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February 14, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-02-14

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The Michigan Daiy



--------- -

Michigenda Orchestra Has Play-
tra From. Montana and Texas
at Work Lassoing Harmony.
For sates and seeo cities are repre-
seted in the stdent orchestra wics
will play for Miciigenda. Even far
away Texas and Montana are ii it, ani
the second city of the contry also.
The first cornet, A. B. Newman, 'oe,
is tlhe man fronm Texas, Iis onic being
at Wac; the clarinet, W. H. Kthr, 'ti.
hails; frosts Ciiiook, Mont., ad te first
vioin, Wiliaims ialatelet, 'it, come
frsn Chiago. Alt ttse others coise frsim
Mciga-Granid Ratids, Sagisaw.
Wakefield, aid Aisi Artor.
The Graid Rapids men are tte in
it, XWillosghy Boghtonis, hosasi
been directiing the orcestra amid"(le
cello player, R. P. Kutshe, 'ofe. esir
Aiigtoin, 'oe, seesnd violin, aid 1. 1,.
Wiard, 'tie, seonsd cone, sre froim
Saginasv. Gustaise.Sssanison, Sholsssofi
Misi, diulebds. iisis fromisiWakfiel,
Ann .Arbirs rrtatimties re iWalo
Soslleede, ite, is trissins 't tie Shosl
of Music, andJ B. soty, trps.
T Ihe'orrhesetra foichiilignda sas or-
gapiiedaelaitttle stes tsso ontts ag.
a'- Apprehiensioin Isdibeeciifeltittheisplis'
f o produinrg the opra were firs ismide.
that, it iould im posibe t indsttu
ent ttsisstan wislthg to dvot thian-
selves to the tast f tprctisuing aisitplay
igtemsici for it. The swork of te
origte sthus fsr,Ihoeverr.is tprof
aivle tat any fear onithttis acouint was
groiunidless. 'The isissic wisatorrlhestrate
tyAnitony Whittussire sf Ypsianti, aid
it kei ag. Sisce tireithey ave tern
practisiig regnlar, aidtiduriig srthe[ss
wsseek have ben sorkiigiwits tiechrs.ii
p.Rehearas frosi miss' oniswill ter-heid
dailya# , o',ock at le School f Msi
tsheft 'eors saisil tsrirtals sre atsn re
hear siisg. Mr.\Vtsitinir taissmplee
d thw orchestraiosn of all the fiurtei
stoimes sit the exceptioi of the over
tu. lTiisilt ic inte Iaiis of ts
musias before iet ek.
That the asssic wiltlesel reisdere
s assireil liy te formsinUe orhestra list
h tangreliear-:,ls. Thesmsajiriy o
x ilaes 'have sead experiece.'insr
soicert, master at Orchard bak
i ir LisonNessitass plsyig i Wac
is" s rnmetsd'?c-Ity Clarke, the solo or
n ist 'ssfaSusa s ad: Kihr tplaye
ti cI riiiet in at orcestra iii Cilsi
Ie re coictiig here: Aingtoi, ourco
ttiittist, islayed ni the Mihigsar
nrIselt lati. er;aid Swassoin
Scheleele ainiilKitstorti re iremsibers o
the Usio's rsity Synphoiy orhestrsa.
T Aicjjepiilsoreisra his le
reict itin' smider stir ledership of 'Will
oiiih v Bogton. Rot' Welch, write
of thlsctore if tte opera.ihs alo as
sitediisriling thesi. I tsesmens
shile, ," ]ro. 'Lckwsood of the Sho
of M nic as eers tplaying for mnsy is
1w* clr -,)s relearsals, whless the orces
ttti sas lsvng is "secrt sigal prac
ice," as ,Cach 'Yos swossld sy. Afte
tis, toweer, it is M~r. Scanlon's itess
ion to 1le' 6o '. ra and eors wr
'le genera arraneea s committe
vassotif yeserrday by the Michia
Cntral tItinI ial tiit wii-'e int
frosis Detr 't onstte 'thir' night of Mich
igenda, Fr% Clay, Feb. 28. A diner ,wi]
b attaclhed to this...ao-ah1.a::Detrot pee
Ile swill be able 'to'eat dinner on the wa
here and cant have their after theate
lincs on the way home.
In view of the fact that nmany D
troiters will no doubt choose Frida
night as te one on which to see Mib

igenda, a block of seats for this night',
pformance will be set aside for ther
at the sale which opens at 9 o'clock fiat

srday morning is University Hall. An
Arbor people sill tus be able to Iae
teir pick of the seats for te two open-
isig tperformnsai.rs WVednedy ansI
Ttusrday, Feb. 2 ard 27.
"'Whteni siltte Micigaeisiani be
out? 'Wel, t.swisL Ikiew," said . L.
loose, mnsiaging editor of the Mihi-
gasseisai, to the retorter's qestios.
"'ton see we ave gotten to the poit
irtere the timse of pnblications is ino
liingrilpctirstleupot aytigsenmay
to ousrelvs, btsidsetends whloly oi the
priimptnessss or lack of proiiptness of the
isipeole sd organiziatioiss wh~o are goisg
is appear ini the book.
"So far, tne tpublisers tell us, te lae
lrtikess recrdis is ihe sway' of getiig is
issaseriasl erly andsin igood shape. 'ile
advertiisig is ii satisfactory sape aid
tir art work: is alt that swe cold wish;
isis msswxwe sre being helt up, jst as
.every .ticlmigamensiaim iii greater or less
degree has alwauys beessn ihel sp, by te
delay of tir seniors ,andmtorganiziations
mote thans ose-tiurtt o1 the seiort
mae neglicteilto havse their pitures
take orto rssnge fist sittisgs.VWe
susive slrusit umIs' oe 'ts'tionl oif imit
fori temii, to lte-imndo tiis e.'.Tenm
linmbre of orgasizasinos aimd commitisi
ret swhichswitshttito mpublishs group pie-
sres iof themselvs c or their ofiers ave
muss off havisgthesei. iictures taken.
Ilsec Ihave salray reserved space, aims
reIhodnitisatimponi teir cohy.
"it is ni ksownito imost peol jut
towmsicehstie-usatelape, eves after
tir lst Ipitre is taken ad te last
it f readmingmatter is i, before we
Ci st the ook oni the market. It sill
ase tir phtioigraphsers two sweeks frismi
heitkisig of tir last picture before they
'uall imi oer' sl thticprints to ts, aid
it i cn do iohisgunilitwtsrdo get all
'ttep is, because tey have to be an-
3 srangesd atlsheialy and te halftonel
.,hatetmaein i a bunichs after this ar-
'sumgrumemt itsissade. After se get these
ini shapeutotssendulto tiecingraer it sill
sir a mastsr of two weks or sore toi
ngetsusmihsai lg job off, and then tie
pintsmer wil reiluire a motimonetoi
slitet hssook sfter tir lstscopy i
is Iis hant,. If anuynethtiiks itsu-
etsisisn-isasonablethen irn msist onirhasvig ll
s h icts'urstakenmy lie first tso weeks
of tir secondms semrester, he muus reneus
us tatiitill takle st least ts- mntmhs
mmmiiprhasps imore, In csmplete te as-
euusui sfter tuse hpitres are alt ir.
S eeis musth ier mting' whiichm deseres
mientsionu. Class officers, class ahletic
tiats, summithmster organizatiosmhtaig
:pce esesvedctisnsyear's bk soul
isise ha their piuetsr, and the readiig
n mter dsiresd,sre 'rut to te Mihi-
r eniviai office swithihleext tess days.
Io itnmiinitvetieIiture takersaid eft
asitihthur thoogrstpher, witonut notify-
igis, for ini saddiionu to the picture in
I-tbeusedt se uneedshlie nmes of the ot-
teri , this'muemsbes f tie teius or the
urrgniais, so sial they will be lct
sitat-sc hmere they'beonig amd that nour'n
Isufuionwsilt aris. f es-ry persoin ir-
sf eresttesh wiii give s Iis co-operation, te
'sirs yessrnug omt therc t Mctrganen-
sraninrsgoon tmse.'
'limheboarsh of Michiganeuriarn editors
sie lash night i in rter to parcl out tie
stork rcmaiiing among them.
11-DrI ollandersprsidreit of theicSan-
dinian iVerin gave an inerestig tal
ty am tie sorswegian city, Chrisiania, ah
rtime hrst regular metig ohtte society
ittnigts.i He tdescribed te early Iis-
t ory of tie city ad its preseit grosthl
pyan iumtotnce.s lie mourinig at te
1-esti of tne dramsatst Ibsei was re-

'ferrec toi.'Time next ioeetiing will he
nr two" iweeks froini last night, in the Alpha
t- Nti rooms.

Faculty Rules That Those Who
Write Incorrectly !lust Take1
Additional Rhetoric Work.
Studsents ithsirs'liersry' dea~rtrmett
swilt no gr h lsowisestoirusietash
nih1, wi- isi mpnisy. iitheir theses.
repotsr .ansdoihe rswr itsen or. Be
liesinigthasst uniersiy' mut shouldmith c
quire lie hbitocmi tinlsg' correctly sirs
dr all ircsusltsacsr,tire1.tess lly'of this
septusmriersIntiotedsiitir fislosinr -
"A i lstruc'toriswhoifindisssthye written
tom-r sf si sudeseritriounsly sdefectci-
irs its Enmglishm is xe eic t rport tir
ustosgtherswithisp~crimenmitpaprs, io
acommsuierstrsosisig f she dears ansi
thre professorsrof retioric, wtrim tutuhits-
power to requ~ irs'addistiol u wo1utr in
Engsi5i~is spsitiotsstisiisut crdit."
hrts' sttir' is'sivser sits'f C'hicasg. Sium
ilsr requ55irmentu s 'smare smide st s situ
we's'tri-is mmmiti
Iiiiii'isiiis n rmd ta ittierlt stssit
apeettv. I isill norg h
ihsi it fmmiiinmg miis'ns'emmarfully.sit's'
list forims welltas tenety is 'smur of tll
sapecsr's' misop'tomu csriicrism. If
sisy' iupil, miiistny cass i it teisrts'
mmet, at anysyimems'. sun usualh sic
icirssc usin comosiionm, Iis cs'masy' Its
broughmt seaetisurioniisof itemu-
mittelei. luy isiltakse such sction si
liht csess thelis'rsc'um stancsuse cessi
tates. ie misy' le misrely' patt uonpru-
atism truhduswarnedltatr'Iis Engishtuts
sirve r lie runle rquired to taet
mithswkirn s t'rsetoric deprtrmenmt asi
tire cotsmmie sdeemsm necssary.
Im speakistg of lthenwrurue yeser
dasy,]hyllRuisterdsa uid tast sre wst
northuingruurt disgracfuli ta suiersiy
tharitohisvm-ic'gradsutes s wliiwi tie fanlty
Esgisii Manyuiisissicrns srie crrctly
whmenm they artrquiresitotdiotsitfal
mmlii badsthaitis astrits-ru ovenluuy Emg-
ists. Theserun nivwitt reachd.
Pros. Scott sais muart:5 'Whensa
tudint comletesshis c ourseus hit-
)rcne hs'usght notuhtsumlayIis knowlsedgr
'idsul. Hhit oiiuldul stwhtthe his
Ierne riscnrasll lists hetwrits, for evry
'deptmment. T'hiecourss it rheorirarc
05 usmerey spscil exercise. Thu wrstr
shudbut sedsicon55tinualliyanmmiii sttu-
emi's ailitysugt l totetesitedir ll
gasses. Theis'rue isiededrias a re
ul e. If us sudsenti liss ftll urts
slovnluy- hiltsr'lieucan tse realledi to
'uis duies."
Insructrlsusi terdprlits'mlets litres
'(prn1edtheir tapproisis-t ofitie rulig ads
_ees'slstutiehoe thatutsiumias'r mes-
tres besadted ini ti hir drissrtusens.
tMarientrter tse iprofesslstschoolsih
potry' prepasrdinusEnmgsh. By' thuG
simeas thisy coum~l e resuiredi to aks'
-thur necessary sork.
MSrs. Hofmsann's tprdmucion of "'lie
School for Srandrah," ole gitrumausthis
New Whitney oer houiuse IVes i, esan
claimsone performtr, wvhoise namuue bst
' m'stake dird not appar us thur cast asi
gisen in yserruay's Dahlysl~.eky I).
Wrlhl, vho is one of thu r trrinialisri
ers of Michigemusa. hum Shurishuns kita
he lakes te part of Joysil'hiSufar.-
-'-Amlong the other umembers of rie cast
who have aready made a dramat~tic repu-
-tation for themrselves sre Mils Marie
c Shearer, Fresh Woodruff, aut Mr. 'ITown
tsend of the Comrerylucri. Mr. ~gger-
Sman, whose talent' has heens isplayedh
- in the Demrscber Verein, t'Wil also sp-
ipear. Misrs. Hofmnn, twho takes tsc
eleading role of Lady 'Teale, is admira-
sy suited to the part ir every way, by

jher traininsg with Ada Relsan and her'
general ability, which she has already
exhibited 64 'variouis occasions. Some

chaurming potrrraits of uIrt. tHofmnnin r
hue Lasdy''iT~eze costsrumes Insue scsi
tamkenisby Renrtschleroachismuty mowi le
'trim at his tudmioantusheilllis's'
Otirius' amasi ic ill' filt's- sre connstatly
cosuing tis1Mrs. IHofmnsiii.Sti'hisiasnows
acct ed'itsi' h liii' iitui eigi'ii t i f i t'e sno
p lay for Isis -stir, anummit ll asts' kisc
satun iii',' isisrs',''thenextprodcti
osf ths'Cerclmitts' iy-5 ue Vrnas.
ICHIGAi i;\N t)ES'-lIhih) I N'
'IAGlyix' Pi' [ICAs'i'O'
Assnusrtice sinsch oivs i siuthiorship
to R Is"isRsisk, mmhunsiets'sa shinle issdy
'islums" line Unmiversity'. .uits'srs ill ths
fhsgt (55 Ssitlandir) l Jeraihld. ' i ll il-
mu' pu prnti s-I art the reults o'I r'it'
Risks ivesi ;ticzsItcwterss in pll
us followiss
sPo alts nosilusyatsu n nuss bisii c-i -

No. 97.
Keys ouf Phi Beta Kappa Are
Awarded With Care by Local


T1c a ills
ii'(Ck i I S (\

susut nuof selsctionusto Phi
usin eagerlny awauited by'
cftesnirltrrsy chats.
h~e r ill nit le
,in cseno u grit us i chuos-
i mkti1'ls)sill lie fit-ems
hetnt. 'h 'hepess'a
ii ae ,smuhas tpossi-
tdu ut stauponshis

ceps trhasthe listrec''tris iiithe'''su essa'
schltur egrei luts t nt'eisnivesitiy is not
loatd i Dtr-oit. Itis blesuiulysit
uattcdsi. stls te is cu sy tigustsIori
spci it's, sllvethis qua intynhhy55nii'
Ct oif soutste'ssrn Mic.1higa.T 'hi c i-u
in s-iciloos oiss us over unt'eict urtesque .
va ii f heis' ii s r isums rut-n's' c h t~' ui
sill csstuu's'ii's t Mu icihianususinh si
'nitt Iu'.ilittilu. i It t'shinn 'is'c'''us
t',adiititassthi ss'urc esof'' weast -
stat15'hindiiit. in uhtin formerinrei' nt
ofusome fcorty y'ar ts oceissihet-this
ecesuniinletsitt 'digigungs rinntdse arr
acceptablhue substuitui'fsr issosu life-.
sushiosnswhusuns'isumors wsill Ibe'fisy' snuun's
sisuls'n by tir Gitasowntsinunt, pshsait
prset.Sithlistfuns uwhiic-isinights hauvc
hie'-mmalloscaeoth.s 5Ih'''oi'snof dotsni
usries scre desvsnict itherstUnisitersity
pupssmithd Amsisrbtintcite htodays
'tistus s'shiy in limusiprov id sdigs fue
soumec' 5.rtsyounsgumens snt oen h
srs' 1hitui'sdes t sid'ils varyig Iremstunr
uo nte poundtssauswsr'-i. fnc cnesl
imag~iune'the' cifiesnties'swshih sill ltes
hun inc ouve'ro m by iny futre pessident
who isdter su'misusine usmsietein i- is
sit- tesuiential.- Autresst the frate-
iit'.s, f uslhsthuere 'us's'oer''tsity
sinus Iau douzensosroriis sio som'ethinsg to
ssnmly Iis udtficiency 'iThey hlusuce abu
us inthd f lie sudenitlustiy."
''1l ,111]A,t''sNi'S let '. is'RL
Tins Fe'bruarmy isue onile lnt is h
which tapeal's itoday, is an tnginens
susutomer.Sc-set-sit nf tie laig tc
tieal u villsthis enginite's-gitus sis'in ntsssnor5i
iAShosti History onunhsinepayrstmssents
Iof s''insermntg,' "Somstunts- acsii
the ngnerinig IDepasrtmen'ust niltie ni-u
svmrsty,"wictus ells iii tie iwort:sof
Munchismsuan 'neers wst-hisaise betn'usuts
ses sftin mstheir ttork, and "Tie Sfill
cienyofsTnimctnic-t'Tri'ninssg''are aticlest
oeseilsitunert. 'lnhuesarties't
swer ssucces sfully, as far as -Micigann
s cotnscsinedtw550 nus55rominnut its ems
"ineeruinsg twhonhavetques~tined thurfinalt
slfitsmcirscyof thur raduates of tehnsieal
schomoulis, the imgtyc-it's'mes twh
graduatedi'tfirttmsthus mechatniscangineer-r
mg dutujri nitin ofunthisisunitetinny front
tie yea'sr 1383'trsu to 87 iers e isnsist'ps
ilseuts ofin ianui'mtrn" "''inn ottsitons
us-ee itt general nssm "ca n sist; suraes
s'spcrinr'iiihrnt; ts emiytwuo' 'r ciif
enmginees'c'oft 5mnuiacth ustsg crpotrt'a
lins;threr are airntsitorihntesys;the
lrofiessrs.insstirsvsrsiits, ush outt of
sits-tntire eight}-fhues os -ivhisclaue gone
instsiller pursuts
'To editiorialsi cuhi would sten to
shw heint Ahsusum s regrets lie atellou
ofi lie5oard1,uiseontrol of Ahrletis us
withdrainsg fromutn slu r n em Comert
site sums"Michigansasithlie Meetingsrofnthis
Ls'arnedtihSotis,"s's andmmi"Thile Nint
Confeirenrce ofiie slrsiatlsti nifAmuer
Sissy per centt of this year's etering
clusts t Browvn have registered on en-
Igimicrinig courses.


lint t n r - r ~li he selectimnus
sti p ll no oe thn thems
c cst o tesi 'ti i luss ith ie
t srr (eatmnt w sill bnc cted.
nildeusnnns Isbl hohs mnot
stna ty i i sts w Id ts us ittis ri im
'ustne 1 t iclde mahe ais.
iRepor sts bt id irntnsevery in-.
uctt 'c n he wok f acts of liii
tncis5 he eeto s made on 0
'1 c ni 5 o ti se repos. Ec he-
sutnrit thn m e s inviualy amid
lia~cs is e(t~riiieidaio s. After this
he r pi--wid tive of l epartlnments
ncii asa't s adth ial wottrk of
elci on isc plt 1 . hit recomisnn-
l inns ar.nc ' tc tl l s anud mate
nn I popr i n o te intumbter of
(oas 1f su n ihat Ispartmenrut. 'lThus
f a t~lt) l1ts orc frstclss twor in
subt whchisowvr, Ste only
sins - -s li s pursu ci in a certain de-
)t 'nlt he'', tceve a isttclass
-cn~us nlto us'- f twoor three
ositsHie casesinay ies in that de-
nut snlc .5 Ins thn is wy smusaan who ihas
tec-sit ' hl i nis Nok thr insist many de-
) nut stwill hatte sun cual rhuance to
' 5pt it5 heeanw i t s sperest-
su(1is ,1ico sbet
'Ih )' . 5 l istets ins to10 announce
i li o, as oo5at I te iti-ear
5 ti5l1 At ol-,asp ssil. Owiung no the
11,;L (ac tha ist sn i ging over
c i I e lo cvei ill hue tsme
ini O(.f I the selestunins usr susarde
'Iiso tint i Ia il. ''ii s i

is enr

scctsog wsill he givenm
lr te I' '>1time ustime
Iicc 5s~itssbniet schrol.
Ince ben madsue b husich
isi. iVdIsle ofGeorge
ivrsit le sbeIn secnured



us. i iof th heelstsnof Prof.
ltIs .lss. is' I y oh hue sucological
nrti sit us :o : i"Pof. Veditzn is isse

>-ihhsiskseminsof utc' \lingeri'to-
iolgssIlie cmses no ntusih a repu-
inns lthn as a lec't uerunid is ates h
il s iman of rctnuitative auth
fIr is g uablity .I-nilthosughm a yonig
nais o~nce well al toisos-unisInstnlhit
Prof. Ic . cs- s naus s'te ofhts'Uni-
lisf oPnsylitia. c!istrcomphilet-
n-hs -glfecc sehue stuhdiedsin us
sukii rnce G ehimsy tandtiistit.
it prnt ihue sic'upiuss nhec' dissof
politnial eshnmtsy 'stntd tscinut sgy at
nt5 o- i Wsil-tsolnivsums'ut.ityiat Wasim-
iito .s. C l'srof.Vet liewas time
'lhie cnrg'sssser scuthnie Amenric'anuSn-
'tushltgica'l s4 cet, 'tshdituscileterere-
tay' tin i'cc swiich Ins' sill ho~ldis.
In thne s unsnier forsnsu nsts.th9 Pof
Vet' tiewill tindinelctutu' s's inthslurtin-
'iultiesof snnniuls ngy'51Amsestricanstonil
urblis, stnt d wilasotgive spuecial at-
uetihontuno gradiuate students.

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