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June 05, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-06-05

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* he Michi _ ______y
VOL. XIX. ANN ARDOR, MICHIGAN, SAI A'P C I ii k iN , iKx. No. 179.

Hososier Contest is Prevented a
Second Time by Wet Weather;
Last (lame of Year Today.
Antl the Fates still pursted her. or
te secoitd'time, the game etweet
Mi ingari and Nore IDane had to he
caleil off. 'Tie drenching downpour,
wihiclt ceased hlts a short timts: eore
the thme for Fridays game, floodesi the
grunsind, dsitie the excellent (raitt-
age of Ferry filte dianond was too
ss *g for a gamie.
'iTh e eiitg contestsf te series swill
lie playedithis afternoon, andi the can
c1'ihiioii of Fisay's gamte oly rnaie
eachsans the nmore axivusscto clichi
sie series liy iinsisneg te ial game.
Theisaime pitchers that see satel for
Frdysgains tiill leoithSie mouiiindlthin
a ftc it-nsio. Viis oeass tatBlladirig
tn uke iii ighs i oiutsfor ipremsier
Wsitih giod weater, the gradstsadi
at Ferns Stli1 shol le saces. Tis
ite higigesgaitsv ofte )cassion tist
oaldaodandite fact that ecad
sin s l ct atusredi sie gane sossld
ttk al(ie msore exiemetses. Watis,
cwiii he it and t ein te yells ansi
ass atSsmptiSwillle saetoiigesth han
\iltsisghs Burkie, te Ntre hDaue
fluger, is a suthpawtii' this fact civis nt
worr tih ie Wolveries s isswoslsave
aririnthie seasoni. With exeience
against five left-handsers f varniig sorts
teteamsiis iprearedl Str almosst any-
tingsitnd te imenishsouisil e ale ts
hiti in tieir uisal steayv nanier. As
ihis wciii icthela Lst cancee tshsisst ay
of te bating averages, ass extra effort
t eloitshe sbll ill e smade. Luckily
foricihigan, though, te preset mii-
ern of ltetesmi arsall willig tisasci-
fice if iythtt they cni helpm a score
'ie patinig adt fielinig aerge for
tse estir'' seasoni, issclsdinsg Sasuray's
game sill sappleari Sstiaymoisnsgs
iThe ipoemsof te ste lHarol Bhriani
Steele, 'so, svhihs sreieisg pbishes,
wvii sitsnstle iefore te endsof exasss.
They scll le iondiniclout, aalsi ltit-
ed sissssber its lether sic lsxe eiiion.
'risesiems itasre trisses il05te Sisesfrag
paper, dsclehe-esdgesd, asd iii fill aout
fify 5pages. 'Vie ook cwiii cotains a
irntsispieceef the autior.
Steete cyss cclli kinown othue campss
andtihisiwsorks will imeet swith largelocli
salt. Persosidsesirnsg to get coies are
requtestedl ts address Lee A Wie, No.
22 Moniro stret.'Te edition is limiit-
edi andtillii nt le reprisstes.
Theise cossssansnsual haissiset of the
Acolytesciiile eltoiight at the
Msiichigans Unsio.'The anqeti will close
a successful year for tis society, which
ian orgasied y tose iterested in
phlilocopthy a fewv years ago. After the
supper he following speaers, unsder tie
sarklinsg directions of Toasmaner C.
i'u. Perry, wiii respond to toats: Jhn
II. Stohes, Waler }I. ilsisry, Lonvlle
I;. Emnersoni, tLymaniI-B rysot, tuni
Robert M. Wenley

LAST ISSUE OF GARGOYLE IJapanese Ambassador Closes Season for tihe S. L. A. UIID
«' I LAPP:: T.' l',-,kSENATE NA

'Th* commseeent Gs (argyve cwigi.
otn sale ssext mcck. I iis S f atnt
hssinor andsigovodiliserture, te l
snumber is te est yet producseds.
Beside regilar fetusres, U. 1,. r
on's poemts ahihs wvons tie $oosFiell
prize will e pblished. lDonal 1 sies
conitrihutes ass exceediingly fussnsy strn.
cleverly cwritten.
Prohably the bset story yestiiiiciesi
will appear initiisicisue, cisititesi
'Vseesartoonsisrireestn e rusti al.it ('5
etter thantsussial.
Regents Urant Special Senior Lit
Choice Between B.S. and AB.'
'he regensiast yestersdas's ieeisis
appriovedciof ts vrecommsessdatsinsof sit
i'trr tinatlts, chcsh resia.sifSllwst
"'Tis yea andsisierieafter aisy stisses
ite siteurary iiepartm5e55t5 chio ias ciin
plerteds'ixty hosrs sr steinioloic
r hsiln senes sctayit 55hic jiiotii
eeeivtaiB.Scidegree isstessdlof AIt.'
This practtissc was, disoittnuedtei cie
iThescontractifor te sttiostry fssvsi
ie its tie cseil aionsttrv ins
iwtssid tic \ain issrsS & Ci., iras
sisseso. 'Their ih cids $9,76.0.
Asnsussbes' of sssssssser shosol appo~iint
meticsswecre siaise.
'Te commsiittee appitsisedili to cuiv
diatas neessarsy t i eetig ts reqire-t'
mnts of te heatisg andsilightinssg pats
sadethte follsing resommssesdaitis:
i.Extendite installsioinssof 'lunigst'n
lamsss funasr asunpossihl. 2..vids
of clasus-rooststibietweens 4 std ft p.ni
tuisnsgtsits'ist iseteri, asucha
txissille. .3. Conttiineito ciitsllmo
Sors in ie variusnilinigs tter 4 . in.
4. D~etermtine cirustancectnder cwhih
eleciric current can he ipurcaed its ase
of ai bresakdocn.s j. Insstall tcc-scross
sisacks at preent heatisg pssnt, ts lessess
te smssoke nisassne. 6. ice lbeter grase
nf cvuss. 7. Put westher srips ott all
wvisns gK Post ets regulationsscitt
all bilinhsgs.
'hue geseral busilsig isss cr'diie'd
$4o,ooo tnthSie new ciemicaissbuildig
Mr. Mart, at preesst ithie emiply
of he unsiverity, wsas instrsuctedi to drawv
lanfor ass eye, ear, nsonduiitroaitt
warniite Uniersity' hospital.
Prof. Johnt R. Effiger,ceanisof te
stusmmier school. receivesd ass icreasue f
salary for te smmssser's work frosts$oo
t0 $300.
TShe ioardl sisjournies till Jisie 22.
New Structure Opend Last Night
by Open Air Concert.
Led Sy Carl \W. Adsre, the hatni lsts
ightS dedicatedi itssnewst saniiy pre-
sentisig the secoind coscert of its series.
A large crowdsi was its atendaceeansi
aiplasidesd each numner vigorously. 'Vie
concert was ose of the ess ever given
by the bananstd regret wac expressed
hy toasty that he entertainmssets tush
not iegin sooner its the year.
'The concer mwcs delayeds omewat
as the workmen ad no quite finisied
work on the stand, ansi as a reslt ut
one-half hor of etetainmiient was
'Vie newv stand is isuilt so ttitn iia
fesw hours it cans ie takens apart for
soring. A roof, permanent electrical
fixtures,"and a litle paints are' yetned-
eel to umake the sand complete

it tissiti lxi 'st s ihe i its, S I I jc ts, 5'ill l'itl' lul l 151o 5 i t tus 5 ic iiSand it ithe lc it-
ieic telst Sits1f,. istA slecuet itii itis ti s hit l''it Itl ss tt Sirets ug
il} >> st'lns h rm vsh a Sne on he hs1wn h 'Iof' il
alit ant5 c 5't''t e iltlk (n W ict10 itl h hit tutu's.lli ll Ill
C tint si t '' d t'i . st t t sI':° sut s iVt o usissu 5 ,ttM s ittlplace
slitr oo 555 St stikd" ald lt i esis lus sit he \\ iti o i r
sIt( )sis I ssttIti'u ' II\ 1 S i (W d.j Th Iit r esu e re , uii s
.afti'er u :st 'i'uu'tuII ibt -tuss uuun I ic 1,t~iustit Sug . I.. .\.tickets utiiI 115' tc
seisinJuius. u fjaan luuc1ti1ii0 ; suns buss''t~jrl Sit 'u-its-i' lh IIT yatttite

'acuity Members Paty Homage
io Rtiring Hlead of University
at Splensdid IBunuet.
So'e two undredsishsiandtif'tSi-sate
uebr ltuhehmit wit's-cgher'edsatiia
fi-s-'l I-ti l uts t o sP'n'si'ent \sgs'li ti
kaihtouit'gystiutn, st~Friday'evsesing.
Csis thi secon'd'timeSutlitsts'cittin'
\s sillt'sother 1b'ig tie ocvasions of
is tvist Si lft'sansivesastryof Iis spres-
1t Stii t,' i(k this' li.utitiiuis wanusesnt-
li.t this i.''tii'vof tse iou sus ststhe.
I e udtubles cclv's'sart'Sof thus' v-
-'ts asdusheSispeakerstise ti. 1h1 all
.:s i.usistul sidvcoratd ithc-ll Sutcnn
Si. C rS . " PIillsuitdel'ive et'h'eitn-i
Icttiopianduimmeduuitelyistic rsuthe llta1
'irtio I o 'tinre \W. ixlleens i''s s-vs'
suit-cy's '"t,iilu''fuSte IilaSi.
us tutu \Prf.iMstil ts h~isge'iiuledi
ho speech-maltinigtsit Illseveninsg u it
Sho tutdresinsuvltr'oucigDenitLhrry
.Vfi- ster cfew re'sitsrks, its whichsle
so i, f thie'formris''Sutiateiibanqiuit o
'Prie u tside . iAgel ,ssean leisuiutro
dused ei vgent Walustr It. Swcy'r who
tuk s hIsis>iijet, "IsBeh'iaf sf the
Revgens." N .\r. Stwyer expressedhhe
lvtstitiin haisttal this'regents cavilto
P'rvisvsnt Ange'l. lie closedi hy x-
Sissng te lssoss' 'thast wec say lonmg
ha u'the residentui withs t us oaidhamd
iietus in u ok
"Prvdcshvts'cholaritlis thslut' ii-
Ictuty ws t'suject ofsVass adriess
'1) D itn 'cuts'rSC. Vuiganis. Cosidser
;ieLghtivr tits uproivuidus' ailust
s-itVAnltiassll Enginer"sic'
hlvusus .yVean iMrtimeir iE. ('ooley.
it'"etinpiaker too lcionotllucv-
"r~d amsing anecdtes ofthesrtilitget
lus o~rlyi in smtpateti'
'Si is it tins-utad been sso smaifes
rughoutistns Soh ollicue. e'nuis
hes'srstiing'tutu-sident ithastestiia
visismtse Senateitihun Souitsof si insis-
'fulls 1bouitd blutit contasiig tilttu-
dre p hSuntetoisPre''si'nt Angel,
t 1cuss' l'sto'Prf Denisins usin gel
uscd i uiat : I isaruthycneeth say'tha
it cisil i it tll f gattudse that
'stits'listeneds' Ito te kutuonts soe
an sito s'etonisgit, tutu alsos uS le
tinswustutuy-ssshalusts's'nstediuo mit.''
Irvsiflint SAngelli spoke o'if thus'friedli-
isexistinlg 'sitsslg thus'actishy sunus-
iir ndatiusntedsis'i ivgnu's success
larly oiit. lossig tie presidentS
sits a uembuling cVsicesxtrssed Ste
hipe'ttutue git lonsg i' Permtittedh o
1 i eeaogIis friensuastnt to takle
:)art iniasusvitiei'st Michigan,.
The itnuest-icvoseds'wilmlttthi rn'dviitini
ofvalsy's "Ausinestry'lise"iythen
tutuorsi. 'This sontg c-tcas writensespe
iiiallisfin thecelebrationssof reidet
livl'stesnsy'-fifths 'annicverary a
tV Michitgstt.
cutT 5.t.5;srT OFIiTnS\V$ss sNliSvDsi-
s heCruss Cittitny' cihu etisusswill
occusni e u'xt VWensday. Usarsl viiie
ssliLGs tu t CCmn 'sitsfo rmuig thems it
the ismhesyandshpitie.

Athletic Association Constitution
and Members of Board of Pub-
lications Come Up for Vote.
'hTtisy fromsus12:3,05 to .1, o, i 'uit,
.N, Univ'e'rsitysHalItuh ree's'studets siousmit
tiers if ts'eiboarvdlin t rolsu oI f studtu i
pitttiivuitsiscwnil liveelieted. iivs sit
smnt insuentitledstiaSite, iib ust each sal
lis mt itu con'taluii i'inttnam's iof three'-oi
tile vanisidiatescorivv silllist 1he-csuteds.
'hsecs'ncii'tettiuc 5 's's itlist byit
evditosrs tash tusnuss iiitages t i' Tse
Dasily dtuhe S its iiiusuins. 'it1c
nsominusees ae:Ii' iut'ad1 klllsttui. I1 ,.
Essisus, PalshGreers, 1'. i;. HuIiit'iv s Ks
tel Ja'sses, ..1.JwusussilT. 'I' Iviuec.
J. ,.V..Vlc ic-su n. telis K.x V uis
cus'SIus' iOTs's us Vi suits is siT. -
Athlentic tis scion 11°1A-avt oao tsrsejut tsstilts us itseu
vsOed constition his af tu is l
o'culock itn Univisuti l Il
AtS ci suns-si ug usflis isthe std Ofuvu tuls
of te A5thlticn'assciatuss i snThus.vit
wsn sdecidedh iii stbltit then(,\\- lIsi 'sti
ltuis ii t iiothemmsti'ofi isthe s's ct'i
tios todasy, ca utmauvor it fvteus b
seeded tslut tSi ns'\%suits sun u t(' i-t
'11hiswillhehn'thin'secnd tti pu t
a nvw constitusiuti ul iint t-St.1 I1<t' 'l-
ily faiflinug tustotuits' avo f. th e fs1 uuis
bodsy' if lawcs55 a t 'Sreit -us 1r°i.
Presidlent Stun vs thus-us csmsysssa lvii

t' 11l LCIuits" i'1t miiid iftili. ,-
it' i'if uhf iv' it is avistc

cr"5 s' ;ii I ,ls sit
ii uCC s ii.iti re luit
rcliii't- lit ills -I lii s


Iith)Ugo ss, s,5
Si ii'i llst

c(, ill tl: 'll stil c 1Im

Ancient Campus Orgait nion Takes
in Five Fledglings.
V. s ssstihs werhuts';ab utedanI
'vi hosisc sin~ rmtettnitlrnhsttuvsnsuat tl it &
as' thi annu u al iit ii on i f sits'
Vifisligu s ldtutu c l uit SOlis'' twts su-
- ied in 8(s a (om 'if literaryv
liii tlrs d h s e itd cn i lt sty us-
a fo rthyears'515snceth t ilts-.
14i'l Sin fit heh alcr im ,a t i e]s
slight uto \V11tnw ld it mih luintner
(itnSng wih te Sltw I s-sigedlintg'
see d fii te ju r cuass of thu
tutu rl v ndsi U ? ncru '' d pat men't"lst
usr vs madise iui adult ii '' : lais lBtter
Ch' ls-u (roodssi W itsiamits lsisi, IB.A
Isi'c iin, tut Iaul(:vier.

ens"' -'s~s 'uvuucs',-. 'II


-. '- ~ rqV ,j

Befor, you go home. The supply will not last more than ten days longer.


I Silk Cloth S1.75

Sheepskin $2.50


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