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January 16, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-01-16

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Vol- ..XVIII.
Conference Advocate Analyze
Situation, Giving His View of
Real Situation.
te Edior (it The Daily:
'Truly enugh has a membler of tlhc
Hoad (i'Cotrol sal that the loniver
sito lhs tmade a leap ithle tdark ad
one whlich, it the oiiott of tle writer,
itai leap ndatwtill ii later ear e
sicererlre(gretted. I reahize that the
li-ci-iontis lto all iapplernctes a dfial
stel. buti in fainteisiitotise stdents,
(tillndfacutyix, Iareestof te
sitatin ad a cplatait iiIofte ttat
te rgtat liast ello d
To legini itithisioe (le stet has al-
renit tbenttakes. let us lookat le
-liticprset tnoit-oiferedl is atti
thu filly otli-re irhatiweiriotll e
ablelito tdnif iw- staydlwithtlithe Cot--
ferene i-colleges
mu.tilneri iic ein heirirargttiets
mclatimed wien iiioitli etsilt eelunites
in hi cminorae as afoilliiws: nnt
ii i- -es in(t A nnpilis.-Iltrt-
lil h mert, \Williaitts. Blon.s
-ii ti Inure adlpnsibly (orel. Niw
let it,--i-whatthlies Ictitls raly
nmomtoanii aloi rwlit prestige they
oid i;- n itin thi tlttieisorl. It
ta loos o t litytatway- frmtittheir
m1 inttiii ii oin Ctee teplayel
Shrr %C't nlt lap y iaw isfrthit h tine
c ii tea -tilt li it-liwht wtuld
th ;iercitsihle.'ITislos beeta
-cro~i; ontnton f itani iy romnenti
alt i-ntI. eru e t uen ti is-i- mst
not croo it.W en iI tin ari nit
Viep i- hre te itteiidancei-gnerall
ina salott oplreI. dil to
Ii t -inn t%,, in -e iiuul-c titosu asi
all tl~al ttrctin, etits y toe thou-
'ad oe tas" hodsirelii t it-.
n.- a c-i inn dlyoneit -. nl e idrawns1l
tthnhin ott teulirlpoitin the
stinlfatuir- iwiildl hi-gratly n-
sclhooils hlioikcdto.infiirgameis. Dart-
iyenot a ll-prit edomXitenitImaltttan
r itt-irattetdedtinttlarge numbiters.
The ieitVittintity-fthle-uetlaes'
ill ter otts itotli ilttat-frosi.1
portint ii tereatl sportingit-orli, wi-sih
,-lies toi t te ari 'iTl- ritiettit
nms T'hus wtt ierethat f rt i.utonset-
rei{in little nun- tan epenemoey.
As tirntoe gmts te itill 'grtfor
te -stke of arg tunt-thaiit these smtall
Nn le- me cnidertthat "lintotitirtble
altcpestoige' ticheli'The Rotoer'
dra t o. Year atitr yarr les
potntestetitntschooli s t in tall ior tie
tioe -tdtoccsinalutly havtie Ibetet
-thim. But at- isttught of it?Te
r-regtardledtas tire -tencier gtmes
and- doub. so oIeret te ge -
"presige' in leatigtieit'

stt uch ti ide it tie tie senti nlie,
twe doi gileit ms fromt aiivatid. Ytale-
anrncton an mitonitnte tu- p lay~ wtt
Ptennusyltaia anle sae anoter
iigpptosition, tt e itill suceedi ini de-
lialtig them ii I'lits putrtpose ire mnust
-LIt <tyt coier is our ontly- msotive'
fur -itch gamte. liii ini this wue must
alic ays cottidtier the fat itt ini etasterns
ceii scoouls. If sue druedi themi us.
tie gridlironi si-nelid it tot lie an easyj
tmatter fur ithetm to tutrin its dons for
luinre tgamtes uniless ti-u took tip the

ie Mi ,chi gaonDaly
Ann Arbor, Micbig,-t4, Thursda3, Januiary 116, 1908.

N. 7 ). .

graduate coach system? We mustcon-
sider these' facts just as they re and
from the feeling alwayt shown us by
our supposedly nmore elite rivals. - .
AtiConftrcnce nen may say such
a sppoition is asurd for the eatern
schools twouldtno1 dare ace the criti-
eissu that twotld arise after their real
mtotires st-rc found out. We ned to
plty Cornell its footall anti also to have
isndotr track seets wills them. We
sworsteid them wills great regularity on
the track, ut the first time sewnos in
foottiball they immediately disoered1
their tchedules were too heavy ad couldI
soil accommoitdate is longer. It is no
diferesst than swtat asy eatern school
f first rnsk swottld do undser the sae;
circustaease, or whatswe would to
outrteres if M. A. C. or sonicoiler
stmntll college team stouold defeat t.
The first time it swosld tbe accidesstalI
the- nt'-tutm- it wsuosd e serioss, withI
tare- reult -fno itmnore game: -
Nitt let sti cosidder the prospects we
ottve ist eest asdlsouthwsette e
slay, out of the Conference We iae
it competitors Vanderilt, Ohiso Sate,
NebIraska, Mtissori, Case and others of
etvci lesser ote. To all appearances
Vandterbilt is the -biggest factor, at least
it hatstesentsorty rat for te ast
tt years. Buit isatnwnassthosgh of
it ishess it plyelit- First, te 8-o gamie-
teree its19silO(ilsall sites i as spokess
ofi as "a famsily affair, ad for court-
er 's skle siee let temtsoil-:ary. Ad
what idiltour teamsithai year aonlto
its comptatrison ithithtotse swhich pree-
iit? 'Thle'is se Iae Oi.State ad.
Nebraska,"'othrly rivals of assy school,
ay te asti-Consferesc mnnio,but
siest athliettisailan opess rale here
they tere t mesregardel as sei-
racicergmses. Anti frostsa gae re-
ceipts ptitt of sew (for se-crussst pa
lise- attesntiontisinthis etall iorier t
comssplete Ferry field), iii they eer py
s well either a tissie or aay-as did
gtamses wiith the tre larger Confereee
Thesswetusts'salso not overlook ie
conitenstin madetlby ll anti-Conerence
tesisndcevii y thelaer of the
IBottridf Coitrol, that the larger schools
in the Coiferce s ill follwt- s in a
shunt timse atd ne sill thess hstiejust
iht itwte ote desire. Also they rlain
lie Conferessee till wear itself to pieces
eatse- iitils otgron itiself. This
tst stateesritse consider as quite prb-
tale, ut st-ccansot wthiisjustic tathe
three larger sehoolt admuit te first of
their cnjectres. It does not seem-re-
stistille tit these schools sisiels.G'ici-
iganssis owlevn-tg tn fight te ale
alosne t iso Mihiegnnsayswit-ih a
haughtiy ir trot reproach thaI yo isrust
hut as I syandathfolows y ale- or I
wun't hatveansy-hig tido withisyot.
Doues it scesttsuiiral thtst Ieseshstols
till comie 'str suay-after sus treatmeent
lio slur writrrthitsoes o serm at
tll probhablle-
Isstetad ofthi, tihts re these three
schootls tlanssisg? We retdteves-ry-dtiy
accountts f mte progress of wat is
etlleud the- 'lg three,'n-isswriters
(Continued on Page Thre.)
ll'tAIf'IILIN TO) itlSCRIthie
A Fresnchi 'yce,' as sects by ot
stutms mathoutsider, swill ie descried
by \Wilisiam .. I;Mcaglin ith~e Tap--
tpan IMall lecture roos as 4yo'clock this
atfnstos.T'l mbiisier is the sescents
tf tle Cerles faculty series, o which
tte tusluic is iviited.
,Ar. llcttsglilissstas fr tto years
anstsinstrusctor its the "lycee at Can, in
the sorherts part of Frasce Dring
this tissele tiecaseistiately- acquait-
cit withs many- of the students and en-
joydsusiseross iteresing experiences

ile aitt relate some of tihese anti give
his heaters a glisopse of Fresnch studeent
life its Isis sealk today.
i.Next*Ttsssrsuiay afteroos, at tse samte
lte out place, Prof. James P. Bird will
utescritte"let Feles Natiossales Pratt-

Regents-Make Appropriation qjn4
Designate Site-Routine Mat
tems handled.
Ptlars nfor uscesew chesical itiratory
were tadotpteditoudat;y$75,oo00 urs ap-
propriated for he nts- tuailig ly the
Regents its their mfteruooss sessios. Is
is ti belctacted ilouttie srtsiteof
te campuss sutdisill cat-suitfros thte
cnter Ofltsitenncssis ncourts t the corner
-of fle statues, occupyisg amotsot alt the
sptace'u-lure lthe udcntal athomoup
btildings snts-stndu.
Tihe labhortory is tim he foiur stris'
high withoutsty hbasemtet. It will hi'
larger thatunsthurnewuett dsicltuilinisg
anth buuilt musstsinuhsthu satmpsanu, seits
a cu-stint court
Plinus were adouptein[lfr tig tietutu
art gallery in tie lirary- witht stacks
fur (roomks. Ists tlso trs-ttito usy
15,00 oo ouunSu-
In the muornitg essioun there is
somescdiffcuty its seurin a quorusm.
Rfegentus iknipuu, telandtandtoill uers'
tnt present ''he ersonml ofi e te
standuing commsittes fr uthc comigyer
eas detenrminsed.Thlte ceumsittes fol-
oes :FVecutie, hDr Anget, Regents
Sawryer asuitel;tfinatne, Regnts Hill
antd Carey; literary- icinusnst, summetttr
school tutu athletics, Regentsulsluhad
Knatppen; Iensgiering deparsmen, Ks-
genslWhtite tatu Fletcher;I meduicl en l-
stat and tpharnmacy udeartmuents, Regents
Satwyer authdea;lan-detarmsent, Re-
gntiRKnappn asd Leland;i htomeo-
pathic udpartmsent, Regesnts tLeandhauth
Whte; ibraitry tutu musenuo, Regents
Be-lanotSawiyr;uuiligs eit grunuds,
Regcents Fletcher tutu Carey-
Rfegnts Ieatul suit iland111!c(1t' hir
postiomn -shlle tut'fr tintfirsttimse
ini thec sornig sessionu, tutu til fill si-
eral plaes out thurstadig cumssmitesI
Tie -rouisematers handmlel rs-as
tDr AIE.Wilsonsiwses apoited s-l
sistantus in th operatng room osuf tim etnts
tat dcpartmsentu in place tofiDr Ting
Prof, John hi Phiipi~s of teime
versisy of Coloradio will cmeuchrr for
the secrosnd semsester for a salary o
$,oo, to fill the potitoni of Prof Fair
lie, swhotgoes ti Washisngtonm tutua evs
of ahsence
AssIt. rof. Carence .eater i
gis-enslcure of ase'nce from stie srg
vacationsto hutucemd of the year, huo utu
sue certains studies abroad.h
Dr ..cA.Stevens, of Dctroit, ursap
pointecd lecturer us thec itusuceoatic col-
leg'e at a salary- of $150 forsmt less miaim
The usie of $401 for lutndry- tee
Pen-f. J. I. Alle ns givcen ttus-n-of
ahsensce for lie scond semenster ecase
of ill health, his snuk to e taken ho-
dent J.tDesnanof mtsc class oh 'm).
DrAfred It. Whites title is chnuged
so reach jusir professor of chemsical em-
giseerinig, auth XWilimtt.I, ?igget's title
stun reads jiuior professor of shop prac-
tice an useperintentdentmtomuegisierig
Degree mf bacelour ml siience ansd
chemical enginer wseconuferre out
Edwlin Pay hylandth andshWorey Jese
Brutns Degreecmi ptarmuacetialcemlst-
ht nas givesn Jamues t usgerford Smistill,
anth a nurs'sudittoimafInmtuihue Usie-
siy training school tas coonferre'dOnut
Miss Cumain lasoss

"Relautioun of the _Service to time Spirit-
tint Life" wilt hue tine subhject discusosedi
at thurY.VAI.C. A. steisng tonigt.t
NL C. Tunesons iill lead the diocususion.-
All studetheus are cordtiatly invsitced to at-
tend and take part.

Souvenir prograssalier eems selct
for the Junsior thou andthie cnstact tast
heesn awardedt to I A Wright & Co
of Phitadelphia. A novetethage munte
earth ease souvenir an-bees effetedlthis
year and thue liies' cases will he differ-
esnt frosthotise of hie genthemen. 'list
forsmer are maeof inl suit cowhiue daerk
grasy- sumcolor, wetthsthec ictugaim se]
hurntsonthsem'cot-r aemb cshossedl its gld
eel. 'rihuegemnteemn's cent'will hun-om
shue samne sateseril, soumnhewhtrger its
sine, daerk blinsiits color, witts tc sel
emssuscblhack Imsead ef silk ennu,
eather thonmigs wtill he used. lBtssill
he- wellI st-medsn u rsnt earoundsulthin
Light effetsaeetienranged fir,
so ,thateuso-r ai husndredh differenti cost-
hinaetionss ofuueolohrs isill he tronus onmmm
thue dancers X large spotlightuwil
atlsos he-used
Fischer anth Iiuuel scume sumitel
progranms of muusicasi seeciumsta
ttuld uhmusterheit-us itle-hifs tetu ii
'rlue wshsole raits remitof sets ith
galhleryewilhlhe reseredandtutuon atet
tilt-it t-oenknnsis advaince
'han- Washigtn birthduay- cussssitte
is hainosg considerablec troubleirseuring
u spteeker for tie celebration.ms n hum ei
patun e imem uitee tish s ~chutbe tinse-
cunt-eshsiusmu ciy ortruritivied,luts
his hbitg camptaeig year, thur crre-
sponduenuce mof te cotmmtitte'e'sum farstiu
iso-ru uctucessful. us tuuushenmofIthis
leading spakers haeems n tesapproaeced
bty thine ouuuuitte- smuty- to recive- tsc
anssutinofac 'treviouus enggementmsu"
George Kelley , sesion chauirmuanm f thus
cosmittees, stted ths tenoon tuatuthin
-snranugu-e-sus fr thi n nualumuemhelrtuttt
tre meclt uderctway.- 'While urn-luaie
minue uneral smnsuccssfush efforstos;
cure ori orateor, we expect timhe aelse o
sonutfid ci speker n-Io nill hreusworthy!-
mi th stircntcii 'et-art' plannsinguonu
tie usual proigramsusauth expec5-uo incie
thus obhservattm ssitu-etholidaey- its tcord-
atn-e witlithtinhight stthanard uof thur
Marukinugsimm-euapturoahi f the d
ear enastitionsu, tie-wmit:lofittie
trackuathetes hunteems conmsilrably let-
sned. Tie tietitrnmusy keeting i'
gooinnnudiions itssworking his-mur tre
Canduidates treudiidedin ts squadss,
undeuhr tie tlearshiipsof51 vetern, nsti
cc meliuit eiod mhs tessset fun thin
pracice mf tics squadsu, effetie fruit
smwote .uss Put'leaulers till he caeced
frosts2-3i:45: tprnister, hurerseyguamr
icr, half cndmiiiisers fruits4:306.cand
shtuItters frosts46 'hisisphln iisit
giv-estach umnsauchacieto iihut-ttu handu
tim reciverergulaer, coachinig
Tlii hess huasketballiteamus trnharcdm
at it-trk eery ightsandmmmianiy- good
platyers haueusho(mnusthe-ms-ee tutute
Thinre is a srniumg sentimuente- ammg
miemesmbehrs of thur class temss fr thur
insaugurationtof ci varsity-taitsasmithetus
ulayinig of intercollecgiaetrges.c
As a smectig f tie Wosit mt's -Atletic
associations ihd yeserday-afternoonmnms
MiscsiHelens Jacoiihwsas appouitedtfind
out all shet particulars sie coumul aiuut
thie n-ny in which girls' iundor me-n-s tre'
conucuted itslooler clleges, fr thurgm-us
erat interest of lie associations mmmi pos--

{ cihhi ismproveerntsmunsthc anuasel meect
here.lime officers of the associaitions
aliso sdecisded tsohiss-ctheir pictures tmes
four thur ltictuiganicssian

Four Officers will be Chosen--
Opposition in Case of Financial
Secretary Only.
lThe thlticu-aessciainli'ut lIlmhld tutu
ehecin iumSatursdaty, jams.Isinmmivermut
sits IH clt l imT e udoors itill ommlii tir
''clack atutu will cloe-proptilyuati m30.
'hits- follointug otidisre n I nt-u s u tm:m
Fooithl muaunatger, intescho-lam-sic tutu
fer, financsuiaut secetaremy, mtta~rr
'hue boamemdl itf directors uuuum-muu ,thati
tie folowing nomueinionss lave. li-i-i
Foothiiiill mucuscut'- isemil If 'l sut
iuteuscholmtesiu Imuuusuer -uJohnii
Whuitinig., s)i
Vinuumeetniescrmetarmy HetnyIA. lmt -
tetit, tno; ltuuime Ih;. umumpakru'omum
Ititiiuithiittt sutty min te I iii usitu
is toe e-nuraedmmbmu tem fmmrmuatim
f ae phtilosopmhirecal li It nmeo
thin chli s tiii nultmu s nmt a
mu css r t i mut ld 'hilus utinee lmutu
cgu-Its morgnit in nt utu polimilu tryt
suppr ot-i-f tiii lotisph1icalfmuli tt w-mi
Accorin g ii to eitiostitiuiiti - it -
luteis to promoteihi losophuil dmm u
sio em is mue-mm nts Il, o fiers
tre: (melt Aoe l er stit I Xiiiue
exorristi . ). mtu; o ieti C. 1i
Patry; sencml- . rak
Stninlsg rommuiit t i e I etin - -
urlimr elects )n, co-n m i te I'll netattiv
mcn s iii sitesthe tmit leu- mof
thin phlilosopial fait tistudulents fo
tine juniorimu dmttsiormicla ss-emitnd Iad
tino he t ureuht.II rravunbn
inr tlie ttlit imemitters sfithem lii m ictisit-
taut h atutdImtens milii t l not;mii -
ine-u uitt themie- uu --im t - hemutt-i
tutu -tut is litmuined to tut studet - e
tive metme- Ihum lii-re sitemt teXii-
lutes ilt -essentalym rotults oldmmii
cielttywiwuuladmtittedt ll takilntg phlo-i
mumicae litork- ths tuttis h e i t
mthing, ilm heutt twotliikids:,iformgt
anduinfmul smith heiforimam eemu tigs
muaerwll le readml m i w ~
- igumupon c;t seil toplis I te lt-
let itase thi miteetig ie i , tutlie hum
committitteeutlsnimhy hit s eeapoinn
tintiimmi ti tihmithopmm t)i i lts
linteit--mn. Xit lithe iormalmetingsi
th -tssimonsc will ie genueral andiipit
sujet, ongnrlml milmsom il itnmtrest
T heuthilommothica l faculiyia ofein
tllth lie lp umpoussile toim akemml theli-nmit
cliiub -ucss.
Aittm itti tom attisse-h1otoreditm cuI tomiii
thi n -i s emuu n ;uuismee-s ill Vsitithelae
Seetiu thy. 'tie urpouse of this ip lim s
tive gtheliistdntis ac hanciie-tom'entilt
unnmee-sumof shipbilming munuatul omutt-
Aut tw-rumy-fisethtnetlu---u-faileto
settile-thisisr Umin uikt-u -mts tom

(late, lTmits mter muist hm-cleaed opm
todaley, ens a.redistibutimmioof i tots is-
hum he umaetui islieueli mmml it is i
tht rti-imnime t utsat a tiut e ttim-t
4:30 emit 6, Sure,

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