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October 22, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-22

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The Michigan Daily


Four Touchdowns Netted by Var-
sity in First Half, Then Re-
serves Brace.
In tilefirst t,.ellvivfe nontiles of play
yesterdaula'fternion Coach Yost's war-
rior s ran tawayiiwit I rTetzel's athletes,
bil ini thei secoiiiltdf the scrubs gave
lhe reutlars aimerris sitase ottil e green
turf and~ held lie vasatyi scoreless. TIo
miake it good, IIFreentey, star of the scrulb
agrgtonusitictated is performntce
ofth irisit rundiiandulhooted the leather
between the tists. fTchtil score seas
Thf r sityipshowtied upin iigreait fotrmt
hiii ttgteofpentigsesssiontiandtdisplatyecd
tiiliettitiunitorked afterwearcd was far
trout beig three-ritig tetit variety. Anti
s suie t tutuawtiterof it. Matte
ii ii ites ii' ofri chef andtlnot
,tlt t tlt if lithle coach.
Iwanoeniiiytiefbuilt if the
team thatithervrsitryiidlnstltshore lthe
OVit ver ithitwhitit lineilte clostig
plaits wichuhai s previouislybeett giod
ftbig gin s fell flit. it'rclips iitewas
becus T ee otze eredcici tp his scquadf.
Anywayis te'icrubs iisptlayedl evere
footallandtacledtheregulsars like
lug'fasion.irTi hieoffesiv ie wotrk of the
tescr ss showedtilitmuchlimpriovreent.

scrubliifuarter, pickedl tp thlthe-ilran 'titifPPIN
ronmped hick to the critter of the fheld REGENTS APPOINT. Te crus oo
a tne lease ott ie'it this stage of tegmadjs bfr iewscled WADECO M T E
Freritry hooted the blli betwrenithle
posts. The linectif Former Secretary's Accounts to
Viirsits. Scrubls. be Formally Investigated-Im-
Enb...... I, ,'... Peck-1i lli
Casey I.T. Rutssell-Clarksoni provements Made on Campus.
Culily.... I...LG. it'itiery-Liskoss-
Brsnifn-Sculz...C.l .......Jeffriies ii tutu it by tformerrSecretaryt'XWa'tietile
ifenbeittk... lb RG ...... e ley ii'boa idiof regenis t, ppintedi in lii'cii-
Criiip'sskci lb '..I .....Pe siicon Hatting icommtiittter yesterdaity .1aftrnoontinii
Rannv.... i i.Latonithe regular'motishilytitesttii fiTecoii-
X's''ii d..ut ... (0. I. uts nsoit-Cuti- tittiss consists ofRegects 1 ci tittiCatrey'
Wellis-D)'vison... I' I..Click-Weas gset. eglar miecting il Noitsmbetrist Judtge
Alicitlics lb ii FR.1 s.tri XX cWnner.Lne apparestir \I' XWiii, 's on
Ton~hown-Cse, Geen sl, ndit is iii iiii ii itedttsesand 'hot'-
'lot ltonit Cic i ii 'lic 1 ay lr~l1 ,<v gee1o aist
tiles D~avison. Goails tromi h li ec' hrcc
ic ' Goalst frottit p1 isslicit 'slic-p e itt si ,tic r. N ade',J iis si t s ail
dise 4. Rsfsrsse IEldrige . tilpit e ,t sl lt Itfii t sihstt
liii tutu , inrit lst tit u hts' comi t o
'si LI I I"'f.A 1 issCIT's'lFO bRIsaccounists o iMr.J. if. XX ii, tfiorer
NFN OA,,SNiGS11)1 li'tl .~ s"'-rct'tisyt of i theu irityillreato

_ _____.

Csy, Greeniatd'ittl reetey terre cliv-
cireid 'iiiwithbilliatiinestnd they sparkled
to ftrequtenttlyfor cotmifort for the atht-
lete s agaisitltihttmtthey stereropoitihed.
tue gabe atu lontg forwrdrpatites
t lkea rowitisitianto, sand Greent tatde
the studtdizzlie, watchting himitdodge
abotntwtitheiiletetr'tuces d ci'derhis
listne's slotsestas accotititabile for the
lii it it chlkedtltiltagainist the tar-
itt.Inthits'first half tlibootedf the bill
iestwen ithepotis fromithettsforty-'yard
fie its nit a titfpt iiintelist lit
oftfii'l roundtsiciwa s tromtheitshissty-
tard Iline. andiagtitheitleistiter saicii
o'cr tic lar.i Freeneyilsiso itullsd tiff
sice fiasheisiand it ssas easy to guess
fiat 'iost ishsiseswis s ei ligibile to stork
on tihe s issits s sitds of hisftetcs this
('silttilt Stchul/ twasit initoggery
antdplaysesfdituringti at ltof thr gaime.
f lu'tias tifpi ilthenthrublute over teithi
muchteaslie andi tacksled is stpeedy oppo-,
nnsafeais-issues list for inck. As a'
rettult of the bitg critics stsenuous ester-
cisesi fewcf tescrstilswerre reliesed
itsstilsr isible-bodedenlii.
It wsisciy for Yost's proteges it'
roindisos e.sTir he scrtuls ticked off anti
punttled. f Tset the varsity look a htantd
its the groutid gaining. Casey made the
first touchdtoswns after foursir nuistes of
play. lHe hooksedi lie leather on a forty-
yatrdi 15555 by Allerdlice, situ then rushed
seer the lute for thte irst score. Aller-
lice kicked gosastnd reietedri after the
tres' tther touichdownts itaditess regis-
G'reen, Davsisonstasid Allerdice scored
ftheter tosschdsownss fur the varsity.
'The ipristcipal gaists were tade on long
forswardltastes, intermiingledl with hair-
rasisig'dshses bsy Green. Litetplunges
1)), Daviion andciAllercdice astunetted
fsair-sizedichtussks of territory.
'fer fiercest dunl camie int the secosnd
chapter There were a few of the pessi-
mtistic nihocdeclaresd the varsity was out-
played.'lhcre was toduntying the fact
h- thast the athsletes were tot shiowisig their
first line of goodis, antd somie of the cuts-
ttuers becasie si trifle disgnsted antd de-
pasrted dinnerssard. Otter the varsity
hasd the ball sip to the five-yard line
andutui seetmed probable that a touch-
soswns sosuld lie fortbcoming. Then
somtioste fumstbledl anti Cuninigham, the


fs,'he'realy 'roussg' ki i lts hitsuer
liha usis been iheard latas'meingsc'1,55'aid
to iert'tlis at's tutu' tis'shalst])Cll start-
ed :to supptlythe dsiisencss ft is filt
that stirchsonigs ia i 5st"TheYello 'andthetls
Bluts"situ tLandes tcfiirinauit. sue
sfitent it's theitiltressrciotius 1111-
pose suit 'aniecdfisgenere',yifs'l fotu
sui ictsou tilay chontrfibuins liiie
firssnismade tttis Ietus. 'ihe's'elhavetits-
stalls firsts throwsto tgether11111theus'
of this umomensut asitavelusts's'rt
lised.lA feisintugiesstospopularitue
fiats 'st''i'still sd ate uprutsed to ibe
nmore oriilets ptttiar silswit' the oters.
it isftlt, howsevuethtthie'swholesuffues-
tions ha'sc usdnIlatheringlectedh,atillbuit
oout' na sus"sit oss,"'Michigant lors'r,'r.'
tias appeared ciitot lll thus'gasts
Tlit is this sitsutlition twichi fiss causedr
ai desiire for lewss ssuugstluts ey'uuuurl
rust easily' authquikly isesutn. ii hiss
! Keenuss be tessapiteditt1 u tohksf1,r
this prouposasl of scwsogsun's ttu f is
hopedu sial stsudensisefnera llsy iswhethe
or tot they' aty he pouts'or msuusic its,
seill takesot intlerest it it. XX fist thur
commusittes'wattstitslot iii its iet sssof
msuusic and l iherasturehulsbutgosnapputsy~
jinges that cast hetsug bitit ittoftile
lesser pottular sirs. "Takes Xale ust t
thur BllGasime"tutusitasy stitnsgts ite
character offer opposrtuistihes for wort:i
of this kindu. Anye itwsith assliiteause
a terse is saskeud tocommhunssicatesciths
MylIse Keenta. 426. Nourths Ingtallssthresh,
or witht Thur iicisiguusDaily'.
Although this'stemtbfers if thus glee
cish hitter sotlbsens deinithely se'lected,.
the lirospectiv'e muemtbers arc e workig
admitrasbly. Vise first pubflic sinug its
whsichsthesclcub will aptpeaur swill has'thur
Msichigant Unuionssbtsuqet tututhureesotf
the Pennosylvastits gamie. At presenut theree
is us lask of first tenribstutu secondtf
'bassos. Whenthtes right umbsuercof these
is procured the cliii entrollmetrswsill
probably tamuounst tolfiffy.
"Veil, the prof's gout'tsItake the
whole class to Ypsi, Saturdaty."
"Aw, quit yousr kicddin'. Wshtat yost
givist' us ?
"Straightt goods ; he's goin' ho takie
the whole hunch, a hiussdred of 515"
"What's the idea? Fiussisn' Ypsi bsy
persontal tose?"
"Fussint' nothin' l Prof. Hlobbhs is goit'
to explain the river formtaions. We're
the geology class."

t sei uitssusuusits fprofpertynth ere-'t
fore, his it
Itt 111111 iithat u:1scommitsee of tiles's',
mcn ofthus' i'dtuf e hut i~tediukyfp'thus
flitsidt fort i the us fillfil5 of il 11.1 g it
complete i vst'tiatii ioithinformsit
tiotn abovei riefere itstills stll author-
ii itytiobtatt1 in lt55 l ifom tinliltthu ssub-
tute it ysourcei wha11515555,an
Ieprs hilluistill's to thtls ishy at ills
ASit of1mitus -'olt''t'ill"fist'icsiption111
ltillstec llgiae thltissw"u'ulle
fly il1tittuhill llbor hisd illll pubishedictlies'.
Acioutuofithei Iboiardfhits stitsuimsdfs
titit( s'1h1101 nitdedifmprovemttecutistofiitilt
new c't'tgtil'rustg buiuling a fact.'thin
huh ofi Kchi birothes foritieicosltruc'55-
tin ,fthis rpiiiuiseti additi iln)tstileii
larer 5f1to5sts o ii~f pass sid
ered1 tushacceptedifotilt$3,16337is
No ac tionsit itallusits regard flt
ce ta e lll' plattu at tll i it lits
agireeid515t1hat its hudhehisrsmoivedIIsist
ills campufis. XsActiotswisst515515 uhts-
uvs i e gards'si fli ~l tfo iing asystemui
if isntshiatiltn in t'ie stiylt titlls.
Flinssweire1111opo~sd iy' thtcineeriirsng
ifsepar tisnt Iifth utsudheiltedifor ex-'
Iedn h peetsste]toi soiiihe
roomtls. hic plscull" ofi contrti s las
huft wtllsthe usiuflits"'commitutee, tic's
assists I to rosceedimmeduiteisyi
Xiiashit sitnaf aiproiat ionu uf $[,100,u
sait g $2,s'100,1wus usddeidsstoiithis utu
fit stisgts"thes'stumer engin et'rtug'
calilto [l )IIttu'' ndf esablising i
It usas vt to hsets'iaside o,0i00osit
1 "ussuss' frntso lm 55trutheneralhul us'"funds
fi fot ii ursthen ncemcl blding.fs
Thtstun ofsit$T7i s vositsed t usr-
citase sait altuhforusse'sfithisdeplits entr
if Siussufuss
Tius I titLawIeuses i .5Maxswell, if Ciii-
tittisttwissappointedusulsuit-rsesient fec-
7 trer its lsgalshethic', hutswseparItmticu.
[)- l . . IB.iley ws ap tpotinteduas
inustucntritsadsitistsrtiise lawi'fist'thus
sicinsemetrsts'ereIto tse te phaci'if
hrs Pairlie.
P. J . eiuthlut I formerlyihyinstrnuctoir
if 'siconusin, was appoited insthriutr
its rheicustI$1,200. Rbertus 11.ft itito
sansets s tappoitedui's sinsuorit Frechit
tush blisseusBowls is 1trucstor introu-
"'raphfy'u inlae 1sf lb I Mfistss signecd.
fTse followseig seereranr'utd iA. tie-
gree :ct ChIslstthe .XAngstmantus.Moisiiis
Banutg'siRoy XX' CowssdensEinsor Ilesu-
lutist . P.IIeIsis, Alfredl I.i'ergsn,
'suisa FulilstsnAlmedaf I Xl. Janney, .
1. Lyon,1 flurich 41. Xi'c Kenisse, Susie
N. 'ifafue, ttosScheniI i. P.Smtith,
Marksf S.Sssanestep stersiof arsltEditht
I''tinus,("sufi uite Carser,'sisytii
Rose Cunit, Fr'ank DouglhssAlexanuder
(n-sefGract A. 1 t'rruugtuu'1Helen R.
Lang, I ('rse A. I issy; teacher's ei-
plomta,1 udih fE. Atkist(Laftit ands
Greek), Dlia'sVanttKleek, (history);
phb-is eutcil chtmittci tttaso Stfivaj

dotoh o11f meici hsise is cuhd f fits
mans.Jr.;fusacheo f law fhs,'sLee.s'4'iXCasi
is's. fruwit s usicssi uhi bitRovit I ccii
Fred hJ. flutis Duleliy R. Itsisifs~
h . hNeswton, IyisssV.sPhillipsi CarliHf
Rbssmsdellf, Is'scus.lbeben, usJaimestSitsc
Thima Wiu i X. Spoisrd.
The XAlutistanllsInstiuteiss oif'71s'ttis'
t'",n uscu s I'as fiundedlusht iranclhiof ile
ticisty itsthe i lsitssit Is hils' titutes
tac dontsttils tlls fte, a thorou'igh ini-
cal eng~ieerig depr~utmens t, stiches f
th issbeig fosundedi'nlyusfschosit
wsherecthe itss t ursis i lctruicail si-
gineen'sg''ar' offeredi stildiwherei'thi bs't15.
ilitifiiacom ished.5
At thus ilingo h.Ulkriy
7\finfsigass t istanchlast i ghii i t, a p ti
weresitiustedfsoing' a'' stiplts sof
this faptsuftat areu readsibefitrillslitso
ciet. AXweektuforei aipaperfistoe
hiss' utheii''rticle i tts inh tedid sct to
ts's Islutstilland, stetms bi
U' ittiima 1 esmade atthn etig
The mebers ft t oil h expilllic
Ill scinittific n sutLIectius witl e5ffe
fr'aill'ustscrsiptsionsu'f he sDtoit
Gatited f isu'ti'vs thus' tutte] u iif'r'this
De'tiitt'ri'ntheEdsoi cmpn',
f.XIti')O hb$S tfbRic I fstfC'N'
hib I 11.1 CIII XiCXI. XIB
t'iiiisif itas fitoiensue isda-ilii
for ts'erc'tciiio of tIlls' wIll' mica
habshaIoles , is lt, th ir lres'd r
this lost s choll y ie . _Aforce of ift.
mtn is lt ttia 'st'i''llexcav t 15' i ''ing ' Isar -
ti iiiorthes.foundation g'all'.1 Theill g,
sucturew'hiss mst uhcuspltedI. 1r
$20.0. hicnatili wali ls s(eil ill ills
li''Ihi'buillilts ilt h usrouh.l
mdnan fireproif stucitur. Stlleli
thl \il ~i ill i tshe sliconhdil-
Ills' 11115'thi fe threeupperstories
atiles' i rucutil 51 lt oulf bith . l Ills'hist
respct i N~ll h s sill lo thi n
Aur tilts' ir'slupyf eprst h irstI
trustssillfn finirs untdskissue ligtedssus
dents illutbeushlin hlhis si hiis'ymnsitim
tissd.y sfrs'mliiton6hoislockfbyi thlfciiltys
suith iterary department.nc'-us resfident
Agll, i Dean ll'Reed55,tanatliitothercproinenti
fanutyup.membllii er uhs wl tre illfth e i 55 ivi
lsgin suititui stun ts swillsherssirlethis d
uing of thils inntionli 55.

Xlal 'isis' tis "ilii lul st
lstin its'' lihlls ha Is c'll 1
Ye r . ft 111 i l NI t~is t)
f(\- its l. lm- in ' at sh
lcills hi .1. er n') n
i ls ; I l e ii i h s s X lii b elil t~
ily f I nciltis Xslitsit1,1 O i
sills. ldha w iii lam a
(naionauhpcii sill
.h udWl!w' ccv t thiii\' -it f1c l
elan at tv Ii cri its i
ush-R h a urnis il
555A5i W o ls t ~ ill s l's'1
5511 5 is ultis sit]111C1 'I
55551 pwiaI F l iw l Ii'
stffhi 1tiFanis ll li1hilt XX'ill-
i, c c n pii',r-ckc
inttes7 ts &.1asist ii iSishi ts
stuied sits 15.515/51 andlShi ll 515
foureush nladin atlb iXX . i'i'ii is
Ci lf'g')illt ei, anh at sui ii

It)()], O(71st

Thirteen Instructors Added fto
Department-Only One Is a
Michigan Graduate.

sit, Cs

Boto ,T~ct. I I hs hi~ll ith
1.1r c-n t su i st fiiiii'tii t C ' 1
__________________________ - TOb k1,''f'5I Iln' .1 SSIC

PROFI. '11,1_,1IAMXIS tlC;IN\S-
Prof G. X. ill imthisadi1f thsscivi (I ilil hld it s lirst:pactc1111 1
ands ftpditauit'l i t ouse's inthIlls' niversttu rez Cuts/c.Paki-,'
will tulk stuon s" s u's-s us" I'Frisay- ight, itehi'frotutu Dana'1s Csill,;
it Ittlit 309) iffit'tiiit' i ncrill"'busuisding. Olitsa'dhf Iss edI if I iibale
fTs istskstifflutist 5551f msit tous isehstate.hir.i isitsid
givenunderuthealspces fluhe s.s g Wear gongto c ifs t
vei n s oc ,tuisey his I'litr. Linto l asif s5 ia lill ush 1151 r51 ll
T ry-stits fus eprai nll is, fildthodaufy' sitfli theibasnids
:frtnd4 his 6tantdl8 tis p.tn. Al I - cuntheii bais isiuh us ssr 'dsse'
terrestdsiutleate not1 i's'chniteituo f1 s-rittgcon"diftonlip 55s 5wiff1w.
imts. tirlgl'hiut thes' ae

\ T ; IZ ,

s1 it < Il lf
a d ill

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