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October 13, 1908 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-13

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Qu r ys ORCHESTRA SHOWS 11xshop-vi vir iig 1 li
Qu rr 1v ixixnil ii i r il . i xi i t datIys, ha me oS~ r professional xreer*
T G ET P OM S \'CA' thu iiixiii i c- lx ithe Conilin Pin wxil inrve yoi faithfuly and sake
III lihixil cii onel rol si nii ,I bei' liefiiiwrriting t aplcasier XxYou (ldon't have to coax it or
ill(.trt nd n istn Chist te beat-lxfssxi.i il tio getit to wxrit. Because of its won-
Presriptonsand hysiian in v~1derfulifeedl prinipine ink responds instantly at the
Supplies are our specialty FundslProvided-formgMaintenadce i irlhreCllge first strioke andintaiinxs anoeven, steady flow to
Fud rvddfrM itn nce pxuidxi tei-cal.Standard the list xixx nthksier great advantage of owning a
of the Organization-Several Chltnx eincr.i1xxaiii'tun.re
yet xWe have not fmlx otei More Players Needed. ii xii! HiiiSELF-xx i iiiil
---- xxiiiixi axlxievenxtheilland. ii IIlii oriii FILLING PE N1
11hXl e.hetifiist cuip iiiii ii x r,('I i t fad depeiiii lx-you're never without ink. -Nix xatter xhere yoo may
itshak xadiithhuverlloterii lixrp h liihi lk he iratex, ix personal e-in ) xxxur iiroom, hcl eIvx ra ll lat ixhe upost oelite, telegraph
Bath Goods, Laboratory andi ise pavr s alsorxxrticivxix.ltoir- oii a C :ia h ~nns ciofficeo e llx, or oxxixti-mlxx liyoxu have to do when
Microscopical Supplies cletah l au 1110 ragnxgixiniil r-r ilionii ii iii xxiiii vi ic x ixxii ha nk-i yoixi Coin tix'iei lx ini iii viun ciry is iiodip it in any ink-
hera tte Schioxxfx i iii is e sitvxer- el-. iii xxi xiiix , m gazn xxeditostle- wel,iress ithe (txcxviii iller xxiiiYxxxr peninstantly fills
xi xii cxitslafeno "si Prf au ll rp - npu peuc s 1turgcla nd xxi x iisra y ltxxxxIite tirexsvamxe sinmpie movement
's Ioc idretrof te rhSniiai rziP sen aw r, xx i ndgc, xxl ;mdv xlx il iviix xialsox ceans i. Nix xiiisyichixlht.xixspiliing of isk-no
Qm ua rry i cxi i ii ivlvixx iy xi xlsixiiIinterruptiiiont t r i te of x txholiughtii. Haxndcsomne catalxig
hen iased a iou xthat xogniaion' iiixiiix ci xi liii aterclefrldirect lxxxiiithe xxxix xx' xi xxxi,The Conkilin Pen Co., 3101
prsetk i xinigh. "Tiere arev ii lxiii x htx havix aclx ptidl iti asxii eir ItxixxhxttanBldg.,i l edi oix, Oiox, xxxirequest.
foryinsruens txcixk xilreaiv, scill licixixi Sold ins Ants Arbor by Ge. Wahrs Twox Roxik Siees ansd Sheehan & Cmtpanly.
stil iivore xfo ith c ing ic li li in h erfu e-mlxxii I bliei n hri st xianxx 'li
M on y oan d rof. iLockwoodi toislix xxxv 11-i15 ixixialil lix ii axlivdespaire
Jx neui. Lisixcxix l icicixied lilixili thel ofi x ii 'iiilth ai ent ii lxxiii ll mto
Watchesx andiJewery repaired. xstringedixxnes, xviiinixviolsclloxi, vindxxxxii nivixiiilocated ibout fortmlefron Reule- Coilhi l -Fiegel Co
Bargains in *W~athes AxDiamonds ihxxxxv' rexivy ed, ii Tho.se'iidxeirix i' i viiig r I xxrrtad iii toe) hatanx xxxiii C
cxfice at residlene i31 F.Liberty St olsxi alxxxi eern Prof. Loixicki th a ecsa t aw.hreesgt h
matSstxsAxntArbor. xxx hool
AtL eces ora s CIDNTIAL orcchsr iid seliii remarkaix bixiwiel in i is comleteii ly ani pemanntii heled
JOSEPH C. WATTS Cocertsc x, the hoardv iof dirvctorsxxof the li propos to x Dean V axxx I xx enirix
Scihooi ll f xsic ihaxicxvo idx111 ixixtxix mlxx ti i ggst ueapp lax hae
of xixixiy suficintto coelxlxoxisii v- s rasn. T anin xg xxxx for
J O L LY 'S coetix ierlheis sxisufacxi x ictyxxiii s rna r r1,lii.iii lx.
ioa S. sTAxc ST.ithat domexlvstiseason, it is pobale hat --_ _-
a-a-B Briar and Souh Arica xiir" fllthi iii ii xiit prxs l (T I 1\Ssc i . l h 5ii
Calabah xxxi lxxii 'xlof college xxxvei xvliix idexnximnd tixttsoxxxcllitsg its
Let xx ixvmxaxxii}x1i1xa iIlatiratei liidourivclothes railed st'le, it is For ixtha t tre that I,.
xvtrt~gfrtie e . Picccnit&Adler & Co. Cixiolo ai loredxiSuitsiandiv sercoats
P I E eIa idl xvncn i e; thlii 1.11 xixiiii Reli a e ;;iSat. 12- 1 ' iaxe the reixctatiox of c i r th,1elvheist in Ameirica,
PTiP E Sirst xxof these is ae il-th e niht ixii xiiixiitjWeiji cixarry-a nco pleute lieof KnhttnixSit s,
Impred and rianesit Cigr fDcme 1a vittm rf l ,tZ-udngl ekaewt ivr lars n ort-aeNecxkweaxr.
Cgartes and Tbaccas IwoLcwodillssistth rcesrixxixi I x etwthpikcoal +ek
cello. ho xxxii. F inder-xpease xreturn to 72
Pr\I1UV\ 811 X'I'II.NS Itll IaRKS Slxeil baiiixnxx 11inlunxici lxii1 veytini3froe
BANNERS iQ. m. t l. idakiy, 2111 Soui4iiiieryhingxinFurnishinsgs frCollege Ct
A Ii xiiiixxx xstlreet.x iiix 0l ii ilx ai iiri
Iia li ge cale tI i liiifim reliiousxlix fmi ni nx uxnitexxmxx la tehs adm s fryu
pltoiatendxiii ci n S ndyifc ,to mo lmxxiv ofxIII.xiixivxl iii I unha mrx
lxx thei'courxe xilof viixhisrm k',x Stnimimilux I iit n i g'ixi ph'arixmcy.xi iWe replace any tooth brush costing
V. if M. BAR~BER .SHOP inighti.hebea sidxmsximehinmvimxg lxxthii
J. R. TROJANOWSI. Prop. effect ithatxi iimililix xihoulidi xxviiicxxxii li 25c or over if it sheds its bristles
Ladis xi mit mxx1creu'mi 1107. (i'tiixxn withxix fa lxi ixke 'hiiar ien cexiviv heI i- ,ii;R IlINT'i TIiO
mcmv xl iiiix Axilmcc mmxmvvxxxv f xi c Px1?i'' IIl Cil ND TiRlllSSI N , E. E. CALKINS, Druggist, 324 South State Street
322 -.StteSt .133 e x it l rae' narrowi 'iiOf I mxa ' I II i lxx S
Pim~enes Be ll nArbor, Mi. 111;mmmithteBiiyd euti1a( oF.1ahntntt
Do you know whether yaur clothing is mxade by jer tailors ar nder
the factory system? There is a vail diferenc e nresults.
All our garments are tade iuar swtx shop by josr tailors.
WAGNER & CO., Importing Tailors State Street
I J. L. CHAPMAN, Jeweler
W A T DIMAYNARD STREET V li iun Imxxiicm
Special courses in all branches of music for I^

Solicitors to sell tickets in all departments University students. Rowe's Laundry
of the University for the Students' Lecture If you wish to "make" any of the Varsity musical
Association. The opportunity offered is unex= at the office for information.32"'FfhAe
celled, for a liberal cash or ticket commission New '' ii57 Bll.oni mee li-L
is offered, and all desire to purchase tickets for WAI KING LOO____________ MAKER S AND DESIGNERS
the best program offered for years at the Un= Chinese Chop-Suey Restaurant O OLG EER
iversity. Cm-nseancylDhs, AmericanxLsejieeix Carriage and Baggage O OLG EER
m i es asS xle et. las r 00
an ixmxm-etxmm-rx xi, xx msil m mii xiixe mxHa.iler's Jeelry Store
leans ad ;;mieei - ort.1s S Coupe toFadAfroSTREET{
Apply at tie Treasurer's office inx the Aussnii rooms;su ta$irs one tsr S. Huston rs~ 314S Stte t $20026SUHPAN TRE
daliy except Saturday anid Sunsday,4 00105:30 .)nix MULNE Br hpeo r ie w0~ii e2c ents fcie d to
nam Phne90 0 Cnt 1i 5~xri~iri W I Large Collection Antiques in
Saturdays, tootsto 12:0 t u. HoeiPhnst8t50Cxntci rs arerequmairt e lairss roCoprdnxCiawr
R. A. DOLPH & CO. forxcarrxag'emitd bgg aei xxvce Potras , rmoa ppernd sooiyChiusa ndr
Osx'x'smxc iniS. i. laxmxxWAL11x.FhTA' lK C i.xt.dexc dcxi
Fuerl irctrsW.SAKATTFI I1AiVS I u. Miss Florence S. Babbitt
2 .4th Ar,. Ann Arbr, Mxch. . YPSILANTI, MICH.I
STUDIO- 319 L ast Huron Street

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