like their sirit. Ge rmanes
studenests tre othliged ito ciier tittre
roundasinseiteylc santicter alas'great
loscrasaientsac'ngieeig sholstunitil
they htetsdtiithle 'gynntsi istt'-whtii
yoisusewssldicall ecollege asori. H ete's-
its mis cussrftomtthe htedscol
'iiitgaiii compare''-. s trsltHislt
cotntinetssal ciesslitecihoolslThe (liii
'lotte-ta ar-' tRyl Tehiat-l collge-ftott
whtchsl1was isi''aduattd iito).is t
Ias'steftheii aiser scd5rsaiesarI-ige'
tltsropia~itttt itions ro t ipeil e
Whle intatollcge 't etlisa Mr Zt /ii51
peilzdits hyiratuslic sindesPoI
Reicel' It is ii this isasli tat usdansta
Scats-saitssertth aa-t \r Zatskateisiton
sidredan xpet, andtiit is expec5td
Sahisticuencesill ntisacills atitv
lie- scoar5se isahylit-its.ithe-itioht
r lci' etititto'airetsni's' clas satrk es.le
is tics ii it' siters,'.tssbinse s t le' tuilt
ini te shottpsblitheatuis' tsit-.fits ise ii
tir. -iossi was isortsniScitatta. tr-
vitces't tsse it88So lie' sas gadut-
edi fruits It-l its its1o5ad assie dacirctely
tito .nciseisshaselistsasithea' demsand
fitsn ssspi'slized1 ireinitengitses'ss is-y-
lti. is poiteditcoutaithaisttithe tgitis--
t ii fil,-atilarilissihis line,isno
6onwih heAlls-haies-'sompatnyt.
'sert a rge'ic- i' I ts icth-c ri lanthits. Itn
a!tlelas \hihsii oflcitse. th stisa aaiy
r lasetifficisl lntigagistGeranst fori' ll
le Inaempetihleiu s it sre eperts ruts
I iitii
LISttt '(ih tiAS SANY'
IN (tN ONftLLEGE r FctC'i'fhElS
Teclass f '68 has.isit a tgieatidtesl
aof risonsateencaelledshie "faclty' clss.
-is-s-cwerthaneisight f iitstsembers
lasse st oe tiiiesic's-tonsath acufsltly
tf sitae tasitr sits.
t ro. I saci'N.lDemtiaatt msiesaber of
thes class, ihs fitr a grettanity years
wbes teaschig Eglishs literstre are.
to=Jtege aontsV. Mdelray,ahe lectured
inithe lass-depiasrhtmet asucho-siis tt
thec splremae lbench, lso grauaated its '8.
Prof. A. II. Iattetigith, mwte taught Grees
at this uiveisr sity' utttil his deaths ii t906.
e sasanastither distingusished emaberofthue
class. rof. P:-T. Fiil)6ek sas for a
long timeateptrefessr i ciail egieer-
tagnk ittoasistate sunierity- Anter
imniwhso-elcsae a disingpuished lsicince
cteacher sats iMark tWaro Harrington,
whosatas a iprifessar itaastrotniay from
s t879 tisto 9_. At that tmlittecresiged
to accet te poesiiona of chief f tha
CUtied Stales tweather bureu. Josephl
eBeal Stere sas - professor ii nology
tfrssimt1879 o 1881t. Tsolangugauge taeta
is-wrc rof. E. L. Wler, ta-lo ccupied
11 the chair of modaierauguage for manuy
kyears, auth Johns Carles Freemuan,swhi
tinhstutght Etgisht literaure ia the Cii-

iversity of Wiscetnain since 18t79. In 1900
I isir.:-Freemana tssthe unaitedh States
2,consul at Cotpenihaagenu.

Gits"11 dih i ' I tit u-'"il''IJ c*
-Julius Caesar' and -She Stoops
to Conquer" Will be Presented
in University Hall.
llusti f t 'ts cuilllt ly of t '-It eslt itr
ciii playes is itill apai ilt i n ro
sith's "Si' h e-i t oos t Itchc wl
li tw heithre pla s wh ichithis
twill trse it. It aI t v t b e e
ate htohe ly\.l t h e ptruo--~dced
'ithe J hiis t t ic" a d "1 c c ii'

1"awes's nut '-o'. to ce~lebrateis
hait athor, sitic. sc

11111',- wit
it1 .\h Ittt.

4\ilan ',I'Ellis. tao -li-itt has
dli-htsi--id ith fist sriess of i'eaililhi's
its.iturh s beent ftiihiithtentbytthi phti
cianstto doiathi wo'ti at'present.sTit
itill u-esssiass-thi s'itptat tuuus'auofs1 i-
seriesfIsisatitte t estTescn
seishvre.w l he tdelivereds-i hi
HlhBltcs fuutut .\Iuelt3litoiss litil 3.
tie-i-ti suiuus'eaolotc~d
lift S hEC' l I'1h-1I 'lIhRt
letof. C.'. tD.atvistiof tetah
tutundedan ifty tpt'osetivelah
lr ess disy'sgt. is panuuisui Ia
'Ihistme eting wstseslled itord(stiltuoh- il
ini this' utu esisis hasst asit usit sitted
'stea , ashd st thu sameut e -to ivgs
themta mpl e' opprtuittutu5- ustic'((its'ori
a teacheut's d5th (ttu
Prf. Davia s C-pli'uiao'll('thishortu'c
ci '1cm f ehlssificationu, wthe-ct-hu er
e-sints inq1 uiintg 1hct's'for' teoit
us-edte csare- gute au ompet
histoy ofany ersonconsder this)
thio tee cad.s id s tic i ,t
hie td dt ( tutu os~ li"pe
us - I Issenihut us'ti, is-h t aktu-' t,
hec (ur she ttte nta - d(t iredht'- it,t
f t uc octu fru tachng anunIolls
i ((tisate mut tch 1ispht
(taut Pro.uta i--litnpltu't ti
pont -attu tr stingt "ut ell a sit
ite huts Itthus thau e k o s s m tin
It (tu h int, ia st us--utee tl, ic i
t he c trnseredt ttsstoumaet onests t,
thih lulh(st cm itt us al 5hav uues
Du inIt ustvet' te a5 it t u tc
I n it" ftm it icit s itr it7 its I-
three tm~drtd nams o tt ts icons, itn
couted ''ruincsoshtus'uahs N ithdrwa
ofsthe((is ' s anduu scill c'ot (((sis Iy hinrg -
Shhit wo udTLCtt'tiutiotc uuit ittsil ts "
aus cc Sear si tus etasunnunbecmt
foste commsits cmcnloStuof
Mihih gue- uipom- in etouits t is;
thatmst's (lutstifus s ofut e c itt
'lpstonesitedtutupali aceut $ b"-
tutulsftb2ingt.asfit s $t such iuuttuf
thuas- ihsites tutu1scicetaheilhs'''ith
scholswhocal coca ithtlet iams
ifc he'h e can'shuiuuhuuuu betsh n It us. c
th q altis hih llgotits t rmit'
iga teacher'sfputtlsei, jush f vn
andmaked sits-c siis-sttuprie
waill lIsis's- achutuet isav tat theus cli it
f tecer-is. : afi'mindd ulu'slnd
-P-sfif.lsis isisted iltuthut-pointh-e
ee-u, tat teIt'ommiuttte'e'restis'ea lit'
from a sll (tist siwhomuutithelts . Alltaut
is asksid lit thastitose who ((gisethIei
name tolte eaitomiittee,-. andt alowueit (is
lo tute ((5pousitions fits'the t ake 5 s e
iutest us the Ceututeeut'seffi-tsan
t least step it itfotrcuedeaso t heic
tshte at'ettts. Ili e 'seiia y teuts ticd
thasu t es t sperson tis elecedlt psi-

tiuta has'nottify thue Comitteie hues. 1'11011
theuytillceatse atwtrry-itugsilt-uit ftitiiu
pouusitions aforta'utPisn.

-The School for Scandal" Raises
Many Laughs - Unwarranted
Emotion in Some Scenes.
hitl( 'tdy utudicie thast left the
Sthiic tse's eli asits'' su ight aftr'thu erts-
sit oc rf"PTt- Sethnutl1forScSanalu.'
tutul t ctsedtso provue'Sichtplays
lust c- eti turt (tc . Stuthit is stillbeterit
%thit-iceus'lats sit's-enauctdiai crditsusui-
ltl ~ me s tsitll(hus suiuedvlylast
It is (('(5'thu-t te'roucuuuhutionuwa555nott
haultlss.uThiwIsesf uctiotut ateecsut
litr oied tes-r itstic' hesisa-
(is (before etran((ce, aul this' ireupt-
?r. oc a.'scsus-ullyishesrd. Btt
fo as ll tha t thes sutittvoedi it . Its lll-
tat-' hlie s hurought ((tutua lughsuandlits
,ileos a(((tututhu in sathinusk ii the
(tics f ppas.Tethirdttu acsut isas
tutuint huh br utupdigay; a erier
seehst luen itescsd furseen
tatratsi huto uuan uuursentedus fuiruusuucas
n , plaig I ahi 'li- c. Slu trtasy
ite itutti I (sit (i othushllowif(le ues
sal -\((((('a u ets(t otcseeingg sau
u1t1(itrs c or-forugiving us'- c'unuuutr
hut Setd ,'.It'- t\ intt iii Buti
it hittr c ((us (((situ oit Ih t p(tat is once's
it st h is th1. ill sid (si ' t si ' i-
n(((tliii' u sh er si t i t it i
Ste hilcist's utustnutts eatlty'
suited t' the representatioittofPCharl'es.
an s indeedt i ot aictc Iatr
i li ~ I thi'pt .
Sirl Stletshu l" -((us--f theus- ts
ha hiso tl-ll te p(ticoitisthis-pliat.
'tih<Xc e i 1 duush-- tusu I Ilis usit faut
t iltii ttpe. '.\r. cny i lS cul it isr
aSi(li st as (atulitls e(hutie
\li~s Perin', Mr s. Canor lwas .
fif ll, ite cs~a t iii u t S. r. T -
ted.ar ~nIt chkhitt-wasusnout.
il o c it hi bu t m ef hsohuats i ss
wer atrleofutu -actel.
st.issy sitesitttu tutu-hut hitt't n the
'ht, l uts I (((poi tilt fis tnSr (ii (isa
tot (gc lee tguie foren uu to-theifu
thus \iu't"S u It (Ihut suitetus ldu s
Propecs fr te crnpis pat ututuce
the Isitt isscitheact-udt' ut ture Aft s
.soith n dec ided stiotes (tptroizehiu
hb iloaser utetad sheeafer' uu
itbn uti'ht d(risn t esc'ater
Setu i t ttuhthscsio s lnos'b-indinge
(((fe sscatoit.is(((obablethai5t-
verisngprvidd he' tther-s tAn si.
'It'b is tiv s 1it a-c--hr Puthus-Ahletei
\Scec i ((5((ito ssaususut thus'taler.
hRF'-('I.AP5If II S It I YP'hNS
Piff~l -ill 1 .,~thh11.5
Prt. Itt-sre . Carshartu luss ust re-
.unedss Ironumathiladuuelhiiisaltsre e has
hue c stugaget he lutst aweekasusoue of
Ithus's-xperts r Ii imupranst isaes'gttiouu
of sele c oysis ilthe-wstsit a isu- ocf isse
1 of thi t- 'its.

t Ieti ((utf cun t' fasir Cdstititce ai
p.Tnm ihtititnasi'ttliilt t o'cleock.

Sithe- step it (iiu~ vfr pr
Sh iesetrait raa liat, de rusr
and "TitMrclt Eice, alo
\i h h avit e( ccei hit-ith gea
fa ,'(t espeia5l]}t , h eit ld e , o
it--nd (t e t (is ('(silt ofths 5c'arit
tristc emtil i sie 1 h i Si ti Slt m cl
II'SSNI)lasts-S Nul)i Its Shht
y esterdayt t i utun °s its1(till to uunsuminat
thes candidahste-,'cfit the Studet CoPuilt.
lTsh ull uutsit,' -al 1t ti tusu nomia eds :
. J. AbottCsauceyP iocsu hsustushust isi
sald lsrttlttJ. ,I hat (tutu.SKiafst,
R. N. Mtchran, . ' MII110 B
B. Vetdderi J. 1,5. 5 cc- tushnd J. Is W t-
kiss- J. 14 55\Vnr tutu l .51 1'. M \hs hhts
reu'ested uultht ternaehe\0h
Tse tjunor itt s niat ed (ttthe o(us tut
stag mitnti lus'r tie-cu nc's 5' A I-
tittutu<ly ttt I'hY'tisle --
IFNt'INEftINP'-N i"\55'-- tiN IlaP
Aurcenst tttthues ef tlit s lus-seeuusug
Nests cousait s uasussut ci P "asa i's
Hytdsrausis"shuts Irustf. usaudner S.Stl
linms sf ts-he ucuen -inu au ideluartuuc'ut.I
Puof WfSilliasswautseectedumeesricouf
the boarud tufthusretorsof1thueiucuss
Society ofcut t itt l'nuuss'rs'att(hue-u s' s

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