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November 13, 1907 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1907-11-13

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1"TheMichigan Dail


Vol,. XVIII.

Nor. 44.

Plans For Mass Meeting at Field
Complete-Lineup Practically
'the Athletic Toard of Control last
-ght passed the following resolntion re-
garding sudnts whoc ausse the privi-
ilege of reduced price tickets:
"I has ubenreportedl ticthsboard
tat certain suseits hase seriously
-bused the privileges cxtendiei to them
is 1 ttheprhase of the non-traserahe
tudent 5t-ccit tickets. Some arc
harged th-ilhiaing sol temsftr $ o
tiers with aving tralsferredt thesi to
otier persons. It is uiersaly knownis
hat slice tickers are nontrasrferable
astt i slew of tlis thieassoiations has
ies-ry case cieerfully refisndedcthes
money cf thes prcasericwiri the tickets
hae hcecntretitrnesd., taOu tfjussice tus
ituttstldint Ioy nsthitstptbilie at Iage,
uc feeli ssout duit tsusie all f osus
powiers Ito see sialll-suh iviolstions-
are proiperly pishies.
"Tlhesefore, it is ussaimusiyi- reulvei
lIy thistboiard, tat ansy lerssn found
peculatinsg ini fsotasll tickets wis1l be
prosecust ssues lihe stttes f the
;,satsecoserisg scis ffesces--andstusi-
eatsssowns ts savesabmcdest ivi- i
ege ocithelis t ci-rsferaile ticesssill
is' reportedl to lie SudentsilCuncsil acnd
Iiiersity facuies sitsle rcclssssses-
daici atsstshsy ibe rigitly disc ilie
suitheisir nsise mlie puss bilici.
Plans frtl istlg auts'-gsmsicceieras-
tisn ass-bhenisprcicasl cosspiltdan
iniusrciiaftersnoonistie vrsity willii
srnug its sest'siptlrctice ito asscd
sheerest isi livthe- studentifolowsers (f
'li ealm.usAt 4 so'cck .tie prcesssion.s
headed Iy- t'e rsity hsassd, isill start
(lsiwis State sreet sie-sr tiecampisiics , ssnt
usit ispeted stti--er sud-stlswhos
casiposibs~ly msake hi-srrnsgemets tcc
,li sic isill e i is t'crisisdlwuhiccsill
maisres cre s-fiels. 'There le sit-s
ill taks- their sets- i lhest icslcr-
asineaslyas ptissibilelt occp~yig t'onsi
whiicts they- havie fcr Ssiisrsls---o thisi
the-celebrrations will sere the douisble
iiurpose of cheerig the teamiai dcir-
hearsinig the lock ' ,1"uwici is to bei
afeature of tiie-rotig ati lhe Pesn
Famse All si thue cscr ledcere s ill le
icc attesndanceassid lt-essntire reieroire
f stngs asd yells wille praciced.
Coach Yosttis sgreedcticcthowirthis
-racticec-opeistsithile susdents i in rer
thast the saffair savic' a scces, hiss of
curse,.s ose of lt'promotccers of tcs
-temse said last ight, It cci't Se-
actidsusless t' elowsistake isserest ii
it anth push it, lesises theselcves ati
Allerdice iasisbhens desnitely as-
noucased as tiselhoics' for 51cr right hslf-
sick juts for tie Pents game, sssilnon
another position bosliusp s tdobtful.
'clthough until selassstfess- cays it was
thought that Loclharis lapuce at fis-
ack cinched, it has recessly deeopei
hat the Escanaba ad is iing giveis a
terrific ight for the pac' Iy Wakis.
,rise two are eisg used alteratiely is
practice, and wi-le it uay ie that ~oel's
Ien years' experience wilt help him, it
is just nosy a toss-up asiio ii ck will
tart te ets game at fulack.
Alhouigh Coach Yost is raller reti-
crniusa to tist liseup of the teams for the
lig attie, it loks as if te ibackeli
programs would le somethisglike this
t te beginniig of lie games Was-
muisc,. quarter; (Captaiss Magoffin left
alt; Alledice, right haf; ad either
nioll or Wakins fulack. Miller of
cousrse wil e first choice in case a suit
foe qarterhack is necessary, ut Was-

messnd is in great condition and it is
'sore thsan probahle thsat he wiii he able
iii last through the entire gamie. In that

cse, Mtiller siill go in at right salt, pro-Fr'
tided it bsecomses siecessary to camsvc HON, JOIIR BARRETT
Allerdice from tse game. Sullisvasn is
ue-ct scion- Miller intshis fight for righti SPEAKS FOR S. L. A.
hlf.couglas hstbccciishifted to left isalf
duirisig she last few days, and will he ini The New South America and the
hune for Captaini Magoffisi's Shloes in case Pnm aa ilb el
ansytinsg haesss t o c the little leaider.
Lehir trill ice secosnd sustituste fist left with Tonight.

Althcousghslie work oflthessntire vsi-
sityessishaslistmuproved very percptiy
sinsec the Vasderilt gamie, list work of
Casey ccl left tackle is beginnsig to stassd
outi promsienty uis tplay-hoth offen--
ire scud deensive-of te Michigan
elevesn. T'he foriser Ioswa Normal star
ihs playedci a cosistent game all seasosn,
an ashlIis deensive sork Ias always ibeen-
cit cihigh clasis, ciii lie hasntie-r sose
particulasrly i adcinesg lth al. H-os-
rsver, lie hss recesstly beguni to sows
signs cit sability tic carry lth al asdle
iicesiiss simcs faster gmse thnssat
cnN ii e Iinslt'ile tastetwlo- seaons. Al-
thouighs the Inssi-es issas1isos lie Micisgans
lit-eihe'is rapuidlv comisiiito bie cnsid-
eredi cnscocithlistsrongest, and it Mich-
ig'asswins Saturday Casey' sill has-c
plyed scsImiiportanit part i is tvictory.
Alhoghici itill not ie pocssile for
the sscsiachitget insoe thanisstio smore
Iassocithard 5pracice, it wsatagais ie-
citsinr- iccosmit scissmsiage fros thli
scsiscsilists ight,scinisg to slit fact tast
ie field wsas isiso ssisditions for ci tussle
Icseeen e s-arsity- andciscrus. As tiatu,
lie asitty cisc-givesn suse osithlie stiffest
ci csrsof cthlie seasoni, hut-cochisseds-
inthemsthruiucghu aihard signal iractice
for nearly three houisrs, asd tutu dismisst-
isg thesisbhi teling tems to reort for
- lrscice uatit-e ccciiiaftr dinier. Mues'
anotsher siorkoau ciscformsatiosissa
gie thelicnud, the coach ilustratisgte
usc-csplays iy smeans tsi aclk alk.
If potssile, scriumage work uill e
resusmsedl Iis afternsooss andwstillsthe
clasthes iwish te srus today- acc to-
mocurrow, .the real irearation oflthe sar-
styfr fuse li-seasosudugianut gmenc sill
come sillnced. sAlthoucghsCoach Yost
isill spring noneat of his essplasys iii the
open scsurimmascge tcmorrow, ie swili sd
lie regulsrur sity- teamsinisto the gasse
cud give slut studcenshasichsansce uscsee
in acctiosnsfuse te last tieibeore the
sgse lte earnwi-lau iwill reresenst
iilicigasn sand it-eWest l-uo sisysIsser
Issure courisseven-st ay-possble udans-
sic-cof lPenns ages se curig priv-ate i-
formaiolnusconscernisgte acions of the
h'ilchsiguis teami, the fieldi is hbeing care-
flyguacrediduringltth aily- pracices
Noc lesseeofspctsieslhae Iees fonidi,but
Coachc oct atshhe tearn sishs to take
iichansces of hainssg their ew pays
'~srun emcut-ucsurely
Sundalsy- selcosming of atheic teasucs
hasbceciltaboocsel by tst Stuet Cotis-
cil A'tlisa regulasr Cucsil meetisg lass
ights this siciy tforssally dsaiproved of
Sundalsy cdisturbanices ii asytfo is what-
toesver ad protested againstssall stci
in lie fure The mastuter createdi coc-c-
sidlerable discussion, lies it sias fiaally
edecidedithat suhdemonstrationuss soldic
ate to gus
'The Cousscil elecedi Gerge Behumer
tic succeedsi:. PGregory whioihisisleft
Suggessionus rgarding the fresh-sophs
russshssedl upons ~te poliy- of largeunu-
versities, ave eess received y list
Counsscil stddaiiots on lte satter siill
he takens soon. These suggestionsshos-
ever, will ie first presented to the St-
denti siciy for their approval The stib-
ject cu thse Varsity- and sias also di-
cussed sandchwihlibetuakens tp t is t siar
futuure It is te itesstiossof the Coun-
cil his nmake this organiztaions self-sup-
pocrtisg if possie

''lie Nest SosuthAsciiica:sasWots
dlerlanduc ift trogre-ss cciiiOptu niutiy.
andcu Its Gaitewatheiy namlis alh," cci si
the ssuject uionwiscua HonlutsJohnsuBIari
rests-i wilctsue ini Unsc ciserty alltis
AIii ilBarret is knowni5 5thec-ussrlhuh over'
us a sitr,-tralessllutr, hislomatI suc
direccor cuthe licea -io sssuh usscci ut
Amsericans tRepiublics. 1 Ci isis of luis
successfuli career ua ciisuiplmts Inuchhiss
rrc-sssuisscsknowled- chfsc I clii itit f-
fairs le ws u iuisuciscusly ciii said sirec-
liceo cthldsissurea. Wic ushitas- foriits
obhject: tics-evslataoing uOf cmmcuc-ecandsu
tradce, such tishe iusicsisici ccoflterc-c-ca-
tluds sunh mlie' I uddiddisi is Sssciisiicui

discS - JMN BAt55 uild"I.
alonug intelliectuasleductccionalsan scioccissl
issesscullog this-twesnty-fie rk-ipublics cof
Nsorth ascd Southlc Amerijsc. Sisucs'Mr.
hBarretts electiosnstictdis posiitionstlast
Dccebteush bic-usreaus as iistiecosiuch
ass simtanisst -factorsfccn'Amer-icansssffsiits
thact 'cndsre asCsrneiesihalsgivei-- 750i
ooto iitic c-ccliused i cin ueig its iccocl
asci fuse til esctlinofacn- 's"Aeicanc
temles ofeae.u "lt hrc-escl h-iaisssciehil
such secretary-Root recognsizetast \Mr.
hisrietis tri insg eminent lysquasliie sits
furservieed :Amfr'cusanuslutersest scud-ri-
seal si-st-iis icbicc- icuss and prosgrss
mush liaeui.
,sle.IBsrret-ts attenedtsiVshaerbit uli-
s erstiy ad a ruh Iictmuth collsesdgefrosus
wis-uuhse grausatedl i inTu-k. lli-se ored
Isis wsay-throsusgh 1icrtiosus its cheting,
correspndinigontpteintpi lcs dcost'e
newtsapers, isndi workeinug incprinitinig
offices u isasesumser sacatiios.In itor-
dler icc sirite asciets cut articles cussdisc
icresidhential campauscign ascciewced icy a
siorthsernier, hue hpostpoducchsi grsadhuationt
slus ivisitedhe slu thcsiernss ttats
iAt thur aidvice if I1ubraceGeeley, Mr
haretti beganus newsplicerswork byhac-it
ceptinig te positioncfu s tssistantseditour oni
lt'e Ssans tranciscii Statiisticisan. Aftier
hbeinig outthe eduitorisal saffof nucws-
pacpert s i i cuusasuitSeattle-,Ice isa
appointeini1894hy.a-s miistsic-itinSisim,
wthetr_ hut seuledclimss isisolvinug three
iins.s Wh~ile itsthurBlstasciIsincce,
hit has dusts' soret-occinterest Amtericans
caupitaul insci'c hanlanssy schuss uuan.
As commuuissionear-genereal cutfforeign
affairs ftsa hle Si. Luuis exposiionslhe
coveredl fiftly thous ss ullimies its visitinug
orientacl counstries s sicctic muaksehposstible
use flute Asiautic exiitis sihiat isere dis-
played ct St.Luius.Iteslis srepresent-
iug thie Unitedh Statcssiat maniuy confser-
esnces, he hssbeensuinister t Argens-
ticra, Pacnamta, unit (Colomia. He he s
sirittesssev-eraul boosss and uchmanuy msaga-
zneu articless siaciresult cuthi investiga-
tiouns inuhsletosffices.
lun sitsuofficial ecupacitinu laitcsacinch

oilier Amserican repubclics Iis prepara-
tiout for the lecture to e givenstosigit
s unsique MrIBarret is ass eloquest
anidhconvsincing tpubilic seaer, as uelh
cut aiforceful sirier
'Thurecmumite lhasing the fisances cat
hehUniocnscainque iucharge yesterday-
senticrdsicc eu-ry mucuscswio hsatbec
handuling tihe anqueitickets, reuesting
a1 fishlcandshfisal repocr this cfternoon.
Someusma mer icrof te cmmssitee i-l he
at thsscthuies inteAiuni romss ic
Uivcesity Haslsuit afternuoonsstusreceie
these reposcrts. It s s-ry- imporassithai
ev-cry- ussussreaslzeethe necssiiy- sitre-
poritigct slice Thur comnmihte unt
knowsu ationce usjitshlucianhsy-ticets
tissuehsenmsosuld, andchowsanay, if ay-
sre yeti Iocbe isiosedh of.'The studiest
sllies sre therefore sasked Iccoimak a
sipcial efforutuiday' beore turinsg i) their
tickesto icriesae their as asitnucis
ac possble.'].'fissisill lbc'the cssip-
pocrtunsity Isa seture tickets rost these
cssiussstteccsucs. It must.shhe remuebuered,
hems that this usork ocuthel-rige costs
cuitira cut tickeut sellers is , he cosedl
husafteirnioomn,suchrehort lutst he in
tlunt stthus'latues.
'T hmPen gameumsisssmeseig uill
sae l aee ritday- ight, imnmeuiately
precedinthe Unionmsbanqulcet, and if
sanssositthins maagemnit do sot go'
awry lte.Quakertass sill take eas
sithlsthi-emmntire Michiganu uuad. This
msetinug stui e conuducd iy' ue li-
leiecssciation, Varsity' Cootbacll Mass
agrT-t 1culurg pesiig -Ir I iHary
Cue aceting as ycihnassuuer
cHss.tic-srge P. Codd, ex-imaiyorcut
Detiroit andul tne-ime sar pitchter uponc
Muichigaun's nisne, siill adress the msass
sieseting floss 'cYW. 'cdehcsuyer, sit
'cull Arbocr, another alunucs, is also
upo 5555the program. Thefaculty' wihle
represented y somucone of promimesce
aindh populuarity- Chsairmans Thormnturg
asintutendcs to lau-c tie bandsucand gles-
lufigure- us he tbreedig of emthsisism
The meeing will egns at 7 r'cocc
and usill e closed promp~ty at S.
-'canager Thornburg said: "We hope
tic muale this the most ethusiatic gah-
erinigocuthlie year Thur date usas sei fr
riuhay- ighticc hat ue fire soulcudats
till tile game. The rograushasatbenc
asrangers so thact those wthuo nill aedu
dicheanqcuet cast also e presentiacuthid
cass umuetig suwitut icdovsenience
tusersy5peront antie Uniersiy ougt to
hutrns out'"
Owing icc the inclehsmemt seaher,it'e
osutoor mass meeting plannued for totay
will scsi take place The hleacers'- arc
in ci rallier unuatratiec staie amd it sas
feared ntmaunuy wsould turuout
Mire good m aaterial for the "\ ihi-
Sgendacas studevelpediiii c te seconmds
tryosuut,held yesertday roum s4 Ic6Ii its
Room usC, hniversity fal Ahout fifty
msenscapphered,swith sui enscouraging va-
riety cut sonmgs and sunmts Many exel
eit canduidatcues wituh good i'ices ssere
discosveretd, 1)11tere sre still sonic poi-
it sucntesed. Seseralmore mnm
sre nueeed amd accorditngy there sil
hube am thirsd tryout totay 'lie conmsitee
nill heicetaRom C, University falal,
frosm 4 tos 6, to uetr all candidates n-Io
have smt yet had a tryout Unless some
unfioreseenm necessity arises, this will e
lice last tryout

JUNIORst ic's esLANoSuNouceRsN DANCF
Tice junior is held a mneeting Moss
dauy ad deided ho give a smoker oni
the night of Nov. ax It ist also de-
cided to hold a dassee soon cuter the
'IThanksgiving recess.

lion. Charles A. Towne will be
Toastmaster-Gov. Warner is
Another Speaker.
'esprigramuutfr die fourteilannuacsl
M~ichigans Unionu banquet , whichet usill hbe
gie selFridasy- night Nut. i5, urs ani-
nounuscedh lyithiss commusittee' last snigti
Theu ;IocussChaleris A. 'Ciue, ai gradlu-
ct- of Mcichuigacn ii int3tu ncusU n xhitetd
States senactor, wsilct suetotmcssaser
Mr. Tortuce is cusselouenspce uaker scd
ass especaslly ucomsptentctoiastmassste
'Thei lish of situ-schusthIis yaris scii-
cusslly stronsg atusheusc-ncupr oss-
tic bheist c-iwhcuic csthe Uioncuhasciyt
eroume C rustsley ccittlswho is usc-u
pract icinugclas us Chicue--o adisit ed-c
s an oratorandc geat nu slicetller, still
iliuii lslek on ufihgadLoy ctally.--At r
Crowleiy-wussit cicusedi ecrominentinii
thus Ctomeduy slush anduch ous ftits hsct
actort.Asontoi-hueichitspkr c-ts will
he Rail E.HarIsrusts, ccq4I'95,so cc
jsuge Iiarriman, ofci Ants cutbcr le is
st' author ucif "Ann lArborITsls" sandu
editor of ctiheIReduloohusHliis ujct
sill be'"Collee raIdcitios."is heothe
sipeakers aesi . rseii I Mt . ' Wcarned-
Det-unsjoints I) Ittd,(I'85, suit hrncis
('. Kanue, 'o8. Sdveralitsical msnues
wi-l he turnuished b iy thus Gleeildcs 'can-
souts cubiss. T-e pso-rss tsolows:
Yellowand s n c Icy iSanlv- l-
Chorsusls ct his (Ie (tutu
Introduuluciiiiono I us-tsc-s-c-f5riiicit
Jamues It.'Angell.
11cc. Cha'rlcesA l\n 8 ocst-
huichiganiLoly-Jyeromesuits Iciy- ccc
Goiidesscof thud Inlasucheis.....
...... ..... ...... ia'y 'aleert
titiesuds Quiret-
Tli'hesUndegraduas isnschtheUnhlion---
rncis G. Kite, cut
Maul ndolins Clubts
CcollegeTraditmions-s-Knrt in Ilarri-
manih, 104-'95
Sodhers' Chicrus.... ..........( ss Io
Glee Chili
lice State asuitheUn iious--Hont.rail
At. 'ccarner, Cusernstrutof Micihigan.
Acadetmic- luuhgrdcuicsus Us-cis ohutsOi
Reed, '5.
Becforetrihe 1 asi uucusropcr aninfiormalssi
reception wsill 1ccelhel iiarburuegym-s
nasiumuc, whlere insusic usill hut-furise'
iy Ilke tiisc's ochrestra. fies nill
Ie fornmedlct 8:15 and w still tleitoslc
trcnces Here, at lisa northisside f te
tuor, cue tablus'silt e rerved fuse
use seakiers amidIse lst-sitseats awill
behut'lcd fr the facultshy ansi mebeisrs osf
thur mumsicalClcubis
Spsecutors ssill ie admsuitedctIcctue gu-
lery only lboer asd cuter servig he-
gluts They siteenter fromsslthesouuhm
sit- of the gymnascsium ndpul ety cuf
seats silttbe proviedIfor usc-usarounduc
thuerunnusing rack, ihere it usill ie pssi
Ile tic hdearethe speaking 'fle gy-ma-
siumiwsill he decoratedhwit yulow-adh
blhu ntc'imuing sandshthis wittieisses-
sersetith nilsMichigans bannuers
Anu clahorae us-susn uss fccthe scban uet
las hisems puepasres) iy' Cterer Knutuh,
(Constinsued on Page The)
Ptrf.Loisit rauuss itt thud Lugist
resentatuie cutthe troscensiumitsliteary
socity, sre revising "Thle Reruiiuce
Officer," the pay tic bei givens slit year
icy lh ice nmedy-lemiTh'le lader art cot

mnxi week uthis rev-isiocsn-will bic omuu-
plete sd anatthuat dinethue tryosuts will
take plae. Aspirantss shosulid hate their
}stuntcs, prepsaredh in reainess fcc time cull.

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