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January 29, 1908 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-29

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11 19 Z-VJan. 29--"virginius," Prof Tublood',,-
S eci al Cuyt Prices cas 'ry]al li . , TAILORS Merh adse
b Jan. 3-Rolert blt.l n "Mabeth",FURNISH ERS T tn1echnds
eeW\hitney Jtheater. I I IPopular Prices
Fe.]"utOt of College Ness HATTERS-.
x ~~~~~~~~~~~~Whitney theat. PbLts tlsRglSios eO~ 5So
Felt.do Dspay-Rev. John P. Forbes, Brook- Lts tlsRglSosSeOj 5Bo
5e \idw D slyln, N.Y. Billings letre Unitarians Directly North of Law Bulldlg
church. :0p. a.
Feb. 2--ibshoti VilliasnP.F eDoell, 709-711 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVENUE
S ale CLOSES F' Ieb. 1 st \Wesleyan Guild. Methodist church 7:30
Feb. 2-Uion meetitg of Y oung GiET TTHE HABIT
People's soieties swith Stiseneits Pthris
tintassorit iont in jtlileentetitg om-
memlortve of fiftieth annisesate of ~ter~ A ia
--association NewberrylHalt 6:30 psOIlU.YBowlig reuced4 to 5c a man
1u * lFets 7-Juntiio s. I atboraniidt
Merchant U Tailors W tes san gss~tissns.
Uerh*t a I c Fb 8 1lsiss 'T. towsS. L.8 1A AT THE
Feli 8-:Musicl dubs' Coceisrt Uits PICKWICK BOWLING ALLEY
sissits Hlilt 707 N. University Ave.
118 E. Liberty t. J. KARL MALCOLM, Prop. IFel. 8-"Tic Reruiting Ofie, spe-
cit juniuo I list)terfomsasce,blite liUnii-
ver sity Comieity chit,Ness' lities'A ' etr
Il teret2:15 n. A Vn7''7' wFeatur
Fe -I l (ssfaiscy sress pat, lBar- 5 , e it siii) lssi
li/siiftsisisassu1sis "Ne& . f is itright sitsoinnslat
A M e9 liFftti 'snnsaitdtresssith
tisili sts Cliisisani assiciationbsi R. A 1'tA t t? sii it tnt ius sii t
Rv 'tihrses ' Adsersons, bisit sf B hbB B fesio tassdsscsnt
Cicago. i v iersit H all 8 p i.HA F s0tiA ,e Iisct n
Isis p-Rt Re. (Charles A. Adiersot, HO SL hasiftssssthat 1youssavis minr hehii
AL WAYS LOOK FOR MAJESTIC PENNANT biotp sitChiiiago, fiftiet aniversar FOR MAN pys 55S xr asiro.
For the Satire week uaddtess 5C A., Unives'rsity Ihtil, SNLw 8SL ADRCMEDD
CO MNCF etsIis-Juiile receptionbyliboard lnosFRED W. GROSS
LIAETI a U rY f tusteisitf Stsdets'Cristasnaso- Liberty St,Cor. 4th Ave
icieationsits stidensts, facuslty ans ie nsi.
E. TRE I8tos it p. i.
let. i-"La Irisiptissle i oss co"( a d
[he [llowing Attractons will be tally IHerert Vausghasns, Iapatn 1Haillb 's forHijlad
Presented: lecture r00s1, 4 P.,si. Admsission free. Feb._____________luncheon"_ofth
ss'uiss girls usnlBasbosissir g u'siissis
.-Overture. et. t}-Ssiphosmors'engisnes sasses ea(ream Frit es, Punches Shotrbts, roeo Liquid
2.-Miss Grace Darney. Granger's. Iaeoro for sll Ocasion. isni N apins an oil ites Slest
P.K trnM ry , 1iw un eb.l 7-"l,'lssslerstricec Jsephise,"Nut ('sses
3.-Kattryn Maryn, t iilsustedilecture by M(. Louisis1s laeti
4.-Freeman Brothers, S .,add es ofsthtte Uiversity of Pasrss(l Sos-
5.-W. G. MDertmott, t n s 5 ss 5 s 5 oa thcits r o s issIsosnse), Srsh Cassell Angel al S Webb's Chocolates are Unsurpassed. 109 S. Main St.
6.-Gauschmldts, Rnrpas ac ,e ci stherfrmned I . it., aspstices of C(rcee rassatsslte
7.--Open number not yet illed. tIssseus.___
$.-ajs. ass Fb --IeThetre aitsColeg," a, (ENUINE
8.Mjsicpe. aths:iy I erhet A. KeyosTrap tatalo"(f
lecture roosi, 4 P,.it. Adssisossfties j~ I
PRICES- ,,li, 'Itt c or 5c;V-l -e30r;]n, Se 5Galleay, w il nsi >'s o / /
cliy issitFridauy e'enings andssitaiirit s ' oandl s s nped e
af___________________________________________sttriison. Ness' Whitne seter. n Wbbng eintale.I
et S-L~elandsiT'I. liss'srshon t ,.ARCADE 1 Qatltyt soarysn.
N ew ' Ihitney T M Ieai~.r.A.course, UCiviersity Ihall. AEj°.o w ifeiisdon s- csfmt
SatvardayMatirzee ahd Nii¢h* LP SHUNK QUARTER IZE H. G '~HYySa~snn ERo
... ....COLLAR 0a 5oi+ateergadsw
CO11 y ull Glee cishrelsesrsast bsdiesil is
IIst 5 oiclok, its RoomtsC.
lln' u ratc oihta ie-sity lHal, 8:15 sasrp. CushmsissisE C T R I I C I IT Y
Miicigndati reearsal ot foils-fis
minutesstc 7 p.)it. Orchestas siltle Supplied to College Men eid
~resess. Womaen for All PurposesSWR'
Juniisr shopsrepresesstasisv s isistcto-
day at 'lTheta Dieltas Ci house ad
sictek. losseler. W S T N W~~~I
.\eetissf o all idsepcssde stsintetdnsss SHTEN W LIG T & ZP WER CO
Iiit go to theot, at 1liehigan UCnsOut 200 Emast Wshinjitom Street_
i{."siO'loclk osigls. Iresstss.
aUTHjOR FTECOLLEGE WI~fDOW..., Te civics dish sill sot seelt tis
seel. It swill ot resumise its r egusa
119E.LIERTiS.ekly' sisesssiossnsisntlitthe first Thussrs-
in~~~ ~a 11ofLB R Y T hvu the sews ssiester, Feb 13 Pres THE HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL
'i'i~~hIlJ'~~ Ann Arbor's Pioeer Mving Picture Theatre Alitl isit vice-presidents aresurgdi BOSTON, LASS.
LulA I allun o ISG O GAIG LS t eota h lbos iexttoeek.it i lt s t i fhss nil ils' t d tssning s issiclslo' atdcepee ,10
allj n~ 31 1 etr fMSSweek. N A L s euur i heeittoneofcetdp tisoliow nsaiitieisnieq imntfeachsi ngiel n diissicd i i re var
hutseess 5 sand 6. [Iis is vrim5 515 ao u tus s a nuof dicine probabslytt'unqualns to is isconry. te(i v bils' -
Continuous Performance, 2 to 10 p. m. JOE ILLARD, Prop. poranut. 'he busisess to lbe.talkd oer ig~s. ons sreieoteilrsiey to alurainy ea cshintg 'and sarel. \u'5u
hsitlsaffod ausndat opsrtunities fori'clinenl insrionin iit ses.n
sill tile 5nsf.sore tanss fie tmiuts snrgey COURSE FOR TE DEREE OF M. D.
_______________________ I A tensr ses curset, sesen telost of art,liteatrs',philosphy aat a fno iortetei'auii.Icd nted-coa 111 V senase.i

i . tAll late ooks for rent at Foster's. f to faous yea are inlslt electives they itctlnde 'is) mussy suijcs, geera
XWe Operate Fine CupetExclusively _______me____________ idicise.gseoal stige-ryandlthetped'altclinicsalibsran'ches. 'Ih uses riyuu ees
Enujtnet _________________________ estensisfrans Octoer 1. nasso.) ,19.
The dipsma of the Unverity o lihiga s acepted for admission. 1F'r s' isl-
ttanucoietu'1 and catagase. adres
TTTAT' T 1'('sf TI TT'i~T ulot stdents soke, sad seite
A'I TTLJ S' LIV EK Y ots to smoke sitlit Daily Subscriptions Now Due'
Subsciptins -Carriage and Baggage
islyode. aes lip inil, cehch. drfttuor
IORF LV( p 4.~Y'U.. &e . mney aises. Faor elihCouple to ansI teoniparties,
betoree oclols $1.50, aftr 1.t. occk
BILLIARDS, BOWLING, LUNCHES KE RDTES Far och Til eunk to ofrombas .Issinu, the
C a r a e a d B g a e CIGARS, CANDIES, TOBACCO. orcfrannup p- stairs, ue eCprice llh
By carrying a copy at thoMICIGtAN 50 Cents.
j1 .Sae - il MY Drivrs are required to clletcas
TOALL TR AN .izSat SS sweIANDBOOK in yur pocet. Spc or emtar o tr carriage and baggage serie.
TO i j' E A~ 1+ iiA tp rand, aenda, special events, University WALKERS LIVER'
MOEY 'S BARBER SHOP Calendar in this 151 page boas. Gven away ROBtNSON a. CO.
114 N. State St. Both Phones 75NefOLhsiverlyAve. v ~AM.WP. STARK
to students at the University Y ..A c WATTLES' LIVERY.
. A. MOL Mileu Halt. -


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