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October 01, 1907 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1907-10-01

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SeePast, posters, adat ttspsrining cop (Cotiued from age Oe.) L K A E
Self-Filling Y tis'ts tiee. neluiatien that lasse three' touSgt. AndI I say that ther is noT odaCnli onanPn jsti ti n
SefFlig sophonore and onie ever-green freshie place in the wrlt a) free from (dager ink, press the CrescenFriller and see it fill its own
FABER ~~~~in lt' ooer Sttndtay ight. It also I Iusirers whotehae beensthroughste The College tn ieacmlsaigistis.Ta' l hr
eetade in asfet hole i their attlea- samtei trial sill gladly heipyo. itt Standard is to it! No droppe-no mess-no bother. Do it
n rerJ tcutst nextttmoring wvieni Justie D7oty (1(o not e toe qicketo form comtpaion-ayhee ayiie
FOUUN AIN I j EN txtt'mu t tent ie iiit ltotlinigs'$6.6, sitp lest itti ty te detrimieta to yos. ( E P
Tie. soihs eitre veruat ne ti t 'ake Cysur titter and tyut sill Ihe ltter E'II KlE I~ f E
D e mi o n stra tio n tact ty tggi g the taste tsck et tat f fo r oi ig s i . I~ 1 Y 1 t i .7h F IL L IN G p
set out Stisday igiti to tepee alte "littinow is te tersio wentityiit "THE PEN WITH THE CRESCENIF'ILLER"
stee w tivaice notices- of Friday siiulidi iecidetewihit srt of i life yuttcan te filled instantly without the least inconvenience. Ton
a ll ngh's soi sein, wvheth le cppter aregoing t leaswht.wttlyiitt ieit itecutit ill it with white kid gloves on withot danger o
WTAU ~tu h tileit tit.[res ult :three sitttitti-d u ts.Settle it wilie ytr haiutiistre'soiig. tesides it cnvenience, is the splendid writing
ccviii -diapea ig hdo nt iim street stilt forminsg wetree yos tte srriiutndetdqtalities stf the Conklin-the perfect Ied.
sitia f es a st'saryitg a thaindica,'sosi stmanisy sitd suit consgeial friendss.
Ce tite ~t ~ tecu ties is iii ''tetiets." Setle' i ittis. tutu heistecttent'icves'llis'.sliran.dlep.e, S: nd5 and oncSee fatreae aSdeoaa esnmwsteatatlig.
(ttos g t ers' firs. As least lite ossre 'giiig t rid sigh r ewrongit. M n atn}l T ld
:~ttee u i le,same;ime and tIeitr-eyotgo to hedstoniightl setlesthis -' The Conklin Pen Co., 310 M nata d, To eOi
,nped t uiren uncs te t his' gss righs tt's: in tslitr i e tnd sitsl'list a stis 'oo's i
or o Lr ~ e o a niii s i e d t i s' h ui l. Th ie l tt e s stthe ipo n pwi te s' b le 's isi th sa (ti isiay sd e sies t ri g hi t y.-''i i
'WM theo n d 1 ereytaird. he l le' eetssredi'it \the sre s's th en Tie Prtesen's eadd s sre cessia sies at____________ N 1
Barain inWathes Dimons iir'Iowii us i t it seen' sit timul teltest meet' ttin ts.hJel su e Pr e aspesofee E
On ___Watchesist'Diamondsi. 5i5 sut sssykasse heel sietutu'Christi.n asscisav Te°
o r te' ers nae55 .l iters. t wire.anseleo ott. behisid ertlrt, ' e 1i'tti'iit etriiesseigisti "AW BL
JW aEPhes W ATTS rest et urnedt's to s ext s r et tss se c es op3n2 d wiState s ree ganti uui solo b .- O
and ewery rpaied. s e.ai:thise iis tididan ttreso, tikld'l5. 5 ss's essg-st. Lslie arenh iuof'fr l r R A Y."
T~rgtsty~t~hs<Damnd i and ljohi s'sI.tSnook osnesth'e sisses'' this'
Btreannrs n 33t PL lo s :;i:, u ; tibet Snetlo. lsalcl rile beei ctFor . s ect~tiowssiy eir titcaaoi os aulsoi~gsvever sh w.... s~tE
9 it t"inc uur 51(ut't'lr.5(5 o ntieiosi a h ta hrs
ALL BSINES CO FIDETIAL'iy sioutu'clehr t'sit llt l~riii'usi
siOeEPHciCn. WATTSt' lst dSise vis sirtus 1,TIuscrt ss su ens N w FalGovsoolllain-a e
Al ii nnusuuir os e x ii ut slur nun when('l' sile, Stte 'ttnrstre ss$,oa$. 3o1 Me'1e9alN cw a M nsNw Fl new a
2e24-220thenamStingtm, avi 1 Swn 51 g uite ii 'suits Placesiy',ourfs'-
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to lr e ny y ikd ad.s il ytte us uusst ---5 s c f ie tto.C ntn iw rs
uohn w epJsuicetyssfs isniled uutits"P in- Alte h o sfr].tat ote'.If
ha . (tvs iny. lstsans ' uethesie - ______ - Mie'sfacllegCaps, dpric s fro om peewth te
Ba nesanPl e~ssiltit )A efo i'esrlnpoclionsessee prof eits stohrsuri. tt~vihs 'itt titest r i ra ou atiuaratnto t hersFebdipa
Hsuiehe setstrlionise.ietters.1 t fn wdsg si a h ta hrs
Six- in d lrgsiandsity.-fis' iv nts'- - -
NALRS-EERYSOE,26S ali t he xesieits' tr thosrse Bt s 'ns' Ivrysssenise m tmsveryrdeasn ensN wFalGovsoillla inci e
it.onsi'siliitsied -i MnsNwFl Ncwa e' ewFi newa
'it's' ch0t us--Copy of Doti Quixotessuesesi
22Sit4'-t26ii-rsS.ustttatNetei St.~
Sit' i'suuu'eu'si rsihh tilu, redthftdthis Finder please Ai hislsoalutistosicew styles tinshSse wlrtd-tasoeetaif to
((((hit ftdyi702hsouts sitversiiyitv-
Stationery, Candie htation ,ts a u tuh i . s itn ss le oi- - - -tr sr-t-nt ''l uittsIO
and Cigrs.siofthcuh 1 s tsed r ,Iaesuss'su Fst O 60 ('iuin veryidstreet. 3ui9eesFaledp , p icsl roa c up.
ifau&tiui i itC't'ituToledo'Ohioiiandihavettofsroomsuiati331sussuruis tissue §falh tin
i Sue teiiaeit nhand assshi assurn menus of lulapst rni vniness.tf 5(55 IOR RCN'l' C eusisehsce o
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'HA5L ."si'LitEiR'S EERYSOE 2tesMi t tsacalatrissuhrs d ouu r to hi nest o TyK if sh- maecade- 1
su e alss itsauseit icheto ur nih f'e lus' - ---is --u--- i f
A 'HNDYDoUf ST RE is itInstissihtlnthir I tccc 'wtyepapers PI'NOuS T Ost R' ENTi' s autiits hee
"sets ethus enlis $s eqhaltEisue.(hisde 'feet'.2K ES TIN SA Ris D'nOOMselyi i
t-bii nivesitywil.Ifnd[VrstlieeverCia''ri ' c oeltelb alldir in catin, So .r Sm sree.s-
-E u bany pla,,t o buyF i ratie cuty sustudenti iswe soct pun-505
DrugsT oieA rcl e u'taeOhaCid & %co uld i be glad its hs'toh v If y'ar li ngfrgotbada orCshuuts s ss is 1 e W. .1.LOURI
andCgr s.TOJAOW ir i5 rsc tepwrtn-anirnin 1 hrcstreet. 39S r e k a c t
SealTUDkepEveyhnnTedeFiT eTEyadrrectly dveronaeseesJsyle.Ourgar&eut-at
C rlasoCaPes rtract attentionoverCowo.ereverphneseen.N S We RtakeA p1 as-o
GymiurSo a eBstinteit .cd coie nw pansa1oosAui
LatUieriyPabrmay ------- oco atoyyins Aters& co unn. Pics oteswior goodsAClltimes
G:l .Unvri y nusini Ti h es t t etlm o h e st AT TRE-- O FTH-- -SO W-ae ay exlsve nvlte t-ou
Hopta oaints i akt iklpae r o ocn ontw o
Di as et al i ,ats loes pias. Ifypricesth bstfonandPe w J{ ly inessgla tonhavenyou e
POPUiid-Frs-LAR PRICESi. .10t]:31 1 o ,7oAl.

The Ann Arbor Bible Chairs Rowe's Laundry
444 South State Street THOMAS ROWE, Prop. Gas StuIy amnns
326 N. Fith Ae. ~
Fifteenth Annual Announcement of Bible Classes for Students New Phonie 5ScBelltisone -, Ina sre a steady, soft gflow.
The following courses are offered by (. P. oer: SCOTT'S DANCING ACADEMY S
1. Introduction to Nest Testament Study. Sunduays, 12 neon, beginning Sep ije tue e taucui'e
tember 29.Opnudrnwmaget
2. Old Testament History. 'Tousdays, :0 1pi., beginniug tOtober 1. lse pnStr,~~ . Easy on the eyes.
3. The Life of Christ. Wednesdays, :10 p. in., beginning October 9. Gassoe audy 0a .Mdrt npie
4. The Life and Writings' of Pal'a Thursdays, 4:19 p. in, beginning Oct. 17. Assemblies} Wednesdays odrtinpce
5.- The Religious Education of the ('hil. Tueoda.,s. 7:10 p. O., begining and Saturdays, 9 to 12 c Cheaper than oil or electricity.
October 22.
61 The Beginnings of Christianity. Tiunsdays, 7:10 p. i., beginning (Oct. 10 W~I KING L00
The purpose of this Ann Arbr Bibe Chairs' i' to prosvidte instruction ofCinsCo-ue
University grade in the Bible and aout he Bible for Pnivesitystudent, d CieeCo-ut etuat Gttebs rn h ags aotni
thus to enoperate with elhurhes and other religious organizations of Ann C'uiuse 1 S seiis, Ameta untetebetfemteagetofotm t
Aersitin promoting the religious life of the tudnt body: and with the is P atli knds. elc'd inerin ss forutu ci
enity in promoting the ause of higher education. adia and gentenen. CAeadnn neere aba. ul nonemn il efunsero pliain.U tiroexorS.HsosBo~31 .Stt t
'ill; Soon Openg- MICHIGAN UNION CAFE Watch For It

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